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Organic Valley Organic Valley has been the leader in emphasizing pasture for cattle for decades. The very best animal care includes making sure they eat right, which means eating what nature intended them to eat. For cattle (which are herbivores), that means eating plants like grasses and legumes, not so much grains. In return they give us the healthiest ingredients. Organic Valley farmers are so dedicated to organic, pasture-based farming, they developed a line of 100% grass-fed dairy products. Grassmilk® milk, Grassmilk Yogurt™ and Grassmilk Cheese™ all come from milk provided by 100% grass-fed cows. The balance of omega-3 to omega-6 in Grassmilk products is near the ideal ratio nature intended: 1 to 1. This is amazing when you consider the national average ratio is heavily skewed to omega-6 (too many grain-based foods), which research has shown to be associated with inflammatory disease. When it comes to Grassmilk, you’re reminded of that classic old line: It’s good and good for you. So not only do you get high-quality nutrition from Grassmilk products, you get superior, delicate, authentic dairy taste. Silky, cream-on-top, whole milk Grassmilk Yogurts are small-batch-crafted from Grassmilk.

You can practically smell the clover flowers. Since it was founded in 1988 by seven farmers, the farmer-owned cooperative behind Organic Valley has never been inspired by fads. Business decisions are based on what’s right for people and planet. For nearly 30 years the co-op has remained steady and faithful to the mission. On-farm practices and business practices are geared to sustainability, emphasizing fair pay prices for family farmers to create the healthiest products for all families. Organic Valley products are always organic—which means no toxic pesticides/herbicides, GMOs, or antibiotics are added to the environment, our animals or our bodies. The business is committed to renewable energy in its business facilities and the supply chain, not to mention comprehensive wellness, education and training initiatives for employees. In fact, in 2015 Outside magazine voted the co-op one of the 100 best places to work in the U.S. Besides Grassmilk, Organic Valley farmers provide plenty of award-winning products, like Pasture-Raised Milk, cream, butter, cheese, yogurt, eggs, protein shakes, Good to Go 6.75 oz aseptic milk, and produce.

Food & Beverage Magazine |January 2017

Food & Beverage Magazine January 2017  

2017 TRENDS: Creation To Consumption Cover Story: Organic Valley-Grassmilk Yogurt 2017 Industry Promotions and Appointments Upcoming Events,...

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