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Stone Street LA debuts in hollywood RECIPES FROM

Joey Skladany’s Basic Bitchen Silk Road Saffron, Pizza Girl, and Brockman’s Gin

F&B Magazine Highlights Latinx Chefs & Mixologists for

Hispanic Heritage Month

dLeña does Dia de los Muertos !"#$%&'"#( )&%"*"

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Dairygold Launches Pastureland™, Irish Grass Fed Cheddar Cheese


Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

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Business of Chefs Holly Verbeck Columnist Holly Powers-Verbeck, founded and continues to operate Lake Tahoe’s premiere culinary staffing company HeyChef! since 1997. In 2018 she formed MakeYourBusinessCook! to help chefs launch private chef businesses and guide owner-operators who want to add private chef services to create revenue beyond their restaurant walls. For more information contact

Not All Pivots Are Created Equal Restaurant owners are performing dance moves like never before. Everyone knows running a food and beverage establishment in the best of times is a nightly performance which leaves its players simultaneously drained to exhaustion, filled with elation, and buoyed by applause. But the pandemic spotlighted the industry’s bad dance moves like never before. Many veterans feel like weary contestants 90 days into an unending depressionera dance marathon (the record was a staggering 3,780 hours). Spectators now gape at the grim reality of a broken industry and the dance partners taking turns stand-sleeping and propping each other up so their knees don’t touch the floor and disqualify them. A large portion of owner-operators, however well intentioned, exist in an endless cycle of dodging disaster, robbing Peter to pay Paul and barely surviving payroll. The endurance contest of the last 18 months not only put owners’ agility and ingenuity on display, it exposed their weaknesses. Since then, many restaurants and caterers have had to face the music: not all pivots are created equal. Here are ten pivots restaurants and caterers performed on the frenetic pandemic dance floor. Across the nation their results range from wildly successful to devastating based largely on how healthy and profitable the establishment was before the dance bell sounded.

Gift Certificates Local chambers of commerce stepped up big to promote the purchase of restaurant gift certificates. Everyone can and should do this, and since up to 6% of gift card dollars are never redeemed there’s free money for restaurants. Like The Twist, it’s a classic dance move that’s easy to learn and do.

To-Go and Delivery These two offerings are about as old as restaurants themselves which is why 67% of restaurants added curbside delivery after March 2020. Trouble is, at the same time business for food-delivery apps more than doubled, food prices increased and profit margins for restaurants felt the squeeze. Carryout business also boomed reshaped dining establishments into drive-by production facilities. Even Chicago’s three-star Michelin restaurant Alinea snubbed its nose at the idea of ever offering take out but changed its tune (they still offer the service today). Take note of the lesson learned: increased carry-out business proved restaurant kitchens can produce far more food than is required for the seats in the front of the house.

Retail Goods We know some restaurants with wide appeal enjoy additional income through its sales of hats, t-shirts, and stuffed animals (e.g., Hard Rock Cafe, Señor Frog’s, Rainforest Cafe). Ingeniously, restaurants took this concept to the next level with aprons, glassware, knives, cooking equipment and even toilet paper. We also know these profits won’t always justify the storage, time and trouble it takes to peddle them. Retail is fun, but it won’t save America’s restaurants.

Take and Bake The industry took a chapter from the book by Papa Murphy’s. Papa simplified the traditional franchise model by eliminating the dining room, slashing labor costs, and delegating the cooking - to the consumer. Brilliant. Profitable. Serving more to-go customers is a trend on the rise (see previous article on ghost kitchens) but isn’t what most restaurant owners dream of. Yes, it helps reach financial goals but by now clever readers understand every new solution a restaurant considers creates a new set of problems to solve and further separates them from their original passion to serve.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


Groceries (yes, groceries), Mise en Place Boxes Cookalong Classes and Special Occasion Packages Chefs turned to social media in their kitchens to combat Entrepreneurial restaurateurs will try it all, even transform their dining room into farmers’ markets and grocery counters. Chicago’s Alinea is #15 of the world’s top 50 restaurants and experienced their highest grossing month ever with an Easter brunch package. These income streams depart from the traditional service most customers know and proprietors love. Boxed ingredients or packaged theme meals can’t hold a candle to the pride and accomplishment owner’s feel when they serve guests face to face. Nor are customers as satisfied when they must transport ingredients home to complete and serve the meal for themselves. Where’s the restaurant experience in that?

boredom and connect during social distancing. As an extension virtual tip jars, live instructional cookalongs and online wine tasting events evolved. These organic events helped restaurants stay in contact with regular customers, raise funds, and teach people how to properly cook (cuz, let’s face it, the pandemic exposed a fundamental lack of knowledge in our society about how to, in some cases, do just about anything in the kitchen). These special activities are fun, engaging and build customer loyalty, but try putting them on while pushing out hundreds of covers! Notably, this foray into video production highlighted a segment of chefs who are underutilized in their current cooking roles. This is worth paying attention to.

Alcohol To Go It’s no surprise US alcohol beverage sales were up 54% in March 2020 over the prior year. What’s radical was the change permitting food and beverage establishments to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption. This shift undoubtedly helped restaurants stay afloat. Like the other tactics, each makes up a piece of a larger puzzle for owners who need to consistently operate profitable brick and mortar food establishments.


Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Here’s what we know for sure. Not all pivots are created equal. And no pivot will save a poorly run operation. Fix what’s broken and master the basic moves before adding fancy footwork. The old dance moves work and keep savvy operators from leaving money on the table. Restaurant owners who consistently run profitable operations are the exception, not the rule. Next, choose pivots carefully, based on facts and numbers. Anecdotal evidence abounds and real data is still coming in. Pivots create complexity and won’t magically solve restaurant owners’ perennial need for consistent, predictable profits in an industry plagued by razor-thin margins. Finally, we haven’t seen all the pivots or the best ones. Ops can be a muddy mosh pit or choreographed chorus line. Stay tuned for the next issue about how to retain more profits and personnel with your existing resources and restore order to the dance floor.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


Job Board

Follow these steps to create great employer branding content An employer brand is something that is an essential part of not only hiring great people but also humanizing and telling your business’s story to anybody that is internal or external.

Blog posts: These need to be concise and make key points early on to keep talent engaged.

This means telling your story to attract talent as well as telling your story to your current employees for employee engagement. It is about shining a light to future hires and customers on who the people are behind the product.

Photography: When it comes to photography, people remember images six times easier than text! So it is essential to add really nice, humanizing images in blog posts when you can. Visuals can be really powerful and can help to give people an inside look into your workforce.

Content is what feeds the engine. Without employers having meaningful content, it’s harder for candidates to be attracted to a business. It is also difficult for your current workforce to stay engaged and connected. Put simply, without content, you can not tell your story!

Video: Video content is usually the best choice as it’s really accessible on all platforms and gives people an experience like they’re right there. It’s also the most consumed type of content on the internet so if you want to increase conversation and exposure, video is a must.

So what are the steps you need to take to achieve meaningful and successful employer branding content?


Develop your content strategy The first step in creating employer branding content is figuring out what kind of content will resonate with your audience. This involves doing some research and starting discussions with your current workforce. You want to ask them questions about their interests. What do they do outside of work? What is important to them? By gathering information like this, you are able to develop the kind of content that will attract talent that will succeed in your business. Mix up your content The top forms of content to showcase your employer brand are:

Stories are the most powerful tool to engage the human brain. The best and most effective way to attract candidates is to showcase employee stories. This is a best practice in the employer branding industry. Quotes and office photography are great, and they’re important as they get potential candidates to picture themselves in the workplace, but stories leave a lasting impression which makes you more memorable as a company. Employee-generated content Your best employer brand ambassadors are your employees. They are the most trusted source of truth about how your company works. If you want to tell the story of your company, they are your best storytellers. Encourage them to share a compelling story about your company and help you recruit top talent.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


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dLeña does

Día de los Muertos


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!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ Food & Beverage Magazine$$$012"3')$4556' v October Issue


dLeña Celebrates Día de los Muertos with Month-Long Immersive Campaign dLeña by Chef Richard Sandoval is excited to announce the launch of its Día de los Muertos multi-sensory dining experience this fall. From Tuesday, October 5, through Tuesday, November 2, guests are invited to experience the senses in an immersive campaign at the Mount Vernon Triangle modern Mexican concept. Day of the Dead festivities typically unfold over two days in an explosion of color and life-arming joy, displaying love and respect for the past and one’s ancestors. In towns and cities throughout Mexico, revelers don makeup and costumes, hold parades and parties, sing and dance, and make offerings to lost loved ones. At Richard Sandoval Hospitality (RSH), 30 restaurant concepts throughout five countries will feature marigoldinspired dishes and beverages, a signature Spotify playlist, online tutorials led by Chef Richard Sandoval, and more throughout October. dLeña is pleased to be the first RSH concept in DC to launch the immersive campaign.


Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

In celebration of the holiday, Chef Richard Sandoval hopes to demonstrate appreciation for the past and intention for the future through the marigold, a symbol used to guide ancestors through vibrant colors and powerful aromas. “We’ve chosen the marigold as the way we’re telling the story this year, as it’s symbolically used during the holiday and believed that the color and smell help guide one’s ancestors. I invite you to taste our marigold-inspired specials, listen to our signature Día de los Muertos Spotify channel, and immerse yourself in one of my favorite holidays.” Listen to dLeña’s signature playlist of Latin music, curated by Paco Rozas and Christophe Bourlon. Taste tantalizing dishes like the chile ancho confit with pork belly stew, star anise, sweet plantain, almonds, and mole rosa, braised short rib with orange blossom purée, espadin-mezcal sauce, baby patipan, and sun-dried chili ash, and pumpkin cake with caramel pumpkin, piloncillo sauce, spiced pepitas, and cinnamon ice cream. Enjoy specialty cocktails like the marigold margarita with Patrón Reposado, tonic, fresh marigold simple syrup, and lime, la vela

“the candle” with Patrón Añejo, achiote, lemon, lime, activated charcoal, Fernet Vallet, fee foam, and churros, and ej ojo “the eye” with Patrón Reposado, pumpkin, lemon, Fernet Vallet, egg white, and marigold flowers. See Chef Richard Sandoval masterfully preparing select Día de los Muertos dishes and drinks at as well as special artwork designed by Mexico City-based illustrator and campaign partner artist Chepe. Although other RSH concepts around the world will feature smell and touch components with retail items for purchase, such as a marigold-infused custom-made candle and marigold seeds to plant at home, dLeña invites guests to revel in the other senses with special menu items, curated playlists, and custom online tutorials and create-at-home experiences. Guests are invited to enter a special Día de los Muertos giveaway to win a $250 dining prize at a RSH location of their choice, a signed copy of Richard Sandoval’s New Latin Flavors cookbook, and a make-at-home marigold margarita kit. Entries will be accepted through and a winner will be chosen on November 5. Must be 21+ to enter.

About dLeña dLeña Wood-Fire Mexican Cocina & Mezcaleria is a modern Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Washington D.C’s Mount Vernon neighborhood. The chef-driven concept proudly offers a fresh take on Mexican cuisine and embraces their heritage and culture through an elevated dining experience. dLeña and dLeña ROJA were designed by PETERMAX Co. to evoke a divine Mexican escape using a blend of old-world forms and refined modern materials. For more information on dLeña, visit

About Richard Sandoval Hospitality Richard Sandoval Hospitality is a leading restaurant group founded by Mexicanborn chef/restaurateur Richard Sandoval. Known for offering guests an unparalleled culinary experience, this internationally recognized contemporary Latin restaurant group successfully owns and operates over 45 restaurant concepts around the globe. US restaurant locations span 10 states and the District of Columbia – as well as internationally in 7 countries including Costa Rica, Mexico, Nevis, Qatar, Serbia, Turkey and the UAE.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


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Raiders Tavern & Grill


Double Helix Wine & Whiskey 7778#"63G'D'G.L7./'81":

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Chinglish Cantonese Wine Bar

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

Sugar Factory

D22H5IEE56+*)J*12")K81":E !F(%<+ 936$%(3)0+ ()+ 03;#+ 32+ %<#+ 73'94Q0+ ;30%+ 630;3539(%$)+ 6(%(#0-+()69&4()*+U$0+J#*$0-+]#7+^3'M+T(%B-+L$<'$()-+T<(6$*3-+ Y($;(+$)4+_'9$)43-+K&*$'+"$6%3'B+(0+M)37)+%<#+73'94+3?#'+ 23'+(%0+6#9#8'(%B=#)43'0#4+T3&%&'#+`350-+7<(6<+<$?#+%&')#4+ 07##%0+()%3+%<#+9$%#0%+4#0(*)#'+$66#003'BDS


Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse


Echo + Rig

7778'1D"*/#).+81": !X%+E6<3+@+:(*-+Y$'?()+()%'34&6#0+$+5(3)##'()*+)#7+63)6#5%+ 7<(6<+7(99+%'$)023';+%<#+93)*=<#94+%<#3'(#0+8#<()4+%<#+0%#$M= <3&0#+23';&9$+7<(9#+0(;&9%$)#3&09B+'#()%'34&6()*+%<#+)#(*<= 83'<334+ 8&%6<#'+ 0<35D+ ><#+ E6<3+ @+ :(*+ L&%6<#'+ K<35+ (0+ $+ 0%&))()*+<3;$*#+%3+;#$%+2#$%&'()*+3)#+32+%<#+;30%+$669$(;#4+ 8&%6<#'0+()+%<#+63&)%'B-+$+9$'*#+35#)+*9$00+;#$%+936M#'-+?#'%(= 6$9+4(059$B0+$)4+$)+#N<(8(%(3)n4#;3)0%'$%(3)+$'#$DS

