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Vol. 3 No. 15

December 7, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Plain Country!

A Christmas Memory By Jane Attina

My fondest Christmas memories are those times past spent with family. Growing up in a big city house with my parents, grandparents and aunts, there was never a dull moment. I only had one sister and I was the elder by six years. I spent a great deal of time helping to take care of her especially when the rest of the family was preparing for the Christmas feast! This side of my family was of Czechoslovakian decent, which meant they made great ethnic food that I still fondly recall. Grandmother’s annual meal consisted of rabbit (caught and skinned by grandfather!) with a white dill sauce and mashed potatoes. She also made a special mushroom barley casserole in a huge pan. Every year I tried just a bit of it to make my grandmother happy, but I never did acquire

the taste. For

dessert we had a Christmas sweet bread that grandmother lovingly braided into a loaf. But my favorite was the apple strudel! I recall the evenings before when she and grandfather stretched the strudel dough across the whole kitchen table, and a big table it was. Slowly and carefully so that it would not tear, it became a thin sheet that she filled with apples, rolled up and cut into sections. Imagine that sweet smell baking in the oven! Some years ago while on the bookmobile I was telling a young boy named James about the rabbit dinner and how I remembered watching grandfather get it ready for cooking. At that time my grandfather had passed but grandmother was still preparing the holiday meal except that the rabbit was a frozen one from the store. The following week at the same stop, James came to the Bookmobile with a surprise for me. It was a skinned rabbit ready for the pot!

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December 7, 2011

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Happy Birthday!! Dec. 7 James H. Miller (8) Dec. 8 Firman J. Miller (31) Dec. 8 Nathaniel V. Hershberger (12) Dec. 8 Atlee C. Weaver (37) Dec. 9 William Byler Jr. (16) Dec. 9 Allen J. Miller (59) Dec. 9 Wayne M. Miller (12) Dec. 9 Martha W. Byler (3) Dec. 9 Ruth Ellen Miller (7) Dec. 10 Nancy (Jake) Yoder (31) Dec. 10 Robert R. Hershberger (14) Dec. 11 Paul G. Bender (11) Dec. 13 Mrs. Firman (Miriam) Miler Dec. 14 Elma (John) Byler (23) Dec. 14 Mrs. Elmina Schlabach (23) Dec. 16 John E. Mast (72) Dec. 16 Alan Ray Byler (John) (5) Dec. 16 Mrs. (Allen) Liz Byler (74) Dec. 16 Kathy R. Detweiler (31) Dec. 16 Bethany Byler (Steven) (8) Dec. 17 Nancy Mae Yutzy (4) Dec. 17 Betty Ann V. Hershberger (18) Dec. 17 Laura A. Weaver (9) Dec. 18 Leona M. Miller (11) Dec. 19 Mrs. E. M. Emma Slaubaugh (71) Dec. 19 Mrs. (Roman Jr.) Kate Troyer (50) Dec. 19 Jacob A. Miller (29) Dec. 19 Mrs. Rosanna Slabaugh (37) Dec. 20 James I. Miller (16) Dec. 20 Kathy B. Miller (10) Dec. 21 Cathy L. Miller (31) Dec. 22 Laura W. Mullet (7) Dec. 22 Robert C. Hershberger Dec. 22 Mrs. (John H.) Katie Yoder (74) Dec. 23 Ruth L. Miller (24) Dec. 23 Mrs. David (Barbara) Byler (34) Dec. 23 Mrs. Mae Kauffman (23) Dec. 24 Andrew M. Miller (6) Dec. 24 Chester C. Byler Jr. (16) Dec. 24 Mrs. (Eli) Martha Miller (77) Dec. 24 Marion Sue D. Kurtz (15) Dec. 25 Marc B. Miller (7) Dec. 26 Mary Jane G. Bender (8) Dec. 26 Allen Ray Weaver (3) Dec. 27 Bonnie Schlvensky Dec. 27 Mrs. (John) Betty Mullet (65) Dec. 27 Kathryn D. Kurtz (25) Dec. 28 Allen J. Miller Jr. (17)

Dec. 28 Mrs. Magdalena Miller (38) Dec. 28 James J. Yoder (11) Dec. 29 Norman A. Miller (18) Dec. 29 Leah R. Detweiler (38) Dec. 29 Wayne A. Weaver (4) Dec. 29 Jerry W. Miller (48) Dec. 31 Daniel L. Miller (8) Jan. 1 Eve L. Hershberger (5) Jan. 3 Lorena E. Weaver (15) Jan. 6 Mrs. Nancy Hershberger Jan. 11 Viola A. Weaver (27) Jan 11 Mark R. Hershberger Jan. 12 Aaron R. Hershberger Jan 12 Mrs. Martha Kuhns Jan. 13 Nathan J. Miller (1) Jan. 13 Carol Yutzy Jan. 13 Myron A. Miller (15) Jan. 14 Ervin P. Weaver Jr. (44) Jan. 14 Laura W. Weaver (44) Jan. 15 Esther Hershberger Jan. 17 Kaylene E. Weaver (11) Jan. 19 Mrs. Ada Marie Miller Jan. 19 Mrs. Freemon N. Miller Jan. 19 Mrs. Lori Yutzy Jan. 20 Allen E. Weaver Jr. (27) Jan. 20 Mary Ann Weaver (70) Jan. 20 Barbara M. Byler Jan. 21 Rachel Miller (21) Jan. 24 Rebecca Kauffman

