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Dec. 18, 2013

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”

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By Anna Fair That’s the famous line from the was becoming disillusioned classic movie, “A Miracle on 34th with Santa. Soon enough Street.” It’s occurs when Virginia, after, she asked me the agea little girl who knows all about old question that every kid at how important money is around one point or another asks the Christmas time, thanks to her inside older people in their lives. knowledge of the department store “Is Santa real?” The Macy’s, starts to question whether skeptical 8-year-old asked Santa is real or not. It’s reasonable. If with a frown, arms across her Santa’s the one bringing gifts, then chest. why is everyone worrying about “Of course he is,” I would money and what to buy for presents? reply, giving my accounts Why is it that the gifts under the tree of how I had met him; of match what’s found in the stores? how since I was older, I was When we’re younger, we don’t his helper. She lit up like a question how Santa’s able to build Christmas tree, grinning ear that PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS to ear and bouncing on the or any other toy that can be easily couch, asking all sorts of found at Wal-Mart or Macy’s. Then questions with the sort of we start to hear rumors from other enthusiasm that only a child kids, we start to hear our parent’s could have. I grinned along whispered conversations about what with her; happy that… at to get, and in an attempt to find out least for this year… we had what mom bought at the store, we avoided breaking her heart. might stumble upon a toy that’s later But at her age, I had marked as being from Santa. already given up on Santa. My sister is 8, turning 9 just after How much longer will she Christmas. She’s starting to suspect believe? I don’t want to know. that the Elf on the Shelf isn’t real and Christmas loses some appeal Kyrstin Cloonan visited with Santa at Grandview Restaurant. because of her lack of enthusiasm on after you find out Santa isn’t the matter, he hasn’t moved from his real. It turns into worries both my mom and I were very proud of last hiding spot in over a week. She had about money and spending, and you get her. a Christmas list a mile long, but upon a horrible sense of how much it stinks to I realized soon after though, that seeing the worried look on my mom’s be a grown up. It’s inevitable, but I want Santa had never, ever needed a budget face, she trimmed it down to just a few to hold it off for as long as possible. and we had never had any sort of talk things that she’d really like that weren’t So yes, Em; there is a Santa Claus. with her that indicated otherwise. I too expensive. Of course this is a very wondered if this was a sign that my sister big thing for any little girl to do, and

Whistling Wings and Childhood Dreams

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By Patrick “Flybum” Robinson It’s 1981; I’m 6 years old and living in Quincy, Illinois. These are the formative years of my life and the memories, though not as numerous as later in life, are as sweet as they have ever been. It’s a beautiful fall day and the sun is setting out my bedroom window. I am busy meticulously laying out all of my clothes in great anticipation of the morning’s hunt. Within a short time, my father readies me for bed to insure a good night’s sleep and down I go. Hour after hour, I toss and turn struggling for a few minutes of sleep. The thought of hitting the river in the morning is more than my mind can bear and the possibility of sleep seems to slip away as fast as daylight on a late summer horizon. A few hours before sunrise, I am aroused by my father’s call, “Buddy, you goin’ huntin’ with me?” Little boy feet on the floor and eyes wide open is answer enough. I quickly grab my clothes and start getting ready and soon

we are on the road. The fog is thick, and the ride long. The dark of night is holding and in short order we pull up to the hunting camp. The air is crisp and cold. Your breath can be seen mingling with the wafts of fog as they drift riverside. “Dad, Dad” I say. “What son?” he replies. “Did you hear that?” “Hear what?” He asked. “I think I heard ducks!” My father encourages me to hurry with the loading as I continue to call out what I am hearing and seeing. As I bring the gear down to the boat, Dad gets the motor running and the familiar smell of outboard fuel is in the air. We quickly load the boat with the guns, ammunition, coffee, hot chocolate and the famous cinnamon rolls to be warmed on the propane stove. Moments later we pull up to the blind overlooking the mighty waters of the Mississippi. Dad quickly wades out and cleans the debris out of the decoys while I call out bird after bird and hear the whistling of ducks wings over and over. We can’t get in the blind quick enough, there

Patrick and Crossland Robinson are birds coming from every direction. This is destined to be one of the days the Mississippi flyway is noted for and the kind of morning you remember for a lifetime. Fast-forward to today, and I’m not on Continued on page 2

