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Dish Stacking and Bacterial Growth If you were not aware of this fact before, know that stacking and holding wet dishes for long can result in bacterial growth. If you’ve noticed it earlier, you might have found that the most common reasons for food contamination is lack of knowledge about food handling and food hygiene. We don’t realize that instantly, but if you continue to ignore the safety precautions, bacteria can harvest and thrive in your home and spread through foods. Researchers are already spreading words about bacterial growth through wet dishes. It’s not possible for us to know about the bacterial growth. We don’t usually identify them unless we notice disturbing symptoms of food poisoning, stomach cramps, vomiting etc. We wonder what went wrong with your digestive system. By being a little more attentive to our kitchen work, we can however ward off all these conditions. Long term ignorance to the essential safety precautions increases the risk of developing food borne diseases only. For example, if you stack and hold wet dishes, and continue to do that for long, you’re putting yourself and your family health at great risk. Food poisoning gets triggered by the spread of bacteria from one source to another. Researchers have been trying to observe and identify the trend of an incidence of food contamination or poisoning. During one such expedition, they found out a very clear sign of bacterial growth through dishes that were used to serve meals to patients to a medical centre. That’s just one real example of common causes of food poisoning. There are dozens of other instances like that. Bacteria love to thrive in cold and damp places. So make sure you dry your dishes properly before stacking and holding them. Don’t overlook this necessary step as you really don’t want to overburden yourself with unwanted health diseases. You go to be very careful about this method of cleanliness because most foods are already contaminated with pesticides and preservatives nowadays. Although you can prevent the possibilities of food contamination by being a little more careful about food handling, you still need to be very careful about keeping your cooking utensils and dishes very clean most of the times. Bacterial growth is indispensable in case you’re ignoring this essential fact. You can’t actually help it. Please be careful about maintaining sanitation in your kitchen. A little careless attitude can cost you a lot. So, never ever stack and hold wet dishes. Let them get dry first.

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Dish stacking and bacterial growth  

If you were not aware of this fact before, know that stacking and holding wet dishes for long can result in bacterial growth. If you’ve noti...