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San Diego Family Law Attorney

The Law Office of John A. Delisi Mr. Delisi offers legal services at reasonable rates with payment plans to accommodate your budgetary concerns. All communications with Mr. Delisi are confidential and privileged. You

are welcome to make your decision whether or not to retain Mr. Delisi after the consultation in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t hesitate to consult with an attorney when important legal concerns are at stake. Mr. Delisi has represented many clients over the years with uncontested divorce and other family law matters such as child custody. Wondering about the legal details on uncontested

divorce? Click here to find out how and why ‘Uncontested Divorce‘ is simpler than contested divorces. An Experienced Attorney You Can Trust And Afford  

Protect Your Rights Protect Yourself

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Free Consultation The Law Office Of John A. Delisi offers consultations (up to one hour) at no charge and no

obligation. Mr. Delisi will meet with you during the week or after work, as well as on Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedule. Clients are encouraged to come in and explain their circumstances. This affords Mr. Delisi the opportunity to examine their matter, including documents, ask questions, determine the exact

nature of the client’s concerns and problems, and then render an opinion as to the merits of the case and quote appropriate fees and costs. Clients maintain direct contact with Attorney John A. Delisi from the first consultation to the

very end of their cases. Clients are never handed-off to a paralegal, never to be re-connected with their attorney. Legal Tip Be proactive. By consulting a lawyer early on in a legal matter you maximize your potential for a positive outcome.

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Serving San Diego since 1980

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Attorney Profile

San Diego Family Law Attorney John A. Delisi believes it is preferable for the client to have a positive experience with his/her attorney than for him to make a lot of money from the client. To that end, Mr. Delisi charges reasonable fees, often times less than what might be charged,

even by attorneys with less experience or less time practicing law and importantly, he does not avoid clients by having a secretary and/or paralegal take messages or return client calls — he returns client calls and emails the same day, the next business day, or even on weekends.

The Attorney-Client relationship is of most importance to Attorney Delisi. Clients recognize this and respond positively (review our latest client reviews here). For instance, a divorce client

retained him for representation in three additional divorces. Another divorce client retained him for representation in a Personal Injury accident case. In another case, a legal separation client retained Attorney Delisi for representation in a subsequent divorce case with the same spouse. A pair of clients (husband and wife) in two civil cases retained Mr. Delisi for

representation in the preparation of their estate plan. Many clients of John A. Delisi refer others to him for legal representation, such as boyfriends and girlfriends, parents, co-workers, and friends. Of particular note, a client’s spouse referred a friend to him rather than refer the friend to that spouse’s own attorney. San Diego Family Law Attorney John A. Delisi recognizes

the importance of good will between attorney and client, acts accordingly, and clients respond favorably.

Our San Diego law office

Attorney John A. Delisi has represented countless California residents in matters of Domestic

Law. On occasion, clients have retained John A. Delisi though they were in such far-off places as Iraq and Afghanistan. Typically, Domestic Law includes divorce (dissolution of marriage),

child custody and support, spousal support (alimony), and division of assets and debts. Other areas of Domestic Law include paternity, adoptions, and premarital agreements. The Law Office of John A. Delisi offers both types of fee arrangements, hourly and flat fee.

Hourly fees are customarily charged in contested cases or cases which require extensive time to negotiate a settlement agreement. Flat fees are customarily offered when the case is uncontested and the client presents the terms of the settlement to Attorney Delisi. In either fee arrangement, reasonable fees are considered to be in the best interests of both client and Attorney Delisi. Our goal is provide clients with aggressive and competent legal representation. Attorney John A. Delisi was admitted to the California State Bar in 1980 and he has served San Diego ever since. He has worked in several areas of law with the thought of representing clients with diverse interests. Undergraduate Education:  

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Bachelor of Science (1974) Administration of Justice

Graduate Education:  

Western State University (Thomas Jefferson School Of Law) Juris Doctorate (1978) Law

Admission To California State Bar: 