Children’s Immunization Clinics

Geauga County General Health District hosts local children’s immunization clinics. Immunizations for children and adolescents are free of charge for all Geauga County residents regardless of income. For nonGeauga residents, there is a $5 fee per child, per visit. MIDDLEFIELD CLINIC Second Wednesday, Dec. 14 and Jan 11 from 9 – 11:30 a.m. Clinic will be held at St. Lucy Mission, 16280 Kinsman Road (Route 87 east), Middlefield. Third Wednesday, Dec. 21 amd Jam. 18 from 9 – 11:30 a.m. Clinic will be held at St. Lucy Mission, 16280 Kinsman Road (Route 87 east), Middlefield. Third Thursday, Dec. 15 and Jan. 19 from 3 – 6 p.m. Clinic will be held at St. Lucy Mission, 16280 Kinsman Road (Route 87 east), Middlefield. NEWBURY TOWNSHIP CLINIC Wednesday, Dec. 28 and Jan. 25 from 9 – 11:30 a.m. Clinic will be held at Grace Evangelical Bible Church, 14951 Auburn Road, Newbury.

Belated Happy Birthday Nov. 15 Dec. 1 Dec. 2 Dec. 3 Dec. 3 Dec. 6

Kenny (Aaron) Weaver (5) Marlin E. Weaver (6) Susan E. Miller (48) Ray E. Slabaugh (47) Gideon W. Bender (39) Barbara Miller (49)

In Memoriam

Special Happy Birthday to: Dec. 8 Joseph E. Byler (26) special son of Eli and Ester

In Memory

Allen J. G. Byler Born Dec. 7, 1943 … Died Dec. 4, 1981


Plain Country


Windsor School

Submitted by Barbara Ann Detweiler Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 listed what they are thankful for: … that Jesus died on the cross … that God made me … a house … clothes … a family … teachers .… school … candy and pop  … brother Joseph (a special child)

One Time I Was Afraid, A Fictional Story By Allen Byler, grade 8

When I was in the woods and about 1/2 mile from home, it was getting dark quickly. I hurried as fast as I could, but did not know where I was going. But, then I remembered that moss always grows on the north side of a tree. I found out that I was going in the wrong direction. By then, I was a mile away from home. I turned around to go north, and then I heard a panther scream in that direction, so I started to go around. Then I heard a timber wolf let out its long, lonely howl, and it was close. Immediately, I climbed up a big sycamore, which I was glad for because, not three minutes later, the big wolf came right to my tree and waited there. I thought I was going to freeze. I started to throw big sticks down at him, but he just dodged them. So I waited for two full hours till he went away. Then, I hurried down and found my way home.

Georgia Road School By Linda Weaver Eighth graders, teachers and parents went visiting other schools on Monday, Nov. 14. They were served a hot lunch on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Mary Ann Troyer (nee Miller), 85, of Middlefield, entered eternal rest Sunday evening, Nov. 20, 2011 after a lengthy illness, surrounded by her loving family. She was born in Middlefield to the late Albert and Mary Ann Miller. Mary Ann married Eli Ed Troyer on Dec. 6, 1945. She was a lifelong resident of Middlefield and a member of the Old Order Amish Church. Mary Ann was a homemaker who enjoyed sewing, traveling, and spending time with her family. Mary Ann will be missed by: her husband of 66 years, Eli Ed; children, Paul (Sadie) Troyer of Huntsburg, Val (Dawn) Troyer of N. Bloomfield, Sue (Les) Mullet of Middlefield, Dorothy (Andy Jr.) Miller of Middlefield, Alta (Eli “Bim”) Byler of Middlefield, Marie (Dan) Mast of Middlefield, Katie (Noah) Schmucker of Orwell; 29 Grandchildren; 44 Great-Grandchildren; and many cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends. Mary Ann’s final resting place is in Miller Cemetery in Huntsburg. Online condolences may be sent to

Wanted for our next issue

Please write in and tell some . . . - Favorite cold weather recipes - Favorite indoor games for cold weather - Benefits after Jan. 25 - News from the schools - Birthdays and anniversaries - Anything from the past that might interest others - ‘Tell Us a Story’ – send in stories of the past, stories with morals, or Bible based stories, stories you like to tell, or stories that have been told to you Information for next edition must be received by Jan 9 to be included. Send to: Plain Country, P.O. Box 626, Middlefield, OH 44062 . Pho: 440-632-0782 or Fax: 440-636-9842


December 7, 2011

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Submitted by Barbara Detweiler

Thumbprint Cookies 1/2 cup butter or margarine 1/4 cup brown sugar, packed 1 large egg 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup all purpose flour 1/4 cup salt 1/4 cup jam In a large bowl, beat margarine or butter, brown sugar, egg yolk & vanilla until light and creamy. At low speed, add flour and salt and mix until evenly moistened. With hands, press dough together to form a ball. Shape dough by rounded teaspoons into 1” balls. Place one inch apart on ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for five mins. Working quickly, remove cookies from oven and make an indentation in the center of each ball. Return to oven and bake eight minutes longer or until lightly brown. Transfer cookies to wire rack to cool. When cookies are cool, fill indentation with jam of your choice or make a filling. Creamed cheese filling 1 8 ounce block creamed cheese 1/2 cup sugar Mix together until smooth. Add enough jam to make a nice light pink color. Fill indentations with creamed cheese filling.

