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August 2012


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Indian Host

Ringer Hut

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This is a not to be missed hidden gem on the lower ground floor of 8 Thonglor. On entering the building take the elevator to the lower ground floor where this delightful restaurant is located diagonally right, a treasure

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Crepes & Co

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FEATURED RESTAURANT HoLA An Authentic Taste of Spain


trove of Spanish flavours. The restaurant is comfortably laid out with a line on table on the right and back wall, free seating in the middle with additional seating at the counter directly facing the open kitchen. It is run by passionate Spaniards from Barcelona who teamed up for this culinary venture; Montse Amado takes care of marketing and public relations while in charge of the kitchen is Santiago “Santi” Codina. “I had restaurant in Spain before,” says Santi, “when I sold it I decided to travel the world. I was on my way to Australia and when I stopped in Bangkok I realised the wine and dine opportunities the city offers. Fate brought Montse and I together we decided to we both wanted a Spanish restaurant. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 >>

Chances are doubled! 2 winners will get 500 THB voucher at HOLA SPANISH RESTAURANT each . Just go to and answer a few simple questions.

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FEATURED RESTAURANT HOLA We looked around at various locations and Thonglor was our final choice. What we serve is 60% tapas, the rest are dishes of the day which gives us the opportunity to test what dishes are popular in Bangkok and of course a selection of traditional dishes. We have only been open three months, our menu is intentionally small so that what we do can be good. Everything we serve is made with authentic traditional recipes, our taste is not confused by fussion”. The first dish Santi prepared for us was Gambas Ajillo prawns fried with whole cloves of garlic in olive oil for just 30 seconds so they have a crunchy bite to the taste. “We buy our prawns fresh every two days in a local wet market,” he says. Then came a plate of Croquetas or Croquettes which are extremly popular in Spain and can be found in almost every bar. The key to their taste is mainly due to the creamy filling which in Spain is made with Béchamel sauce rather than potato as found elsewhere in Europe. Croquetas, which in English we know as Croquettes, actually have their origins in French cuisine. However, like many good dishes, the croquette spread across the globe. Naturally, they became extremely popular in Spain and you can find them in nearly every Spanish bar when you visit Spain. Some of the more exotic places to find croquettes include Japan, where they are known as Korokke and are normally made much flatter than the Spanish version. Croquettes are also popular in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, where they are often made with mash potato inside. The versatility of the croqueta is the variety of shapes they can be served round, cylindrical or flat, although the typical Spanish ones tend to be rounded cylinders. They can be served as a side dish, a starter, a tapas or a main meal, however they are served the taste is delicious. You may be surprised to see the next dish, Canelón, in a Spanish restaurant, Hola Tapas & Wine Restaurant 88, Sukhumvit Road, Soi 55, SubSoi Thonglor 8 Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel 0-2713-8387

Opening hours

11am - 11pm

Credit cards

All major cards

Price per person without drinks THB 400-900 FBP partner since


but Catalonia was one of the few regions in Spain to include pasta into their cuisine. The difference between the Spanish and the Italian version is that here no tomatoes are used. Traditionally Canelón is the first dish served in a Christmas meal, the tubes are stuffed with chopped chicken liver, chicken itself, pork and beef, covered with a blanket of béchamel and gratinee with Parmesan, the kids love it. Then came Gazpacho from the southern region of Andalucia, a tomato based soup made with cucumber, salt and pepper served chilled. It’s fresh and healthy perfect for Bangkok’s hot climate. Paella is possibly one of the best known Spanish dishes, coming from Valencia. “I can’t get Spanish rice in Bangkok so we use Japanese as it’s similar. When cooking the rice in a fish stock made with onions and tomatoes, it’s important that every grain of rice is in contact with the pan or socarat. When cooking over a gas flame or open fire toasted rice forms on the bottom of the pan with a waffer thin sheet of caramelised juices, this is the best part of a paella and is a dish that you have to wait for. Buried in the bed of stock absorbed rice is onion, tomato, red and green pepper, pork short rib, chicken mussels and prawn. We prefer our rice undercooked not over cooked.” Finally for dessert Crema Catalana that is the Catalan version of the famous French Crème Brûlée, just less sweet. A thick homemade custard integrated with flavours of lemon zest, cinnamon and vanilla just enough spice to add flavour yet not over power. Santi achieves the divine crisp caramelised sugar crust by stamping a red hot metal plate onto the sugar for a even burn which a gas burner can’t deliver. No a la carte meal would be complete without a complimentary dark chocolate truffle. What we enjoyed about dinning at Hola is that dish has its own flavour where the taste of each of the ingredient is identifiable.

