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Discounted food - San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland area Finding discounted food can be a challenge. There are so many apps that offer full-price food, and few apps offer food at a reasonable rate. Halfy Hour is an innovative startup based in Silicon Valley that is attempting to revolutionalize the way merchants handle perishable goods and customers get deals on food. In November, Halfy Hour is planning to launch an iOS and Android mobile marketplace and will launch a web version soon afterwards.

The concept is quite simple. Halfy Hour lets a store list its surplus, unsold, perfectly good food as close to closing time as desired, and then alerts customers in the area that the store is having a “Halfy Hour Special.� Listed goods are available for purchase, ahead of time, at half-off the usual price. After that, customers have the ability to browse through discounted food, pay with a credit card, and pick up the purchased food within the window set by the restaurant. Customers will only receive the highest quality food that was good to sell on the day the food was listed it is against our Terms of Service to list unsafe food.

Cheap food online - San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley  

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