Amish Hats

Submitted by Ellen Hershberger Ritz crackers (2 per person) Peanut butter Large marshmallows (1 per cracker) Lay Ritz crackers on a cookie sheet. Spread each with a small amount of peanut butter. Top each cracker with a marshmallow. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or until browned and puffy. Serve hot.


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Submitted by Sarah Miller

For cake: 1 package yeast 1 teaspoon sugar 1/4 cup warm water 1 egg, beaten 2 cups flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 sticks butter Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water. Let stand 10 minutes. Add egg. In separate bowl, mix flour, salt and butter together until crumply. Add yeast mixture. Roll out on waxed paper into 12x15” rectangle. For filling: 2 packages cream cheese 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon lemon juice Mix cr. cheese, sugar & lemon juice together. Spread on dough within one inch of edge. Fold edges toward center, making edges overlap. Flip onto cookie sheet. Bake immediately, 370 degrees about 30 min. Cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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Submitted by Katherine Byler

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December 7, 2011



17 Days to Christmas! You’ve heard of putting the children to bed … as well as the dog, the cat and the hamster? Well, I have to put the poinsettia in the dark each day. Every forenoon, it’s out into the daylight for six to seven hours. Oh, I think there’s a tinge of red on one of the “leaves” (bracts). Maybe twill all be worth it. And to think, it was a very cheap plant to start with! It’s the thought that counts. Steven, I’ll take more just like it.  A mistake in my last writings: Mrs. Mary Detweiler is a great- great grandmother. It just sounds older when you think that your grandson is a grandfather. People take longer getting old than they used to. One lady I know is nearing 71 years old and caters dinners left and right. Oh, and another friend is on her way to 70 and does the same thing. No wheelchairs in sight, yet. Buggy owners, check your blinking lights. Sometimes only one side is blinking and people think it is a turning signal. And, sometimes, one forgets to turn off the turning signal (including us)! It’s been announced at the Senior Center that those ladies who wish to participate, may bring a $5 gift next time to exchange with friends. This is on Dec. 20. Oh, my! That’s close to Christmas! Seventeen days after you read this! Thanksgiving turkeys have been gobbled up and it’s time to plan for Christmas gatherings. We Bylers hope to have an early one … Dec. 10 … a precious time of family togetherness. Many are sorrowing at this time and will, no doubt, relive memories of happier by-gone years. Milo Schlabach experienced another hospital stay. He had a low heart rate and a touch of pneumonia. Dementia is also a problem; he is quite confused at times. He turned 90 in September and has been quite



C. A. Miller Custom Woodworking By Jacquie Foote

By Katherine M. Byler

the door style you wish, or a variation on C. A. Miller Custom Woodworking is a one you like but want to customize. You place where craftsmen working cheerfully may choose concealed hinges. Blum slides with expertise and precision produce are used on most of the drawers because cabinets that are true works of art. you get full extension and a soft close. (They It started about 34 years ago when are also invisible as they are underneath the Crist A. Miller, who had been working in drawer.) construction, made a decision. He enjoyed Getting exactly what you want is only making things from wood for family and one of the advantages of custom cabinetry; friends as a hobby. But he had a young another is wise use of space. Therefore, you family coming along and wanted to have will want to be sure of the measurements of more time to spend with them and his the room the cabinetry will occupy. hobby was taking more and more time as Once Crist knows exactly what you the articles he made were more and more want, he will send you a quote and a in demand. It came to this … he had to give contract which is valid for 90 days. When up working in construction and concentrate the contract is signed and returned with 50 on making his hobby into a good livelihood, percent of the price, the work starts. Your or he had to give up his hobby and stick to order will be built, finished and ready for construction. He chose well. delivery between 6 and 8 weeks later. An C. A. Miller Custom Woodworking now installer will accompany the cabinetry to employs six full time craftsmen, two of place everything correctly. whom, David and Crist Jr., are his own sons. Cabinets, bookcases, entertainment Crist Sr. likes having a family business (his centers and special order pieces from C. A. brother and brother-in-law also work for Miller Woodworking are to be found is such him) and he looks to the future, giving each diverse sites as Manhattan, Florida and of his sons 5 percent ownership, and smiling Holland, bearing out their statement that contentedly when he speaks of working for they will ship just about anywhere. (No, the them one day. installer didn’t get to go to Holland.) What is it that is happening in that Among the more unusual items Crist busy shop? Well … Crist and his crew and his crew have produced are turning dreams into is an entertainment center reality. If you want new C. A. Miller shaped like a lighthouse. cabinetry for your kitchen Custom It’s 18 feet high, made and or bathroom, if you want a delivered in three sections new entertainment center, Woodworking and assembled in place. if you have in mind a special C. A. Miller, owner Another is a beautiful old purpose item, bring your fashion wooden surround ideas and needs to them. Our cabinets for a bathtub. Still another Bring a picture of what are works of art! is a wall size plaque holder you want, tell them how ordered for the DD Clinic you want it customized, 17090 Jug St. Burton for the display of the names or make a sketch to show 440-834-1540 of donors. Crist says they them … or just tell them Hours: what you want and leave Mon. – Fri. 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. thrive on challenges. Custom made the sketching and planning Sat. by appointment only cabinetry may be a bit to them. They will produce Closed Sunday pricey for some; Crist has floor plans and detailed an alternative if that is elevations for your approval. These will the case for you. They will alter, rebuild, or not be stock cabinets; they will be made to refinish your older, already in place cabinets. order with the solid wood fronts made of You can bet they will lavish the same skill wood of your choosing. (Although maple is and care on this as they do on their new a favorite with many people, Crist will use construction. anything from alder to cherry to reclaimed If there is a place for beauty, efficiency wood and more to give you the look you and quality in your home, there is a place for want.) The cabinet interiors are maple. C. A. Miller Custom Woodworking products. Besides type of wood, you will choose Your experience just in meeting with Crist from a literally unlimited array of stains, will leave you smiling and at ease as he talks paints and glazes. If a counter is involved, sense with his fine sense of humor. Granite, Corian, Zodiac and Cambria counter tops are available. You will choose

