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Choice of challenge You are a teenager, just finished secondary school and immediately you have to choose another study, but how?! ‘Probably this will be a period full of chances and opportunities’ Teenagers, also called pubers, are in a difficult position when they have finished their secundary school. They can’t even imagine what the studies are about and what they can do with it in the future. With a bit of luck and escort from their parents or teachers they could be inspired, but there is too many pressure to start a study as soon as possible and to finish as soon as possible. ‘It will be better when teenagers make their choices as late as possible for long term’ The majority of 18+ isn’t ready for complete indepence, because they have an absolutely inadequate imagination of the world. They can’t make any imagination of different scenarios and they have absolutely no idea what the consequences will be. There is still no connection between language and imagination. This is a strictly normal fact, because the group of teenagers don’t have any emotional experience at that moment of life. Teenagers have to develop themselves, this means physical, cognitive, social and emotional. With the years it would be more easy to make the right choices for long term because of the grown confidence and life experience.. It has been proved that young people going to university

at an early age often make the wrong choices. It will be a better idea to gain one or two years work experience or going abroad before you start at university, this aspect should be more stimulated by parents and teachers. Gaining work experience could help finding the things you probably like or even don’t like. While travelling and inquiering, you make a strong personal development which will help you to make the right choices for long term. It will help tp open your world, literally and figuratively, it will give teenagers another perspective in how things are working. In the end it will make them mature more faster. Parents experiences this period of their ‘pubers’ as a period full of stress and struggles, but see this period as a period full of chances and opportunities. Try to stimulate your children to develop themself instead of pushing them in one way. Working or studying abroad would help with the process like exploring new things, encounter new people, meet other cultures, speaking foreign languages and so on. In the end they are ready to make the right choices. Don’t put the accent on the negative side, but try to focus on how to open the world of a teenager. Therefor parents and teachers are essential in their unknown lifetime.


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