El Dorado Cantina

7778'G#")*#"1*/2./*81": !E9+ I3'$43+ T$)%()$+ 7$0+ 23&)4#4+ ()+ a/b.+ 8B+ I$'()+ "#()= 0%#()+ 7(%<+ $+ ;(00(3)+ %3+ 63;8()#+ 3'*$)(6+ $)4+ )3)=AY_+ ()*'#4(#)%0+ 7(%<+ $&%<#)%(6+ Y#N(6$)+ 6&(0()#+ ()05('#4+ 8B+ '#*(3)$9+'#6(5#0+$6'300+Y#N(63D+X%+E9+I3'$43+T$)%()$-+#?#'B+ (%#;+3)+%<#+;#)&+(0+;$4#+2'#0<+4$(9B+2'3;+%<#+\)#0%+$?$(9= $89#+ 5'34&6%0D+ ^3&+ 73)Q%+ \)4+ 6$))#4+ 5'34&6%0+ 3'+ ;(6'3= 7$?#0+()0(4#+$)+E9+I3'$43+T$)%()$+M(%6<#)+o+0<3'%=6&%0+9(M#+ %<30#+'#;3?#+)&%'(#)%0+2'3;+%<#+4(0<+8#23'#+(%+#?#)+'#$6<#0+ %<#+ %$89#D+ F#+ 6$'#+ 7<#'#+ B3&'+ 2334+ 63;#0+ 2'3;+ $)4+ 7#+ <$55(9B+0<$'#+$99+32+3&'+?#)43'0-+2$';0-+$)4+M(%6<#)+5'$6%(6#0+ 7(%<+3&'+6&0%3;#'0S

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Sunrise Coffee

777856/).5'1"O''G(81": !K&)'(0#+T3d##+(0+B3&'+)#(*<83'<334+63d##+0<35+7(%<+$+[$('+ 23'+ %<#+ #69#6%(6D+ + X0+ %<#+ 93)*#0%+ '&))()*+ ()4#5#)4#)%+ 63d##+ 0<35+()+U$0+J#*$0-+7#+8#9(#?#+()+6'#$%()*+$)+$%;305<#'#+%<$%+ 236&0#0+3)+;$M()*+2'(#)40-+4'()M()*+*334+63d##+2'3;+3'*$)= (6+2$('+%'$4#++0()*9#+3'(*()+2$';0-+$)4+#$%()*+?#*#%$'($)+$)4+ ?#*$)+23340+;$4#+2'3;+06'$%6<D+P2+B3&+$'#+933M()*+23'+$+59$6#+ %3+6$99+B3&'+37)-+933M+)3+2&'%<#'+=+63;#+<$)*+3&%DS


Todd English’s Olives



!K()6#+ bmcG-+ A()3-+ :30$98$-+ $)4+ 03)+ Y(;;3+ <$?#+ 3d#'#4+ U$0+J#*$0+$+%'&9B+&)(1&#+P%$9($)+4()()*+#N5#'(#)6#D+"#''$'3Q0+ 6&(0()#+ (0+ ()[&#)6#4+ 8B+ %<#+ 2$;(9BQ0+ K3&%<#')+ P%$9($)+ <#'(%$*#D+ A()3Q0+ 2$;(9B+ '#6(5#0+ $'#+ 3d#'#4+ $93)*+ 7(%<+ $+ ;34#')+%$M#+3)+%'$4(%(3)D+_)9B+%<#+?#'B+8#0%+()*'#4(#)%0+$'#+ &0#4+()+%<#+<3;#;$4#+5$0%$-+0$&0$*#0-+8'#$4-+$)4+4#00#'%0D+ ><#+0#$2334+(0+K$2#+H$'83'+T#'%(\#4-+$)4+3)9B+$99=)$%&'$9-+ 2'#0<-+ 0#$03)$9+ 5'34&6#+ (0+ <$)4=0#9#6%#4+ $)4+ ()63'53'$%#4+ %<'3&*<3&%+%<#+B#$'DS

!Xl#'+$+9#*#)4$'B+a/=B#$'+'&)+$%+$)3%<#'+U$0+J#*$0+5'35#'= %B-+ J('*()+ H3%#90+ U$0+ J#*$0+ 7#963;#0+ 8$6M+ >344+ E)*9(0<Q0+ _9(?#0D+ F(%<+ 0(0%#'+ '#0%$&'$)%0+ $%+ %<#+ :(%O=T$'9%3)+ ()+ X8&+ I<$8(+$)4+X%9$)%(0+:#03'%+()+%<#+L$<$;$0D+><#+U$0+J#*$0+ ()%#'5'#%$%(3)+(0+$+'#%'3+aD/+%<'378$6M+%3+%<#+3'(*()$9+_9(?#0+ ()+ L30%3)-+ 6('6$+ bmcmD+ F334+ \'#4-+ 2&)-+ %<#$%'(6$9-+ 8&OO()*-+ #N6(%()*+$)4+2&99+32+8(*-+8394+[$?3'0D+P%Q0+;334B-+Y#4(%#''$= )#$)+7$';%<+033%<#0+%<#+03&9-+$)4+7(99+9#$?#+B3&+7$)%()*+ ;3'#+32+#?#'B%<()*DS


WiFi is the missing ingredient in your marketing plan. What if we told you that the guest WiFi network in your restaurant could be used to attract new customers, bring back the ones you’ve lost, and give you a more definitive view of marketing ROI? If you’re already giving your customers WiFi access but not using Adentro, you’re missing out. Adentro is a marketing suite that pairs with your guest WiFi network to allow you to easily collect customer emails, segment your customers by their visit behavior, and turn on automated marketing tailored to customer type. Still not convinced? We can prove it: using that same WiFi connection, all of the marketing you set up through Adentro can be measured with real customer visits. Start making money with your WiFi today.

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BROCKMANS GIN SERVES UP MARTINI-STYLE AUTUMN COCKTAIL MENU -- Seasonal Autumn Cocktails Complement the Berry Notes in Brockmans’ Distinctive Botanical Blend --

Brockmans Gin, the ‘Properly Improper’ super-premium, new style gin is serving up its Autumn line up of traditionally untraditional yet deliciously smooth martini-style cocktails that are easy to make and beautifully complement the gin’s distinctive blend of berry notes and botanicals. “Brockmans Gin, The Properly Improper Gin, is an incredibly accessible yet complex gin,” commented Lorcan O’Duffy, Brockmans Global Brand Manager. “The combination of dark berries and noble traditions, or to put it simply, the delightful blend of blueberries and blackberries with the traditional gin botanicals of juniper, coriander and citrus produce a liquid that is intensely smooth yet complex enough to mix with the best and beyond.” This Autumn, Brockmans is highlighting how beautifully the gin mixes in classic martini-stye cocktails including:

BROCKMANS DRY MARTINI Stirred, never shaken

3 parts Brockmans Gin Hint of dry vermouth Fresh blueberry & lime twist to garnish Rinse or spray a martini glass with a hint of dry vermouth. Add Brockmans to a shaker with ice and stir (never shake) until the gin is very cold. Strain into a glass and garnish with a lime twist and fresh blueberry deposited gracefully at the bottom of the cocktail.

BROCKMANS AUTUMN REVIVER Warm notes with a brisk edge

2 parts Brockmans gin 1 part Lillet Blanc 0.5 part Cointreau 1 part fresh lemon juice 0.5 part Ginger syrup Slice of dehydrated orange studded with cloves to garnish Stir all ingredients together in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a dehydrated orange slice studded with cloves

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue



Deeply desirable, richly deserved! 1 ½ parts Brockmans Gin ½ part dark chocolate liqueur 2 parts fresh espresso Vanilla syrup, sugar syrup or sugar cubes (optional) Chocolate powder and fresh coffee beans to garnish Half-fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

Add Brockmans, chocolate liqueur and espresso and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with chocolate powder and fresh coffee beans. For a sweeter cocktail, add vanilla syrup, sugar syrup or sugar cubes to taste before shaking.

About Brockmans Gin


Brockmans Gin is a super-premium, new style gin that is so intensely smooth and exquisitely complex it can be enjoyed neat, over ice or in a range of classic and contemporary cocktails. Distilled in traditional copper stills, Brockmans balances a unique combination of traditional gin botanicals with vibrantly fresh notes of citrus and coriander which combine beautifully with rounded soft notes of blueberries and blackberries, providing an exquisitely sensual and intensely smooth taste experience. Based in the United Kingdom, Brockmans is now available in select markets throughout the US. Brockmans Gin is available in 55 countries around the world and has been awarded more than 20 medals in a variety of prestigious international taste competitions. Most recently, Brockmans won Platinum/Best in Class at the 2021 SIP Awards, the only awards platform judged entirely by consumers.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


Events In Motion In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Food & Beverage Magazine is highlighting some of the best Latinx Chefs and Mixologists in the industry. Explore & Enjoy!

Chef Byron Penafiel,

HOWM Cocina & Cocktails - New York, NY Most recently Executive Chef of Gitano at the James Hotel in New York City, Chef Byron Penafiel inherited his passion for cooking from his mother and grandmother in his native Quito, Ecuador. Penafiel moved to New York City in 2004 and began his career at BLT Prime as a line cook, working his way up to Chef De Cuisine under Executive Chef and Partner, Laurent Tourondel. After four years at BLT, Penafiel moved on to a Sous Chef role at Stephen Starr’s Buddakan. He eventually would return back to BLT, working alongside his mentor Chef David Malbequi to open Rotisserie Georgette. Penafiel also later held the position of Chef De Cuisine at Le Bilboquet under Julien Jouhannaud. As the Executive Chef of HOWM Cocina & Cocktails, the newly opened eatery at the Selina Chelsea, Penafiel has created a menu that allows him to reconnect with that familiar curiosity and creativity he felt in the kitchen in his youth, combining his technical knowledge from a French and Italian culinary background with Latin American inspiration. Rather than bread service, every meal starts with hot, crispy patacones (deep fried plantains), with chili salt and mango chutney. Highlights from the small plates include Pupusas con Curtido, Grilled Broccolino in Mole, Market Ceviche and Charred Octopus with jalapeño hummus. However, the large plates steal the show with Rotisserie Guava Glazed Chicken ala Brasa with Tomato Confit and Moho, Chaulafan Chicharrone (a fried black rice style dish with Chorizo, Squid and Pork Rinds in Salsa Verde) or the Dry Aged Churassco de Chimichurri (ribeye for two)

Nicole Marquis,

Founder of growing hospitality group HipCityVeg HipCityVeg was created by Latina Philadelphia plant-based powerhouse Nicole Marquis in 2012, as a 100% plant-based, fast-casual restaurant serving updated American Classics. HipCityVeg takes familiar concepts, such as burgers, fries, nuggets, and shakes, and turns them into equally craveable vegan options, making it easier to have one less animal-based meal a day. To be kinder to the earth, HipCityVeg employs sustainable practices, including using 100% compostable packaging. HipCityVeg currently operates 7 locations in the Philadelphia area, and two in Washington, DC, with the growing brand’s first expansion to New York this fall, with a flagship location in Union Square, and delivery-only locations in Brooklyn and Queens. By February, the independent, woman-led, vegan fast casual chain will have more than doubled its current number of stores to 15 across the MidAtlantic region. Building the next ‘Shake Shack of Plant-Based foods’ from the ground-up, Marquis is hoping to make vegan cuisine more accessible through her fastcasual locations and ‘go kitchens.’ “No matter where people enjoy plant-based foods, whether it’s at HipCityVeg or wherever is most convenient for them, it’s so important for all of our futures to have affordable, convenient and delicious ways to do so. Plant based is the future and now is the moment,” Marquis said.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Lynnette Marrero,

Bar Director, Llama San, NYC & Llama Inn, Bklyn Co-Founder, Speed Rack - New York, NY Lynnette Marrero’s career began when she accepted a job at NYC’s Flatiron Lounge alongside cocktail savant Julie Reiner. Marrero quickly made the transition from cocktail-waitress to bartender and knew that the spirits industry was her true calling. She quickly moved from Senior Bartender at Freemans to consulting and co-designing the bar program for Elettaria in Manhattan’s West Village. There she worked closely with the chef to create an award-winning cocktail menu. After shadowing Zacapa Rum Master Blender in Guatemala and working as a Rum Ambassador for Diageo for two years, she returned and created her own company Drinksat6, cultivating a new generation of cocktail bartenders and elevating the bar at restaurants. In 2015, Marrero opened and is now the Bar Director at Brooklyn hotspot The Llama Inn and the newly opened Llama San, which just received a glowing three-star review from The New York Times. Marrero won Time Out Eat Out Awards for Best New Cocktail Bar and Best Bar Restaurant Hybrid for her work as beverage Director at Rye House. Marrero has also been honored by the James Beard Awards as one of America’s Leading Female Mixologists 2009, named Food & Wine and Fortune Magazine’s Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink in 2015, and Wine Enthusiasts’ Mixologist of the Year in 2016. In July 2019, Marrero received the Tales of the Cocktails’ Spirited Awards World’s Best Bar Mentors and the inaugural Philanthropy Award with Co-Founder Ivy Mix for their work in Speed Rack. She also placed in the inaugural Drinks International Bar World 100. Other notable projects Marrero has worked on include: creating the bar program for Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, being the National Brand Mixologist for Perrier Sparkling Water and San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages, and working with Zacapa Rum team as their trade educator and mixologist. Marrero launched the Mixology platform in March 2020.

