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P o l i s h s t u d e n t s’ eating habits

November 2013

My eating habits – Jola

I get up at 7 am. For breakfast I usually have sandwiches with ham or cheese and tomato or cornflakes with milk. I have lunch at school. For lunch I have fruit and yoghurt. I have dinner at 15.30. Generally I eat soup and meat with potatoes and salad. I like chicken most. For the snack I usually eat something sweet. I have supper at seven o’clock. I usually have sandwiches. I love all fruits and vegetables. I like drink sparkling water with ice cubes very much. I don’t like pork chops.

My heating habits – Dawid Hello, I’m Dawid and I’m gonna present you what my eating habits are. I usually eat four times a day (it means that I eat four times a day from Monday to Friday and at the weekends I eat three times a day).

I usually get up at 7 am and at quarter past seven I eat my breakfast –cereal with milk. My next meal is at about half past twelve, during our longest break at school. I usually eat a sandwich with ham or cheese for lunch, but sometimes I have fruit or a veggie, too (an apple, a banana or radishes).

At 3 pm I have dinner. It’s a kind of roulette. I have a chicken fillet, fish or other meat with potatoes one day, the other day it’s tomato soup (my dinners are always prepared according to this rule – one day meat, the other one – soup).

My last meal is supper – I have it at 7 pm. I usually have a sandwich with ham or scrambled eggs. My favourite dish is spaghetti Napoli, I also like all fruit and veggies.

I don’t mind eating fish, but I don’t like sea food – it’s disgusting for me!

Weronika I like unhealthy eating but I try not to eat it often. I love salads, fish, desserts and ice cream. I am picky when it comes to eat. I don't eat soups but are exceptions such as: tomato soup and cucumber soup. I have ham sandwiches for breakfast. I eat three meals every day. I love Mc Donald's and from time to time I go there with my friend.


and fruit

are healthy!

My eating habits - Patryk I have a meal three times a day. I have breakfast at 7.35 am. For breakfast I often have bread with cheese and salami or cornflakes with milk ď Š. At 2.30 or 3.15 pm. I come back home and I have dinner which my mum or dad cooked. I usually have supper at 7.30 pm. For dinner I have sandwiches with cheese, pizza or chocolate sandwich.

I like pizza, tomato soup, chips, sandwiches, cornflakes and apples. I don't like ham, bananas and cucumber soup .

My eating habits - Paulina I have breakfast at 7 o’clock. I often eat cornflakes. I have lunch at school and I always eat two sandwiches with cheese. My favorite dish is spaghetti and hamburgers. I try not to eat candies, but they are very good :c

I like cereals, cheese sandwiches and salads. I love eating all vegetables.

I hate tomatoes, onions, olives and tomato soup. I have dinner at home and I usually have soups but I don’t like them.

My Eating Habits – Adam


Hi I’m Adam and I like each kind of food :)

I usually eat cereal with hot milk or sandwich with ham or cheese. At school I eat only a sandwich for lunch. For dinner I have only meat :). For supper I eat sandwiches or sausages. My favourite food is spaghetti bolognese.

Kamil I eat breakfast in our school canteen. I always have are bread and cheese for breakfast. I drink water and sometimes cola. After 3 o’clock I have lunch. I have some soup and juice.

My favourite food is pizza and kebab. I love drinking cola and lemonade. I hate garlic and tomatoes.

MY EATING HABITS – KACPER For breakfast I often have milk and cereal. My school lunch looks like a normal Polish lunch. It’s just a sandwich with

ham or other products. For dinner I eat soups or potatoes with some meat and salad. My supper isn’t so good, because I do it myself. It is often toast with cheese and tea.




My Eating Habits - Paweł

For breakfast I often have sandwich with ham and tea. I have lunch at school and I eat two sandwiches with ham. I have dinner after school and my mum makes fantastic dishes. My favourite food is pizza and tomato

soup. I hate onions and cornflakes. My favourite drink is cola and tea. I hate coffee and tomato juice.


My eating habits - Klaudia

I get up at 7.30 am. I usually make sandwiches with ham and cheese and I take them to school. I don't eat breakfast at home, I only drink hot tea. I have lunch at 4.20 pm. For lunch I have soup, meat, vegetables and other food. I like tomato soup, pancakes with sausages and cheese and pizza. I really love sweets and I can't live without them.

I don't like much food. I hate onions, all soups (except tomato soup and broth one) and many vegetables.

My eating habits - Grzegorz I have a meal four times a day (always). I have breakfast at 7 o'clock and I eat toasts and drink milk. I havea lunch at 10 o'clock. I eat my lunch at school. I eat sandwiches with cheese or ham and I drink orange juice. When I come home, I have dinner at 16:30 pm, I eat rice or potatoes, salad, nuggets and I drink tea. I have supper at 8 o'clock and I usually have cereals with milk.

My favourite food is spaghetti bolognese and pizza.

I love coconuts, strawberries and apples.

My eating habits-Anna I have a meal four times a day. I have breakfast at 7:10 am. For breakfast I always have cornflakes with milk. I usually have lunch at school. I eat my lunch at 10:45. For lunch I have sandwiches with cheese and ham. At 3.30 pm. I come back home and I eat the meal that my mum cooked. I always have supper at 9 pm. For supper I have cornflakes with milk or sandwiches with ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, salad or with jam or nutella.

I like pizza, chips, salads, toast, cheese sandwiches, chocolate (omomom:3) and tomato soup. I hate garlic, salami, herring or pea soup.

Our eating habits