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Whistling Wings and Childhood Dreams

Continued from page 1 the banks of the “Mighty Miss” anymore, although there are days I wish I were. Instead, I am sitting in northeast Ohio reminiscing. Well, that morning ended up being exactly what I mentioned above … the memory of a lifetime. There were days on the river where so many birds were over the decoys that you couldn’t shoot and be an ethical hunter at the same time. This was duck hunting at it’s best. It was on the Mississippi’s muddy banks with my father that my earliest memories were made. Those memories, that are permanently etched in my mind, are the foundation of my love for hunting. Now, nearly 30 years later, that foundation for hunting has been built upon. The only difference today, is that, I am Dad and my children are the ones making the memories. One such memory takes me back to Sept. 2, 2006. For some, that weekend marked the start of squirrel season, or dove season, but for me it marked the start of teal season. It was the first time I had hunted over decoys in years. In fact, my calls had been in storage for so long that they needed to have the cobwebs blown out, but I didn’t care. I had taken time to scout things weeks in advance. I found a location and knew there to be both Green-Wings and Blue-Wings present. In fact, the day before the season I was out getting my blind location finalized when I caught a glimpse of some fast flyers low to the deck. I crouched down and with the sound of an F-22 fighter jet they blasted past me no more than 5 feet over my head. A mixed flock of Blue-Wings banked off the nearest tree line and right back over my head they came. My heart was about to explode with excitement as I watched them dip and dive their way across the marsh. As they disappeared, I couldn’t help but think what tomorrow would hold. The next day was going to be my return to waterfowl hunting. The sport was near and dear to my heart, and I seemed to be just as excited as I was back in 1981. The excitement was a slightly different kind on this morning though. Not only was I returning to my lost love of water fowling, now I had the opportunity to bring my oldest son out for the first time. I could only hope he would love it as much as I had at his age! Later that day we started the ritual that I remember from my childhood. Clothes were all laid out for my son and he was off to bed early for that good night’s rest. Now, I’m not certain what he might write one day as to his memories, but here is how I remember the big day. We arose plenty early the next morning and began our preparations for hitting the marsh. When everything was in order, we jumped in the truck. One last stop would have us prepared perfectly according to my son, so we stopped at the local donut shop to grab a bag of donut holes to eat between ducks. On our way out of town, we made connections with a good friend and off we went. Driving down the road I realized what a good call it had been to bring raingear. By this time, it was raining cats and dogs and I was questioning whether my son would ever want to come back out after this day was done. Nevertheless, we pressed on trusting that the morning would improve. We arrived and started the long haul back to the marsh. It was nearly a mile walk in the rain hauling decoys, seats and guns. Was it worth it, or am I just a total fanatic? I quickly answered my own question ... definitely a fanatic! Plodding away we made our way closer and closer and fortunately for us it seemed as if the rain was starting to lighten up.


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{ days gone by }

a look back in By Rick Seyer

Middlefield Christmas Event December 21, 2013  All Day! Spidalieri Plaza, 14895 N. State Ave.  Santa from 10 am ~ 2pm  Live Nativity in Great Lakes Outdoor Supply from 10am ~ 3pm (presented by Horizons Christian Assembly)

 Fireworks

at 8pm

(sponsored by GLOS and the Village of Middlefield) This week’s pictures show the “before” and “after” of the development of the downtown parking lot, located behind the stores on the north side of East High Street. For many years, this was a neglected place where merchants and residents threw their trash. The main deterrent to using the lot for anything was that it was generally not accessible. There was a stream that ran parallel to North State Avenue near the front of the lot that cut the majority of the lot off. You can see this if you look closely at the “before” picture.

In this “after” picture, you can see what a transformation took place. The open stream was closed with a culvert that ran across the entire lot. The village of Middlefield and the Board of Trade, the forerunner to the Chamber of Commerce, decided that it was important to provide a public place to park since the town was starting to grow. The most logical place to start was with this weedfilled area. As you can see, it represented a major improvement to the downtown area.

