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Foot Comfort Centre Serving the residents of Brent & Harrow

An Information Guide Footcare & Footwear for the whole family

In the UK, one in four people experience some form of foot and ankle problems each year many of whom continue to suffer in silence for many years. Pain in the feet, ankles, legs, knees or other par ts of the lower limb are common conditions, often interrelated and can have hugely debilitation effects on our lives and the lives of people around us. We can feel miserable and easily depressed at the fear of disability that such pain can cause because it impacts on our ability to move around freely and comfor tably. For tunately all these problems can be quickly and effectively solved with the use of clinically proven techniques and professional treatments.

Foot Comfort Centre The Foot Comfort Centre is an established centre offering evidence based therapies to help resolve many of the common foot health issues we face in our daily lives, including: • General Foot care • Corns & Callous • Nail cutting • Flat Feet • Bunions • Heel spurs • Ingrown Toenail • Diabetic foot care • Verruca Infection • Nail & Foot Fungus • Footwear problems • Gait Analysis & Orthotics • Children’s foot & gait problems • All types of foot & related problems

We understand that these health issues need to be resolved, so they have as little impact on daily activities as possible. This then enables us to par ticipate in our normal lives and remain active and fit. We pride ourselves on offering a holistic approach to assessing your concerns and providing clinically proven methods that give fast, long lasting results. Our highly experienced team includes registered chiropodists and podiatrists, podotherapists, pedor thists, foot care nurses, foot hygienists, shoe fitters and laboratory technicians. We attend regular training to ensure our knowledge is current and up to date. Our facilities include serviced and well maintained treatment rooms, gait analysis room, dedicated decontamination room with vacuum autoclave sterilser, minor surgery room, in-house pedor thic laboratory (or thotic & footwear), reception and comfor table waiting area. Our well equipped centre has modern analysis equipment and privileges with local diagnostic centres and hospitals to carry out x-rays and blood tests. We conduct regular clinical audits, patient satisfaction surveys and monitor our treatment outcomes against clinical best practice, as defined by NICE guidelines. NICE provides national guidance on promoting good health, preventing and treating ill health:

Our Approach At the Foot Comfort Centre we aim to fit around your lifestyle. Our clinic in conveniently located in the heart of Wembley and is within easy reach by all public transport media. There is plenty of street parking and we have ground floor treatment rooms with disabled access. We are also open during the day, evenings and on Saturdays as well as offering emergency cover 7 days a week. When you attend your first appointment we will ask about your history and carry out a full assessment. We will discuss our observations with you and offer a diagnosis. A summary of ALL your treatment options including self care, professional care and surgery will be considered and you will have time to ask questions and decide how to proceed.

Typically your first appointment will be between 30-40 mins although in some cases such as an initial diabetes check up or gait analysis you may be with us for 45-60+ mins. We always try to be patient and relaxed with our clients, taking care not to rush them. When you are ready you may take immediate treatment if appropriate or request a fur ther appointment to suit your circumstances. In some cases all that is required is advice and in other cases you may need to be referred to an alternative therapist or specialist. We will provide a written treatment repor t to help you consider your options and provide whatever local treatment you need to improve your comfor t.

Medical Foot Care We offer a wide range of services from basic nail cutting, foot hygiene, medical treatment of foot and ankle problems, gait analysis and minor foot surgery. As a family practice we can look after the needs of all your family – this includes babies, toddlers, children, adults and elderly.

Nail Cutting Service

Gait analysis

This is designed for the elderly and those who have difficulty reaching or managing their own toenails which are otherwise in good health. We use a fresh set of sterile instruments with all patients and your treatment time will typically be between 15-20 mins.

This treatment session focuses on the treatment of soft tissue and musculoskeletal problems such as pain in the ball of foot (metatarsalgia), heel (plantar fascistis / Server’s disease), ankle (sprains / strains), Achilles tendonitis, leg (shin splints), knee (patella-femoral syndrome), thigh (ITB syndrome), hip and also low back pain. We believe that some or all of these problems may be related to foot function.

General Footcare This treatment session is the standard foot care session and includes the treatment of all nail and skin conditions including ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, thickened or misshapen nails, athletes foot, corns, callouses, sweaty feet, blister and other general foot disorders. Your treatment time will typically be between 30-40 minutes and include where appropriate cutting and or thinning of nails, removal of corns, callouses and buffing of rough skin/heels and apply a massage with a suitable moisturiser. As with all treatment session we will continually monitor your general health, provide whatever self care advice needed to maintain good foot and general health and always use a fresh set of sterile instruments with all patients.

We will carry out a biomechanical evaluation (physical evaluation of your lower limb function, muscle function and joint range of movement) and video gait analysis as well as a foot scans (computerised pedograph with a pressure platform). Your treatment time will typically be between 45-60+ mins and may include the use of padding, strapping, taping, bracing, semi-custom or custom foot orthoses, special footwear and hosiery and an exercise rehab and mobilisation programme. As with all other treatments we work closely with you and other healthcare professionals in order to ensure you are receiving a holistic and balanced care regime for optimal recovery and endurance.

Foot Health Screening Programmes Diabetes and At Risk Screening This treatment session is designed to focus on patients who present with specific medical conditions which place them ‘at risk’ of serious complications of foot health such as those with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and peripheral vascular disease. We use a comprehensive screening programme primarily to ensure these complications are prevented and secondly to deal with any risk factors or problems that are identified using modern equipment such as Doppler vascular studies, Neurothesiometre studies. This session will include the following range of therapies: footcare, padding, strapping, or thoses, footwear, exercise regimes, and close liaison with other health care providers. Your screening or treatment session will typically be between 45-60 mins and as with all other therapies we will use clean and or sterile instrumentation and you will be provided with a treatment repor t if required or upon request.

