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Issue 05 . November 2011

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HERITAGE VILLAGE Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya by


NAGOMI SHABU-SHABU Menara Hap Seng, Kuala Lumpur by

Heritage Village Cafe I 03

Heritage Village Cafe I 04

HERITAGE VILLAGE Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya

by Heritage Village is this cafe serving nyonya food located in the vicinity of Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya. My late grandmother was a nyonya herself, and I must tell you, her homecooked food were excellent comparable to none, hence I arrived at this restaurant with very high expectations. I wasn't dissapointed at all. Heritage Village is a certified halal restaurant, serving some really good Penang nyonya cuisine, just like how my mum and late grandmother cooks it. In fact it was so similar in taste for some of the dishes, I actually called the owner to the side to tell him how good it was. The ambience was good, not unlike many of the cafes and restaurants around PJ area. I took the chance to capture some photos of the decor. It wasn't long before the dishes were served. I'm from Penang myself, and being here tasting these food brings me back to my hometown. It's as if I'm having my Char Kuey Teow, Chendol, and "Hokkien Mee" in Penang itself!

Heritage Village Cafe I 05

Chicken Lor Bak Platter (RM8.90)

Crispy on the outside, meaty on the inside.

Heritage Village Cafe I 06

Har Mee (RM6.90)

Assam Laksa (RM6.90)

If you haven't tried Penang laksa yet, try it here. The sourness is just right, coupled with huge chunks of fish inside the soup, tastes just like home I tell you.

Duck Egg Char Koay Teow (RM9.90)

Heritage Village Cafe I 07

Otak-Otak Fried Rice (RM7.90)

Heritage Village Cafe I 08

Next up on the menu was the set meals that Heritage Village offered for its customers which consists of 1 Nasi Lemak with a choice of an optional dish. Good stuff I tell you.

Heritage Village Cafe I 09

Acar Fish with Nasi Lemak (RM9.90)

Chicken Rendang with Nasi Lemak (RM7.90)

Ayam Goreng Berempah with Nasi Lemak (RM7.90)

Assam Udang with Nasi Lemak (RM9.90)

Heritage Village Cafe I 10

Pong Tay Chicken with rice (RM7.90)

Curry Kapitan with rice (RM7.90)

All the above optional dishes came with either rice or Nasi Lemaks, were really reasonably priced and delicious to boot. I recommend taking the Ayam Goreng Berempah, Assam Udang, and the Chicken Rendang. Do try the Acar Fish, but the sourish taste might be a bit too strong for some folks. Next up are the other side dishes available to order at Heritage Village. Otak-Otak (RM5.50)

Chee Cheong Fun (RM4.50)

Heritage Village Cafe I 11

"Jiu Hu Char" or the 'Stir-fried vegetables with cuttle fish" (RM12.90)

It's supposed to be rolled up this way, and eaten with some sambal chili, delicious! Now this "Jiu Hu Char" dish got me really excited as this was one dish my mother never misses out during our chinese new year reunion dinner as well as the dish to be had on the auspicious day itself. Guess what, it tasted exactly like how my mother cooks it!

Heritage Village Cafe I 12

ABC (RM5.50)

Heritage Village Cafe I 13

Durian Cendol (RM7.90)

Of course, a good Penang Nyonya meal wouldn't be complete without some sweet desserts, and what better dessert to have than Penang's evergreen Durian Cendol and ABC. I loved the Durian Cendol, there was even a piece of D24 Durian in the middle of the bowl. Overall it was a really hearty meal, and I really have to refrain myself from repeating the fact that all the dishes served in Heritage Village tasted exactly like what we would taste if we ordered it in Penang. Will I come back here again? Definately, if not just for the the Char Kuew Teow, "Jiu Hu Char" and Durian Cendol. Restaurant Heritage Village (Penang Nyonya Cuisine) Address D-G-31, Jalan PJU 1/45 Aman Suria, 47300 Petaling Jaya Telephone +6016 337 3384, +6016 233 0889 Business Hours 7 days a week, 8 am to 10.30 pm Start Manage Your Reservations Efficiently Call 016.364.7707 Now

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant I 15

FAMOUS SEREMBAN FAVOURITES Sunway Mas, Petaling Jaya by When I Googled about Famous Seremban Favourites, I was surprised to read so many positive reviews about about their Char Siew or BBQ pork. As far as I know, Seremban is always well known for their ‘Ngau Lam Mee’ or Beef Noodle. Hence, it was rather unexpected (at least for me) to realise that Char Siew is also one of Seremban’s signature delicacy. Since it has garnered so many rave reviews, I thought it would be good idea to try out the food to see what the buzz is all about. A word of advise though. Since the place is extremely crowded during lunch hour, it is better to go early to avoid disappointment. At the same time, service was rather slow as their workers are busy attending to the huge number of customers. But as they say, good things will come to those who wait and true enough, our patience paid off handsomely when we were rewarded with a plate of lips smacking Char Siew.

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant I 16

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant I 17

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant I 18

Simply put, the Char Siew was heavenly! I always prefer eating the lean portion but the Char Siew at Famous Seremban Favourites has changed my preference. The fatty portion complimented the lean meat so well that it was an absolutely delight to taste. Believe it or not, the fatty part was so soft that it can literally melt in the mouth. I have never tasted Char Siew as good as this one. Ever since I had tried Ming Kee Char Siew a couple of months back, I was convinced that they serve the best Char Siew ever. But now, my votes go to Famous Seremban Favourites hands down. You haven’t tasted Char Siew until you had it here.