Look For Our “New Look” in The New Year The Middlefield Post will have a new look and some different features for 2014. It all starts with an updated new look for our masthead and ... because of advertising and editorial demands, we will publish every 2 weeks, beginning Jan. 22, 2014. Plain Country will be included in every other issue and “Plain Pages” will be printed in the body of the Middlefield Post, on alternating weeks. Look for our new Web site early in the New Year! Same URL We, at the Middlefield Post, would like to take this opportunity to thank our advertisers and readers for their faithful support throughout 2013. We wish everyone a cheery Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Our Company Wishes You A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

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Dec. 18, 2013


{ community } Quality, Amish Craftsmanship

Where furniture is a work of art!

A New Dining Room, just in time for the Holidays!

Middlefield’s New Recreation Director

Michael Dutton, 27, has been named He said he wanted this job because he the new Recreation Director for the Village believes he can improve some already of Middlefield. Mike grew up in Chardon great programs. He hopes to bring a diverse and graduated from Chardon High in 2005. range of activities to Middlefield, and has a He has always loved sports and played lot of great ideas. His first plan of action is Catholic Youth Organization basketball to develop relationships and get input from for four years as well as varsity soccer. This the community. passion and experience makes him a great As for what he hopes to experience match for the recreation from this job, he said, job. He earned a B.A. in this position will offer sports management at him “new challenges, Kent State and praised new opportunities and the Kent program as a new ways to grow and very involved learning learn.” When asked what experience. He worked challenges he expects to at a Youngstown golf face, he said it’s always course, Fowler’s Mill Golf tricky being somewhere Course and interned at new and getting to know the Chardon YMCA before everybody, but views all stepping up as full time, aspects of this job more director of the Youth and as opportunities than Teen Progam. Mike has challenges. worked with all ages, Mike recognizes how adults and children from Middlefield is growing Michael Dutton preschool age and up. He and feels being recreation has facilitated some very interesting family director is an awesome opportunity. programs and camps, including a parents’ He will be intoducing some positive night out where children were dropped changes, but realizes that implementing off so parents had a little time on their new efforts will take time. Ultimately, he own to do other things. Mike plans to draw feels he can make this a smooth transition on his knowledge of the most successful for all coaches and families. programs to create positive experiences for He is actively seeking volunteers, Middlefield. so if you would like to get involved, call Mike dove right into his new job him at 440-632-5248 ext. 4 or e-mail and has readied the basketball schedule.

Visit Our Showroom Mon.-Fri. 7:00am to 4:30pm, Sat. by appointment only

440-834-1540 17090 Jug Street Burton, OH 44021 n


Sophisticated Style

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By Rick Seyer

Welcome to Wilkum Creek

The U.S. Board on Geographic Names, at its Nov. 14, 2013 meeting, approved the proposal to apply the new name Wilkum Creek to a previously unnamed stream in the Village of Middlefield. Wilkum Creek is a 3-mile long stream. Wilkum means “welcome” in Pennsylvania Dutch. The stream has always been known as “No Name Creek.” It starts east of Route 528 and south of Route 87, flowing into Middlefield and is visible behind Middlefield Bank, alongside Western Reserve. It used to flow under Middlefield Bank parking lot, crossed Route 87 next to Middlefield Tavern, went under the municipal parking lot, under the Good News and Geauga Vision building, then turned west and ran between First Merit and the Fire Department. In

1995, the Village straightened out the path and put in huge box culverts to run the stream right through the center of the downtown intersection, using the old railroad right of way. The name has been entered into the Geographic Names Information System, the nation’s official geographic names repository, which is available and searchable online at http://geonames. The entry reads as follows: Wilkum Creek: stream; 3 mi. long; heads in Middlefield Township, 0.9 mi. SE of Middlefield at 41°27’04”N, 81°03’42”W, flows NW into Sperry Pond; the name means “welcome” in Pennsylvania Dutch; Geauga County, Ohio; 41°28’28”N, 81°06’17”W; USGS map Middlefield 1:24,000.

