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Food Industry News® December 2015

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Happy Hour: New Laws, Same Liability With the implementation of the new Happy Hour laws that took effect in July, bars and restaurants across the state are once again able to use alcohol promotion specials and packages as part of their marketing strategy. This will, no doubt, have a positive financial impact on the bottom lines of many operations, and help drive a new wave of consumers to their favorite bars and eating establishments to take advantage of some great drink specials. It’s also important to note however, that although it’s now legal to offer 2 drinks or a bottle of wine to a single customer, or have a no drink limit on a meal or private party package, the one thing the law has not changed is the issue of liability. Always remember: It is still illegal to serve alcohol to an intoxicated customer (.08 BAC or above) Bartenders, servers, retail clerks, and businesses that sell or serve alcohol to an intoxicated customer, are still legally liable (by law) for that customer when they leave their establishment. Incidents involving injury, property damage, or death from an intoxicated customer can cost a bartender, server, clerk, or business owner everything they own and even send them to jail!

For more information about liquor liability and how to help protect your business, visit CPB Consulting’s website at www.charliebar.com or contact BASSET Instructor Charlie Mormino at 877884-2277.

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By Allison Grow & Antonia Scholz, franchise attorneys at Cheng Cohen, LLC At one point or another, most restaurant owners consider franchising. But, before you dive in, here are four key questions to consider: Does the brand have a record of success? To sell a franchise, you must show a prospective franchisee that your success can be duplicated. The best way to demonstrate this is through your own operations. Good rules of thumb: Does your company have at least two years of operating history? Does it have at least three locations? Does your restaurant have a teachable “system”? If you decide to franchise, you will be required to teach each franchisee your “sys-

tem” of operations. Successful franchise brands have a system that is both recognizable and organized. Start by identifying the most important features of your brand, and then create a list of all the operational procedures that are necessary to maintain your brand’s authenticity. Remember, as your system grows, uniformity will be increasingly important. Do you have the resources to HOURS HOURS support franchisees? Franchisees Hours/ 6/your 6Day DayService Service Department Hours Department will2424 expect continuous supMobileRepair Repair 2424/ 7/ 7Mobile port. You should consider whethRentalVehicles VehiclesAvailable Available Rental er you have the time and resources to invest in: training for your franchisees, visiting and inspect-

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ing franchised locations, maintaining and improving your “system,” and managing system-wide brand research and marketing. Will your franchisees make money? Your franchisees will not necessarily have the same performance as you. In particular, their costs of operations will likely be higher than yours. For example, you may be receiving special pricing that will not be available to franchisees. And don’t forget about the royalties that franchisees will be paying you! After considering all of these factors, will the franchisees still have a healthy profit margin?

Green lentils

When you’re talking the tiny refined French variety of lentil, you’ve got a legume ready for prompt deployment. Most dried legumes need to be soaked overnight, which rules them out for last-minute meals. Not so for French-style green lentils, known as vertes du Puy in France after the region where they’re grown (they’re now also grown in Italy, North America and Australia). These small, beautiful lentils have a slightly nutty flavor, don’t need soaking and are quick to cook, so you can have them on the table in next to no time. They have a great texture too; unlike red or brown lentils, they hold their shape and are less inclined to turn to mush. Lentils take up flavors easily and benefit from simmering in a flavorsome stock. Green lentils are happy dressed in a vinaigrette and served warm or at room temperature. They also make excellent bedfellows for smoky bacon, confit duck or pork – and they’re great for soaking up the juices of roast meats. – GOURMETTRAVELLER.COM.AU

11/12/15 2:22 PM

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Food Industry News December 2015 web edition  

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