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n Westborough, a 6th -generation farm has been growing food for local chefs for almost two decades – and the crops just keep on growing.

Harvey’s Farm, run by father Jim Harvey (5th generation) and daughter Emily Harvey (6th generation), boasts 50 acres of fields and fresh produce. Crops are still picked by hand every single day—like they have since the farm began. “Our ancestors worked countless hours to provide for our family and we continue that work ethic in order to provide for future generations,” Emily said. Being a family-run farm, the Harveys are passionate about sharing their crops with other families. “We believe our customers are an extension of our family, and it is our mission to give them an experience of yesteryear,” Emily said. Customers of Harvey’s Farm won’t find just the typical tomatoes and zucchini here (although such standard crops are also abundant). Indigo rose tomatoes, red currants, and kohlrabi are also some of the summer crops. The hard-to-find, hand-picked crops at Harvey’s Farm are a big reason why local chefs have flocked there for nearly 20 years. They arrive with an eagerness to find interesting and unusual in-season produce to bring back to their kitchens. “I take things to a different level,” Jim said, pointing out the importance of ‘wowing’ the chef who likes to ‘wow’ his or her patrons.

Harvey’s Farm 120 South Street Westborough, MA 01581 508-366-1545


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“Passionate chefs are looking for what’s different… and higher quality,” Jim said. Although many of the farm’s regular chefs have switched restaurants over the years, they still continue to use Harvey’s. Jim and Emily allow the chefs to come to the farm and pick which crops they’d like to use that day or week. Some chefs place special orders for the crops they need, but most are willing to pick what’s fresh that day. “It makes for a happy chef and a happy farmer,” Jim said. Like all farmers, each season leaves the Harveys with plenty of crops. For instance, in one given day during the summer they can pick upwards of two pounds of cucumbers. The chefs gladly help them get rid of their surplus. Thanks to the ever-evolving relationship with their chefs and customers – and the Harveys’ passion for and dedication to the family’s farm – it’s clear they’re not stopping at generation number six. “Throughout the decades, there has been a willingness and need to constantly evolve,” Emily said. “It’s important to build upon what is working, but also vital to think ahead and constantly consider, ‘What’s next? How are we going to grow? Change? Improve?’” Whatever the answer to Emily’s self-directed question, local chefs and foodies can be sure that the Harvey philosophy of constant reinvention will produce a cornucopia of interesting and exciting things for their tables, season after season, year after year.

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