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By Bini Aries: (Mar 21–Apr 19) The Ram

Cancer: (Jun 21–Jul 22) The Crab

Libra: (Sep 23–Oct 22) The Scales

Capricorn: (Dec 22– Jan 19) The Goat

The tarp and sprinkler is a great idea! So what if you get a few burns and scrapes, nothing a little back-teen can’t sooth. Remember those younger days of combustible energy? You still got it! What matters is you took a gamble, followed a stream, infused a scheme with your enthusiasm. You want to make a music video out of it - do it! Art standards are at a high low.

Toddle barefoot through the grass before you self-destruct. Go on. Big lesson here for Big Crabby is to recognize Big hidden anger inside. (Can affect digestive process and or can chip paint off a Webber.) Relax and Imagine a blade of grass a rope for the Limbo shuffle, rub your legs together with the crickets, rummage with the lady bugs and connect the dots, and watch how the ants use moxie. Elect your rage to be your proxy.

You buried your friend in the sand! After that duplicitous insidiousness, who can blame you Libby. That 2 faced son of a … okay let’s not spiral … Here’s what ya gotta do; deal intuitively with the other’s emotions, and consider their point of view, even if from your perspective it looks to be straight up a horse’s ass.

Water balloons are perfect for a disciplined goat like you. Your basic concern is for security and they are just the opposite in their illusive solidity. Their squishy and mushy way about them evoke the cartoon in you. So chillax, there is no hidden tax in a flash of joy. Try the assorted colored ones that look like Big FAT jelly beans.

Scorpio: (Oct 23 –Nov 21) The Scorpion

Aquarius: (Jan 23–Feb 18) The Water-Carrier

Skipping stones at Lake Caspian is a good tempered next step back from dominating others. The little stone will do as you say and won’t hit back. How many bounces will determine your ultimate trust in the mystery of the universe. If it goes kurplinkiss, consider it a symbol of your wariness and suspicion then retrieve it, mortar and pestle it back into dust. Centering your power can be festal while coming down off the pedestal.

Liberation! Build a sand castle and see each grain of sand as a thought you’ve had. Behold the glorious construction and then pour your bucket of water to soften the icy intellectualism. Bucket No. 2 will be for taking sips of knowledge for seeing yourself as energy. It is essential for you to live not only in your mind, but also in the heart of an artichoke. This way your heart can join the garden of even.

Taurus: (Apr 20–May 20) The Bull

BREATHE! It’s hard staying in your center when you are being popped by arrows. Your stoic pride leads into the querencia, not the picnic at the park you envisioned, but the differencia is you can take this punishment in stride! Remember every prick has a new lesson to offer. Gemini: (May 21–Jun 20) The Twins

You are a surgically precise barista when it comes to gathering a misto for a summer pool party. Don’t be a drip so remember the sensitive types, usually the water signs. Your social butterfly-ism may make them feel as if they are at a coffee drive thru. It’s a shot in the dark but if you can begin diffracting your auroral aura you will allow ALL to shine. You will be as good as gold! Maybe even Doppio!

Leo: (Jul 23–Aug 22) The Lion

You stand out even when taking a nap under a Poppy shade tree! Though your act of fearlessness needs no rehearsal, Thou must practice courage in speaking up and catching it before the roar erupts and brings the family tree down. Euphemistic society can make you go ballistic when all you are trying to do is keep things real. Oh you are real alright, Happy Birthday! Virgo: (Aug 23–Sep 22) The Virgin

It’s time to take your skivvies off and join the nudist camp dampness. Sketching the flowers in the community garden is a great temporary cover-up, but what about when you get to the roots? Your underbelly is shaking. You have committed yourself to shedding some self-consciousness around your organic structure. Our primitive society continues to categorize what IS the proper integument. Make this your effort free zone, do as the Gladiolus do, dangle in splendor.

Sagittarius: (Nov 22–Dec 21) The Archer

The saggy roof of conventionality finally bore a hole through to the night sky — it’s just like sleeping in your own back yard. So what if you stripped the shingles off your roof to use as fish scales on your new avant-guard painting. You are clearing creative blockages mon ami! You have formed the bridge between human and beast, so I think you can probably make your way out from under the couch!~ Use your hoof to hook the coffee table and tug!~ Come out, Come out wherever you are...

Pisces: (Feb 19–Mar 20) The Fishes

RIGHT ON! High levels of taste Thunderstorm on the coast and you’ve gone fishing! You are gumption Pie PI! Leave the school behind and let them find their own way this time. You know your way into Oneness is full speed ahead! You have turned inside the tides to view the sand glass from all sides, and still it takes time to know time. But once you have boarded your ship of purpose, the porpoises help you step out of time. You have re-connected with your celestial longitude. You’re a Smash Splash!

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