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in accordance with the regulations set forth by the National Organic Program (NOP). And Riolfo maintains that it isn’t just the agricultural aspect of production that undergoes ICEA accreditation: “Each stage of our production is certified, from the initial agricultural and planting process, to vinification, then storage, and, finally, bottling.”

The reasons may be based in agriculture, science, viticulture, or a combination of all three. Whichever attribute is most responsible for the excellence of these wines, don’t forget to thank Mother Nature or neglect to pay proper homage to the powers on high, lest ye upset the Goddess of Abundance, and bear the wrath of the Queen of the Gods!

Bottling ERA wines are bottled at Volpi’s state-of-the-art winery in Tortona, Piedmont. While it may be logistically challenging to transport the wine from one facility all the way to Tortona, this is necessary, according to Riolfo, to guarantee the highest quality of product for ERA’s customers. “The facility in Tortona is logistically the most efficient for stocking and shipping wines that are coming from many of our different vineyards around Italy,” he says. “The winery benefits from a brand new, fully-automatic bottling line and all wines are stocked in temperature-controlled, stainless-steel tanks.”

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Cantine Volpi also possesses ISO certification, as well as International Food Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) certifications. With all of those certifications and credibility, one thing should stand out to foodies: Taste. ERA wines – uncorked – are among the richest, most fruit-generous, complex, and layered organic wines ever created.

Cantine Volpi’s ERA Organic Wines are Foodies-Approved: Pinot Grigio (91 Points) Sangiovese (89 Points) Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (89 Points) Primitivo (90 Points) Nero d’Avola (89 Points) Syrah (90 Points) ERA Wines are produced by: Cantine Volpi, s.r.l. Strada Statale 10, No. 72 Tortona (AL) Italy ERA Wines are available through: Global Wines, Inc., Worcester, Massachusetts 01604 See for a store near you.

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