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active all his life. It was a year Nov. 26 that his wife of 63 years, Mary, passed away. Ruth Jean Hawkins missed half a day at the Senior Center because of attending Andy Hostetler’s funeral. Their friendship goes WAY back. The Mrs. (Katie) began working for Ruth Jean when Katie was 16. We also missed Mrs. Henry (Sadie) Miller whose birthday was that day. She was taken out to eat by her daughters. MY family plans nothing on the third Tuesday of this month! But I know that some things can’t be helped. GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING! And it lasted all day! Twenty-three Miller girl cousins are in a Round Robin (Circle) letter. Oh, the postage! They had a gathering at cousin Ida’s (Mel Byler) Tuesday the twentyninth. Of course, someone had to have a birthday that day … our daughter Elizabeth, Mrs. Wayne Byler, of Carroll County.


days to Christmas!

I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old, familiar carols play, And wild and sweet The words repeat Of peace on earth, good-will to men! ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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December 7, 2011


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Plain Country

is a hobby of Thursday, mine. When Nov. 3: I went you have your down to my parents nose in a book, for the day. Sister you can kind Elizabeth and two of forget your children were there troubles for a also. AND sister-inwhile. law Laura with three er eil tw De n An Monday, ara children. Twas a rb By Ba Nov. 14: I did short day with lots of laundry and visiting going on. hung it out. It then Friday, Nov. 4: started raining and rained all day off and Rose Edna thoroughly cleaned the on, so my clothes got rinsed again. bathroom while I did laundry. It took me Tuesday, Nov. 15: I sewed some three hours! If only it would STAY caught white curtains for Mom, and then cleaned up. the downstairs bedrooms. Wayne’s sister Sally and family came I made fish for supper – a family up tonight for the evening. favorite. Saturday, Nov. 5: Wednesday, Nov. 16: A beautiful day, though a bit on the I substitute taught for Laura today. cool side. Children didn’t have to stay She went to Holmes County to visit other cooped up in the house. schools. Sunday, Nov. 6: Dad, Mom, brother I enjoyed teaching. The children kept John and family came to visit this things lively. afternoon. Thursday, Nov. 17: I canned turkey We played pictionary and some of the and deer meat, did laundry, cleaned the pictures that we drew were hilarious! living room besides doing other tasks. Monday, Nov. 7: Another nice day. It started snowing at 4:30 p.m. and, by We had friends here to visit tonight. bedtime, twas a white world. John left for Southern Ohio on a hunting Friday, Nov. 18: I taught at school trip. He’ll be gone until Saturday. They’re again. This time it was the upper four camping out, so I don’t envy him one bit! grades for Teacher Wilma. I can’t believe I Tuesday, Nov. 8: A few of Mom’s ever did some of those seventh and eighth cousins, Aunt Betty and I took Mom out to grade subjects. It seems hard now!  eat for her birthday, then we went to a few Saturday, Nov. 19: Wayne worked Amish stores. on the pole building again. No mishaps It was a WARM day! 63 degrees! this time, but he was “bushed” when he Wednesday, Nov. 9 I went Christmas got home. shopping with friends. Twas an all day affair I went down to help Mom wash off and I was tired when I got home. walls. Thursday, Nov. 10: Sunday, Nov. 20: To church … then, Wayne went hunting this afternoon neighbor Reubens came over. and the rest of us went down to Dad and Monday, Nov. 21: I canned more Mom’s. turkey. I’m starting to tire of it. Friday, Nov. 11: Wayne’s birthday. Tuesday, Nov. 22: Rainy day. He seems to think he’s famous since the Rose Edna washed off the kitchen mailman doesn’t work and it’s a red number walls and floor. day on the calendar. I canned more deer meat. We got up to a winter wonderland. Wednesday, Nov. 23: I did lots of The little girls were all excited. They played different chores today, including wrapping snow games at school. some Christmas presents. Saturday, Nov. 12: Wayne went Wayne and I drove to Orwell this to help work on a pole barn the “school afternoon and I went to the library to dads” are putting up to benefit the school. get books for the children. So, my lovely Somehow he got his beard caught in a drill evening was spent reading to Norma. She and it pulled him in to his chin. He had to can read some too, but loves it when Mom yell for help and they had to unwind it. reads to her! Even so, he lost part of his beard and his Thursday, Nov. 24: Thanksgiving chin was sore for a while. Day! John came back from his hunting trip We drove to Dad and Mom’s for a with an 8-point buck. He had a good time turkey dinner. Brother John and family and wasn’t ready to come home. So much were there too. for missing us! We found out this morning that my It was a big relief to have him home cousin’s 15 year old son died last night while safe and sound again. playing basketball. They live in Carrollton. Sunday, Nov. 13: A long day at home. We hope to go down tomorrow. It was a day to catch up on reading – which

