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Grocery List for Pakistan Flood Victims

List Updated: 27-Aug-10

Item A Product Water

Quantity Qty- 2 Bottles (1.5 Liters) OR Qty- 6 Bottles (0.5 Liters)

Brand Doesn't Matter Doesn't Matter

Item B

Product Juice

Quantity Qty- 10-12 Juices (200-250ml)

Brand Hi-C Minute Maid

Notes With straws and non-pouch packing since pouches tends to leak with slight pressure.

Item C Product Salt Crackers

Quantity 1 Pack - 1-2 Lbs

Sweet Buiscuit

Plus also Include following 1 Pack - 1-2 Lbs

Brand Ritz Meiger Applause / Any Grahams Oreos Any Meiger Sandwich Cremes

Notes Please include one of each pack. Both salt and sweet since kids like it sweet.

Item D Product Milk

Quantity 1 Pack - 1 Quart

Brand Kikkoman Silk

Notes Hard to find with more shelf life. I picked up soy milk which is only avail in US. No fresh milk. K / O / U / D marked to be halal on packs since Vit D could be pork product as well.

Item D Product Dates

Quantity 1 Pack - 10-18 oz.

Brand Sun Date

Notes At Meijer they are in round plastic container usually goes for $1.99

Item E

Product Potato Chips

Quantity 1 Bag - 13 Oz

Brand Any Potato Chips Tostitos

The idea is to help more people so please keep the cost at mid-level. Buying food for more people with your set budget. Products must be Kosher or dairy without any traces of Gelatin with symbols of either K / O / U or D. They could be located outside the box. All Brands that I have listed are preference only. You can use any halal product. My listed brands just make it easier and safer for packing and delivery of the product to its destination. Remember we have limited room in the box and need to spend least amount of time to shop and pack it up. Skip low or fat free products for decreased Calories. Remember people there need to at least sustain their weight due to shortages of food.

Notes Non flavors only due to non halal flavors. Don't buy low fat. Multigrain is fine. Skip popcorns.

Item F

Product Chocolate

Quantity 1 - Pack (with Bars atlease 6+)

Brand Milky Way Sneakers

Notes Gauranteed to make kids smile. Good source of sugar. Skip twix or other due to low Cal Count

Item G Product Hydration Packs



6-8 Small Powdered Mixtures

Propel Gatorade

Notes Good source of electrolytes and hydration.

Item G Product Soap Bars

Quantity 2 Bars

Brand Dial

Quantity 6-8 Cups


Notes Bars only.

Item H Product Cups

Item I

Product Quantity Cotton Bed Sheet 1- Medium/Twin/Queen


Notes Optional but very helpful with a clean place to sit, cover for shade or to stay warm at night.

Please remember, we must not forget the people who goes without food with every meal we eat and no clean water to drink. Thanks to our creator who has given us everything and lets not forget our people back home. May our creator AMA forgive everyone. Jzk. Any concerns please email:

Grocery List for Pakistan Flood Victims  

Grocery List for Pakistan Flood Victims