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7 Changing rooms, extra-time of the second leg with a view on the Under 21 Italian Cup Quarter Finals. Modugno is losing 5 - 8 to Marcianise, it all happened in 2 minutes, a blackout. It’s one of those times where you need to show your character, go back on the pitch and change the course of the events.

Back on the pitch, Simone receives the ball, back-hill touch goal. Then more in a breathtaking crescendo, Modugno is fulfilling its destiny.

Simone left home when he was 14 and all he is he learned it the hard way, a life on the road, for the team, only for the team. A bold decision for a a teenager that could have both worlds but decided to give everything to football. And we are not talking just about the game, we are talking about the discipline, the sacrifice, the way of life. Simone is made of this and Modugno is his team, it’s what he believes in and fights for.

Simone again on the ball, this time is a toe-poke through the goalkeeper’s legs, another goal. At the end it’s a merciless 10 to 9 for Modugno’s boys. It’s Quarter Finals.

Simone heard many times that your attitude on the pitch is all that counts. That is not enough for him, the team spirit goes beyond that, it’s about believing in each other as individuals, as friends, sharing a vision of life. And that is probably the secret of Modugno.

Simone’s mind is already moving to the next match, this match is now just a memory and he lives in the future, already seizing the next challenge. Obsessive, restless and very dangerous if you are on the other side of the pitch. Simone Colaianni plays for Modugno C5 Seria A2 Itali FOLLOW MODUGNO C5

So when the coach calls for unity Modugno’s boys know exactly what they need to bring back on the pitch. Sacrifice, belief and will to win. ISSUE 03 MAR 2012

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Changing youth football culture


Changing youth football culture