Grandview Restaurant Lunch Specials Thursday thru Saturday • Noon to 3pm

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Dec. 18 2013


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Wrap & Soup Combos


Open to the Public • Dine In or Carry Out

13404 Old State Road • Middlefield • 440-834-4661 Winter hrs: Thurs.12:00–8:30pm; Fri. & Sat.12:00–9:00pm; Sun.8:00am–1:30pm


{ community }

village By Mayor Ben Garlich

Saturday the 14th, our officers held their annual Shop With A Cop.  This is the actual shopping experience provided for selected area youth, where they come with lists and buy useful gifts for themselves and their families. The shopping and wrapping of the gifts takes about 3 hours. This 3-hour shopping experience is the result of hundreds of hours of preparation time, voluntarily given by many others. The families, that benefitted that evening, showed deep appreciation. I want to express my appreciation to those who created this event, for those that organized the Car Show, the Chinese Auction at Mary Yoder’s, those who raffled a handmade quilt and donated the proceeds, the many individuals and businesses who gave cash donations, those who selected the families and the volunteers who wrapped the gifts, thank you. It seems it only snows at night and on weekends. Our service crew is doing

an outstanding job of keeping our streets and sidewalks clean. I hope everyone understands, when it snows heavily for hours on end, it is very challenging to keep all arteries open. We have a dedicated staff who take pride in their work and expend great physical effort to keep our Village streets safe and passable. Although the new downtown Christmas lights have been lit since Thanksgiving, I still feel the Christmas Spirit every time I pass through. Next year, I hope to expand this initiative by encouraging all businesses to decorate their facilities. This will enhance our efforts as we encourage our residents to shop local. The final Middlefield Village holiday event of 2013 will be on Dec. 21. Great Lakes Outdoor Supply will be having Christmas activities throughout the day with a live Nativity, the Cardinaires and other events. The Village is partnering with them to provide our second annual Winter Fireworks in the evening. I hope you and your families can attend, as we approach Christmas week. Please shop local, be informed, be involved and visit at www.middlefieldohio. com. Merry Christmas!


behind the

Grandview Restaurant

Open to the Public • Dine In or Carry Out

13404 Old State Road Middlefield • 440-834-4661 Winter hrs: Thurs.12:00–8:30pm; Fri. & Sat.12:00–9:00pm; Sun.8:00am–1:30pm Happy Hour Every Day 4pm–8pm $2 Draft Beers • 50¢ Off Mixed Drinks Entertainment on Friday evening

Breakfast with santa

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Dec.15 & 22 10am–1pm

We offer a, moderately priced, full menu with daily specials. Full service bar. FRiDAYS & SATURDAYS 2 DINNERS FOR $25.00!

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homemade Cabbage Rolls & Combos $8.85–$10.95 Served with homemade potato pancakes & Pierogies

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served with Maple Glazed Vegetables and Smashed Redskin Potatoes SUNDAY – 8am to 1:30pm All-You-Can-Eat BREAKFAST BUFFET with all your favorites $8.95 Kids (10 & under) $4.95


(above) Tina Rasmussen presented $1,650 to Lieutenant Joe Tucholski for Shop With A Cop. She, with help from many others, also raised $1,650 for the FUMC Food Pantry through a Chinese auction held at Mary Yoder’s. (above right) Middlefield Country Quilters donated $500, 38 pillow cases and 30 quilts for area families. (right) Fill-ACruiser, Dec. 7 at Walmart and Save-A-Lot. Council member, Carl Hornung, Becca Klein, Council member, Scott Klein and Chief A. Stanko.

Gift Baskets for Holiday Gift Giving

Personal and corporate gifts for the Holiday: n Gift Baskets Made to Order n Pre-Package Gift Baskets n Gift Boxes Shipped Worldwide For the Holiday Parties: n Meat & Cheese Trays Swiss Cheese Annie says, “Don’t forget your Holiday Gift Baskets!“

Tuesdays are Golden Buckeye Days

15815 Nauvoo Rd., Middlefield (Corner of Rt. 608 & Nauvoo Rd) 440.632.5228 Ext. 6000 • 800-327-9477 Ext. 6000 • Open Mon-Sat 8:00-5:30

Amish Church Orders

Mon-Sat 8-5:30

Dec. 18, 2013


{ community interest }

Firehouse from the

By Chief Bill Reed

Residential • Commercial

Providing Prompt & Professional Service Since 1966

Septic Tank Cleaning Co.

