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Today, his son Jon keeps the family business alive and continues to improve it. Since Lundstrom took over in 1994, the bakery has expanded its menu to include breakfast and lunch. Chowder and cream soups, seafood salad sandwiches, and daily calzones are just a few of the savory offerings Lundstrom has since added to the bakery’s menu. Most of Lundstrom’s ideas for The Crown Bakery’s various treats come from the baking conventions Lundstrom attends here in the United States. Mousse tarts, crème brulee, and fruit tarts are just a few of the recent pastry items Lundstrom has added to the bakery’s ever-evolving menu. But a trip to Paris in April inspired Lundstrom to focus his efforts on one pastry that his customers have grown to love just as much as he has: French macarons.

“I’ve continued to have…a lot of great employees over the years,” Lundstrom said. “They’re very loyal and stuck behind me the whole time….It makes it important for the business.” Lundstrom hopes to expand the pastry line even more – and a baking convention in Houston this fall could provide the next bit of inspiration he needs. Just don’t expect the macarons to leave the menu anytime soon. Crown Bakery 133 Gold Star Blvd. Worcester, MA 508-852-0748

Chocolate, pistachio, coconut, mint and chocolate mousse macarons are just a few of the varieties that Lundstrom and his bakers have been baking, tasting, and offering. According to Lundstrom, the customers have accepted this Parisinspired addition to the menu with open arms. “They love them,” Lundstrom said. In addition to the family roots and traditions behind the bakery, as well as the careful attention put into the menu, Lundstrom credits the bakery’s success to one more important factor: his staff. Jon Lundstrom

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Foodies of New England Fall 2012  
Foodies of New England Fall 2012  

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