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Food Industry News® February 2014

Nuggets Imperial is the crown of Tavria’s brandy masters. It is prepared from very old brandy spirits, aged in oak barrels for 25 years and beyond. The brandy possesses dark-gold color, and a compound bouquet, which perfectly combines aromas of exotic spices, chocolate and cigar. Alcohol content is 40% vol. Bottle capacity: 750 ml. In 2013, home prices since 1990, according to nationwide shot up by a Bowling Green Univer10.9%. A sense of ur- sity analysis of census gency has driven tra- data. The U.S. Census ditional buyers hoping Bureau’s American Comto take advantage of munity Survey tracks an still-affordable home upward trend as well: prices and historically In the mid-20th centulow mortgage rates. It’s ry, only 2.8 percent of widely expected that Americans over age 50 home prices will con- were divorced, a figure tinue to rise in 2014, but that rose to 11.8 percent at a slower, more steady in 2000. By 2011, 15.4 pace. Kiplinger expects percent were divorced, and increase of 4%. – The with another 2.1 percent Kiplinger Letter Blue Diamond separated. This makes Growers’ global almond 2011 the first time the sales soared to $1.2 bil- number of divorced oldlion, up $189 million er Americans exceeded in fiscal year 2012-13. the number of widows Value-added sales vol- and widowers (13.5 perume increased by 14 cent). The number of percent, even with a Italian restaurants in crop that was 7 percent the 10 most popular citsmaller, according to ies is around 16,783; this President and CEO Mark number is higher than Jansen who addressed Mexican and Chinese. the cooperative’s grower Around 10,000 Italian owners at their 103rd restaurants were estabannual meeting. Value- lished in New York City added sales now rep- by the 1930’s, and most resent more than 60 of these restaurants percent of the co-op’s were simple and undecrevenue, including man- orated. Italian dishes beufactured ingredients came popular in the U.S. and consumer retail after the 1970s. Tea is products. More older catching on in a big way, Americans are getting especially matcha (green divorced. The divorce tea powder). This and rate for Americans 50 green tea smoothies are and older has doubled becoming trendy items.

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Kikkoman PANKO Breadcrumbs

Kikkoman’s famous Panko Japanese style breadcrumbs have a crunchy, light texture that add a wonderful appeal to all kinds of food.

#1 Panko in the USA n Most consistent texture n Chef-preferred n More crumb, more crunch n Lighter Bite n Better Appearance: Uniform crumb size, attractive golden-brown color, even cooking n Holding Power: Retain their crispness longer than ordinary crumbs, even after lengthy heatlamp or steam-table holding n Increased Plate Coverage: Larger crumb size can actually make plated portions appear larger n Reduced Risk of Burning: Crumbs are formulated to resist burning at high temperatures n Neutral Flavor: Season them to taste, or use them right out of the bag. n Available “Toasted” or “Untoasted” for a lighter or darker appeal For Free Samples, Recipe & Menu Ideas, Call Today.

(630) 954-1244

Demonizing Food Dyes

The list of ingredients that consumers are trying to avoid is getting longer and longer—and now add to the list synthetic food dyes, linked with hyperactivity in children, among other things. Already a range of dyes (dubbed a “rainbow of risk” by the Center for Science in the Public Interest) are banned or require warning labels in the U.K. and the EU. Following a petition from Food Babe blogger Valerie Hari, Kraft will replace two artificial yellow hues in

some Mac & Cheese products with spice coloring in 2014. Another petition is asking Mars to use natural dyes for M&Ms. –JWT

In dealing with customers, there is no substitute for courtesy.

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Grocers, c-stores, casinos, bakeries, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, vending and all aspects of foodswervice are served by this monthly publ...

Food Industry News Feb 2014 web  

Grocers, c-stores, casinos, bakeries, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, vending and all aspects of foodswervice are served by this monthly publ...