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• Adoption • DUI/DWI • Probate Products • Civil Litigation • Asset Protection • Contracts • Personal Injury • Real Estate Title Closing • Auto Accident • Criminal Defense • Incorporation • Wills and Trust • Bankruptcy We offer free initial consultations.

My team of dedicated legal professionals is well-versed in many specialized areas of law, bringing a diverse background to the table. This gives us an edge when dealing with complex legal matters. We will provide you with comprehensive legal support allowing us to advocate for you in many areas of law.

330-221-3104 (c) • 8132 Main Street • P.O. Box 366 • Garrettsville, OH 44231

Tis’ the season for holiday lights and displays and with this comes the hazards of electrical fires. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protec tion Association) on the average 170 structure fires a year can be attributed to line voltage holiday or decorative lighting. This causes approximately seven deaths, 17 injuries and $7.9 million dollars in property damage annually. Some tips endorsed by the National Safety Council are as follows: Only use lights tested and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL labeled). Follow manufacturer guidelines, including use in the proper environment (indoor or outdoor). Check lights for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires and loose sockets. Discard and replace any damaged light sets. Use no more than three standard light sets per a single extension cord. Extension cords should be placed against walls, but do not run cords under rugs or carpets. Be careful when hanging lights. Use insulated holders instead of tacks, staples or nails. Avoid hanging lights near any potential

fire hazard such as loose paper, curtains or other combustible materials. Turn off lights before you go to bed or leave the house. Take lights down after the holidays, these lights are meant for temporary use. The NFPA reports that on the average 250 structure fires are attributed to Christmas trees. This causes approximately 14 deaths, 26 injuries and $13.8 million dollars in property damage annually. The National Safety Council recommends the following Christmas tree safety tips: When purchasing live trees, check for fresh green needles. Be sure needles are hard to pull from branches. Cut an additional 2” off the trunk and keep it watered at all times. When purchasing an artificial tree, look for a “fire-resistant” label. Place your tree at least 3 feet form any fireplaces, radiators, or other home heating devices like space heaters, wood-burners or other commercially available electric heaters. Never use candles to decorate a tree. Please practice these fire safety tips for a safe holiday celebration. From our families to yours, have a safe and merry Christmas and fire-safe New Year from Chief Bill Reed and the officers and firefighters of Middlefield Fire Department. We are always honored to serve you. Be sure to watch for Santa around town on Thursday, Dec.19.



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Dec. 18 2013

By Amy R. Turos, Esq. Q: If I have a living trust, do I still need a will? A: No. Having a revocable living trust is an effective way to provide lifetime and after death property management.A properly-executed and fully-funded, trustbased estate plan replaces a will. However, a special will called a “Pour Over Will” should also be a part of your revocable living trust. This type of will might not be needed if your trust is fully funded and you don’t have minor children. This is an important safety

document if you fail to put all your assets in the living trust, it “pours” any assets that are not in your trust at death into the living trust so that they can be controlled by the provisions of the trust. The main reason to have a trust is to avoid probate. Probate is the courts process of distribution of an individual’s assets after death. Having a trust lowers the costs of the probate process, and is a private document and speeds up the transfer to the beneficiaries after death. For more information, contact my office at 8132 Main St. in Garrettsville (44231), call 330-221-3104 or visit You can submit legal questions for Amy to answer at

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Next time we will focus on the need for a Vision for your business.

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Wouldn’t life be worth the living? Wouldn’t dreams be coming true? If we kept the Christmas spirit, all the whole year through? ~Author Unknown

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Business Tip #6 Is lowest price necessary to win? Far too many small (and large) business owners think low price is what is needed to get and keep customers. If this is true for your business, you better be the lowest cost provider … or have money to waste. I know of businesses that have a very unique product or service but still want to talk about “discounts” and “special offers” and other price driven tactics. Most often the answer is…No! Several years ago, I was exposed to an in-depth study of “hostile markets” that found a purchasing hierarchy that buyers always followed. It works like this: Only after buyers conclude that competitors are the same at one level do they move to the next level in the hierarchy. Hostile Markets are ones where the market supply is greater than the market demand, … or highly competitive. A Business-to-Business study was done by The Windermere Group; consumers are more driven by emotional reasons and perceived needs. Here is what they found: Buyers follow a Purchasing Hierarchy Buyers make their buying decisions by moving through a hierarchy of needs, starting with Unique Features and Functions in the product they are buying. If they believe you have a unique feature or function that they need, and no one else has it, the customer will stop looking.