Julian Medina,

Chef/Owner + Louis Skibar, Restaurateur, Toloache Restaurant Group -NY Julian Medina is chef-owner of Toloache, Coppelia, Tacuba Mexican Cantina, La Chula Taqueria, El Fish Shack, and Kuxé, and has been creating refined Mexican cuisine for over two decades. Growing up in Mexico City, Julian was inspired by his father’s and grandfather’s authentic home cooking. He decided to train professionally in Mexico City, before coming to New York City to enroll in the French Culinary Institute. Since 1999, Chef Medina has created numerous acclaimed food concepts around the five boroughs and has garnered accolades from the media, including The New York Times and The New Yorker, and various high-profile television shows. Chef Medina continues to open new restaurants throughout New York City, the latest of which – Kuxe – celebrates “Cocina de Pueblo,” or the “hometown cooking” of his fellow staff members. This Fall, Medina has two new openings underway including El Fish Shack UWS and a new outpost of Tacuba in Bayside, Queens. His business partner, restaurateur Louis Skibar, is Bolivian and has worked with Julian since the opening of Coppelia. Skibar started working at Old John’s in 1984, at the age of 16, after emigrating from Bolivia – it was his first and only job in New York. He started as a delivery boy and worked his way up to a short order cook during his six year tenure, before the restaurant was forced to close in its original location due to development on the block. Later on in his career, Skibar opened a number of his own restaurants, eventually forming Toloache Restaurant Group. After finding out that Old John’s closed due to the pandemic, Louis renegotiated the lease terms and resurrected the space, ensuring the legacy of a diner that is near and dear to his heart.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


Chef Byron Gomez, Executive Chef of 7908 Aspen

Born in Costa Rica, Chef Byron Gomez migrated to the United States when he was 8 years old and is a proud DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipient. His interest in culinary arts started at a young age and after several years cooking on Long Island, he set his sights on New York City. With a mission to learn from some of the country’s best, and learn various cultures through cuisine, he honed his skills under culinary luminaries like Daniel Boulud, Ronny Emborg, Gavin Kaysen, and Daniel Humm. While working at Eleven Madison Park, named the World’s Best Restaurant in 2017, Chef Byron traveled with the restaurant’s pop-up experiences to the Hamptons and Aspen. After spending the winter in the Rocky Mountains resort town, he decided to plant roots and joined the team at 7908 Aspen in 2019. There, his refined, globally-inspired menu is paired with a world-class wine and bar program. Chef Byron competed on Season 18 of Bravo’s Top Chef shot during the pandemic in Portland, OR. On his days off you can find him enjoying all the outdoor adventure sports, ranging from road biking to snowboarding, that colorful Colorado has to offer.

Chef Victoriano Lopez,

Executive Chef of La Mar Cebichería Peruana and Jaranita by the Acurio Restaurantes Group After cooking with internationally-acclaimed Chef Gastón Acurio for more than two decades, Victoriano Lopez joined the La Mar San Francisco team as a Corporate Executive Chef in September 2015. Born and raised in the Ancash region of Peru, Lopez first joined the Acurio Restaurantes Group in 1995 at Lima’s Astrid & Gaston—which was ranked 14th on San Pellegrino’s 2015 World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. By 2000, he began working with Acurio to expand his restaurant empire internationally, opening La Mar Cebicherías in Mexico City, Madrid, and San Francisco as well as Peruvian-inspired Tanta concepts across the country. Although Lopez now considers the west coast home, he is dedicated to sharing the traditions and cultures of his native country by serving authentic Peruvian cuisine in an approachable, casual, and colorful waterfront setting. With Lopez’s innate creativity at the foundation of every plate, his menu focuses on dishes iconic to Peru, such as the country’s most famous dish of cebiche, in addition to a number of lesser-known plates that highlight Peru’s multiculturalism and biodiversities. In 2021, the Acurio group opened Jaranita, a Peruvian rotisserie restaurant, in San Francisco’s bustling Marina District. Jaranita is a new concept that highlights the authentic flavors of Peru and the variety of ethnic cultures that have influenced the cuisine. Jarana” translates to a spontaneous colorful street celebration in Peru. The restaurant features traditional, authentic dishes showcasing rotisserie free-range, pasture-raised chickens rubbed with Peruvian spices and slow-roasted cooked meats roasted over a custom charcoal grill, while highlighting the classic dishes that have put Peruvian cuisine on the world map.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Celebrity Chef Lorena Garcia, Executive Chef Partner of CHICA

Conceptualized by 50 Eggs Hospitality Group in collaboration with celebrity chef partner, Lorena Garcia, CHICA is a celebration of vibrant Latin flavors and culture that reveres the robust and dynamic savors of Latin American cuisine alongside inventive cocktails, served within an upbeat musically charged environment. CHICA made its initial debut in 2017 inside of The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas and followed with a second location outpost in Miami’s historic MiMo District in 2019. CHICA embodies the vivacity and rich spirit of Latin fare and heritage in all its characteristic color, depth of flavors, and unapologetic pursuit of fun and revelry. The menu features influences from Garcia’s hometown in Venezuela, as well as that of Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, among others. Drawing inspiration from classic renditions of authentic pan-Latin recipes, from the hearty wood-grilled steaks to the freshly prepared ceviche and seafood delicacies, Garcia meticulously reimagines each and every dish in her own distinct global style.

Brad Long,

Executive Chef, Tallula’s - Santa Monica, CA A Long Beach native, Brad joined the Tallula’s (co-owned by acclaimed Chef/ Partner Jeremy Fox & part of the Rustic Canyon Family) team in October 2020 after years of cooking along the Southeastern seaboard at acclaimed spots, such as Charleston’s Husk and New Orleans’ Shaya and The Ace Hotel. Brad’s grandmother was born in the state of Chihuahua and grew up in Watts, so his mother helped maintain the family’s connection to their heritage through cooking. Her dishes were simple, yet soulful, with Brad’s favorites being her albondigas and chorizo & potatoes, the latter of which he’s jazzed up for a weekend brunch dish at Tallula’s, crisping up fingerling potatoes from Weiser Family Farms and tossing in housemade chorizo with sunny eggs, herbs and corn tortillas featuring fresh, housemade masa from Masienda’s heirloom, organic & GMO-free corn. At this beachside Mexican spot, Brad specializes in seasonal, market-driven cuisine, featuring produce from the nearby Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and other farmers, ranchers and fishers with planetfriendly practices. He doesn’t do traditional Mexican food per se, as he likes to showcase ingredients and techniques from Southern California, Charleston and New Orleans. As a Mexican-American chef, he loves having the freedom to weave all these different experiences and influences into his food, such as Beer Battered Rock Cod tacos with housemade curtido, aged habanada crema & lime inspired by post-fishing trip visits to Redondo Beach’s Quality Seafood; a Mexican variation on tomatoes & burrata featuring Tomatoes & Tomatillos with whipped queso fresco, chile morita oil, Koda Farms black barley & basil; and a Mexican-inspired riff on the Southern brunchtime staple shrimp & grits with his Shrimp & Masa Polenta featuring housemade mushroom chorizo, shishito & poached egg.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


Lena Enriquez,

Partner, Cult Santa Monica - Santa Monica, CA Lena aka Lenitas Enriquez is the head of Cult Coffee’s Coffee program. 24 years young, Lena started her first coffee job at the age of 17 and fell in love right away. From Peet’s, to Superba, to the famous Menotti’s in Venice, Lena wanted to learn and understand everything there was to know about coffee. Now at Cult Coffee, Lena is a partner and for the first time she is making the program her own. At Cult, Lena works with Sey coffee from Brooklyn, in her eyes one of the best roasters out there. Lena visited Sey in Brooklyn and fell in love with their ethos and coffee, never thinking she’d have the opportunity to work with them. Now, Cult is one of the few spots on the West Coast who carries their beans, with people specifically seeking it out! Lena is excited to have a third wave coffee program in an area of Santa Monica that doesn’t have it. Lena is passionate about making beautiful and delicious coffee, one pour at a time. She is dedicated to making strong connections amongst the communities she serves. She’s all about inclusivity, curiosity, and creativity, specifically wanting to bring more Latina representation to the underrepresented coffee community. Her coffee is creative, utilizing all house-made syrups and playing with flavors that are different than what you’d expect. Lena makes it a point to be known that she pours her heart into what she does, and arrives at the coffee bar with an eclectic approach.

Chef Elia Aboumrad,

Chef Partner Boom Bang Fine Foods & Cocktails - Las Vegas, NV After cooking with internationally-acclaimed Chef Gastón Acurio for more Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Chef Elia Aboumrad trained at Ecole Lenôtre in Paris, France where she earned the honor of Le Cordon Bleu’s Grand Diplôme and became the first student to complete the culinary degrees for every additional course offered at the school, which totals out to 34. After her studies, Aboumrad went on to work under Joël Robuchon in Paris and later became his first female sous chef. When the time came, Robuchon entrusted Elia to open his restaurant at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Years later she was recruited as executive chef of The Café at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, and The Hotel garnered their fourth AAA Diamond under her regime. In the midst of her culinary career, Elia appeared on season two of Top Chef on Bravo and made it to the final four contestants of the competition. She also later competed as a contestant on Top Chef: All Stars in 2010. In 2009, she was awarded the internationally recognized ‘Universal Excellency Award’ for her dedication to the culinary arts. In 2012, alongside Uyen Nguyen, Elia opened GORGE in West Hollywood on the famous Sunset Strip. Specializing in fine wines and charcuterie, the spot became quickly adored by critics and the neighborhood alike. Since GORGE, the renowned chef and counterpart to her husband, Chef Christian Page, took on the sweeter side of Cassell’s Hamburgers upon its opening in late 2014 as its Pastry Chef. She since has opened each location with devotion to the brand and anticipation for what the future beholds for Cassell’s. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, Elia and Christian decided to make a change. In addition to moving back to Las Vegas and setting up a homebase in the Las Vegas adjacent Henderson, the two started really thinking about a concept they had been kicking around where they could work together and create something of their own. In fall of 2021, Chef Elia and Christian together with partner and long-time friend Tony Angotti will open Boom Bang Fine Foods and Cocktails – a neighborhood-centric restaurant and bar that draws on their backgrounds – Elia’s in French fine dining and Christian’s in high-quality Americana – to create a unique concept that has elements of the American diner and deli as well as the French bistro and bakery.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


Beverage Director at Olivetta + issima - West Hollywood, CA Melina Meza is currently the Beverage Director at West Hollywood restaurants Olivetta and issima. Originally from Los Angeles, Meza moved to San Francisco to complete her college education and it was there she found her love for hospitality and dove head first into the craft cocktail scene. In 2016, she founded Last Call Consulting, which specialized in curating cocktail menus and beverage programs, staff + spirits training, private events and bar concept development. Meza is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and proponent of diversity, equity + inclusion through the bar community, as well as a member of the Board of Directors for the US Bartenders Guild Los Angeles chapter with a focus on health and wellness in hospitality. This summer, Marissa and Matt Hermer of Boujis Group (The Draycott, Olivetta) debut their newest concept, issima, at the La Peer Hotel in the lively West Hollywood neighborhood. With an expansive indoor dining room, poolside tables and private rooftop lounge, issima serves as the La Peer’s marquee restaurant and an ode to the estival culture of European beach holidays. issima –– derivative of the term, “bellissima” –– evokes the style, energy and flavors of the Mediterranean coastline. The menu, overseen by acclaimed chef Michael Fiorelli, features his signature wood-fired dishes with Spanish and Italian inflections complemented by unabashed cocktails from beverage director Mel Meza. Diners can enjoy starters like Pan Con Tomate, AcornFed Iberian “Cinco Jotas” Jamón and Grilled Swordfish Skewers with arugula pesto, as well as housemade pastas and mains from the wood oven such as Grilled Maine Lobster with seaweed butter, Lamb T-Bones with smoked chili romesco and a Mesquite charcoal steak program. Highlights from Meza’s craft cocktail program showcase peak-season ingredients and flavor combinations reminiscent of the Hermers’ ideal coastal European haunts. Led by a team well-versed in vivacious dining and nightlife, the Hermers open issima for dinner, with weekend brunch to follow. The bustling restaurant and bar is also a premier location for late night dining and debauchery.

