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Food4Macc Direct Real Cakes Food4Macc Direct is offering delicious handmade real cakes from the Macclesfield Cake Company. The Macclesfield Cake Company is a Macclesfield based home baker producing quality handmade loaf cakes, all of which are made by hand using a bowl and a wooden spoon! We use local Cheshire free range eggs and Cheshire flour alongside English butter and English sugar as core ingredients in all our loaves. We source other ingredients locally where possible to keep our products as local as we can and support other Cheshire producers. The cakes use fresh ingredients and are free from artificial flavours and preservatives, but will last about a week. They also freeze well. If you find a cake that has a “sell by date” 6 or even 12 months out, you just know it must be full of preservatives! These aren’t! Our current range includes the following flavours, and all are baked using 1lb loaf tins:       

Apple and Mango - A moist sponge cake with pieces of apple and mango baked in. Bara Brith - Welsh tea loaf with sultanas, currants, raisins and mixed peel spiced with cinnamon and ginger. Date and Walnut - Sticky date and banana cake topped with walnuts. Chocolate Brownie - Dense chocolate brownie, delicious served warm with ice cream. Banoffee - Banana and toffee combined to give a moist cake. Raspberry and Vanilla - A vanilla Madeira cake with whole raspberries baked into it. Lemon and Lime Coconut Drizzle - A sticky tangy cake with undertones of coconut. Ginger Cake - A moist ginger sponge peppered with pieces of crystallised stem ginger.

We will review the selection on a regular basis and make changes based on your feedback.

How it will work 1 Until Food4Macc Direct is fully operational, you can sign up for a trial. During the trial, you can try as many cakes as you like, all priced at £3.50 – just tell us what you would like each week. 2 Cakes are baked on a Tuesday and available for collection Tuesday evening at the Waters Green Tavern near Macclesfield railway station from 6 to 6:30pm or Wednesday lunchtime at Age Concern at 8 Market Place from 12 noon to 2pm. 3 Tell us what you would like the following week each Thursday by 10pm, by sending an e-mail to with your order. 4 We are in the process of setting up Food4Macc Direct as a non-profit making organisation, funded through an annual membership fee to cover the set-up and running costs. 5 Once Food4Macc Direct is fully operational, you will be able to sign up for a Real Cake subscription for 3 months. The subscription will be £13.00 per month which will entitle you to a cake each week. Over the 3 months, this is 13 cakes in total – a real baker’s dozen! I’m interested, what do I do now? Send an e-mail to or phone Tim on 01260 253987 to let us know if you want to sign up for a Real Cake trial or to register your interest in a 3 month subscription.

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We've added a delicious Apple and Mango cake to our range!