You need to understand what your customers believe they need - their perceived needs - then learn how to fill those needs. After features/functions, reliability comes next. This is a soft feature, but very real and powerful. This thinking is attached to the customers risk perception of doing business with you. “If I buy your product, will I have problems, and can I count on you if I do have a problem?” Understand what reliability means to your customers. After feature/function and reliability comes service - How you interact with your customers; how you deliver your product. Think of the times you have called a Service Hotline: Dial 1 if this and 2 if that and 3 for something else. After dialing through several menus, if you are lucky enough to get a live person, they are probably in India somewhere and difficult to understand. Feel frustrated? Think there is an opportunity for a better service model? How can you create a superior service model for your market? Last comes price. A buyer makes a buying decision above the price level only when they conclude there is only one supplier that meets their needs (and wants) at that level. Conversely, once a buyer concludes -rightly or wrongly - that multiple competitors are exactly equal in features, reliability and service, the only differentiator becomes price by default. And now, the buyer is in control! Your product or service needs to be differentiated from competitors Offer unique features, reliability and/or services in your business and stop thinking you need to have the lowest price to win!

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{ community interest } Continued From Page 2 Upon arriving at the marsh, I picked up my son and started wading him out to the small swath of land that would be our blind. We quickly went to setting out our decoys and getting everything just right for the big moment. As we were completing our spread, the sun started to breach the horizon and so did the ducks! The later shooting time was about to drive me nuts. After all, you can only watch so many ducks come in perfectly to your spread before you lose all logic and composure. On a more serious note, I guess the good side to the later shooting time was that it afforded me a great teaching opportunity without the pressure of performance. I mean, you have to put the birds down when your boy is watching for the first time, right? In those few minutes before the shots rang out I explained where to look, how to move, and where to look for the ducks. With a few birds working the decoys, he was into it and it made for great practice. Just a little while longer and the guns would be blazing. While we waited, we grabbed some coffee, donut holes, and every boy’s favorite, hot chocolate. As we sipped, the rain gave way to a hazy mist that clung to everything around us. With the rain dissipating we were convinced that our morning would include some shooting after all. In ready fashion we waited for the green light. With our eyes on the watches, shells in the guns, and calls close at hand the anticipation of the moment escalated. It would be a great morning if for no other reason than company! Three minutes and counting….two minutes and counting…. one minute and the final countdown ensued. My son was all smiles as we made a big deal about the countdown.


Whistling Wings and Childhood Dreams 3-2-1 ... Boom, ba-boom, boom, bbboom! Shots rang out in all directions. Birds began to get up off the water in just about every area you looked. It was at this moment that the real duck hunters were separated from the rookies. So many ducks in the air, so many species, and only two species you could shoot. I told my buddy who was one of the rookies to follow my lead so that we didn’t take a Wood Duck by mistake. While I was looking out over the marsh I saw a few teal coming our direction. They were high, but within range. I told my partner to take them on my lead. Closing, closing and up we went. The guns blazed and my first shot connected. It was hard to tell due to the silhouetting whether it was blue or green, hen or drake, but within moments I was able to make the retrieve. My first duck in a number of years, and it was a beautiful Green-Wing hen. I quickly got back to the blind excited to show off the prize to my son. Upon getting in the blind, my son snatched the bird out of my hands as if he were an overzealous hunting dog. He was as inquisitive as a puppy in a new field. I enjoyed showing him his first bird and explaining why they were called Greenwings. After some quality time teaching, I quickly moved back into position for another shot. Throughout the first few minutes of shooting we saw a number of teal. However, to our disappointment, they weren’t in the decoying mood. The shooting pressure had them on the fast track out of Dodge! Their scattered and skittish mood meant that any shot we were given was going to be a pass shot opportunity. As the morning began to settle in, the

