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Raisons = Power Food with only 78 calories By Riz Rafiq, Founder,

50 raisons/26g provides 21g of carbs and 15g of sugar. A true power food that packs a big punch in a small serving. Raisons offer some cool benefits. My top favorites: #1: Four Metabolism boosters: Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Potassium. #2: Rebuilds connective tissue from all the wear and tear: Copper. #3: Colour and night vision booster: Flavonoid Anthocyanin. With great power comes great responsibility. Watch out for: - 50 raisons have a lot of carbs, and it’s easy to eat more. - High in sugar that may temporarily impact testosterone levels. - May cause mild allergic reactions in people sensitive to aspirin. Learn more about Raisons:

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Raisons = Power Food with only 78 Calories