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MAKEUP’S MAKEOVER A FACE LIFT FOR THE FLAGSHIP STORE OF LAURA GELLER MAKEUP YIELDS A SPACIOUS AND MORE EFFECTIVE RETAIL SPACE A cluttered and crowded interior due to lack of storage and poor display techniques were among the many design issues to be addressed. The renovation, paired with rebranding efforts were aimed to push Laura Geller Makeup from a neighborhood favorite to a national icon.


Clockwise From Left: The store’s original floor plan. The tester counter. Two employees crowd around the POS. A haphazard arrangement of furniture seats customers awaiting makeup appointments. The store’s cluttered window displays.

Laura geller concept & Development

N> Scale: NTS

Clockwise From Left: A cleaner floor plan is made possible by improving circulation and adding storage. The private make up rooms feature dimmable night and day options. An early rendering features dual-sided suspended mirrors.

do you like red? To enhance the merchandise, a monochrome palette was used with only red added as accent. The simplicity of the palette creates a calm and unified space while allowing each shade of makeup to stand out.

The Money-Maker Clockwise From Right: A built-in TV offers dynamic graphics and video for customers waiting in line. The brand’s logo is inscribed in stone. A functional cash wrap features ergonomically adjustable monitors, pull out trays for equipment, and made to measure compartments for supplies and packaging. A close up of the translucent corian on the cash wrap reveals abstracted, hexagonal lips shapes.

Laura geller Final production

I’m ready for my close-up Clockwise From Left: A Laura Geller gift set. An overall shot of the store. A changeable display niche. The tester counter allows customers to free their hands by putting belongings in the cubbies below. A magazine side table is flanked by twin banquets for shoppers to rest. The window display is suspended to bring merchandise to eye level.

Tidbit: The bottom of the display window features a concealed hatch for access to the exterior lighting that illuminates the store’s facade at night.

Chapter 3  

Retail Concepts and Merchandising

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