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Louisville is a city of neighborhoods with distinct characters and residential charm. And many, like Clifton, Butchertown, Germantown and Portland, are experiencing renaissances as a younger generation chooses walkable urban neighborhoods with restaurants, services and retail outlets over commuting to outlying suburbs. This new urbanism draws people with a modern sensibility of innovation and creativity, and they are transforming the sometimes old into something decidedly new. The Hub on Frankfort Avenue is a great example of this contemporary tide flowing back in and invigorating the cityscape. Created out of the utilitarian structure of the old River City Tire Company, The Hub has been transformed by Talmage Collins and Eric Wentworth into an inviting neighborhood gathering place that combines the DNA of a sports bar and small plates chic dining. “Frankfort Avenue has many great bars and restaurants, but most places close at 9 or 10 o’clock,” said Collins. “We saw a need for a late night spot that offered a casual dining experience. We wanted it to be a comfortable, inviting place where friends can come in, even in groups of six or eight, and share drinks and food in a variety of settings.” Collins, a school teacher by day who claims to have “a PhD in going out,” said he loves to entertain and see people have a good time.

Industrial design bones, cozy rustic heart “It happened a little faster than I expected (pulling the project together), but the space found me and I responded with every fiber in my being,” Collins said. “While it was industrial in design, we wanted to transform it into something rustic and cozy, not just a big open space.”

24 Winter 2016

Winter 2016 (Vol. 54)  

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