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free trials offered by major A few months ago, my little sister got married. It was a great ceremony….outdoors with autumn leaves changing in the background and cool autumn breezes blowing just perfectly. The photographer observed numerous times how these were going to be his best bridal pictures ever! And, a couple of weeks later when the marriage prints came back for everyone to see, they were elegantly beautiful! When my little sister (the bride) saw them for the first time, she began crying| and said, "Oh, I have dirty teeth!" She was talking about how her teeth looked off white and discolored in the bridal prints - and that's the one and only thing she observed. She didn't see how pretty she really looked in her elegant wedding dress or how attractive her new husband looked in his tuxedo….or how beautiful the scenery was with the reds, golden yellows, browns, and shades of green from all the leaves in the background. My sister went on an urgent undertaking - a mission to get her teeth brightened. She began looking on all kinds of internet sites, making calls to dentists, and every imaginable kind of research she could do to find a way to get her teeth whitened. She eventually located a self-whitening product that she could do from home that was simple, easy, and cost-effective. She ordered the stuff and nearly waited at the mail box for it to to be delivered. The day it came, my little sister tore open the box and started reading the directions right away. She sprinted to the bathroom and started doing the whitening kit right then and there. Within a few treatments of the whitening gel, she was smiling all over the place….and wanted to make sure that everybody saw her smile. I think she would have gotten married again if she could have re-shot her wedding photos just to show off her pretty pearly white teeth. A couple of years have passed and I studied the mirror the other night while I was polishing my teeth. I thought to myself, "I have dirty teeth." My years of living in the south and downing sweet tea at every meal and even sometimes in between had taken its toll on my white teeth. They had lost their brightness and whiteness. Not quite as fixated as my little sister, I did some internet investigation and found a teeth-whiten trial online. A major company was offering a trial for less than $10. It was easy to request, and it came within just a couple of days. I didn't rip the box apart and run to the restroom, but I did start using it within a few days after it arrived…..and I noticed results almost immediately. How fun it is to trial something! For as little as $1 or for free! In addition to the teeth whitening trial, there are dozens of trials available. Some products and services available for trials are: Multivitamins Boots and Bags

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Free trials offered by major corporations  

Free product trials! Here's how I benefitted from one. I awakened one morning, studied the mirror and thought to myself, "I have dull teeth....

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