Yasmin Gutierrez,

Pastry Chef / Partner, Beatrix, Beatrix Market, Aba, Ema - Chicago, IL Yasmin studied Culinary Arts at the Illinois Institute of Art, and quickly realized her passion was in pastry. Looking to gain more experience, she became an intern at the Bittersweet Bakery on the north side of Chicago where she perfected her cookie decorating techniques and learned about traditional, American pastries. In 2005, Yasmin joined Lettuce Entertain You as a pastry cook at Foodlife in Water Tower Place while also finishing school. Just two years later, Yasmin was promoted to pastry chef, where she also oversaw the pastry programs at both Mity Nice Bar & Grill and Foodease. In 2010, Yasmin furthered her education and pastry knowledge by attending The French Pastry School. Three years later, Yasmin led the pastry team in the opening of Beatrix River North. She was instrumental in developing the bakery program and menu. In 2015, she was promoted to Executive Pastry Chef and three years later was named Partner. Yasmin now oversees the pastry program at all four Beatrix locations, Beatrix Market and is instrumental with the dessert program at Lettuce Entertain You’s Aba and Ema. Her specialties include cupcake and cookie creation and design, coffee cakes and birthday cakes. Outside of the bakery, Yasmin enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and playing soccer.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


Joe Papach,

Co-Owner/Executive Chef, The Harvey House - Madison, Wisconsin Joe’s passion for cooking was first piqued by helping his grandmother Lupita prepare classic Mexican dishes like tamales from scratch. After graduating from Johnson & Wales, he cooked at a number of esteemed establishments in Providence, Boston, and Chicago before assuming a position at the iconic Gramercy Tavern in New York City, where he and Shaina met. After relocating to San Francisco, Joe helped to run the kitchen at both of Michael Tusk’s Michelin-Starred restaurants, Quince and Cotogna, before moving to Yountville where he spent six years as sous chef at The French Laundry. Hidden behind Madison’s Historic Train Depot, The Harvey House is a celebration of Wisconsin’s iconic supper clubs. Brought back to life by Midwest natives Shaina and Joe Papach, the old Baggage Claim House of Madison’s former train station is now home to a stunning renovation where the history, culture and cuisine of the 19th century collides with modern design and culinary inspiration. The Harvey House is a celebration of American cuisine, embracing the comforting fare and nostalgic feeling of a traditional Midwestern supper club, while adding its own modern twist. The menu is rooted in refined renditions of continental favorites, inspired by local seasonal ingredients and flavors of the region.

Chef Susana Trilling,

Seasons of My Heart Cooking School - Oaxaca, Mexico Since 1988, Chef Susana Trilling, directora of Seasons of My Heart Cooking School has lived in Oaxaca, where her two sons were born and raised. Over the years, Susana has become deeply immersed in the local Oaxacan community and culture. She is thrilled to celebrate and share the local culinary traditions and farmers’ sustainable agricultural efforts through her 22-year-old cooking school. In 1993, Susana wrote My Search for the Seventh Mole, a cover story for Chile Pepper Magazine that became her first published book now in its fifth printing. In 1999, she published her second book, Seasons of My Heart, A Culinary Journey through Oaxaca, Mexico (Ballantine Books), and hosted a 13-part TV series for PBS by the same name. In 2016, Susana published Milpa: From Seed to Salsa, written in collaboration with the Centro de Desarrollo Integral Campesino de la Mixteca (CEDICAM) and others about rural Mixteca Alta farmers’ sustainability projects and system of growing organically. Seasons of My Heart Cooking School, located in Oaxaca, Mexico, is owned and operated by cookbook author and chef Susana Trilling. What started as a humble bed & breakfast almost 30 years ago is now an expansive property that includes “the temple of good food,” a beautiful domed kitchen and dining area built in 1999. Although Susana has explored many different types of cooking in her 40+ years of being a chef, la cocina Mexicana is the closest to her heart. Growing up, Susana’s grandmother ran a fonda (restaurant) in San Antonio, Texas, and Susana still remembers her handmade flour tortillas, crispy corn chalupa shells stuffed with pinto beans, and delicious tamales. Over the years, Susana has spent decades in Oaxaca learning local and pre-Hispanic recipes and techniques, and through the school, she continues to hand down these recipes and traditions to her students and the many professional chefs who attend. Seasons of My Heart offers a wide variety of in-person experiences to learn about Oaxacan cuisine. They include full- or half-day private and group cooking lessons, market tours, cooking demos with the local home cooks and artisans, or multiple-day (lodging included) themed cooking courses. Also popular are Susana’s virtual offerings, with a selection of live sessions held over Zoom and a pre-taped cooking series to enjoy at your own pace. In addition, she leads global culinary tours to destinations in Spain, Italy, and other regions of Mexico.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


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Dairygold Launches Pastureland™, Irish Grass Fed Cheddar Cheese

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are always produced with the highest quality and tastiest milk available in the world. Pastureland will be distributed in the U.S. by leading specialty cheese supplier Norseland Inc, world-renowned for distributing the highest quality cheeses globally, including the iconic Jarlsberg cheese. Available in 7-ounce portions with a suggested retail price of $6.99 per unit and 12 units packed per case, this product is perfect for cheese boards, snacking, burgers, sandwiches, and dozens of recipes. Pastureland Aged Creamy Irish Cheddar is smooth and full-flavored, with satisfying, subtle hints of caramel sweetness and nutty tones. Pastureland Extra Sharp Irish Cheddar is hand-selected for a bold, rich, and tangy flavor, plus the perfect hint of sweetness.

Luck of the Irish Dairygold Launches Pastureland™, Irish Grass Fed Cheddar Cheese Dairygold, one of Ireland’s largest farmer-owned dairy cooperatives, has launched its first-ever branded cheese in the United States. Pastureland is a brandnew line of specially selected premium Mature Irish cheddar cheeses tempting discerning palates with Extra Sharp Irish Cheddar and Aged Creamy Irish Cheddar. Pastureland’s highly sustainable dairy practices and fresh ingredients grass fed credentials bring food to life for cheese lovers who want to experience a unique tasting and naturally nutritious cheese. The name Pastureland highlights the very root of the new cheese brand’s unique identity, curated directly from grass-fed cows grazing some of the world’s most


Pastureland’s unique tasting cheeses, produced by grass-fed cows grazing on lush green pastures and carefully selected by top artisanal cheesemakers, are aged for a minimum of 12 months and are grass-fed certified verified by Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. This GrassFed Dairy Standard guarantees that all certified products are manufactured entirely by Irish dairy herds whose diet is at least 95% grass. This ensures that all Pastureland cheeses are produced by cows whose milk is significantly higher in beneficial fatty acids and lower in omega 6. It also addresses consumers’ expectations for supporting cheeses made using sustainable farming methods.

fertile pasturelands, rooted in nutrientrich glacial soil. Pastureland sets itself apart from other cheese brands because of its Irish roots, guaranteeing that every pack of Pastureland cheddar cheese is sourced directly from Ireland’s premier historic dairy region, the Golden Valleys of Munster. Greener pastures are almost impossible to find anywhere else on earth, as Ireland certainly lives up to its “Emerald Isle” moniker. Ireland’s lush, rolling green fields, along with its fresh, clean air, famously plentiful rainfall, and mild climate, ensure that cows can graze outdoors for large parts of the year. These factors, blended with Ireland’s rich, ancient history and expertise in dairy farming, ensure that Pastureland cheeses

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

“We are excited to add Pastureland premium aged cheddars to our product portfolio. Pastureland products are certified grass-fed and 100% traceable,” says Heather Iafrate, General Manager of Norseland. “Consumers are looking for brands they can trust, hands down. Pastureland is one of them. Food transparency, sustainability, and taste are important to consumers, and we deliver on all fronts.” Through their sustainable dairy farming practices, Pastureland confirms that the future of their family-run farms within the Dairygold Co-Operative are secure for generations to come. As a result, Pastureland cheddar cheeses promise the best of both worlds to every consumer. They offer the highest nutritional value possible while guaranteeing the most sustainable dairy farming methods, all the while maintaining incomparable rich, full-flavored cheeses that will have taste buds dancing an Irish jig.

and dairy ingredients that can be traced directly from grass-fed cows is in one of Europe’s most fertile pasturelands. The Golden Valleys of Ireland have a history just as rich as their soil, with fertile lowlands settled since prehistoric times, where early Kings of Munster once ruled. zThis unique location, formed over ancient glacial soil, is home to some of the most abundant pasturelands on earth, famous for the ability to grow topquality grass for extensive dairy farming. The world-renowned nutrient-rich grass and clover that Dairygold’s cows graze produce a superior tasting cheese with natural health benefits. This sets the new Pastureland brand apart from many competitors as a nutritious snack and the golden ingredient to any meal. For more info, visit Norseland, Inc., s wholly-owned subsidiary of TINE SA, is a cooperative of more than 10,000 dairy farmers located in Norway. Their stellar reputation including importing, sales, marketing, and distribution agent. Its family of brands is very diverse with top specialty brands from Europe combining traditional recipes, passed down through family generations, with modern cheesemaking techniques. Visit www.norseland. com for more info.

Dairygold is known to for qualityFor recipes, locations, retailers, and other assured, sustainable gold standard cheese info, visit

“Pastureland cheese is a delightfully delicious cheese range,” says George MacLeod Head of New Proposition Development at Dairygold. “It comes from Ireland’s Golden Valleys, from our family-owned farms, and happy grass-fed cows. We are so excited to introduce our Irish cheddar cheeses to the U.S. market, particularly during a time when American consumers are so conscious about the foods they eat and the increasing desire to support small family-run farms that promote the most sustainable farming practices.” “We are delighted to launch our distinctive and delicious Pastureland cheeses into the U.S. market, specially selected and graded by our expert cheese graders”, says George MacLeod, Head of New Proposition Development at Dairygold. “Located and produced in the wonderfully scenic Golden Valleys in Southern Ireland, our family owned, grass fed dairy cows graze on some of the most sustainable pasturelands in the world and are the first cheeses in Ireland to be Bord Bia Grass Fed accredited. From our home to yours, we welcome you to taste something special.”



The land of Empathy and Accessibility


am dictating this article at 36,000 feet, currently making my way back from Reykjavík to London Heathrow. Being blind, I quite literally experience different sides to hospitality in all sorts of different settings compared to most of you. So here’s the thing, as a reader of Food & Beverage Magazine, I assume that you work in the trade. And if not, then in related areas. You know from following me on social media that I have a lot to say about accessibility in hospitality. Many business owners contact me confused by the rules and laws around accessibility and what their obligations are. Without doubt, even though the Americans With Disabilities Act may have passed 25 years ago, there is still a lack of clarity at times around different elements the act protects. Living in London, I am aware that the United Kingdom faces many of the same challenges. Let me pose this question to you. What if you stop looking at it as an obligation? What if, instead, businesses began from a place of wanting to ensure every potential customer was able to access their services, products.. Whatever the company may be. The reality is that disabled people face challenges in accessing businesses every single day— from access refusals on the basis of a guide dog, to inaccessible entrance Waze, inaccessible menus— the ways in which we are excluded are numerous. Do you know what the purple dollar is? If

you don’t, let me lend a helping hand. The purple dollar reflects the spending power of disabled people. In the United States alone that spending power is estimated to be more than $470 billion. When the extended spending power of friends and family is taken into account, that number jumps to $8 trillion. Which leads me to my main point, rather than viewing accessability as an obligation, let’s look at it as an opportunity. Particularly in the younger generations, disabled people are highly active on social media, they build strong communities of individuals with similar life experiences to themselves. They also are very vocal about the experiences they have in different consumer settings. So, when looking for a unique selling point, a point of difference to your competitors, why not be the most accessible in your area?

back from the most wonderful five days in Iceland. As a country with a little over 360,000 people in total, they don’t have much in the way of specific laws around accessibility and protections for disabled people. What I did find was a country and a culture that leads with empathy. It began from a position of wanting everybody to be able to access all that Iceland has to offer, not because the law says so, not because a petition said so, a protest group, a Yelp review, a tweet— Purely because it’s the right thing to do. So many experiences that could have been inaccessible, were made accessible by a business owner’s desire for it to be so. Axe throwing? Accessible. If you don’t believe me, you could check out my recent Instagram posts. The hospitality environment was a joy and absolute pleasure to be part of because of the choice to lead with empathy. So, perhaps, Be the most inclusive, the most let’s all try to be a little bit more like diverse— Be a place that creates a Iceland. Let’s lead with empathy, see the space where everyone belongs. opportunity, and not be weighed down by viewing accessibility as an obligation. Disabled people make up 15% of the overall population, making it one of the largest minority communities of any **About Jurgen Donaldson** group. As a disabled person, we spend so Jurgen Donaldson can be found on much time fighting for access, equity and Instagram at the_Blind_foodie. Jurgen equality. When businesses make the effort lost his eyesight two years ago to a to reach out towards us, not only does it brain tumour, since that he has become mean a lot to us personally, but disabled an advocate for disabled people in the consumers flock because it is so rare. United Kingdom around the world. Jurgen regularly advises brands on how At the start of the article, I mention that they can make their social media content I am dictating this whilst on board an and their product lines more accessible to airplane. Well, it’s because I’m heading disabled consumers.


