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Azeus Pressure Fried Chicken Oven Introduction: Azeus pressure fryer is specially designed for frying chick and duck. Adopting pressure principle, pressure fried chicken can keep full nutritions as well as good colour and flavor. Our pressure fryer has two types: gas engine, gas & electricity mixing engine.

Pressure Chicken Fryer Features 1. Super luxurious appearance design, wholly made of stainless steel and aluminum cast cover, really compact structure. 2. Heated by gas which can automatically open a fire and control the temperature. 3. Heating and flame out protection device can greatly save energy. 4. Electronic timing, automatically exhaust and control pressure. 5. This pressure chicken fryer has two heating methods: gas type, gas&electricity mixing type. 6. Every customer can get recipe for fried chicken and duck for free.

Pressure Chicken/Duck Fryer Applications 1. This pressure fryer is specially designed for frying drumstick, crispy strips , pork ribs, mutton as well as chicken and duck. This fried chick/duck are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, keep full original nutritions. 2. Azeus pressure chicken fryer is highly featured with low energy consumption, no pollution, easy operation and high efficiency. This pressure chicken fryer enjoys great popularity in hotels, fast food restaurant and canteens.

Warm Tips For Choosing A suitable Pressure Fryer 1. Every customer by this machine, we will send the fry chicken and duck recipe. 2. Please let us know what kind of food do you want to fry; 3. We have electricity and gas engined pressure fryer, you can choose either type ; 4. We also can customize any specification machinery according to your requirement.

Pressure fried chicken oven