Personality of the month Meyong Robson Her life reads like a Graeme Green novel with its ups and downs. The daughter of a Southern Vietnamese Army Three Star General, the second in command. In 1970 she was crowned Miss Saigon. Her good life ended on the afternoon of 29th April 1975, the day before the fall of Saigon, she fled the city on a South Vietnamese Navy ship bound for the US. As a re f u g e e o n A m e r i c a n s o i l s h e s c a r p e d t o g e t h e r a n existence picking strawberries in New York. It took five years to become an American citizen. Having legal status she started working with the American government as a translator before becoming the first Vietnamese American to join the FBI. In 1999 she was posted to The US Embassy as Legal Attaché in the FBI Office where she played an active role in the capture of two fugitives on the world’s ten most wanted. It was a pressurised job, cooking was the valve that helped let it escape. She is a self taught cook who has never used a recipe book rather draw on analytical photographic memory that allowed her to recreate any dishes she had tasted.

Having retired from the FBI with food her passion she invested her USD 20,000 live savings in a 10 table coffee shop called Xiam Mai after her daughter. The idea was she would be a sleeping partner and her friend a professional Vietnamese Chef would run the kitchen. In the three months prior to the opening it was clear they had opposite opinions about the use of MSG. “My position is I never have and I never will use MSG in my food. Clearly we couldn’t work together so due to a totally happy accident I became the Chef. The first six months were my learning from their due to customer encouragement the business grew and grew. After three years the landlady got greedy and wanted to sell the site for condo development so we moved to this shop-house the third on the left after Thonglor Soi 17. “We are happy and successful here,” she concludes, “but I still have fond memories of Sukhumvit where I became a Chef.”


Meyong Rob Owner

vit Road, 351/3, Sukhum onglor 17 Th Soi 55, SubSoi kok 10110 ng Klong Toey, Ba

20-28 Chicken Pitta Pocket Two pita pockets with salad & chicken, flavoured with Thai curry 285 THB

125-70 Red Curry (Pork, Chicken or Shrimp) Panaeng Moo, Gai, Kung 225 THB

Special Selection of International Dishes!

106-30 Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, Cooked Ham, Mushroom. 320 THB

What to do in Bangkok When?



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12th August

Mother’s Day

In Thailand Mother’s Day is celebrated on 12th August 2012, the birthday of HM Queen Sirikit, who the Thai people respectfully regard as the mother figure of the nation. Virtually every restaurant in town will have a Mother’s Day Promotion to show appreciation to mothers and mother figures.

12th August, 6am

Mother’s Day Run. 20th NCC TTM Mini-Marathon 2012 Entry fee THB 250

There are three purposes to this run first to demonstrate our respect and to celebrate Her Majesty’s 80th Birthday Anniversary. Second to raise funds for contribution to the Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society. To support and promote health consciousness through exercise with a series of walkrun competitions with several categories.

20th August, 6.30pm

2012 Bangkok Chefs Charity Gala Dinner

A 9 course menu prepared by 22 Executive Chefs from leading hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai plus one from Thai Airways International. All the proceeds without any deductions will go to the Princess’s Border Patrol Police School project as well as to benefit under privileged school children in northern Thailand.

21st & 22nd August, 8.15pm

Bangkok Grand Opera - Mozart, Magic & Musical Tickets are THB 400 Students, THB 850 full price and THB 1600 VIP inc wine and canapes

Thailand’s brightest and most talented opera singers will take the TCC stage for an unforgettable night of Tragedy, Comedy, Pathos and Romance. Come and hear the greatest Opera and Musicals Hits from the world’s finest theatres and opera houses. Mozart’s Magic Flute will serenade Lloyd Webber’s Cats and Rossini’s Barber has a very close shave with The Fiddler on the Roof...

Small Hall, Thailand Cultural Centre Available from Thai Ticket Major

3-9 September

The 13th World Gourmet Festival

A week of gastronomic indulgence, dinner cooked by seven top chefs from around the world. Asia’s first Master of Wine Jeannie Cho Lee will be conducting a wine master-class for the Asian palate, plus a tutored cheese tasting and cigar and rum pairing.

Four Seasons Bangkok, 155 Rajdamri

Three categories: 1.8km Charity Walk, 5.4km Walk and 10km mini marathon Queen Sirikit Exhibition Centre

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Food by Phone Newsletter August 2012  

The restaurant of the month is Hola, located on the lower ground floor of 8 Thonglor, where they serve deliciously authentic Spanish cuisine...

Food by Phone Newsletter August 2012  

The restaurant of the month is Hola, located on the lower ground floor of 8 Thonglor, where they serve deliciously authentic Spanish cuisine...