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Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue



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1 cup buttermilk 2 tablespoons hot sauce 4 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs 4 chicken drumsticks Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper Vegetable oil, for frying 2 teaspoons seasoned salt (like Lawry’s) 2 teaspoons garlic powder 21/2 teaspoons cayenne pepper 3 /4 cup all-purpose flour 3 /4 cup rice flour 1 /2 cup cornstarch 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar 1 teaspoon hot smoked paprika 1 tablespoon chili powder

Sweet, Spice, and Pretty Damn Nice Chicken and Waffles with a Homemade Biscuit

PR E P TI M E : 50 M I N U T E S#COO K TI M E : 50 M I N U T E S TOTA L TI M E : 1 H O U R 4 0 M I N U T E S P LU S M A R I N ATI N G# Y I E L D : 4 TO 6 S ERV I N G S

If loving canned biscuits is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. And if you are what you eat, then I’m hot and spicy. But also a chicken. (You can’t have it all.) One of my favorite breakfast indulgences is spicy fried chicken served on waffles with a biscuit. Homemade biscuits aren’t necessary, but because it’s in our innate basic bitch nature to impress everyone we come into contact with, I’m offering a recipe that puts your favorite breakfast spot’s biscuits to shame. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Cracker Barrel (even though I’ll always be here for your cinnamon-forward Old Country Store). Top these bad boys with angelic syrup for a sweet escape that will almost allow you to forgive the South for its plethora of sometimes true stereotypes. 1

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Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


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2 cups all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder 11/2 teaspoons kosher salt 11/2 sticks cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces 8 ounces extra-sharp cheddar cheese, finely grated (11/2 cups) 3 tablespoons chopped fresh chives 3 /4 cup buttermilk, cold 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted FOR TH E WA FFLE S

2 cups all-purpose flour 1 /4 cup granulated sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 /2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 11/2 cups whole milk 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 3 eggs, separated 1 stick unsalted butter, melted, plus room-temperature butter for serving Maple syrup, for serving


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Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


The unbaked biscuits can be frozen for up to 3 months in a zip-top bag before baking. If you’re baking from frozen, add about 5 minutes to the baking time.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue





he Hospitality Team Behind Stone Street New York and Bathtub Gin New York Officially Opened Their New West Coast Outpost on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles

Restaurateur and entrepreneur Dave Oz of Stone Street New York and Bathtub Gin New York teams up with Joel David Moore and Laura Parkening to launch LA’s newest all-day dining destination, cocktail bar and coffee lounge, Stone Street LA, now officially open in Melrose Ave’s bustling Arts District as of September 2021. The venue’s roots stem back to the famed Stone Street Coffee Company roaster in Brooklyn. The first Stone Street café opened in New York in 2010, and has served as a neighborhood staple and functioning front for the famed Bathtub Gin speakeasy for over ten years. In Los Angeles, the concept has been expanded into a hybrid space


Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

that offers locals its signature artisanal coffee, as well as a comprehensive menu featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner, top-notch cocktails at their beautiful and welcoming bar, and a weekend brunch on their sprawling garden patio. Staying true to the brand’s New York roots while adapting to its new LA home, the menu features delicious items with fun twists paying homage to New York City. The doors of Stone Street LA are open to all, a local java shop, all-day cafe and watering hole with a vibe that fits right into the neighborhood. With its robust entertainment offering, this is a place for creatives to meet in a casual yet inspiring and friendly setting, in a venue that offers just as much ambiance

during the day as it does at night. Evening programming includes a weekly comedy night (Prohibition Comedy on Wednesdays), live music (Thursday nights), DJ programming, and a Sunday Disco brunch. Hours of operation: M/T 8am-3pm | W/ Th/Fr 8am - 11pm | Sat 9am - 11pm | Sun 9am - 3pm “We are excited to bring the Stone Street name and brand to Los Angeles and create a neighborhood establishment to help further bring back life to the Melrose area post-pandemic. We pride ourselves on our dynamic ambiance and welcoming atmosphere, paired with great coffee, food, cocktails, music and programming. This is a place for coffee, for cocktails, for community, a neighborhood café and bar where everyone is welcome. Where

the food is exceptional and there is something for all patrons to enjoy. Where live entertainment is part of the culture, and you can catch the best new talent in town. Where New York attitude meets LA energy, and the best of both worlds unite.” - Restaurateur Dave Oz, Co-owner

unique dishes such as Challah French Toast and Roasted Mary’s Chicken. This is a menu where there is something for everyone, where New York heritage and global inspiration connect. Where classics are made perfect, and simple things surpass expectations.



Created by Chef John Sheffy, the allday food menu features prominent New American-inspired cuisine with a large selection of homemade pastries and New York staple dishes with a creative twist. Classic items are made flavorful through a delicate marriage of ingredients. New York staples such as the Bagel and Lox and Bacon Egg and Cheese on a Roll are imbued by a fresh LA touch, while the local community is embraced through

With a heritage that ties back to the acclaimed Stone Street Coffee Company roaster, excellent coffee is part of the venue’s DNA. It all starts with their beans, which are ethically sourced from countries all over the world (earning them Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Association certifications) and roasted in small batches at the Stone Street Coffee Company roaster in Brooklyn. Here in

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


Los Angeles, they use their diverse roasts and blends to create an assortment of delicious coffee drinks, fit for any palette. For the ultimate taste test, just try their Knee Buckling Espresso.

THE COCKTAILS CLASSIC COCKTAILS WITH A BICOASTAL TWIST Created by award-winning Beverage Consultant Brendan Bartley, Stone Street LA’s selection of craft cocktails allows you to experience classic recipes through new and unique flavor pairings. They work extensively behind the scenes to master both balance and flavor, allowing for a low waste process and efficient service. On tap, frozen, bottled or by the glass, with standout names such as Californication and Harlem Rose, their cocktails encompass the best of both coasts. “Stone Street LA is committed to providing warm, genuine and unpretentious hospitality as we serve unique menu offerings for all things coffee, cocktails and culinary. Our skilled baristas honor both classic espresso beverages like cafe lattes and flat whites, as well as new coffee trends like matcha lattes and espresso tonics. Our food menu provides a little something for everyone. With a nod to NY classics like the Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a Roll, to LA favorites like Avocado Toast and popular brunch offerings like our Prosciutto Tart and Challah French Toast, we aim to surprise and delight. Stone Street’s innovative bar program offers a mix of frozen, on tap and bottled cocktails, demonstrating a molecular approach to locally inspired ingredients in a near zero-waste environment. Regardless of time of day or night, Stone Street LA is a landing place for all, one-stop-shop with something for everyone to enjoy.” – Laura Parkening, Co-owner

THE ENTERTAINMENT WHERE CREATIVITY MEETS COMMUNITY A local cafe and bar where you know the staff and patrons. A neighborhood hub with discovery at its core. Stone Street LA pays homage to classic coffeehouse culture by removing the barriers between performer and audience, allowing for an authentic type of creativity. Stop by for an intimate live music show. Discover stand-up’s latest star. Rock out at Sunday Disco Bunch. This is where life happens and memories are made. “From the beginning of our partnership with Dave Oz, we knew Bathtub Gin and Stone Street were a perfect match for a move out west. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and what better to bring an energetic, authentic East Coast vibe to the marketplace. Our unique venue provides a multi-use space that can act as a cafe/bar any day of the week, while giving the freedom for us to host a range of events. From our weekly stand-up comedy, live music, DJ-hosted Sunday brunches, to private events from premiere parties to birthday bashes, we’ve curated a hybrid space that can be modeled for many different occasions.” – Joel David Moore, Co-owner


Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

THE SPACE – BROOKLYN INSPIRATION IN AN LA LANDSCAPE Stone Street LA is a light-filled space that seamlessly fuses its New York heritage with the vibrant energy of Los Angeles. It’s Brooklyn origins are celebrated through warehouse elements such as unfinished ceilings and a window mural of the Brooklyn Bridge. Two signature interior murals pay homage to the iconic New York street after which it’s named. Bar seating allows for a dynamic dining experience, while floor-to-ceiling windows give the space an indoor-outdoor feel. In addition to abundant street side seating, Stone Street LA offers a sprawling 1500-square foot back patio with lounge seating and lush greenery. From intimate drinks to group events and gatherings, this is a space that imbues versatility.

Dave Oz

Joel David Moore

Laura Parkening

Dave Oz is a Brooklyn-born entrepreneur with a professional background in real estate finance. In 2011, he left his lucrative position to pursue his lifelong hospitality ambitions, opening the first Stone Street Cafe as the functioning front to his Bathtub Gin speakeasy concept. After effectively growing it to become a top New York institution, he partnered with Joel David Moore and Laura Parkening to bring the concept to Los Angeles. A bon vivant who thrives on offering people memorable experiences and unforgettable moments, Dave plans to open more Stone Street and Bathtub Gin locations across the country and the world.

Joel David Moore is an accomplished multihyphenate actor, director, and writer in film and television. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he boasts 15 years in the entertainment industry, having starred in hits such as Dodgeball and Avatar. After writing and directing a number of films, he launched a feature development fund Balcony 9 Productions, with an eye towards projects that tackle ethical and political subject matters. His innate communications and marketing skills make him an integral partner in the development and operations of Stone Street LA.

With over 24 years in the hospitality industry, Laura Parkening has showcased commitment to providing exceptional dining and drinking experiences through dedicated management and gracious hospitality. Before coming to Los Angeles in 2013, she spent 15 years working in fine dining in Seattle, Washington, where she developed elite bar programs and managed staff for multiple James Beard award-winning restaurants. Her background in bringing new concepts to the landscape of our modern dining and drinking scene make her an imperative contributor to the vision of Stone Street LA.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue



CATCH A WINNER UNIQUE MENU. * WITH A $3.11M AUV & LOW STARTUP COST. ** 10.8% AVERAGE EBITDA. $3.77M AUV. Now’s the time to get your claws on a family-friendly, seafood boil franchise that’s cracked the code on profitability and bold Asian-Cajun flavors guests love. As the conversion experts in second generation restaurant sites, you’ll shell out less on your buildout while dramatically shortening the time to start bringing in the clams.

Unique menu and proprietary flavors drive repeat business

Underserved category in a crowded food segment

$497K Median Initial Investment***

Open faster with 2nd gen locations

Net a great opportunity. | 586-907-6404 *This figure represents the average net sales achieved for calendar year 2020 at six (6) affiliate-owned restaurants and four (4) franchised restaurants in the State of Arizona. Angry Crab Shacks, like other restaurants, were intermittently closed or required to operate at reduced hours during 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 net sales were impacted by such required closures or reduction in opening hours. **This figure represents the average EBITDA achieved for calendar year 2020 as a percentage of consolidated net sales at the same six (6) affiliate-owned restaurants and four (4) franchised restaurants in the State of Arizona. ***This figure represents the Median Initial Investment to open the six (6) affiliate-owned restaurants and four (4) franchised restaurants in the State of Arizona referenced above and includes the Initial Franchise Fee, security deposits, leasehold improvements to building, permits and licenses, construction costs, POS and back-office computer, audio/visual expenses, fixtures, equipment, opening inventory (food, liquor, restaurant supplies), signage, miscellaneous opening expenses, grand opening expenses, professional fees, uniforms and 3 months additional funds incurred in opening that restaurant at the time it was opened. This information appears in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). You should review our FDD for details about these results. Your results may differ. There is no assurance that you will do as well.


©2021 Angry Crab Franchise Opportunity. Angry Crab Shack. All rights reserved. 2345 S. Alma School Rd., Suite 106, Mesa, Arizona 85210

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Women Entrepreneurs

Julia Beck, founder of the It’s Working Project has been an active and engaged industry innovator for more than 21 years. As the category’s definitive elder statesman and strategic partner, Julia and her team have been on the leading edge of the conversation and challenges at the center of the expectant and parent universe. Julia’s unique perch and her cadre of cross-industry connections have led her on a path that at once supports women and families and also sees unmet needs in a way that allows for private sector engagement as a winning tool for all. While Julia is “all ears” and an advocate of policy shifts, she remains squarely committed to the idea that the shortest path to much-needed solutions lie in partnerships and private sector commitments to paradigm shifts

Q&A with KINDAL WHITE @KINDALERICE WHAT IS ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU WISH YOU COULD OFFER YOUR FORMER, EXPECTANT SELF? Give yourself grace. Grace to grow into motherhood. You won’t have all the answers and that’s ok. Enjoy the process of learning and evolving into the mother your child son needs.

YOU ARE AND YOUR FAMILY HAVE BEEN ON A REMARKABLE, SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY VIA A FOOD TRUCK! YOUR FAMILY, MADE OF UP THREEGENERATIONS (YES, INCLUDING YOUR ADORABLE SON) ARE ALL COMMITTED TO ADDRESSING NOT ONLY HEALTH AND NUTRITION BUT ALSO COMMUNITY GROWTH. WHAT LED YOU TO YOUR COMMITMENTS? My mom has always wanted a food truck, for as long as I can remember. So quite naturally, my family and I were committed to helped her live out her dreams and all that may come with it. We instantly became business developers, operations specialists, social media marketers, financial advisors, and so much more. All while learning as we went along. This 3-year journey has taught us the power of community. Lady Sharon’s Soul Food Kitchen has become a staple food truck in the Richmond, VA area. Serving commercial offices, neighborhoods, school, churches and so many other venues. Our commitment is to give our customers an unforgettable dining experience and leave them having a “soulful day”.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


IN ADDITION TO YOUR MUCH-RESPECTED VOICE AND THE POWER OF THE FOOD TRUCK, YOU CONTINUE TO EXPLORE WAYS TO SUPPORT MOTHERS AND FAMILIES. WHAT IS NEXT ON YOUR JOURNEY? Leaning more into really cultivating my blog and providing resources there. I’ve only been a wife for three years and a mother for 15 months, but boy do I have a lot to share haha. If someone can learn from both my positive and negative experiences, I’m serving my purpose.