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant I 19

Besides Char Siew, we also ordered a plate of roast chicken (RM6) which tasted quite okay. It wasn’t bad nor was it good enough to warrant a two thumbs up. The Hakka Mee fares much better. I took the big portion (RM4.80) which came with a generous amount of flat noodle. There are many different version of Hakka Mee but the one at Famous Seremban Favourites comes without dark soya sauce. Although the plain looking meal may look unassuming, it certainly tasted nice.

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant I 20

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant I 21

If you are craving for ‘sinfully’ delicious plate of Char Siew and a bowl of Hakka Mee, this would definitely be the place to go. Restaurant Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant Address No. 80-1 (Ground Floor), Jalan PJU 1/3B Sunway Mas Commercial Centre 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Telephone +6017 279 8582 (Bill Khoon) Business Hours 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily Close every Tuesday

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 23

What’s the rush?

Every time I went to the buffet line, the food was always at least half-full and the crowd was not that alarming. I always had time to leisurely walk around, observe each dish and decide which I should choose before moving on.

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 24

NAGOMI SHABU-SHABU Menara Hap Seng, Kuala Lumpur

by Call it shabu-shabu, syabu-syabu, hot pot or even steamboat. Call it whatever you want, and it will still be the same, fun experience of cooking your own food in a big pot of soup. A Japanese variation of the hot pot, shabu-shabu’s main difference is that each person gets an individual pot of boiling hot soup to cook his or her food, without sharing it like the Chinese hot pot. In this sense, each pot of soup is hygienic, customizable and personal. Don’t like beef, don’t put it in! :) I personally enjoy shabu-shabu on a cold, rainy night, when the low temperature sends chills down my spines and makes my hair stand. The steaming hot food and bubbling soup are my number one cure. That night, we ended up at Nagomi Shabu-Shabu to try their newly launched Shabu-Shabu Buffet.

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 25

One thing I dislike about buffets is the crowds. And the fast-disappearing food from the buffet line. Living in a predominantly kiasu land, it’s not common to find buffet tables to be nearly empty almost as soon as they’re served. Thankfully, I did not face this problem with Nagomi. Every time I went to the buffet line, the food was always at least half-full and the crowd was not that alarming. I always had time to leisurely walk around, observe each dish, decide whether I should choose one or the other, before moving on. What’s the rush?

Another thing that captivated me was the fresh mini lobsters that were still swimming in the tray filled with water! A few of them even managed to escape the tray, onto the table. When I tried to take a couple of them onto my plate, they started crawling and fell on the floor. Talk about running away.

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 26

Variety of fish balls, crab sticks, meat balls, fresh prawns, crabs, clams, bamboo clams, mussels, squid...

Apart from the lobsters, most of the other seafood offered were fresh, notably the fish slices, prawns and bamboo clams. The crayfish and crab were marvellous for the miso soup. I added them in at the beginning before anything else and they made the soup so much sweeter and delicious. Crayfish (above) and fresh fish slices (below)

Apart from the raw food spread, there was also a section dedicated to Sushi and Sashimi. Yes, Salmon Sashimi to be exact – they are offered only from 8-9 pm daily, signaled by the ring of the bell. The sashimi slices were fresh to be eaten on its own, or they can be blanched in the sweet miso soup. Saucer enjoyed the blanched version very much – he called it the half-boiled sashimi.

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 27

Sliced lamb

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 28

Of course, the main star of shabu-shabu is the thinly sliced meat. There were 4 choices to choose from: chicken, lamb, beef and duck. Duck? It was my first time. Although I found the meat to be a little on the tough side, the aroma was unmistakable, and it was thankfully, fresh. My favourite had to be the lamb and beef slices though, just swish-swish for about 10 seconds in the bubbling soup, and they would be tender and juicy.

Noodles and salad

Sushi and thinly sliced meat

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 29

Selection of sweet desserts and sushi The variety of greens

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 30


The selection of sauces was so huge it was overwhelming. I didn’t know which ones to choose so I asked a waiter for recommendation. According to him, the top 3 sauces were the Goma (sesame) sauce, Ponzu (vinegar) and Nyonya (spicy) sauce. I enjoyed the Goma sauce the most especially with the sliced meat. For seafood, I preferred to eat them on their own or with spicy chilli sauce. What to do? I’m a chilli addict.

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 31

Comfortable dining environment

The variety of greens

One more thing, look out for the incredibly long fish noodles from the meat ball counter. These noodles were thick and long, and tasted like fish ball – so very bouncy! I’d rather eat these than normal noodles anytime.

Nagomi Shabu-Shabu I 32

Even though the selection was not that extensive, the seafood and meat slices were definitely of top quality. This is the case where quality triumphed over quality, and I certainly have no complaints. My only gripe, perhaps, was the lack of dessert in the selection. They only had several trays of fruits and kuih offered. Some ice-cream would be great to cool us down, perhaps? Just my 2 cents! Otherwise, this is one buffet that is good value for money, considering the quality of food offered.

Restaurant Nagomi Shabu-Shabu @ Menara Hap Seng Address Suite 1-19, 1st Floor The Podium Menara Hap Seng Jalan P Ramlee 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Telephone +603 2141 6332 Business Hours Mon – Fri (6 – 10 pm) Sat – Sun & Public Holiday (12 – 2.30 pm, 6 – 10pm) Website Buffet Price Adult RM32.80++ Children 5 – 12 years RM18.80++ Parking RM3 flat after 5pm on Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

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FOOD Magazine . issue 05 Nov 2011  

This fortnight online magazine talks about food reviews from the bloggers and latest promotional news from the restaurants.

FOOD Magazine . issue 05 Nov 2011  

This fortnight online magazine talks about food reviews from the bloggers and latest promotional news from the restaurants.