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DOES FOOD APPS BENEFITS THE CUSTOMER? They offer convenience. Convenience is nice. I love room service. I love pizza delivery. I love eating pizza in my jammies in bed, even. But there are costs to convenience that we all need to consider. While I absolutely appreciate the allure of these conveniences, customers need to realize they are choosing something that will change the business and the quality of food in America, and probably not for the better. Plus, this trend moves us more toward a culture of mindless eating—a trend we need to stop for the sake of our health. People are rushing through meals, more distracted on their phones than ever today. In order to achieve wellness, people need to carve out more time to eat and enjoy their food. This is just as important as what you’re eating, and I think many Americans are missing this piece, which I’m afraid more delivery and convenience will make worse, not better.


IN YOUR OPINION ARE THERE ANY APPS ON THE MARKET THAT YOU WOULD RECOMMEND? EW I think restaurant people need to band together and fill this demand for delivery themselves, in cooperatives that care about food and put restaurants first. Call me if you interested. J F&B FOOD AND BEVERAGE TRENDS TEND TO CHANGE, WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THE NEW YEAR? EW I hope people start talking about farming and sustainability again and the opposite of convenience for a while. F&B WHAT CELEBRITY YOU WOULD LOVE TO COOK FOR OR, HAVE COOKED FOR? EW He isn’t really a traditional celebrity but he is in my book: Wendell Berry! Or Louis CK who is my favorite comedian ever. F&B BEST THING ABOUT BEING A CHEF IS? EW I don’t really consider myself a chef in the traditional sense. But, we people who create good food get to nourish and delight hundreds of people every day. Eating is very emotional, and it can impact people in a really special way. Also, restaurant people are funny. I laugh really hard pretty much every day. Food & Beverage Magazine |January 2017

Food & Beverage Magazine January 2017  

2017 TRENDS: Creation To Consumption Cover Story: Organic Valley-Grassmilk Yogurt 2017 Industry Promotions and Appointments Upcoming Events,...

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