Professional Memberships:  

California State Bar

San Diego County Bar Association

Divorce Divorce Attorney in San Diego

Since 1980, Attorney John A. Delisi has provi

ded clients with legal representation in divorce cases in San Diego County as well as in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties. Our law office welcomes clients from throughout Southern California. Divorce, which is also referred to as Dissolution, is the formal judicial

process to terminate a marriage in California. The Superior Court of the State of California, in all counties throughout California, has subject matter jurisdiction to lawfully terminate

marriages (as well as Domestic Partnerships). California is a ‘no-fault’ jurisdiction which means Petitioner is not required to allege grounds to terminate the marriage, such as adultery or abandonment. Petitioner simply needs to plead ‘irreconcilable differences’. To be eligible as a Petitioner, the party who files the petition, one must be 18 years of age or older and free of legal restraints from executing legal documents. One younger than 18 years of age may be a Petitioner if emancipated by law or has a Guardian Ad Litem appointed by a court to pursue the case on his/her behalf. An example of a legal restraint which might be a legal impediment to one being eligible to file a divorce petition is a court order declaring a person to be legally insane or incompetent. In California, Petitioner must also be a resident for the previous three months of the county in

which the divorce action is to be filed and for the previous six months of the State of California. However, in divorce cases only, Petitioner may plead that the other party, referred to as the Respondent, has satisfied the residency requirements. The Superior Court does not have

personal jurisdiction over the Respondent until he/she has been served copies of the divorce papers, in particular, the Summons and Petition. Once Service of Process has been

accomplished, the Superior Court has the authority to terminate the marriage on or after six months following the date Respondent was served.

Divorce is similar to lawsuits in general. They involve litigation and if not settled or dismissed, will go to trial. Divorce cases in San Diego County, whether Downtown San Diego, South Bay, East County, or North County, settle approximately 80% of the time. The parties’ rights and

liabilities in Divorce cases are primarily described in the California Family Code as well as in pertinent case law. Additionally, the California Business and Professions Code, Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Corporations Code, Education Code, Evidence Code, Government Code,

Penal Code, Probate Code, Vehicle Code, Welfare And Institutions Code, United States Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Convention On The Civil Aspects Of International Child

Abduction (Hague Convention), California Rules of Court, and local Rules of Court are applicable to divorce cases in California. Summary Dissolution is the divorce process for

consenting parties in short, childless marriages with limited assets and debts and no claims for spousal support. Collaborative Divorce is available in California as an alternative to the timeconsuming and costly process divorce can be to many parties. All of the issues raised in the pleadings of each party, such as termination of the marriage, child custody and visitation,

spousal support, attorney’s fees and costs, and division of community property assets and debts, are to be settled by the parties. If not settled, the judge of the Superior Court will decide such issues after trial. Jury trials are not available in Family Court.

Attorney Delisi has represented clients in marriages of as little as 1 week duration to as long as 47 years and will provide clients with aggressive and competent legal representation. Contact us today at (858) 292-1207 to set up your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. You may also fill out the form on our website and we will respond to your inquiry.

Child Custody Particularly in Divorce and Legal separation cases, San Diego Family Law Attorney John A. Delisi has represented clients involving child custody and visitation so as to either promote and

pursue an Uncontested case with a comprehensive custody and visitation settlement agreement (Marital Settlement Agreement [MSA] or Stipulation For Judgment) or, if necessary, to preserve and protect custody and visitation rights in a Contested case which goes to trial. Child Custody concerns both Legal Custody and Physical Custody (Primary Residence). Legal Custody concerns the general welfare of the minor children, such as education and health.

Physical Custody concerns the location where the minor children reside. Most of the time, the parties lives in the same city. Sometimes, a Move-Away is at issue and must be addressed.