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December 7, 2011

Hello from Huntsburg

Our sympathy to the Eli Ed Yoder family in the passing of their mother. She was 85 years old. Going to Mumford, Ky. for Thanksgiving were Roman and Ada Schlabach and daughter Sara and Joe Bricker and baby. They went on a chartered bus, returning Saturday evening, Nov. 26. Monday afternoon, and it’s still raining. So, I will sit down and have a chat with all of you while I sip a cup By Sarah Miller of tea and eat a good sugar cookie Nov. 26 and it’s still like September son Joe brought down Saturday, weather. But I’m not complaining. One less Thanks, Joe!  day to shovel snow!! It’s time to start sending off Christmas We had our family Thanksgiving dinner cards and letters. With so many relatives on Sunday, Nov. 20, at son Joe Jr’s with living out of state, I need to start early. almost perfect attendance, except for three Our family Christmas dinner will be grandsons and daughter Betty and family held at son Richard’s on Sunday, Dec. 18, from Michigan. We were happy to have as we will be having church services at Philip, Martha and boys join us too.  neighbor Marty and Susan Miller’s on We spent Thanksgiving Christmas Day. Day at the wedding of Linda, We plan to have our yearly _____________ daughter of Abner and Mary pig-butchering day on Saturday, There’s only Miller, Mumford, and Sammy Dec. 31. Yoder, son of Al and Saloma, one problem with I want to make some Newcomb Road. Christmas gifts yet, plus bake political jokes – Visiting Grandpa John J. they sometimes cookies. I will not make much Miller on Friday, Nov. 25, were candy, as, at our age, we don’t get elected! son John Jr. and wife Esther, also need so many sweets. We will granddaughter Martha, Elmer and have more fruit and salty snacks. five children and grandsons Henry and We look forward to the school Paul. These plus Mrs. Katie Yoder, Robert children’s Christmas programs. We have and Nora Miller, Esther, Nelson and Jacob grandchildren in four different schools and Miller and Donnie and Nancy Miller were all usually there is more than one program here for supper Friday evening. Johns and the same night. So, we may decide to go to their family stayed at various places for the watch one or two in the morning. night, leaving for their home in Michigan Let’s not forget the sick and lonely this on Saturday around 10:00. They had spent Holiday Season, sending them some cheer. Thanksgiving Day at Esther’s sister Fannie When I was a young girl, my three and Crist Gingeriches in Guys Mills, Pa. sisters and I would go caroling on Christmas Our thoughts and prayers are with the Eve. We had all non-Amish neighbors and Owen and Elva Yoder family since their son they seemed to enjoy it. Seems that had Andrew, 15, was diagnosed with leukemia. kind of gone out of style. He is in Cleveland University Hospital taking Yes, times change, but let’s not forget treatments. Their address is 17347 Tavern the Real Reason for t he Season, the birth of Rd, Middlefield, Ohio 44062 if anyone would our Lord and Savior, Jesus. like to send them a note of cheer. Happy Holiday to all! Sarah Miller

By William Bender

Today was the funeral of Andy Hostetler, age 84. We had brother Norman here for over night; he is from Poila, Ohio. Brothers Alvin and Joe from Holmes County were at the funeral. I knew Andy for a long time. Fifty years ago, we worked at the sale barn. I can still see Andy coming up the road with a case of eggs in the buggy. Ray Harper still had the sale barn at that time. My last uncle, Melvin Wengerd passed way the other week. He was 97. He was married to my mother’s sister, Agnes. I have a lot of fond memories of Melvin when they lived on the Durkee farm We had our first snow last week. Now, why did I write that? Everyone in Huntsburg knows we had snow. I still say we don’t get snow like we did when I was a schoolboy. This is a day later and Anna went to her Holmes get together at Menno Lizzie Ann. There were three missing, Sara Esther, Roy Erma, Regina. Anna was talking to cousin Harvey. Norman was there last, and left for home around 10:00. Hope he got home without any trouble.


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Greetings from Garrettsville

d Pine Kiln-drieailable v A o Als

By Rachel Miller

Nov. 21, 2011 Well, this evening I will write a few lines and get this in the mail. We were to Garrettsville this forenoon, so my laundry didn’t get done until in the afternoon. It is still out on the lines. The stars are out, so I don’t think it will rain. It did rain a little this morning, but the sun did shine this afternoon. We have 37 degrees now. I got my house swept and dusted and mopped today. Then I made some slush and put it in the freezer for Thursday. Two of the children and their families are coming for Thanksgiving. The others had plans already. Yesterday, we went to Ferdie Millers to church. He had a lot of visitors and a very interesting day. Last night, son Rays and three children were here. Ferdie Miller’s Ray will go to New Jersey on Dec. 11 and will have back surgery on Dec. 14. He is having very bad back pain. Let’s remember them. They have five children. His wife has heart problems but is doing well now. Last Wednesday, I had Sisters’ Day. My sisters were all three here and so was my sisterin-law. Two of my Christmas cactuses are blooming. They must be Thanksgiving cactuses! The third one, the one I got from Ivan’s Mother, is full of buds. Today, we got word that Mrs. Eli (Molly) Troyer passed away. She hasn’t been well. She was 85 years old and was Ivan’s last aunt on his Mother’s side. The funeral was at 9:30 on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Born to Kenny Benders, a son named Timothy. He has three brothers. They are all in our church. A couple weeks ago, I was doing my laundry and, when I came in from hanging out clothes, my glasses steamed up. So I took them off and laid them on the washing machine lid while I took my clothes out of the washer. I put the next load in and forgot about my glasses when I closed the lid! So, when I took that load out, my glasses were there! (At least I didn’t put them through the wringer!  And the glasses were not broken nor bent. They were nice and clean! It’s Tuesday morning and we have 32 degrees and windy.