YOU WORK LONG HOURS AND OBVIOUSLY POUR YOUR DEDICATION INTO ALL YOU DO. HOW DO YOU KEEP YOURSELF RESTED AND WELL? To be honest, I’m still figuring it out. Some days I’m able to knock out all my tasks ahead of schedule and retire early. And other days I’m burning the midnight oil. But I do try to build in days of selfcare. Whether that’s going to get a massage or a manicure and pedicure.

WHAT WERE YOUR BIGGEST COVID LEARNINGS? To be present and in the moment. Throughout this pandemic, so many lives have been lost and families changed forever. I’ve learned that it’s so important to spend time with the ones you love.

IS THIS WHAT YOU EXPECTED WHEN YOU DREAMED UP YOUR PROFESSIONAL FUTURE? Not at all. I saw myself in power suits and heels, taking on corporate America

IN ADDITION TO THE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BASED FOOD TRUCK, YOU ARE A DIGITAL CONTENT CREATOR WITH A FOCUS ON SUPPORTING WOMAN TO LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES, ENJOY FAMILY AND LOVE THEMSELVES - WOW, YOU ARE BUSY! HOW DO YOU MANAGE ALL YOU DO? The truth is, I don’t… I recognize that sometimes I’m not able to manage it all and that ok. I do what I can each day and that’s it. Most recently, I’ve tried putting more systems in place to keep me on schedule, like meal planning, batch photo shoots and scheduling posts ahead of time. But ultimately, I only work in the capacity that I have. One of the biggest things I treasure about being a digital content creator is the amazing community I have built. I’m there for them and they’re there for me.


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And not only spend time with them, but to create lasting memories.

make you a bad mother.



Absolutely! Babies are so unpredictable and there were times where I was late to meetings, interrupted during presentations because he was fussy, and several other things. Curating my work blocks around his typical feeding and nap schedules helped a little bit, but again babies are so unpredictable!

WHAT PRO-TIPS DO YOU HAVE TO SHARE WITH OTHER NEW OR EXPECTANT MOTHERS? Accept help when it offered and never be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it. I made the mistake of trying to take on everything, no matter how overwhelming it was, and I paid the price emotionally and mentally. Having others step in doesn’t

My entire family really came through for me, but I’d have to say my mom. When my husband’s paternity leave ended, she was my rock!

WHO ARE YOUR MENTORS? WHO DO YOU MENTOR? Both my mother and my father are my mentors, both naturally and spiritually. They push me to reach for greater and accept nothing less.

FILL IN THE BLANKS: As a working parent, I never expected working would be so hard

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue



Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Industry Leaders

Labor Shortages: Where Do We Go From Here?

One of the major issues restaurants face in the COVID era is a serious labor shortage. Simply put, restaurants are having persistent trouble finding employees. There are multiple causes that have been put forth to explain this phenomenon:

The need for in-person labor.

Risk of COVID-19 infection.

Preference for unemployment compensation.

Unlike many fields of employment, traditional restaurant duties cannot be performed remotely.

Many potential employees are hesitant to work in crowded restaurants where the chance of exposure to infected persons is high.

In some vicinities, workers collecting unemployment are earning more than they were when they were working onsite.

All these factors help explain why restaurant employment is still well below normal levels as of August 2021. A National Restaurant Association study released in April 2021 found that there were about 1.8 million fewer people working in the restaurant industry compared with the pre-pandemic era. Many restaurants have responded to this scarcity by offering incentives as well as lowering on-the-job experience requirements, but it still remains very difficult to find applicants. In the face of this widespread labor shortage, what can restaurateurs do to keep their businesses running?

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


The Answer Lies in the Power of Technology By automating certain tasks and processes, restaurants can get by with fewer employees while still providing the same level of service to which their customer has become accustomed. Automation has already proven its value across many industries, including food production. For example, nut producers have been able to boost their output substantially with the aid of robotics. According to one study, automation—in the form of machines and algorithms—will replace 42% of task hours by 2022.

How can automation help the restaurant industry? We’re still a ways away from robotic servers and cooks, but today’s restaurateurs already have access to a number of useful automated devices and tools that can improve workflows: Remote temperature sensors - These eliminate the need for manual checking of cold storage temperatures. They can also be customized to transmit alerts whenever temperatures fall or rise beyond an acceptable range, allowing corrective action to be taken at once. Digital checklists - These enable workers to speed up QA processes—paper checklists are relatively slow and more difficult to store properly—as well as ensure that these tasks are completed on time and according to regulations. Food ordering kiosks and devices - Restaurants can use tools like handheld tablets to permit customers to input orders without the need for a human server. This also helps to reduce the incidence of error that can result from oral communications. Automation is key to the growing prevalence of “ghost kitchens”—restaurants and other food service businesses that have dispensed with front-of-house areas altogether. This is a trend that will surely become more widespread over the next few years. As matters stand now, automated solutions do not completely eliminate the need for human personnel in restaurants. Technological solutions of this nature should not be considered replacements for human employees but merely accessories that make it easier for restaurants to cope with labor shortages. They empower workers to perform mission-critical tasks faster with fewer people. Minimal automation in your labor force can quickly add up to substantial savings. And these savings can be earned with fewer personnel than restaurants have needed in the past.

About ComplianceMate™ Through a patented combination of wireless temperature sensors, mobile technologies, and easy-to-use tools built for the modern commercial kitchen, ComplianceMate gives its users total control over workflows, food safety, and compliance in all types of foodservice establishments. Customers can make evidencebased decisions about kitchen processes and staff training. Users see a rapid ROI from significant labor and food waste savings, as well as improved audit scores.

Chef of The Month

Don’t Just Take the Meat Out: Innovation in Vegetarian Cuisine By Darren Burke, Chef Instructor at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

Chef Darren Burke Chef Darren Burke trained in an Italian gastronomic restaurant in the UK and went on to become Head Pastry Chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant in the North of England. He has worked for Sir Richard Branson in Morocco and Switzerland. Most recently, he held the position of Chef-Owner of Restaurant Le Bois Sauvage, a restaurant focused on sustainable dining and local produce. Since 2019, he has been sharing his expertise with the students at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, where he is Chef Instructor.

With more and more of us taking a closer look at how we consume, our eating habits have never been more relevant. Whether for environmental reasons, ethics, or personal health, there has been a massive surge of people switching to vegetarian and vegan diets over the last ten years. A 2017 study found that 14% of the Swiss population eat vegetarian or vegan diets (11% vegetarian, 3% vegan), while 17% call themselves flexitarians. Approximately one-third of the population is therefore consciously following a meat-free or a low-meat diet. When I first started cooking professionally 18 years ago, as far as many of us were concerned, eating habits were just a superficial trait... you were vegetarian, maybe vegan, or you just ate meat like everyone else. Someone whose ideology influenced their eating habits was seen as extreme and frankly, most of us weren’t interested in hearing what that ideology was. Like most Chefs who have worked in highstress Michelin kitchens, I never held vegetarianism in any high regard. I wanted to slow cook melting chunks of meat, chargrill marbled steaks to perfection, make rich and intense jus from the bones and everything in-between. When I became Head Chef of the Verbier Lodge, I had to deal with suppliers face to face, and this was when I began to see the pressure that the meat industry is subject to. In many cases, profit and productivity are placed at a much higher value than animal welfare and sustainable farming practices. I started to understand that the meat industry is exactly that – an industry. Many of us have come to believe that meat is a commodity, and we should be able to have it whenever we want. Because of this mentality, we’ve lost a certain connection to the food we eat. I know there are a great many livestock farmers, butchers, and restaurants that care immensely about animal welfare and are very committed to delivering sustainable, ethical products. But I think even they would agree that overall, this is not the driving force of the market.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


It’s no secret that the livestock industry is responsible for 14.5% of our total greenhouse gas emissions. But as a Chef, what are you meant to do? I used to use my profession to justify my diet choices, but if I’m honest with myself I think there was a certain amount of willful ignorance involved. The more informed I have become about the meat industry, the harder it is to ignore its negative and harmful impact. So I’ll ask the question again: as a Chef, what are you meant to do?

Don’t just take the meat out! When the opportunity arose to work on a brand-new vegetarian program at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, I jumped at the chance. For the past few years, I’ve identified as a flexitarian, meaning I generally follow a plant-based diet. I will not order meat, choose it on a menu, or buy it for my home, but if I go to someone’s house for dinner and they have prepared meat, then I won’t be going hungry! I remember hearing the word “flexitarian” for the first time and finding it ridiculous, but it means you are thinking about the ways you consume and the choices you make as a consumer. I don’t believe anyone can tell you how you should or shouldn’t eat as it is a very complex issue, but the more informed we are, the better we can reflect and have honest discussions. A frequent complaint when it comes to vegan and vegetarian gastronomy is that chefs will often simply remove the meat from a dish and call it “the vegetarian option.” This is a perfectly


Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

valid complaint – part of being a Chef is being creative with food and searching for new ways of transforming an ingredient. Vegetarian and vegan cooking shouldn’t consist of traditional meals with the animal products removed - half the time, that will leave us with a plate of lettuce. Instead, vegan and vegetarian cuisine should be seen as a blank canvas on which chefs can create something new and interesting by drawing on all their experiences and understanding of products. A lot of our favorite foods are born from the creativity of cultures and communities whose aim is to make the most of whatever ingredients they have on hand and in abundance. The examples of this kind of innovation are endless: when wine was clarified using egg whites, the Bordeaux Canelé was created to avoid wasting the yolks. The French soup Bouillabaisse was initially made from damaged fish that fisherman’s wives knew couldn’t be sold. During the war in the UK we would add herbs and breadcrumbs to sausages to stretch the quantity - now this recipe is a proud regional specialty. These examples go to show that an abundance of fresh or imported ingredients doesn’t always lead to the best dishes- it’s often when faced with a challenge that the best dishes and ideas are born. Removing ingredients from our diet is not restrictive, it merely demands you to be innovative. With the growing popularity of vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian diets, the world is moving toward a higher consumption of plants. Taking this direction with our diet seems to be a sustainable choice for the future and is an exciting opportunity for the culinary industry to adapt to new trends.

Who Makes the World Taste Better? Ever wonder who makes your favorite foods and drinks taste as good as they do? We’re the team who gives your iced tea that fresh brewed flavor, your organic energy drink its natural boost, and your cream liqueur its decadence!

Allen Flavors is a Proud Partner of the 2021 Founders Cup

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Early Shopper Gift Guide !""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ 012"3')$4556' Food & Beverage Magazine$$$v October Issue


EARLY SHOPPER’S HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR YOUR FAVORITE HOME COOKS AND FOODIES FROM CHEFWAVE There’s one thing that even the most enthusiastic home cooks crave — less time in the kitchen and more time for the things that matter. The people at ChefWave get that. That’s why they specialize in artfully designed kitchen products that make home cooking simpler, more efficient, and more inspired. The Brooklyn-based, family-owned business offers a full range of kitchen appliances and gadgets for those who believe health and family are everything. For home cooks on your holiday gift list who want to make great-tasting food without sacrificing time or quality, these products may be just the ticket. for

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all chefwave gift item use code: CHEFWAVE20


Intermix Hand Immersion Blender Do more with the ChefWave InterMix 500-Watt 9-Speed Immersion Hand Blender. Featuring two 6.3- and 8.5inch immersion wands, a whisk, a 20-ounce beaker and a food chopper with a 20-ounce bowl, InterMix is equipped with the tools to mix, blend, whisk and chop with efficiency and versatility. This affordable, quick, easy-to-clean hand blender should become a fixture in any kitchen.


The Elado Ice Cream Maker EASY-TO-MAKE DESSERTS: Create fro-yo, sorbet, gelato, and ice cream. This 2-quart capacity machine makes ice cream in just 20 minutes and offers an adjustable timer for custom results. CONVENIENT: The double-insulated freeze bowl has an easy-to-use control panel with LED digital display; SMART DESIGN: Easylock lid prevents messes / Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel.


Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

FOR THE COFFEE AND TEA CONNOISSEUR Choose from a whole line of products that combine craftsmanship with ingenuity. Everyone needs an electric kettle, and this Lightweight Electric Pour-Over model is an ergonomic beauty (available in matte black or matte white) that heats 3 cups of water in a flash.

Then there’s the Artisan Series — in sleek black with bamboo accents, these eco-friendly products look as great as they work. The adorable 20-oz. Ceramic Tea Pot steeps faster with its spacious, dishwasher-safe stainless steel infuser. French Press coffee fans will love the 34-oz. Large double-insulated model (check out the handle’s built-in 3-minute hourglass timer) or the handy 16.5-oz. Travel model. For those with a preference for a Pour-Over Coffee Maker, this set with a ceramic cone, wood ring, and stainless steel stand is perfect. And grind-it-yourselfers will flip over the Manual Conical Burr Mill Coffee Grinder, complete with adjustable settings and its own little cleaning brush!

