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Introduction Dear reader, Are you dreaming of blue skies, the hot sun and at the same time worrying about your internship next year? GOOD! Then you are in the right place, this magazine is exactly what you need to make those dreams come true. As you go through these pages a world of opportunity will open up. How does dreaming away in sunny Cape Town sound. Or living the carefree life in happy Bhutan. Getting hungry? Korean cuisine is there to spice you back up! Maybe this all sounds a bit to good to be true. Don’t fear, a beginners guide to an internship abroad and tips and tricks from student who went abroad we’ll take away all your fears. Learning from the best. Do’s and don’ts, hotspots, personal experiences abroad will hopefully give you, the reader a wider perspective of the endless possibilities abroad. An internship is where school ends and your career begins!

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All Abroad - Magazine International Week  
All Abroad - Magazine International Week