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Since the World Cup in 1994, an inescapable feature of your average pair of football boots is the concept of ‘more’. More Power. More Swerve. More Accuracy. It seems that you can’t pick up a pair of cleats at a sports shop without some sort of rubberised bell or whistle tacked onto a garishlycoloured design. Thankfully, one place you won’t find any of that is on the new Lotto Fuerzapura II L100. Translated from Lotto’s native Italian, ‘Fuerzapura’ means ‘Pure Force’, and there is indeed a marvellous level of purity to these pieces of footwear. Released for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the original Fuerzapura suffered something of an identity crisis. Available in both a Leather and Synthetic model and packing an adidas Predator-esque shooting element around the laces, the Fuerzapura Mark I was a mish-mash of ideas that didn’t quite come off. For Round Two, however, Lotto have crafted a boot for the player who wants that old-school feel from their boots, whilst still packing in the features needed to compete at the

high tempo of the modern game. Available only in the supple K-Leather that has defined Lotto boots for decades, the Fuerzapura II puts player comfort at the top of it’s agenda with a unique synthetic ‘saddle’ that locks the foot in place for supreme stability, and reduced friction between foot and boot.

To cap it all off, the Lotto Fuerzapura II L100 is also priced considerately; with the top-end model available for £87.99 in the UK or $129.99 in the US, with takedown models also available.

Inside the Fuerzapura II, Lotto’s ReactiveArch technology is hard at work; Using a series of ergonomically-placed ridges to massage the foot whilst playing, ReactiveArch relieves lactic acid build-up and reduces the risk of cramp. This ‘Player-First’ ethos also extends to the design of the sole, where Lotto’s Puntoflex and Twist’n’Go features support the metatarsals and offer an unmatched level of ‘off-thetoe’ grip for quick lateral cuts and turns.

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Changing youth football culture


Changing youth football culture