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Its exterior is painted in dark grey and black punctuated with corrugated steel panels and large wooden planters along its front, with a large added wooden deck full of yellow umbrella tables. On entering, one quickly experiences the different spaces designed into the building. To the left a couple of old service bays have been transformed into a game room with pool tables, arcade games, juke box and yellowupholstered booths. To the right is an open bar with white tile walls, corrugated steel wainscoting and large wooden tables with high-backed metal stools and booth seating. Off the bar, through a wall of glass doors, is the spacious patio with cedar tables, metal chairs and a large fire pit. Past the bar is an intimate dining room with yellow banquettes against dark walls, distinctive wood strip tables, corrugated metal wainscoting and large video

Talmage Collins Winter 2016 25

Winter 2016 (Vol. 54)  

Nov - Dec - Jan 2016/17