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December 7, 2011

Lines by Linda

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Friday, Nov. 4: Four Thursday, Nov. 17: of the Noah Yutzy marrieds A day filled with the daily plus sister and I traveled dozens. to Jasper. N. Y. early this Friday, Nov. 18: I morning. We had a good worked a seven hour shift trip and visit with Uncle in the morning, got a back Melvin Hershberger’s treatment in the afternoon, family who were in that and then our singles group accident in July. had supper together. Saturday, Nov. 5: I It was a day with several worked a shift today. By Ellen Hershberger taxi stresses, but all turned Sunday, Nov. 6: Today out OK. was spent sleeping and reading. Then, Saturday, Nov. 19: Today I acted tonight, we partook of the homemade pizza “lazy” and this evening we got together and homemade ice cream supper they put with friends. together for my 69th. Sunday, Nov. 20: We had brunch Monday, Nov. 7 and Tuesday, Nov. together and rested and slept in the 8:These are just normal working days. I afternoon. What a dreary day, but we still forgot to write of the funeral of the area’s thank the LORD for it! oldest Amish man, Melvin Wengerd, 97. Monday, Nov. 21 and Tuesday, Nov. Wednesday, Nov. 9: We were to 22: I remember Nov. 22, the day President Warren for our back treatments and, when Kennedy was shot. My brother John rode we wanted to start for home, the car didn’t his horse to school where I was teaching start. So, one of the patients gave us a jump just to tell me about it. It seems remarkable and we headed home. to me now. My three aunts and two nephews had a Wednesday, Nov. 23: I was surprised birthday lunch here then. at the cold as we went to work early this Thursday, Nov. 10: Nothing new to morning. In the afternoon, I ran errands report. and forgot a few things on the list. Friday, Nov. 11: After working eight Thanksgiving Day: Six years ago, hours, I hitched a ride with others here and about ten days after my mother died, I went they rook me to niece Rachel and Robert to Hartville the night before Thanksgiving Hershberger’s, where another bunch of in a blizzard. It blew and snowed all night family had gathered to surprise me. I think long and by morning there were deep drifts I’m birthdayed out, if there is such a thing. It everywhere, so I told my brother and wife was all appreciated. that if they’ed just get me home, I’d pay Saturday, Nov. 12: A neighbor and I for their Thanksgiving Dinner at Cracker went to town, then on to the craft fair at the Barrel on the way. So that’s what we did. Window Shop. There were lots of vendors It seemed about 100 other people had the and many people going through. They also same idea at the restaurant. offered a good lunch. It seems really good Friday, Nov. 25: Sister and I are off not to work on Saturday. to Columbus early this morning to attend Sunday, Nov. 13: We attended church the funeral of Pennie Johnson. When their at Marvin Kauffmans. There was a full house. children were small I worked for them five We were glad for the visiting ministry. days a week for a number of years. They Monday, Nov. 14 and Tuesday, Nov. taught me the song, “Make new friends, 15: Two regular working days. but keep the old. One is silver and the Tuesday … it is six years that my other gold.” mother passed. We plan to be back in time for me to Tonight our singing group sang at the do my night shift. Then sleep on Saturday Dan C. Byler home. and go to church on Sunday at Melvin Wednesday, Nov. 16: I filled in seven Kauffmans. hours for someone this morning, and then Let’s count our blessings. did some shopping in the afternoon.

By Linda Weaver

Expert Health Guidance

Hello Everyone! Looks like we have a few mild days again this week, which we are thankful for. We will take all the sunshine we can get. We were out to eat with my brothers Ken/ Ada and Freeman/Barb all Bylers recently. We decided to make this a monthly get-together. This way we stay in touch and share family time. Mrs. John (Mary) Slabaugh hasn’t been feeling the best and she was admitted to the hospital for tests. John is improving, but slowly. The school is doing a puzzle for him, as are friends. So, maybe that will keep him from getting bored. We were sorry to hear that Mrs. Eli (Molly) Troyer, 85, passed away. Her funeral is tomorrow and we are making pudding (tapioca) for them to serve afterward. A nice tradition the Amish churches started to help each other at times like this. Elis were married for 65 years. Dan Kurtz is doctoring with a rheumatologist and may have a form of arthritis as well as an infection. They had church there Sunday, but Dan wasn’t feeling the best. To the people we met at the Dutch Family Restaurant last week … we are having a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving and not a clambake. If you are reading this, I hope you have a nice dinner with family and friends, and may God bless you all. Till next time.

