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June 22, 2011

Fun! And the Winners Are

Thank you for entering our “Improve and Color the Eagle Picture” contest. Our winners are: Ages 5 – 7 Enos A. Byler (Donley Road) Marlin Miller (Bundysburg Road) Ages 8 – 10 Ruthie Mast (Hayes Road) Andrew Miller (State Route 534) Ages 11 and up David Detweiler Jr. (Bundysburg Road) Kathryn D. Schlabach (Parks West Road) The winners should have already received notice by mail.

Bible Trivia Game

(Answers on page 2) 1. What weapon did David use against Goliath? sling and stone lance jawbone 2. Who was working under an oak tree when the angel greeted him? Mark Job Gideon 3. What did Sarah do when she was told she would have a son, Isaac? cry laugh go to the temple 4. Who received permission to attack Job’s possessions, family and health? David Pharaoh Satan 5. What did Samson eat from the carcass of the lion he killed? honey tongue jawbone 6. According to Proverbs, what is the “splendor of the old”? children gray hair wisdom 7. What animal did God tell the Israelites to eat during Passover? lamb camel dove 8. What did Jesus tell his disciples to do to people who cursed them? leave them curse them back bless them 9. What insect does the book of Proverbs tell lazy people to learn from? bee ant locust 10. What did Moses’ staff (or rod) turn into? water manna snake

Summer Drawing Contest –

To enter this contest, draw a picture of something that you like best about summer – is it riding in the pony cart? helping in the garden? playing with your pet, or brothers and sisters? sitting under a tree and reading? or fishing? You may color your picture if you wish. But the winners will be chosen for the drawing, not for coloring. Put your name, address and age on the back of your drawing. Send your entry to: Plain Country Contest, P.O. Box 626, Middlefield, Ohio, 44062 must arrive by June 29. Age groups are 5–7, 8–10, and 11 and older. There will be 2 winners in each age group. Each winner will get a tablet of drawing paper and set of artist pencils. Winners will be notified by mail on or about July 6.



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