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The restaurant industry can be a fast-moving business. Chefs come, chefs go, and new eateries appear on the hor izon as other s disappear. Trying to k eep up with who’s where, doing what, can be like drawing a bead on a moving target. For this ser ies of local-chef prof iles, writer David Domine catches up with f ive hot chefs who’ve been involved in recent moves and changes at three relatively new local restaurants. At Volare, Domine interviews Chef Dallas McGarity, who opened the popular Frankfort Avenue Italian spot a y ear or so back, and his sous chef Joshua Moore , who left Café Emilie to join McGarity there after Volare’s Chicago-based founder departed and the restaurant became entirely locally owned. Just down the street from Volare at Gumbo A Go-Go, we meet chef-owners Billy Fox and Jason Cardwell, who returned to Louisville this summer after an eightyear hiatus, and are pleasing happy crowds with their hearty $5-a-dish Cajun plates. And amid Old Louisville’ s Victorian mansions, Chef Tony Efstratiadis, who left Napa River Grill this past summer to enjo y creative freedom at his o wn spot, 316 Ormsby, is flying solo now that his erstwhile partner, Kevin Thompson, has amicably parted ways to open Firehouse Gr ill in suburban Eastwood.

34 Fall 2005

Fall 2005 (Vol. 10)  

Nov - Dec - Jan 2004/05

Fall 2005 (Vol. 10)  

Nov - Dec - Jan 2004/05