FOR VEGAN FAMILY AND FRIENDS Homemade dairy-free milk just got faster and easier with the Milkmade. No prep work needed with this miracle machine — just add water and a handful of rice, almonds, oats, soybeans, cashews, macadamias, or coconut. Then press a button, and you’ve got 20 oz. of wholesome, vegan beverage in about 15 minutes for just pennies. Drink it straight up or use it in all kinds of recipes, from dairy-free meat dishes and ice cream to lattes, smoothies, and chocolate milk. It weighs just one pound, stands 18 inches tall, and comes with its own glass storage container. It even cleans up after itself!

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Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Women-Ran Afghan Saffron Farm Produces Organic Saffron and Recipes to Enjoy it For centuries, Afghanistan was recognized as the preeminent junction of the Silk Road trade routes between Asia and Europe-- a country rich in natural resources and timeless craftsmanship. Afghan saffron has officially ranked #1 in the world for best quality at an international taste and quality institute in Brussels, Belgium. Silk Road Saffron’s farm started in 2019 and it’s purpose was to create jobs for the women of Afghanistan. Silk Road Saffron grows their organic saffron on a farm in Herat, Afghanistan and ensures that it is the highest standard. They believe in connecting the world through an exchange of goods and culture. They are passionate about cooking with this unique spice and are excited to share this with the world. Silk Road Saffron will be regularly contributing saffron-inspired recipes with Food & Beverage Magazine, please cook with us.

Saffron Garlic Shrimp Scampi Recipe Serving size: 4 • • • • • •

2 lbs shrimp 1 stick unsalted butter 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon salt (or measure to taste) 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (or measure to taste) 1 pinch of Silk Road Saffron

Directions: Melt butter in pan. Add shrimp followed by spices. Cook shrimp thoroughly on one side until a light pink color. Flip and cook the other side.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


Recipe of the Month

Pizza Girl Spaghetti Martinis Entrepreneur and chef, aka Pizza Girl, Caroline D’Amore, Relaunched her notable organic Pizza Girl line, the popular line of Non-GMO USDA Certified Organic, locally sourced pasta sauces this past summer, following a production regroup due to the pandemic and ingredient supply shortages. The line is now back on shelves at top natural foods retailers across California inclusive of WHOLE FOODS (65 locations), BRISTOL FARMS and GELSON’S supermarkets. The Italian Chef meets influencer has also relaunched her ECOMM site and Introduced new ECO-Friendly shippers to eliminate plastic waste.

Pizza Girl Vodka Martini The perfect entertaining dish Makes 8 servings Ingredients: • • • • • • • • •


1/2 jar of Pizza Girl Vodka Sauce 24 x fresh uncooked shrimp 2 x garlic cloves (large) I pack of your favourite spaghetti 2 Tbls Olive Oil Truffle Oil Handful Grated Parmesan Cheese Pink Salt Fresh Ground Pepper

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Instructions: 1. Cook Spaghetti 2. Add olive oil and fresh garlic to pan on medium heat until fragrant, add shrimp and cook through then remove from pan. 3. Add Pizza Girl Vodka Sauce, then cooked pasta and splash of the pasta water to the pan. 4. Curl noodles and sauce into a tall martini glass 5. Add 3 shrimp on top 6. Add a drizzle of truffle oil , sea salt and pepper 7. Sprinkle with Parmesan, garnish with a sprig of Italian parsley Pizza Girl is offered currently in Marinara, Arrabbiata, & Vodka Sauce flavors, which are also available at in 24 oz ethically bottled glass jars for $10.99, or in bulk packages. Follow @pizzagirlofficial on instagram.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


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those — in relationships or not — looking to rekindle their romantic life, and reconnect with pleasure. (A recent study by Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 60 percent of adults in lockdown were not having sex, including masturbation.) Seeking to meet the need of declining interpersonal and physical relationships during the pandemic with a plant-based solution brought this functional flavor, AROUSAL, to life. It’s the first and only ready-todrink beverage designed to support sexual energy. As a professional herbalist, educator, and life-long naturalist, I have been studying the relationship between plants and people my entire life. As FREE RAIN’s in-house herbalist, when I was presented with the concept of creating a beverage to boost arousal, I knew we were onto something. Love and libido suffered during the peak of the pandemic and the FREE RAIN team had identified the interest of


FREE RAIN is the naturally-enhanced sparkling water for those seeking more — more flavor, more function, and more feeling. With four bold flavors, each can contains benefit-driven ingredients designed to elevate or relax the mind and body throughout the day. Key ingredients include eleuthero for more energy, ashwagandha for more focus, passionflower for more calm and now maca for more arousal.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Having worked with FREE RAIN in the past on their CALM, ENERGY, and FOCUS flavors, I knew we could come up with something exceptional l. Featuring maca, an herb traditionally and historically used for libido (among many other benefits) , we infused AROUSAL with a full, functional dose of 500mg. (This is enough to perform, while also leaving room for multiple servings or mixing with other flavors like CALM, say. Maca is a nourishing herb that can promote performance, enhance sexual energy, and support hormonal balance. In addition to it, we blended in the bright flavors of grapefruit and basil to create a sophisticated, nuanced taste.The name AROUSAL evolved from both he purpose of the drink, the best way to describe the function of the maca, and the sensorial experience of drinking — and smelling! — the aroma,, invigorating flavor, and enticing color.

In terms of getting the most benefit from AROUSAL, I’d suggest pairing it with other aphrodisiacs such as cacao, damiana, or lavender. Remembering that aphrodisiacs may be ingestibles, scents, sights, sensations or even ideas. In addition to cocktailing, one could light a great candle, or slip into something arousing to the touch. For even more,, AROUSAL is a perfect

adult beverage mixer. For visual stimulation, try serving Arousal in an intriguing glass with a creative garnish or sweet-salted rim. Consider all of the senses, and encourage all parties to partake! Of course the beauty of FREE RAIN is that it’s already aa fullspectrum beverage that doesn’t require blending.

As for the future of functional herbs in the beverage aisle, I can only imagine the trend continuing to accelerate. The demand for benefit-lead food and drinks is surging and about that, I’m thrilled! . I do believe the future of health is holistic, self-guided, accessible, integrated, and naturebased. In other words: herbalism.

Arousal Cocktail Recipe: Liquid Lemon Bar

INGREDIENTS 1/2 can Arousal FREE RAIN 1 TBSP lemon juice 1 - 2 tsp honey Several dashes bitters (try lemon or black lemon)

Optional: 1 - 2 dropperfuls of a Kava tincture Combine ingredients and stir Serve over ice in a glass with a sugared rim. Top with several crates of lemon zest

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue


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Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue

Brand News: WILD TONIC® Jun Kombucha’s Signature 4 Pack 5.6% ABV Alc Slim cans to roll out to Arizona Trader Joe’s locations as of October. In-demand flavor profiles of Blueberry Basil and Raspberry Goji Rose to hit shelves at Trader Joe’s in AZ, with an SRP of $10.99. (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tucson, Prescott.) “We are so thrilled for Wild Tonic to be rolling out our slim cans in the ABV variety to Trader Joe’s in our home state of Arizona. Our company is based in Sedona, so the home-state support is always exciting. The ABV market continues to grow globally, and our brand will continue to offer consumers quality jun kombucha varietals in our convenient, eco-friendly cans.” - Founder, Holly Lyman Brand News: WILD TONIC® Jun Kombucha announces the return of its seasonal fan-favorite flavor Chai Pear, hitting store shelves nationwide (Natural Grocers nationally, and various retailers across sub region markets) on October 1, 2021. The must-have fall beverage that is not only refreshing with the juicy pear flavor, it is carefully crafted to perfection with seasonal flavor notes of warm cinnamon, honey and slight fennel sweetness creating the delicious Chai Spice Blend. “We always look forward to Chai Pear’s annual return and our fans do, too,” said founder Holly Lyman. “Nothing gets you in the spirit of the fall season more than the warm flavors of cinnamon and fennel!” WILD TONIC® Jun Kombucha offers

a refreshing honey-influenced taste that stands out far beyond any other Kombucha on the market, with a flavor profile unlike any other Kombucha beverage! Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha keeps you hydrated and is rich in probiotics and antioxidants, making the bubbly fermented beverage a fan-favorite. Kombucha has grown in popularity over the last few years, but many are unfamiliar with Jun, a cousin of traditional Kombucha. WILD TONIC® Jun Kombucha also comes in a variety flavors like its best sellers Raspberry Goji Rose + Blueberry Basil and offers traditional non-alc Jun Kombucha in 12/12oz cans for $29.99, Hard 5.6% ABV Kombucha 8/12oz cans for $29.99 and 16/12oz cans for $55.00. Non-alc is available to ship nationwide, Hard 5.6% ABV only available to direct ship in Arizona per state regulations. The direct to consumer pricing overview includes Traditional Non-alc Jun Kombucha 12/12oz cans for $29.99, Hard 5.6% ABV Kombucha 8/12oz cans for $29.99 and 16/12oz cans for $55.00. Nonalc is available to ship nationwide, Hard 5.6% ABV only available to direct ship in Arizona per state regulations. CHAI PEAR: The Chai Pear seasonal variety is available in Wild Tonic’s environmentally friendly signature cobalt blue 16oz bottle in traditional non-alc Jun Kombucha, and sold at major retailers like Natural Grocers, as well as regional locations of Good Earth, Seven Grains Market, Vintage Grocers, Cid’s Food Market, and Whole Foods, as well as e-commerce https://www. In addition, Wild Tonic is currently available on Instacart and Amazon, Favor, PostMates, Uber Eats, and many other retailers and beverage delivery services around the country. Distributed in 45 states, Wild Tonic can be found in natural health food stores, major retail chains, and exclusive restaurants and resorts. What sets Wild Tonic apart from other kombucha on the market is It is crafted primarily with honey instead of cane sugar which produces a refreshing, delicate result, absent of a ‘vinegar’ bite common in traditional Kombucha. The initial brew of sustainably sourced tea and honey along with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is infused with organic fruits, herbs and botanicals to create the signature smooth taste. Wild Tonic contains prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids and antioxidants, without any artificial flavorings or sulfites. The WILD TONIC® story begins with an artist and her passion for innovation and creativity. Painter, Holly Lyman, worked with beeswax, an ancient medium known as encaustic, for many years until she discovered the art of fermentation. One day, her love of painting with beeswax transformed into working with honey, another labor of love created by the bees. As with many creative endeavors that sometimes spill into other forms of expression, Holly unexpectedly found herself fascinated with a rare ferment known as Jun. She brewed with this living culture day after day until several years and brewed experiments later, WILD TONIC® Jun Kombucha was born!

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MY GRANDMOTHER’S DIARIES From the memoir and cookbook Eating Again, by Alice Carbone Tench, to be published January 22, 2022 by Heliotrope Books. When my grandmother died in 2001, she left me all her diaries. There isn’t a day when I don’t feel her presence in my life, her protection, her comfort, and her guidance. One of her diaries is always on my desk and from that desk she also looks at me, through the film of a photograph; melancholic but smiling genuinely, she looks elegant, with perfectly sculpted thin eyebrows and no makeup other than red lipstick. She looks exactly as I remember her, loving and yet austere. I didn’t start writing until much later in life, but I remember trying for years to keep a diary like she did. No matter how tired she was, every night before going to bed, she would write a few words about the day that had just ended. I never had that rigor, that discipline. So, I look at her stories, written with simple words and a mix of Italian and Piedmont dialect (Piemontese), and feel a lot of respect for her, for how she found, in a simple and humble life, not an easy one, something always worth noting on paper. I think I learned from her that every story is worth sharing.

going mushroom picking with her and my grandfather, reciting the rosary in the sanctuary by the lake throughout the month of May. I remembered daily slivers of life together, such as walking from my elementary school to their place every day, for lunch. Lunch at her house, every day after school, was the most beautiful time of day. The tiny kitchenette with its turquoise table and cabinets became my culinary Disneyland. “What’s for lunch, Madri?” I’d ask, always hungry. “Hearts and lungs,” she would say one day. I’d smile, helping my grandfather set the table, and counting down the seconds to finally eat one of my favorite delicacies. The stew of beef hearts and lungs, with onion and red wine, was one of her specialties. She served it regularly and I couldn’t get enough. My mother hated onions, so she would never cook them at home. I loved onions, and my grandmother would always find endless ways to serve them, whether stuffed with meat, in the stew, in a frittata, or in her signature tomato sauce. The sweetness and the embracing, gentle flavor of onions is one taste that I recall most vividly, and that brings me back to that house, to those years, to the past.

But there was one more link between the two of us: Food. Even when stories were permeated by sadness, by difficulties and hardships, she always wrote what she ate, what she cooked, the menus at events that she and my grandfather attended, and the food she ate in the hospital during the several times she was hospitalized for depression. “Ben, read this,” I’d call to him at almost every page. “I so remember when she’d make kale and potato soup, or tuna with eggs and tomato sauce…I loved it.”

If I close my eyes today, I can still taste the onion melting in my mouth, cooked for hours in the stew, and then the crunchiness of the hearts against the irresistible sponginess of the lungs. I loved her stuffed bell peppers, her stuffed onions, and her stuffed zucchini, that she made with meat, cabbage, eggs, and lots of parmesan cheese. This is what food does to me: It takes me places, it takes me back, it awakens memories, and it heals the sense of loss, of regret, and of fear. Food brings me closer to Madri, to my past, and to what I strive every day to preserve and share with my family and friends.

