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Juventus Stadium | Host Partner | Torino | Italia I 3° Edition

Press Release

Soccerex, 9 I 10 I 2015

THE SECOND EDITION OF FOOTBALLAVENUE: A GREAT SUCCESS Over 400 people participated in the second edition of FootballAvenue. A chance to meet and debate that is quickly becoming pivotal for the business world as it relates to Italian and international football. Turin, 5 September, 2014 – A very successful second edition of FootballAvenue took place on 30 May at the Juventus Stadium. Attendance doubled both in terms of Clubs and businesses, with more than 60 teams, and with over 150 Italian and foreign companies that experienced a day full of meetings in an effort to create new business opportunities. The second edition of the forum showcased several innovations: the remarkable participation of many foreign firms and football clubs, the introduction of sector-related workshops combined with the four panel sessions, and the opening to universities, which enabled a lot of students to experience an exciting focus day in close contact with entrepreneurs and teams. Thus, the path of FootballAvenue gets consolidated and, on the strength of this remarkable achievement, the organizers have already announced the third edition of the Forum to be held on 12 June 2015, once more at the Juventus Stadium in conjunction with the IV International Congress of Fitness Coaches (AIPAC). The words of the guests who took part in the Forum did support the organizers: Paolo Bedin, Director General Lega Serie B: “We would like to express our thanks to FootballAvenue for involving us once more in a very proactive project that will enrich the Italian football system. This exchange of knowledge is very important to us and it is my opinion that this represents the main distinctive feature of the Forum”. Francesco Ghirelli, Director General Lega Pro: “Lega Pro took part in FootballAvenue since it is another important step of a path started with our clubs to make them grow also within an enlarged European context. The International Forum, arranged by Ludovica Mantovani, is a chance to debate about many issues related to football, and it is a key element because it gathers many organizations that can share their skills and knowledge”. Ludovica Mantovani Director Europe FootballAvenue: “We aim at making FootballAvenue an event that is not only Italian but European, and we have partially succeeded in doing it with this second edition. We are working to achieve an even higher international participation in 2015, thanks to the usual valuable support of our sponsors and partners”.


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Press release 9I10I2014  

Press release 9I10I2014