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THE SURVEY INITIATIVE AND VIMTO MAKE SHORTLIST OF CIPR PRIDE AWARDS leading employee research provider, The survey initiative, and soft drinks giant, vimto, have been shortlisted for the cipr pride awards (anglia, Thames and chiltern) for Best internal communications campaign. The survey initiative has been working with vimto for three years and has helped the company achieve incredibly high levels of employee engagement, as well as supporting the company in the development of its values. lynne poole, head of human resources, vimto, explains: “we have always prided ourselves on being a great place to work. Thanks to The survey initiative we have been able to pinpoint areas we can become even better at. To this end we embarked on a consultation with our

continued to work in partnership with vimto to gauge their employees’ views on their workplace and the results have been amazing says, Gary cattermole, Director, The survey initiative. “vimto really is a wonderful place to work, they not only listen to their employees but also act on their thoughts, ideas and feedback. recently we’ve completed a further engagement survey with vimto and employee engagement was recorded at 95%, which is almost unheard of!” employees where the company values were created from the bottom-up and have been completely embraced by all.” The wix-based employee research consultancy, The survey initiative has

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IQBAL POULTRY LEADS THE WAY WITH AIR CHILLED OFFAL a poultry processor has significantly improved the quality and shelf life of its offal products by investing in a hybrid air chilling tunnel from iQf equipment specialist starfrost. iqbal poultry, a trading arm of chesterfield poultry ltd, supplies the international retail and trade sectors with a variety of poultry products. The firm recently required a chilling system specifically for offal products after expanding its poultry operations at a newly acquired site in Thorne, uK. The poultry processor’s parent company previously operated water spin chillers,

cooling offal products using water submersion, a traditional method used by many offal manufacturers. iqbal poultry decided to explore alternative solutions which could offer energy efficiency combined with increased product quality and discovered the significant advantages to cooling with air rather than water. mohammed fayaz ahmed, Director at iqbal poultry, highlights the advantages of the newly installed starfrost hybrid chilling tunnel: “shifting from water to air chilling was very important to us and the quality of our offal products, so it was essential we had a system designed to specification and able to operate at precise temperature requirements; the starfrost air chilling tunnel system does exactly that.” fayaz adds: “The project with starfrost

has been very successful and we were in safe hands from the start. The tunnel install has provided us a variety of benefits, primarily the significant improvement to the quality of our offal products; the colouring has been enhanced and shelf life increased so we couldn’t be more satisfied with the end result.” iqbal’s hybrid tunnel has been designed with an integrated stainless steel belt that simultaneously processes 1,200 kilos per hour of heart, liver, gizzards and neck. The system offers the advantage of a selfcontained base frame, which enables ease of relocation and flexibility to the customer. The unique, energy efficient design of the hybrid tunnel allows for operation at a higher air temperature than typically used for chilling, which has enabled iqbal poultry to reduce production costs, increase energy efficiency and improve the quality of the offal products. starfrost’s hybrid air chilling tunnel offers poultry producers an effective and hygienic design which can reduce the risk of contamination compared to water cooling, whilst maximising product quality. it is designed to offer simple operation, low maintenance and boost operational efficiency.

September/October 2017 Food & Drink News


Food & Drink News September/October 2017  

Check out the new look Food & Drink News now available on issuu. Including the latest industry news, focusses and features.

Food & Drink News September/October 2017  

Check out the new look Food & Drink News now available on issuu. Including the latest industry news, focusses and features.