I remembered much more than I initially thought—like

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Stuffed Tomatoes serves eight

Preparation Time: 1 hour or 1-1/2 hours if making homemade mayonnaise

Ingredients: 4 large, round tomatoes 1/4 cup capers 3 anchovy fillets 3 tbsp. mayonnaise (or to taste) 2 cans of Italian tuna in extra-virgin olive oil Juice and zest of . lemon 2 eggs Fresh dill, thyme, and parsley to taste Salt and pepper to taste

Method: Rinse the tomatoes, and cut off the tops, being careful to not break them, as they will be used for decoration.

let them drain upside-down while you prepare the filling. Hard boil two eggs. This is a very fun part because you can make your own version of filling. In a mixing bowl, mix the tuna (drained from its olive oil), the mayo, a squeeze of lemon juice and some zest (to taste). Finely chop the capers, the herbs, and the anchovies, then add to the tuna mix. Cut the eggs finely into the mix. Stir well to combine all the ingredients, then taste, and add salt, lemon and herbs accordingly. You can also add more anchovies if you’d like. This is a very creative recipe that allows you plenty of room to make it yours. Stuff the tomatoes with the filling, sit down, and enjoy!

Gently scoop out the inner part, add some salt and

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78 '#

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THE RETURN OF COOKIE POP’S SPOOKTACULAR SPECIAL EDITION HALLOWEEN COOKIE POP OREO® POPCORN MADE WITH REAL COOKIE PIECES BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND The Flavorful, Low-Calorie Popcorn drizzled with orange chocolate is available nationwide in 5.25oz Size Bags

Celebrate Halloween this year with the return of SNAX-Sational Brands’ spooktacular special edition Halloween Cookie Pop OREO® popcorn made with real cookie pieces, drizzled to perfection with orange chocolate. It will make its Halloween debut again this year at retailers nationwide, including ShopRite, H.E.B., Hy-Vee, select Kroger grocers and e-comm ( for $3.99 in 5.25oz size bags. The Halloween Cookie Pop, made with real OREO cookie pieces, is the highly anticipated limited edition offering that won’t disappoint with its delicious combo of both salty and sweet flavors, with each piece drizzled to perfection with orange chocolate The perfect Halloween treat to hand out to trick-or-treaters, or for entertaining at home with close family and friends, pairing with scary movie marathons. “Popcorn mixed with cookie and candy are a must-have combos you never knew you needed until Cookie Pop and Candy Pop disrupted the snack aisle. I am thrilled that we continue to roll out incredible pairings with the top cookie and candy names in the world. It is such an exciting product and we continue to roll out new flavors for consumers to enjoy. Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays, so we are excited to share this snack lovers nationwide.” Adam Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer of SNAX-Sational Brands Group. SNAX-Sational Brands’ premiere power duo Cookie Pop and Candy Pop, continues


to be the innovative popcorn snacking leader combining everyone’s favorite things - readyto-eat popcorn featuring America’s cookie and candy favorites, yielding the perfect, must-have snack creation. The better-foryou-snack is made 100% in the U.S. with non-GMO corn, is low in sodium and only 150 calories per serving. The popular, low-calorie, cookie or candy-coated line was named a “Top 20 Snack of 2020” by Buzzfeed and continues to garner attention amongst consumers, media and celebrities, from Cardi B. to Lance Bass to Robert De Niro to Ashley Greene to Mario Lopez to Cedric The Entertainer. The full line of flavor varieties include Candy Pop made with M&M’s® Minis candy pieces, Cookie Pop made with OREO® cookie pieces, Candy Pop made with SNICKERS®, Candy Pop made with TWIX® candy pieces, Candy Pop made with Butterfinger® candy pieces and Cookie Pop made with CHIPS AHOY!® cookie pieces, with new flavor profiles launching in 2021. As part of the brand’s ongoing “SnackGiving” initiative, a portion of proceeds from all sales of all flavor varieties benefit The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and their efforts as of December 2020. Most notably, their new Seacrest Studio at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. The new Seacrest Studio makes it possible for children and teens to get behind the camera and mic to develop, star and interact in original TV and radio programming during their hospital stays. Patients will also have the ability to call down to the studio via their

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hospital room phone to engage in events they are watching on their screen. A portion of proceeds from all popcorn bag sales are donated to the foundation. ABOUT COOKIE POP & CANDY POP SNAX-Sational Brands Group premiere popcorn brands, Cookie Pop and Candy Pop, are composed of the popular Cookie Pop and Candy Pop varieties. Since its debut, it has become America’s #1 popcorn brand, featuring flavors such as Cookie Pop with OREO®, Cookie Pop made with CHIPS AHOY!®, Candy Pop made with TWIX®, Candy Pop made with SNICKERS®, Candy Pop made with M&M’s® Minis, Candy Pop made with Peanut M&M’s®, and their latest flavors, Cookie Pop made with NUTTER BUTTER®, Cookie Pop with OREO® Halloween Edition and Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS®. They are the leader in the industry as a sweet & savory pioneer, combining delicious signature candy flavors and cookie coatings with lowsodium, non-GMO corn, at only 150 calories per serving. The combination has become the go-to snacking item at both Hollywood premieres and at-home movie watching. With retail partners such as Walmart, Hy-Vee, Sam’s Club, Costco, Kroger, Food4Less, Five Below, and Stater Bros., the brand continues to debut their latest licensed varieties. Follow @CookiePop_CandyPop #CookiePop #CandyPop on social media for news and updates, and visit the brand’s all new website inclusive of their e-commerce shop online at

SNAX-SATIONAL BRANDS TO INTRODUCE “CANDY POP MADE WITH SOUR PATCH KIDS® BITZ” AS NEWEST, EXCITING FLAVOR INNOVATION! Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS® Bitz Edition Launches From America’s Most Popular Popcorn Brand In Time For Halloween 2021 At Walmart Nationwide SNAX-Sational Brands’ premiere popcorn brand, inclusive of Cookie Pop and Candy Pop, debuts its next Candy Pop creation, Candy Pop Popcorn made with SOUR PATCH KIDS® Bitz, which first previewed to much buzz at the SWEETS & SNACKS EXPO in June of this year. Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS® Bitz popcorn will hit shelves officially mid October 2021, with a first introduction at Walmart stores nationwide. Just in time for Halloween, the sour and sweet flavor profile will be available to consumers nationwide, first in Walmart, then ECOMM, with other retailers such as the Hy-Vee supermarket chain to follow. The fan favorite confection brand SOUR PATCH KIDS® has never before debuted in an official savory pairing, a match destined to blow away consumers, combining this favorite movie-snacking treat with popcorn, the movie snacking staple. SOUR PATCH KIDS® by Mondelez International are a tasty soft gummy candy with a coating of sour sugar, so the taste of the candy changes from sour to sweet. Americans will be able to enjoy this new innovative combination of their two favorite treats, already packaged for them and flavored to perfection. SNAX-Sational Brands’ premiere power duo Cookie Pop and Candy Pop, continues to be the innovative popcorn snacking leader combining everyone’s favorite things - readyto-eat popcorn featuring America’s cookie and candy favorites, yielding the perfect, must-have snack creation. The better-foryou-snack is made 100% in the U.S. with non-GMO corn, is low in sodium and only

150 calories per serving. The popular, low-calorie, cookie or candy-coated line was named a “Top 20 Snack of 2020” by Buzzfeed and continues to garner attention amongst consumers, media and celebrities, from Cardi B. to Lance Bass to Robert De Niro to Joey King to Mario Lopez to Ashley Greene, and more. “This new Candy Pop combination is going to blow consumers away. We are so excited to roll out Candy Pop SOUR PATCH KIDS® to Walmart stores in time for Halloween. We have worked so hard to perfect this new popcorn variety which features a REDBERRY® flavored coating on our signature popcorn with authentic SOUR PATCH KIDS® Bitz mixed in. The taste is absolutely delicious, exploding with sweet and savory flavors. It is truly an exciting moment for our brand and the entire team at SNAX-Sational, and we are grateful to Mondelēz for trusting us with this creation!” - Frank Florio, Creator, Cookie Pop and Candy Pop Additionally, as part of the brands ongoing “Snackgiving” initiative, a portion of proceeds from all sales of SNAX-Sational Brands varieties, inclusive of all Candy Pop bag sales, benefit The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and their efforts, most notably, their partnership with Children’s Hospitals nationwide, inclusive of the all new Seacrest Studios at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. The new Seacrest Studio makes it possible for children and teens to get behind the camera and mic to develop, star and interact in original TV and radio programming during their hospital

stays. Patients also have the ability to call down to the studio via their hospital room phone to engage in events they are watching on their screen, in which their signature daily show “Pop Talk” gave a sneak peek of the new SOUR PATCH KIDS® flavor earlier this month. ABOUT COOKIE POP & CANDY POP SNAX-Sational Brands Group premiere popcorn brands, Cookie Pop and Candy Pop, are composed of the popular Cookie Pop and Candy Pop varieties. Since its debut, it has become America’s #1 popcorn brand, featuring flavors such as Cookie Pop with OREO®, Cookie Pop made with CHIPS AHOY!®, Candy Pop made with TWIX®, Candy Pop made with SNICKERS®, Candy Pop made with M&M’s® Minis, Candy Pop made with Peanut M&M’s®, and their latest flavors, Cookie Pop made with NUTTER BUTTER® and Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS®. They are the leader in the industry as a sweet & savory pioneer, combining delicious signature candy flavors and cookie coatings with low-sodium, nonGMO corn, at only 150 calories per serving. The combination has become the go-to snacking item at both Hollywood premieres and at-home movie watching. With retail partners such as Walmart, Hy-Vee, Sam’s Club, Costco, Kroger, Food4Less, Five Below, and Stater Bros., the brand continues to debut their latest licensed varieties. Follow @CookiePop_CandyPop #CookiePop #CandyPop on social media for news and updates, and visit the brand’s all new website inclusive of their e-commerce shop online at

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Coastal Spritz is pioneering the premium light wine market as they continue their national expansion with new and recently added retailers such as Wawa, BJ’s, 7-11, Albertsons and Costco, adding expanded distribution in states such as New Jersey, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, California and Massachusetts. They are currently available in their innovative 12 oz cans at retailers in 15 states with a specific regional focus for the SE, NE, MW and CA, and will continue to add on consumer markets as they strategically expand and dominate markets. Product is also available nationwide via ECOMM (www.

go lifestyle, easy entertaining, and as an accessible product in eco-friendly cans . The brand uses only premium wine that is sourced from the best vineyards in The Columbia Valley of Washington State, giving it a delicious and lighter take on canned wines without sacrificing the quality of the grapes that go into it.

Initially having launched in 2017, Coastal Spritz’s goal is to provide consumers with the highest quality wine spritz in ready - to - drink options, for an on-the-

Unlike other products in the category, Coastal Spritz does not use any artificial ingredients or sweeteners, instead, it uses a splash of real fruit juice and a hint of

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Currently offering 6 exceptional skus: Pineapple Rosé Spritz, Watermelon Rosé Spritz, and Classic Rosé Spritz, Sauvignon Blanc Spritz, Pinot Noir Spritz, and Oaked Chardonnay Spritz 6% abv. Coastal is also available on the brand’s website: https://coastalspritz. com

monk fruit as a sweetener in the pineapple & watermelon rosé skus. Introducing the first of its kind are the pure varietal 6% abv spritz collection. Coastal Spritz products contain less than 100 calories with 1-5 grams of sugar per each 12 oz. serving. They are all natural, gluten-free, Non-GMO and plant based. Simply stated, Coastal Spritz product is a convenient guilt-free pleasure for the premium wine drinker. Coastal has developed a strong following amongst influencers and celebrities as well, often seen at events and on instagram in the hands of names like Presley Gerber, Shwayze, RJ Ramirez, Audrina Patridge, The cast of Vanderpump Rules’, and many more.“We believe the premium wine drinker has been searching for a low abv option that holds the true varietal characteristics of the wine grown in the region. Being sourced from the best vineyards in The Columbia Valley of Washington State, giving it a delicious and lighter take on canned wines without sacrificing the quality of the grapes that go into it.” - BJ McCaslin, Founder, Coastal Spritz

BJ McCaslin has been a lifelong beverage and hospitality entrepreneur. After selling his last brand Vita Coco Cafe, he dove right back into wine and spirits after being inspired during a trip in New Orleans -- his true passion is innovating with liquid to lips. He saw the brand vision, and industry gap - and took the steps to bring it to life. “Coastal is pioneering light wine with pure premium varietals whilst spirit based are all cocktails. So we are basically taking really premium wine and making sure our consumers get the core varietal characteristics they love to taste when drinking their favorite brand of full ABV wine. For example, most wine coolers are sold only in 4 packs and as 8.2 oz cans. Coastal is offered as 4, 6, and 12 packs, in 12 oz cans. We see that as a category advantage and the catalyst to grow the wine base by cross merchandising with Spirit based RTDs and FMBs.” - BJ McCaslin, Brand Founder Coastal proudly donates a portion of proceeds to support the Ocean Foundation. Their mission is to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.

Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue



Food & Beverage Magazine v October Issue