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December 7, 2011

Books in Review

An old Budget letter never sent in …

By Jacquie Foote

Submitted by Katherine Byler

“Hide and Secret” written by Kathleen Fuller was published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, Tenn., copyright 2011. In this Book Three of the Mysteries of Middlefield Series, Katherine Fuller once again centers her story on children in their early teens, a time when they are not quite children and, yet, not quite adults. The sweet innocence of childhood is gone and the deeper understanding of right and wrong, good and evil is coming into play in fits and starts. Anna Mae Shetler’s two best friends and nearest neighbors are Jeremiah and Amos Mullet. They have played together since early childhood but now, as they near the end of their formal schooling, Grossmammi Shetler tells Anna Mae that it is not seemly that a maedel be so friendly with buwe. But Anna Mae and her friends have found a tree house deep in the woods and, in the tree house, a box containing something that makes her wonder if her grandmother doesn’t have another reason for her disapproval. Anna Mae comes to feel she must help her Grandmother deal with a betrayal from the past, while she and her friends must deal with a bully and thief in the present. “Hide and Secret”, like the pervious two books in the series, does a wonderful job of looking at young people as they come of age to accept … or reject … the Amish values and traditions they have grown up with. The reader is brought to a better understanding of what it means to be Amish. Kathleen Fuller’s characters are as three dimensional and lifelike as ever and their “realness” alone is enough to draw you into this intriguing story. This book is suitable for anyone sixth grade or older.

Sept. 1977 The Orchard Knob School Auction was held today (Sept. 24). Profits of $2250 were realized. $600 (less $100 expenses) was taken in at the lunch counter and bake sale. The Knoblins also plan to have a bake sale and lunch stand at the auction next Saturday of Jerry Kraits (Dan H. Miller residence) on North Girdle Road. One bleak spot realized by at least one today was the absence of Noah Wengerd who always attended these auctions and had a kind and/or teasing word for all. He passed away in April. The new school board president elected was Melvin J. Shetler with 23 votes. Melvin (Jim) Detweiler had 8 votes, but wasn’t complaining. Silo filling time reminds me of a few years back when my brother was working in the silo when it was almost full. All of a sudden, he saw Dad’s hat come up through the chute. His heart fell to his feet and the blood drained from his face. He ran quickly to the hole in the top of the silo and looked down to see what happened. It turned out Dad’s hat had blown off his head and into the cutting box and on up into the silo. (Still in one piece?) You can bet my brother was never so glad to see his father. (If I remember right, it was my baby brother, David. He is my 10th brother and I can recall my Dad coming home from the hospital in 1955 to tell the twins, Sam and Dan, he brought them a present for their birthday. Who got the most attention? Finally, a sister was born a year and a half later. This occurred in Cassadaga, N. Y. where we lived for seven years.) To continue with the Budget letter … A 7 pound 5 ounce baby boy was born to the Wallace J. Millers Sunday (25th). He is named Matthew, as was her roommate’s baby (non-Amish). Grandparents are the John S.C. Millers and the John N.B. Detweilers.

The Mind of an Author By Jacquie Foote

Grandma’s Diary

Meeting Sandy McDermott is like meeting a cheerful Christian dynamo. She is an astute observer who looks on life with passion. Sandy is the author of McKenzie’s Jericho, a book that looks at the lives, strengths and weaknesses of members of a new gated community here, in Geauga, and of their Amish neighbors. Sandy’s passion for writing began early when, as a small child, she wrote and illustrated little books for her father to read. A caring teacher recognized her gift for writing and encouraged her to honor that gift. But life carried her in a different direction for a while. She became a wife and mother (of 3), passionately interested in the care and well being of her family to the point of raising and canning or freezing all the food they ate. As Sandy says, “Nothing unnatural went into their mouths.” When the children were older, she became passionately involved in medicine in Troy where she lives, first as a paramedic and, later as a physician’s assistant. After retiring, Sandy felt the call to write stronger than ever. And one day, the idea for her first book, McKenzie’s Jericho, came to her, so full blown that she was able to sit down and write the first three chapters without stopping. She used her talent to do something she felt deeply about, to bring to light the misconceptions held by “English” and Amish regarding the other in a way that would further understanding, each for the other. The Amish characters in her story are real people she knows. (She got permission to use their real names and gave them the right to correct or delete any inaccuracies they might find in her work.) Sandy’s writings illustrate strengths like self-discipline, love of family, and personal generosity toward neighbors that were once as common in the non-Amish community as they still are among the Amish … strengths that need to be once again common among the English. Her second book, Love’s Unharnessed Power, will be out in the spring of 2012. Those intrigued by her first book will once again enjoy the straightforward, free flowing style of this Master Storyteller.

Submitted by Rachel Miller Nov. 7, 1940 32 degrees at 7:10 a.m. A little windy and 32 degrees at 1 p.m. Snowing by spells. Roman is helping husk corn. Mose J. Millers just came to husk corn this p.m. 31 degrees at 4:45 and cloudy. Irena, Lydiann and baby were here, also Betty. A little while Pa came home from Lawrence, stopped off in Farrell, took a John Blass treatment. George Allen brought him home at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 21, 1940 Thanksgiving. 42 degrees at 8 a.m., rained a little. Roman is husking corn. Elias and we were to Jake J. Bylers and Sarah Troyer’s wedding at Andy Byler’s. 51 degrees at 6:20 p.m. and windy.

