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Dorina's Kitchen Madison, New Jersey I am looking to expand my catering business into a real location where I can bring a little piece of Italy to a neighborhood corner, bringing you seasonal authentic Italian food unlike any in the area Summary I am looking to expand my catering business into a real location where I can bring you a little piece of Italy to our little neighborhood corner. Location Our location is on a corner in a residential neighborhood. I deal for neighbors to walk to and only two blocks off the main road connecting Madison and Florham Park. It is a business that has been in the neighborhood for over 50 years and is grandfathered into the residential zoning. It is a little piece of the old days in 2013! There is parking on the street and all around the corner (we are located on a corner!). Menu Our Menu will consist of authentic Italian dishes that will be fresh and seasonal as you would get them in Italy. We will be working with local farmers to keep as much in season produce on our menu as possible. *Fresh made bread/rolls in the morning *Fresh made pastries with fresh fruits and nuts *Italian style breakfast sandwiches *Hearty Crusty bread sandwiches made with some of our special Italian spreads and pesto’s *Various Authentic Panini *Homemade pastas *Fresh sausages, meat and chicken dishes

*Homemade ricotta and other fresh chesses *Specialty Italian desserts **too many more to list..... (And we want you to have a FEW surprises!!!) ***** Everything in Dorina's Kitchen will be made from scratch... NO pre-made anything! Atmosphere This is a cute little place that will be reminiscent of a little restaurant cafe in Italy. It will have a rustic comfortable home-like feel. Like you are actually IN Dorina's Kitchen!

Marketing Strategy We plan to market ourselves through local Press Releases, Word of Mouth, Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which are actually already up and running preparing the locals and making their mouths water in anticipation! We are also hoping to do some work with the schools and local sports teams and create a loyal fan base in that arena. As our family has 6 kids that grew up in this area we know a few people! We will also be utilizing flyers and some occasional coupon books as they are very popular in our area. Financial Plan We anticipate our initial outlay of expenses to start this business at approximately $30,000.00. We have some of our own funds and some that has already been invested in us by a "believer"... And with Foodstart, we are hoping to finish up with as close to $10,000 or maybe a bit more to get us to our goal. Management Dorina Martirano will be managing and running the day to day operations of the business. She fortunately has the backing of her husband Pasquale and their 6 children... Enzo, Nico, Leo, Tino, Carlo and Angelina who are all prepared to roll up sleeves and help out where needed. Dorina grew up in the restaurant business and has continued serving 8 on a daily basis as well as occasionally catering, making cakes and teaching private cooking lessons! Now.... a place to call their own as a business they can all work on together! More Info Dorina was kitchen trained by her Sicilian Nonna, her mother, her Puglisi Nonna and many other aunts and cousins in the US and in Italy.

Growing up in Roseto Restaurant that her father owned, she learned a great deal from the chef Luigi as well as her aunt Tettina who also worked in the kitchen. In 2005, she and her family went and lived in Italy for a year and there she learned a whole lot more.... especially about what is eaten in what season. Seasonal and local foods are really how they eat "over there"! And lastly, Dorina's love of food and creating has kept her on a lifelong journey for that new recipe or how to perfect that old one! Hopefully you will be able to try some of them very soon


Raising money for Dorina's Kitchen and get great perks like food discounts, guaranteed tables, and previews of new menu items. Foodstart is...

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