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Just Like Mom Used to Make Louisville’s chefs share recipes from their youth We have left behind the fancy foods of the holidays, the celebration foods, the tiny morsels of something interesting and entertaining, festive meals, and splurges. During these short, dark days of serious winter our circadian rhythms have us anticipating spring even as we hunker down for winter. These are the days we reach for comfort foods — the foods whose tastes are familiar. These are dishes that not only comfort us as they fill us up (we are hungrier now than in summer), but memories of which give us comfort when there’s precious little else to bring it. Louisville chefs are the purveyors of festive meals, morsels of interesting food, and splurges.Yet they have their comfort foods — the foods they grew up with that made predictable appearances at family meals. We’ve asked three chefs to share their memories and their recipes with us so that we can begin new traditions to get us through comfort food season. Rick Adams, of L&N Wine Bar and Bistro, Anthony Lamas of Seviche a Latin Restaurant, and Josh Moore of Volare all stepped out of restaurant mode to share their family dishes with us.

Elizabeth’s chicken casserole from Josh Moore of Volare

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Spring 2010 (Vol. 27)  

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