Greetings from the

Bookmobile News By Jane Attina

On Christmas day my family thanked the Lord for blessing us with a wonderful meal and a grand family to share it with. Whatever your traditions may be, we at the bookmobile wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season. The bookmobile will be off of the road Saturday December 24th and Saturday December 31st. New books coming to the library in January 2012 are: Missing Your Smile, Fields of Home Series #1 By: Jerry Eicher

Plain Community

By Donnie Miller

A light snow fell this morning. Guess at our age it’s not as wonderful as it was when we were children! We love to see the grandchildren being excited when the first snow is on the ground. Don’t have much news this morning as have been under the weather the last few days. We attended church last Sunday at Marty R. Millers and, in the afternoon, we visited Nancy’s mother. She is doing well at . old. John H. Slabaugh was able to 88 years          

Song of My Heart By: Kim Vogel Sawyer River’s Call, Inn at Shining Waters Series #2 By: Melody Carlson The Wings of Morning By: Murray Pura In Too Deep, Kincaid Brides Series #2 By: Mary Connealy Winter Promise By: Martha Rogers Honor Redeemed, First Responders Series #2 By: Loree Lough Happy reading from the bookmobile!


From an old diary of Jacob Mast’s

Submitted by Linda Weaver Nov. 27, 1952, Thanksgiving Petes, Johns and Daves were here. Colder, temperature 30 degrees, windy and cloudy. Nov. 26, 1953, Thanksgiving Were at home, snowed some, ground is frozen this morning. Nov. 25, 1954, Thanksgiving Day Were to Menno P. Millers. Snowed most of the day. Nov. 24, 1955 Thanksgiving Were just at home. Temperature 30 degrees.

attend church last Sunday for the first time since his surgery. John’s wife Mary spent a few days in the hospital with an erratic heartbeat. Further testing is needed. We spent an enjoyable evening at Joe J. S. Millers visiting with my cousins. Attending were John J. Miller Jrs and some of their family of Milo, Mich. along with Esther, Nelson, Jacob and Robert and Nora. Scribe Sara served us an excellent meal. Lester A. Miller whose wife Mary recently passed away is still enjoying the company, cards, and visitors. Over the holiday season, let’s remember those who have lost their loved ones. Sister Ada (Mrs. Dan W. Byler) must have her aortic valve replaced. Arrangements are being made as to when and where she is to have her operation. Deer season is this week and it has rained the first two days and now, today, it is snowing. I’m sure glad I do not have to sit in the woods!

December 7, 2011


Bible Game … just for fun


And the Winners Are … We had many entries in our Autumn Logic Puzzle Contest! Remember that the prizes went to the first 20 correct entries that came by the deadline. There were many more correct entries than are named here. These are the first 20 correct ones I received. Congratulations! They are: Andrew Bricker (Girdle Road) Mervin M. Burkholder (Madison Road) Alma Byler (Kinsman Road) Arlene W. Detweiler (Donley Road) Dena J. Detweiler (Burton Windsor Rd) The Hershberger Family (Reeves Road) Anna Kempf (Kinsman Road) Mrs. John H. Miller (Pioneer Road) Lucy Miller (Sweet Street) Nancy Miller (Pioneer Road) Rosanna Miller (Parkman Mespo Road) The Miller Family (Peters Road) The Reuben Miller Family (Bundysburg Rd) Betty Mullet (Madison Road) The Schlabach Family (Parks West Road) Susan Slabaugh (Hosmer Road) Miriam Troyer (Bundysburg Road) Daniel Yoder (Parkman Mespo Road) Sara Yoder (Nash Road) The Yoder Family (Reeves Road)

Do you know your Bible well enough to answer these trivia questions? If you need help, there are clues at the end of the list of questions. BUT, just for fin, the clues are not in the same order as the questions!

Have fun! 1. Who was the first to leap “with joy” at the announcement of the Messiah? 2. To whom did the Holy Spirit reveal that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord’s Christ? 3. How tall was Goliath? (according to the Bible, not today’s measurements) 4. Queen Esther was instrumental in the deliverance of the Jews from genocide. What celebration was created to recognize this? 5. On the seventh day that Joshua led the people to march around the city of Jericho, what did the people do when the trumpets blew? 6. This biblical woman of strength survived her two sons and her husband to return with her daughters-in-law from the country of Moab to end up in Bethlehem. What was her name? 7. Which psalm encourages the reader to be like a tree planted by the rivers of the waters that brings forth its fruit in season? Clues (Remember …are not in the same order as the questions.) 1 Samuel 17: 4 Luke 1: 39-45 Esther 9: 18-19 Ruth 1: 5-22 Joshua 6: 20 Psalm 1: 3 Luke 2: 25-28

Across 4 Merry ______________! (9) 7 Brings presents to good boys and girls. (5,5) 9 These are made of wax and have wicks. (7) Down 1 A sock filled with goodies on Christmas day. (8) 2 Circular decoration often hung on doors (6) 3 A red and white treat (5,4) 5 A gift (7) 6 The sound bells make. (6) 8 Ice crystals (4) 10 A vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow. (6)

Answers Across: 4 Christmas, 7 Santa claus, 9 Candles. Down: 1 Stocking, 2 Wreath, 3 Candy cane, 5 Present, 6 Jingle, 8 Snow, 10 Sleigh.

Not a Contest - Color it for just plain fun!


Plain Country

Plain Country Dec, 7th 2011  

Plain Country Dec, 7th 2011