Community & School screening programmes We believe that monitoring foot health is an essential component of general well being checks and that maintaining foot health is an essential par t of routine personal care and grooming. Therefore is seems natural that we star t as early as possible and

accordingly we have implemented a series of foot health promotion campaigns and services to ensure that local communities have up to date information and knowledge. The following services are provided by us free of charge: • School screening program • Infant foot health check at 6 months • Toddler foot health check at 1-3 years • Child foot health check at 4-12 years • Teenage foot health check 13-16 years We are also actively involved in foot health education and provide heavily discounted or free foot health screening programmes to local community groups. These sessions are provided on location and designed to allow a relatively large group of individuals and school children to be screened for common foot and lower limbs conditions. Typically a screening per individual will take no more than 10 minutes and will include a written report identifying a ‘clean bill of health’ or identify specific issue that may need professional care or further investigation. These sessions are designed to benefit those who would not normally have access to foot health care and also to promote better awareness of foot health and the need for regular foot checks.

Cosmetic Foot Care With this therapy there will be some overlap with medical foot care. This service has been introduced to offer several innovative foot care options for those with foot problems who are seeking treatment focus on improved cosmetic appearance of their feet as well as those who don’t have a foot problem and simply want a pampered pedicure session using medically sterilised instruments and clinical standard equipment.

Medical Pedicure This is designed for people of all ages and genders who simply want to be treated by a trained healthcare professional in an environment where their medical and cosmetic footcare need are met in one go. Typically this treatment session will begin with an assessment whilst enjoying a surgical footbath. Treatment will be given to the nails and skin and any thickened nails and skins / callous will be cut away, filed and buffed. This will be followed by application of a special foot moisturiser and a skilful massage and mobilisation technique to loosen up and relaxed your foot and ankle joints. You will leave with smooth comfor table feet and feeling relaxed. The treatment time will typically be between 30-60 minutes depending on the type of Medical Pedicure session you select.

Callous or Heel Peel This treatment is designed to get rid of unsightly cracked heels, a common problem but easily treated. We have developed a revolutionary new technique using special skin formulations to firstly soften and then remove all the dead skin and heal the cracks in a comfor table and pain free way with long lasting results. Each treatment session lasts between 45-60 mins and involves the application of a cream followed by removal of skin and massage. Between treatments you would continue with a special foot cream to help hydrate and restore the skin back to its normal healthy state. Typically complete restoration of the heel and other cracked callous areas can be achieved with only one or two treatments although some long standing cases may require several treatments sessions.

Nail bracing This treatment is a unique technique called Or thonixia. It is similar to teeth bracing (Or thodontics) except the brace is applied to a toenail.

of par t or whole of the nail. In such cases this nail brace technique offers an alternative way to correct the shape of the nail over time.

It is used for the treatment of ingrown toenails resulting from misshapen nails. Usually a person with this condition would be offered a surgical option to permanently remove the misshapen por tion or the whole nail. In some cases a patient may not be fit enough to undergo surgery, may be unable to have a local anaesthetic or may simply not be inclined towards surgery or loss

Typically a treatment session will take between 45-90 mins starting with preparation of the nail to receive the nail brace and then replacing the brace at regular intervals over a period of 12-18 month, the time taken for the whole nail plate to grow out. At this point a retaining brace may be provided once the desired correction has been achieved.

Footwear Fitting Service We believe that most foot, ankle, lower limb and even back problems can be prevented, helped or cured with the RIGHT shoe. We offer a wide range of footwear services for your whole family ensuring your foot size, shape, medical needs and activity needs are considered. Most importantly we will sit with you and work through what you WANT and what you NEED to get you back on your feet again. Our team includes registered pedor thists, specialist shoes fitters and shoes repairers. In most cases it is as simple as choosing the correct style and type of shoe for a par ticular activity. However if you require wide, deep or specialist footwear we are equipped to help. We will review our extensive range of footwear and talk you through your options. You will have time to ask questions and depending on your specific needs you will be offered:

Wide, Deep or Narrow Fit Shoes Medical and Diabetic Footwear Sports Shoe Fitting Occupational Shoe Fitting eg Steel Toe & Uniform Custom Orthopaedic Footwear Bespoke Footwear

Further Information While-U-Wait service & an Open Door Policy Although we encourage you to make an appointment you are welcome to come in at anytime to see us. We would be happy to show you around our practice so you can see our facilities and speak with us to satisfy yourself of our high standard of care. We would also be happy to see you on a while-u-wait basis and can often supply or make semi-custom or custom orthoses as we have our own on-site laboratory.

Our Service Guarantee We pride ourselves on our reputation of providing high quality and value for money services, foot health products and footwear. We are proud that most of clients come to us by referral or word of mouth. We do not offer treatments or sell unnecessary products. We focus on ensuring that you are well informed and have access to the best treatment(s) available to you within your budget. For your peace of mind we offer an exchange, refund and price match guarantee. If you are not satisfied come and talk to us - we would like the chance to put things right.

Our Fees? We have prepared a simple and flexible pricing structure based on a pro-rata hourly rate according to your appointment time and who you see. Our motto is that you ‘pay us for our time and professional treatment’. We do not process medical insurance claims or accept provider settlement. We ask that all treatments charges are met on the day and for your convenience we accept all forms of physical and electronic payments.

Contact Us 130 Llanover Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 7LT Call 020 8908 1425 Or mobile 07801 107 271 Email Or visit

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