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APRIL 2011


April 2011


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Danisco’s BetaPower™ belongs to the ingredients consisting of the active molecule betaine. Betaine has been “awarded” an EU health claim status in April 2011. The claimed effect is associated with heart health and vascular system, and the claimed effect relates to the maintenance of normal blood concentrations of homocysteine by contributing to normal homocysteine metabolism for the general consumer population. The EU experts consider that in order to obtain the claimed effect, 1.5 g of betaine should be consumed daily. The award on regulatory score is given on the basis that the regulatory score is relatively high as compared to NUTRAFILES® profiled health ingredients in general. The BetaPower™ is scoring four out of seven scores, the Novel Food Approval score cannot be obtained, as betaine is yet to receive registration in Europe. On the other hand there is room for further health claims in markets as USA and Japan. Betaine is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use in various foods in the USA and also holds the FEMA GRAS approval. The main use of the product in the USA is in sports nutrition. In addition betaine is approved as a natural food additive in Japan and South Korea and as a flavour or flavour enhancer in various other countries.. Besides the consumer health claim score the component also carries an approval for treatment of an amino acids imbalance disease – homocystinuria.

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NutraNews ISSUE 18

APRIL 2011

The Company Behind


anisco is among world leaders in food ingredients, enzymes and bio-based solutions and have a rich and innovative portfolio.

Using nature’s own materials, science and the knowledge of our 6,800 people, the company design and deliver bio-based ingredients that meet market demand for healthier and safer products. Danisco’s ingredients are used globally in a wide range of industries – from bakery, dairy and beverages to animal feed, laundry detergents and bioethanol – to enable functional, economic and sustainable solutions. Headquartered in Denmark and operating from more than 80 locations, Danisco’s key focus is to become their customers’ first choice and a truly market-driven global business. At Danisco Health and Nutrition, the mission is to make healthy living an easy choice for consumers, whether they are looking for improved health, better nutrition or sustainably produced foods. The company has an established reputation for integrity, technical knowledge and regulatory expertise and this integrated approach delivers innovative solutions and the reassurance of quality, creativity, speed-to-market and cost efficiency to their customers. The cornerstone for the company’s

success is the close partnerships formed with customers and the way clients are helped to bring to market healthier, more nutritious products that provide new benefits for consumers. The product range of healthy ingredients comprises several well-known brands, as:       

ActivK™ BetaPower™ HOWARU® Lactitol® Litesse® Xivia™ PinVita™

For more information, visit

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NutraNews ISSUE 18

APRIL 2011

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NutraNews ISSUE 18


APRIL 2011

Fenusterols™ Magnasweet™ Pomega3 Acceleris BetaPower™ Metabromine® Finomate

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NutraNews ISSUE 18

APRIL 2011

Letter of the Month Oat Ingredients -

By Abdul Qudoos, Nutrafiles open consultant & founder of

Oats are used in various forms, food, tea, baths, medicine (as a healing agent) etc. In olden days oats were used to treat insomnia, anxiety and skin conditions including eczema, burns and other inflammatory eruptions. The oldest cultivated oats were found in caves in Switzerland, dating to the Bronze Age, around 3,000 years ago. Composition: Oats consists of the ripe, dried fruits of Avena sativa L.; Avenae fructus; oat fruit [Fam. Poaceae], as well as preparations thereof. Structure: The outer shell Bran contains soluble and insoluble fibre and B vitamins. The inner part endosperm, the starchy part, contains carbohydrates and protein. The germ contains antioxidants, vitamin E and B vitamins. Oat Ingredients common names: Cereal Fibre, Dietary Fibre, Green Oat, Green Oat Grass, Oat Bran, Oat Fibre, Oat Flour, Oat Fruit, Oat Grain, Oat Grass, Oat Herb, Oat Straw, Oat Tops, Oatmeal, Rolled Oats, Straw, Whole Oat, Wild Oat, Wild Oat Herb‌ As a food Oats have a long reputation of being the most energizing grain and provide you the ideal breakfast of champions with more and full of nutrients and energy, mix some hearty oats with some smooth hot cereal on the stove and hot water or skimmed milk. As a medicine Said to have anti-depressant and aphrodisiac properties, Oat preparations are used for diseases and complaints of the gastric intestinal tract and in combination with physical weakness and fatigue; for neurasthenia and syndrome of neurasthenia, diabetes, consequences of nicotine abuse and in tonics. Preliminary studies have shown that extracts have some success in helping individuals overcome opiate and nicotine (from cigarette smoking) addiction. As a bakery ingredient Oats are used very extensively all over the world. Because of its lack of protein, it will not make raised bread, and when it must serve the purpose of bread it is made into flat cakes and baked. Although it is used to some extent in this way, its greatest use for food, particularly in the United States, is in the form of oatmeal and rolled oats. In the preparation of oatmeal for the market, the oat grains are crushed or cut into very small pieces, while in the preparation of rolled oats they are crushed flat between large rollers. As a cosmetic ingredient In 2003 colloidal oatmeal was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration [FDA], and it is one of the few botanical ingredients considered as an effective skin protectant. Today colloidal oatmeal is available in various forms such as bath treatments, cleaning bars, body washes, shampoos, creams, lotions and shaving gels and is a recognised treatment for dermatitis, burns, inflamed, itchy and sensitive skin.

