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contents SUMMER 2016 | VOLUME 52

RESTAURANT GUIDE Dining Guide Our comprehensive listing of over 1,200 area restaurants complete with reviews.

Maps (RESTAURANT LOCATOR) Find all of the restaurants in our Dining Guide on these user-friendly maps — a unique resource you can’t find elsewhere.

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FEATURES Chef Q&A Michael L. Jones’s questions provoke revealing answers about Chef Harold Baker’s experience in the restaurant world, and how he ended up as executive chef at Gary’s on Spring.

Wiltshire at the Speed Greg Gapsis is wowed by the renovated museum, and well-fed by restaurateur Susan Hershberg's café, Wiltshire at the Speed, where he also talks art and food with Chef Coby Ming.

River House Restaurant and Raw Bar Michael L. Jones talks to Chef John Varanese about his 15-year odyssey to open an elegant riverside restaurant.

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COLUMNS Starters COMINGS & GOINGS A summary of changes on the local restaurant scene, with openings, closings, moves and more.

HUMOR | Tips for Opening Your Own Restaurant Jay Forman tells the aspiring restaurateur what he or she needs to know, based on his own experiences as a restaurant owner.

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Liquids SPIRITS | Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey Roger Baylor learns that the basis for four chocolate-flavored whiskeys is a spectrum of natural whiskey flavors.

HIP HOPS | Goodwood Brewing Co. Goodwood Brewing Co. stakes its future on barrel-aged and wood-seasoned craft beers — without splinters.

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Food COOKING WITH RON | Nashville-style Hot Chicken It’s a trendy restaurant dish, but you can make spicy hot fried chicken (and cooling sides) in your own kitchen.

EASY ENTERTAINING | Grilling Outside the Box Three top chefs give Tim and Lori Laird ideas for getting beyond burgers, ribs and hot dogs for unique outdoor dining.

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Summer 2016 (vol 52)  
Summer 2016 (vol 52)  

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