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Food production: cause and effect One of the important global issues is food production that has become a problem for our world. Some of the factors are the change of weather, price increases, over population, etc. this factors have cause a lot of hunger and infectious diseases because of the chemicals they use know. During this article you are going to learn and get to know some facts that would help you understand some of the food production causes and effects. Food production had become one of the global issues. Some of the causes of this problem its overpopulation; as the population growth the demand of food increases and the prices too. That requires new tools that can create more quantity of food in a less time. These tools may cause a bad environment. Other factor is the Dramatically change of weather, The change of weather makes more difficult the growth of food especially the food that grows in land such as fruits, vegetables, an cereals. As the price increases people don’t buy a good quality of food, they prefer to buy cheaper food that contains chemicals that damage your body. Other problem is the land fields and the people that are not enough to make all that food that we need. About 854 million people were undernourished because of the price increase. The Food production crisis has cause that over may drive another 100 million people into poverty and hunger. This causes a threat to global food and nutrition security. Now companies such as Millennium Development Goals, Global Response to High Food Prices, and New Deal on Global Food Policy help people that don’t have food and try to give them what they can. These companies had helped a lot of people during these past years, but it didn’t help stop this issue.

Solutions for food production As you know we don’t have any more land fields and people who produce food. Well most of the people who worked in the crops are already in the city because there is the center of trading so they obtain more money. A solution for this may be to stop using these lands for things that we don’t need or we can use other things to create it like petroleum. Petroleum is also killing a lot of fishes that are also parts of our food. This land that all the petroleum is taking because of the explosions may be crops. With that people that have gone to the cities we cannot do anything but we can help poor kids with work and that work may give education to a lot of people. At some point this trading will also end because there is not going to be food so they can’t trade anything more. The best solution is paying the farmers to stay there and have a good salary and necessary things to stay in the farm. Most of the food we have, come from the lands but with no more people to work on them less food we would have. If we products much food then the population is going to increase and the lands of food are not going to be enough. So we have to measure how much food we have and how much people there are. This problem of over population is not only here I Ecuador but we have it in all he world. A good solution is that each government controls the number of people because with more people we need more food and that is what we don’t have. For having a good city with a regulated level of exportations and importations the food production depends a lot. A big city with a lot of food can be an individual city, which importations are not necessary and they can live with the things they produce. Many people can die including the ones that know about crops and food if we don’t regulate the over population and most problems that we have for food production. In this issue is also involved global warming because of the weather. But we can’t change what every people do, this should be auto-control from everybody.

What is food production?

Food production is a current global issue. It is happening in the entire world, but especially in Africa. Food production is defined as the production of food that in some ways damages and destroys the world. One of the main problems that are happening right now with this global issue is that food production is required in the entire world, but a lot of problems go with that. One of the main problems is that prices of food in the entire world are increasing; one of the other problems that this issue presents is that over population is arising to a lot of countries in the world. Also a few years ago global demand for food increased. People who sell food are producing more food because more people needed, as we said before population each time is growing and growing. That is a good impact for food producers. The Production of food is also sometimes affected by weather; other problem is that exporting food to another country is turning to be difficult because people are imposing restrictions. Some sources of information say that because of the rise of food cost, and because this crisis may go up. Food production is a global issue that is arising in almost all the parts of the world. It’s an issue to be scared about because with just one issue a lot of areas may be damaged, such as poverty, hunger and unemployment of food products.


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