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Heard some things you didn’t know yet? South-Korea sounds like a pretty sweet country to live in. But that’s not all! We haven’t even mentioned Seoul yet. Their Special City, as the Koreans call it, is just as special as they claim it to be. Being home to over half of all South Koreans with about 10 million habitants, it’s nowadays considered as the leading rising global city. Amongst their inhabitants they home several of the world’s largest companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia. There’s also loads to see for the approximately 10 million international visitors they receive each year. With Mt. Bukhan (world’s most visited national park per square foot), the YTN Seoul Tower, the golden 63 building, The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain and the Sevit Floating Islands it sounds impossible to visit all these in just a week long holiday. If you’re not getting excited yet about going on exchange to Korea, maybe these last facts will definitely convince you! Cause if you’re a student who likes choice, Seoul has about 38 universities for you to pick. Amongst them are even 5 women universities. The city has their own student district called Hongdae. Containing everything a student could wish for, it seems like Korea has it all. No catch, no trickery and no lies. Korea really is that hidden gem adventurous students are looking for. And on top of all that, Korea wants you to find her! Loads of universities are cooperating with western universities to promote Korea as the rising country it certainly is. Now, are you excited? Did we convince you that the Republic of Korea is worth considering going to? We definitely know that the next time you’ll think about an exchange; this little Asian diamond will certainly come to mind!

“No catch, no trickery and no lies.”


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