Primarily, the San Diego Superior Court, having subject matter jurisdiction over the issue of minor children in Domestic cases, is concerned only with the best interests of the minor

children. If the parents cannot decide these issues themselves, the court will do so. If the court is sought to decide Child Custody and Visitation, the parents are ordered to participate in mediation at Family Court Services (FCS). FCS will interview the parents, possibly others,

including the minor children, depending on their age and maturity, as well as court order. FCS will prepare a written report including a recommended ‘Parenting Plan’. The court can be

expected to make these recommendations an order of the court subject, however, to argument from parents and/or their counsel and evidence admitted into the record.

Hemet 2011

Mr. John Delisi took care of my living trust, power of attorney, and will. His advice has given me peace of mind knowing that my assets are protected according to my wishes. I recommend Mr. Delisi for these services. Peter M. San Diego 2011

John has done legal work for my mother, a grandson and myself. John is very knowledgeable in his areas of expertise. He is very professional in his behavior. John always lets a person know

the status of their case. I never felt uninformed or “behind the eight bald” in my understanding of the proceedings. I never felt “blind-sided” by any events. John always kept me up to date on the upcoming phases of the case and the pros and cons of the decisions to be made. John gives a person the feeling of that of a friend: he is very approachable, easy to talk to, understanding,

and cool mannered. If the work requested is outside his sphere of knowledge, he has a network of attorneys that he can recommend to a person. John has been great for me and my family, and I highly recommend him.

James O. San Diego 2011

I have known Attorney John A. Delisi over 25 years, and he has in that time period represented me on different legal matters with the greatest of expertise; legal knowledge; professionalism; with a caring demeanor that I’ve not found in other attorney’s I have worked with in past. I would highly recommend Attorney John A. Delisi for your legal issue(s) because from my

experience I have not found a more client-dedicated attorney, and one who will handle your case in the most expeditious manner possible, given all circumstances. Robert R. Carlsbad 2011

I am so grateful for Mr. Delisi’s integrity, professionalism and kindness since I’ve retained him as my attorney. It is a great feeling having a person like him in my life. Karen M. Carlsbad 2008

I first met Attorney John Delisi in 2000. He is a good professional, someone you can trust who is honest, serious, prompt, and helpful. He gives 100% of himself to his client’s cases. I recommend John Delisi to everybody I know.

Contact Us Our law office is conveniently located in San Diego California. Please give us a call to schedule a free consultation at our office or feel free to give us a ring with any general questions.

Office Location: Law Office Of John A. Delisi

3110 Camino del Rio South, Ste. 203 San Diego, CA 92108 Tel: (858) 292-1207

Do you have questions? We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us with the information above otherwise you can send us a quick message with this form.

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Mr. Delisi offers legal services at reasonable rates with payment plans to accommodate your

budgetary concerns. All communications with Mr. Delisi are confidential and privileged. You are welcome to make your decision whether or not to retain Mr. Delisi after the consultation in

the comfort of your own home. Don’t hesitate to consult with an attorney when important legal concerns are at stake. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This web site is limited to solicitation of services to potential clients in the State of California. It should not be construed as an attempt to communicate and provide

services to anyone who does not have a legal matter falling under the jurisdiction of the State of California. No attorney-client relationship should be considered as established until this law

firm and any potential client enter into a formal written agreement. Information obtained from this web site by the public should not be considered legal advice, and there’s no guarantee that any information obtained from this web site shall apply to any particular case. Anyone involved in a legal matter should consult an attorney licensed to practice in the state where the legal matter arises on an individual basis so that the particular facts of his or her case can be addressed specifically. PRIVACY STATEMENT: No information obtained from the public through this web site shall be retained for any purpose whatsoever or disseminated to anyone outside of the Offices of John A. Delisi for any purpose whatsoever.

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Saturday Appointments Available Personal Attention

Serving San Diego since 1980

Reasonable Fees

San Diego Attorney John A. Delisi  
San Diego Attorney John A. Delisi  

Since 1980, San Diego Attorney John A. Delisi has provided legal representation to clients involved in various types of cases. The most comm...