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NutraNews ISSUE 18

APRIL 2011

Some Oat based ingredients in Nutrafiles:  Neuravena®  Nutrim®  Oatvantage  OatWell®  PromOat™  UltraTrim™  Canadian Harvest® Oat Fibre Status of Oat Ingredients: Numerous high fibre oat bran ingredients have been developed since the approval of the US FDA oat based health claim in 1997. These ingredients provide the opportunity for greater functionality and health benefits associated with the increased availability of soluble and insoluble fibres for oats. Especially the importance and functionality of high fibre oat bran ingredients and its composition has been raised in numerous food classifications, the health benefits and specific product applications and marketing concepts (Unique Selling Points) applied to sell the products all-over the world, example: cardiovascular health; weight management and satiety; balanced energy utilization; gut health and prebiotic benefits; etc. Nutrient and Fibre Content of Oat Ingredients (g/100 g) Content

Oat bran

Oat bran concentrate

Oat fibre concentrate









Total dietary fibre




Soluble dietary fibre








Source: Cereal Chem. 76(5):788–795

Process: The raw oats are processed using traditional dry milling and sieving technologies, along with air classification, in order to separate a portion of the oats’ starch fraction and increase the relative percentage of soluble and insoluble fibre, protein, and nonstarch components in the remaining bran. Steel-cut Oats: Steel-Cut Oats are whole grain groats (the inner portion of the oat kernel) which have been cut into two or three pieces using steel discs. Golden in colour and resembling mini rice particles, they are as nature intended – nothing added and nothing taken out. Grains are essential to a healthy lifestyle and form the foundation of the food pyramid. Steel-Cut oats are inherently full of nutritional value and are high in B-Vitamins, calcium, protein and fibre while low in salt and unsaturated fat. Rolled Oats: Rolled oats are flake oats that have been steamed, rolled, re-steamed and toasted. Due to all of this additional processing they have lost some of their natural taste, goodness and texture.

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NutraNews ISSUE 18

APRIL 2011

Green Oat herb in popular medicine, green oat herb (Avena sativa L.) preparations has been traditionally used to boost mental health since the middle-ages. It consists of the dried above ground parts of Avena saliva L. harvested just before full blossom stage and preparations thereof. As reported by the Commission E, in Europe preparations from the oat herb are used as a nervous system restorative for acute and chronic anxiety and tension, stress and excitation, as well as neurasthenia.

 Recommended dosage: 3g herb / day. The wild green oat herb extract, Neuravena, is scientifically proven to enhance stress resistance, learning ability and alertness. Oat fruit consist of valuable compounds such as soluble polysaccharides (ßGlucans & arabinoxylans), Sterols (ß-sitosterol, δ-5-avenasterol), fatty acids, Bvitamins, amines (gramine), etc. Oat fruit is used in gastrointestinal, gallbladder, renal and cardiovascular disorders, in constipation, diabetes, diarrhoea fatigue, rheumatism, and throat complaints. Oat straw consists of the dried threshed leaves and stem, harvested shortly before the flowering season. Oat straw is employed externally for inflammatory skin disorders, for abdominal fatigue, rheumatic disorders, eye diseases frostbite, gout, impetigo and metabolic diseases. Oat straw is approved in dermatitis and warts. It is also used finely grinded for hot water extraction and other medical ways of preparation as in teas and bath additives for alleviating flu and coughs. Important note from the author: A precautionary approach should be adopted and that oats and oat ingredients should not be given to any infants before 6 months of age, even when there is no family history of atopy or celiac disease, as even a small amount of gluten can trigger allergic response in infants. Studies have shown that adults with coeliac disease can tolerate up to 50g of oats per day (Maki and Collin 1997; Janatuinen et al 2002). Negative/Overdose Risks: Allergic reaction to oat gluten is possible in rare cases but oats are not associated with any adverse effects.

      

Tips for adding Oat Ingredients in your preparation: Oat Ingredients are versatile and can be easily incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few simple ways you can add Oat Ingredients in your preparations: Substitute whole grain/oat products, such as pasta or bread, for their refined counterparts. Choose whole grain, high fibre cereals for breakfast, such as oatmeal. Try substituting oat flour for up to half the flour in flour-based recipes. Build your favourite sandwich on whole oats bread or rolls instead of white bread. Add whole or crushed oats crackers to your meatloaf recipe. Toast oats to enhance their natural nutty flavour before using them as a crunchy topping for your salad or yogurt. Use rolled oats or crushed as breading for baked chicken or fish recipes. Add oats in your favourite soup, stew, and casserole recipes.

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NutraNews ISSUE 18

APRIL 2011

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Webinar Coming Up

Soluble & insoluble dietary

Due to changes in the regulatory environment we have postponed our webinar to June. All registrants’ from April that may not be able to participate on the launch date will of course receive information about access to review the webinar as a podcast.


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Varady KA, Jones PJ. Combination diet and exercise interventions for the treatment of dyslipidemia: an effective preliminary strategy to lower cholesterol levels? J Nutr. 2005 Aug;135(8):1829-35 Bengmark S, Jeppsson B Gastrointestinal surface protection and mucosa reconditioning. JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 1995 Sep-Oct;19(5):410-5. Disclaimer: Reasonable care has been taken in preparing this document and the information provided herein is believed to be accurate. However, this information is not reviewed by any authority as EFSA or FDA.

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Issue 18 of NutraNews includes an ingredient of the month reviview of Danisco’s BetaPower™ as well as a look at the company behind the produ...

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