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44 | Dining Guide 82 | Maps

Our comprehensive listing of over 1,200 area restaurants complete with reviews.


Find all of the restaurants in our Dining Guide on these user-friendly maps — a unique resource you can’t find elsewhere.


14 | Profile: Pho Ba Luu

Michael L. Jones talks to Pho Ba Luu owners Jessica Mach and Stewart Davis about the challenges of bringing Vietnamese street food to the Bluegrass State.

24 | Profile: The Hub 32 | Profile: Time 4 Thai

Greg Gapsis visits Crescent Hill’s new drink and dining spot and sees that the owners are doing a lot of good things well in one place.

Owner Pavana Tasanabriboon explains to Michael L. Jones why Time 4 Thai is her best and last restaurant.

COLUMNS Starters

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COMINGS & GOINGS A summary of changes on the local restaurant scene, with openings, closings, moves and more.

HUMOR Our resident humorist gives us the particulars on infomercial-inspired products that restaurant owners can really use.


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HIP HOPS | HopCat is the craft beer lover’s meow Roger Baylor’s advice: With 132 taps, it might be a good idea to bring a sleeping bag.


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COOKING WITH RON | Stews, the true paleo dish, offer winter comforts Ron Mikulak considers some ideas for confronting the chills of the season with one of humanity’s oldest dishes.

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EASY ENTERTAINING | “Homegating,” the more comfortable way to follow your team Tim and Lori Laird and three up-and-coming chef friends offer food and drink ideas for indoor sports watching parties. Winter 2016


Winter 2016 (Vol. 54)  

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