Dec. 18 2013

action slowed. It was time for another cup of coffee and some donut holes, and if my boy wasn’t smiling, he certainly was when the donuts came out. We enjoyed the scenery, the sounds and the eagle that decided to land just overhead after the shooting subsided. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Every so often we would see a flock of Wood Ducks come zipping across the marsh and that always got our hearts racing. I guess it was a good way to keep us on our toes and in the game. After a few minutes of down time, we noticed some ducks flying erratically and low way out in the marsh. I told my partner to watch them as I turned to grab something for my son. As I was turned, he said, “They’re coming this way.” I turned to watch as two drake BlueWings approached and busted the outside edge of our shooting range at full bore. I said, “Let em’ go, it’s not worth wounding a bird on a hopeful shot.” We continued to watch as they flew out into the marsh again. As I turned back to my son, I said, “Just keep watching, they might come back.” I hadn’t even completed my turn before he said, “You’re right, here they come!” I turned with gun in hand and saw them busting the bog brush at a nice pace. As they began a banked turn, I knew they were going to give us a really nice fly-by. As much as I wanted to let them go and bring them back around, I knew the pressure of the morning would play against us. Erring on the safe side, I said, “Take em’,” as they hit the edge of the spread! We stood up in duck hunter fashion and squeezed off. As the gun next to me boomed, I was unfortunately dealing with a jammed shell. My first shot was out in front and I never had the opportunity to make the

correction. However, my partner was busy blazing away and you guessed it…not a feather was touched. I looked over at him and asked, “Why didn’t you shoot that bird?” Of course at that moment all we could do was stand in awe of what just took place. It was the picture perfect, left to right, middle of the decoys opportunity and we blew it big time. What else could we do but laugh? So, that’s what we did. We laughed and laughed and laughed. The remainder of the morning I kept asking questions like, “Why did you let that bird get away?” Anything I said making light of our past moment made us laugh. As he grinned I told him what my father had always told me. At least you’re getting the lead in the air. Obviously my father hunted ducks and geese long before steel shot ever hit the market. But it was tradition, so it fit the moment. That ended up being our last real opportunity of the morning as the rain moved back in. With damp clothes and a 5-year-old trooper who had stuck it out on a very tough first morning, we started to pack up and head out. As we left the marsh, we stopped to snap a photo. As I posed next to my son, my mind rewound and I was suddenly standing outside the blind on the Mississippi River with my Father. I could hear the river; I could smell the willows dressing the blind … I was there. All at once the camera flash fired and I snapped out of my reminiscing. I realized in that moment just how blessed I was to have a father and a son to share whistling wings and childhood dreams with. This year, as you explore the great outdoors, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a young man or woman out to make their own memories. Best of luck!


{ community interest }


GCPL Staff Favorite Books of 2013 Need gift ideas for the readers on your holiday list? Geauga County Public Library is making it easy and fun for you to find the next great read for them (or yourself ). Every day in December through Christmas, GCPL is posting a staff member’s favorite 2013 book selection on Facebook: ( All books are relatively new, having been published in 2013. Our Youth Services department is choosing the best new picture books as well as selections for emerging readers and young adults. Adult services, circulation, technical services and information technology staff are sharing their favorite picks of fiction, nonfiction, essay, cooking and more for all ages. Readers rely on other readers to find engaging books. The staff at your local Geauga County Public Library is keenly attuned to finding and recommending great reading materials for diverse audiences. A book is much more than just a read. A good book is a companion that increases our ability to relate with each other, find new ideas, share discoveries and teach practical skills. All the recommended books are available to check out via the Geauga County Public Library, should you want to preview them. Go to your favorite bookstore if you decide to purchase. GCPL has no affiliation with any book sellers. What authors will you find? Find out on the GCPL Facebook page. The Middlefield Library is located at 16167 E. High St, in Middlefield (44062). Call 440632-1961.

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Stairs and Millwork Custom-Built Dr. Scott Hunt, Cardinal superintendent received a check from the Middlefield Chamber of Commerce president, Kathy McClure. By Kathy McClure

Promises Kept

Fulfilling a promise is a good feeling. It is a professional characteristic and part of a value system we cherish. The Middlefield Chamber of Commerce operates by such standards. A year ago, Cardinal Schools mounted an intense, pro-active plan to deter outside violence and intruders from violating our children in our school system. This was in addition to the many safety practices already in place. Local fire and law enforcement, Cardinal School officials and the Middlefield Chamber of Commerce delved deeply into systems that could enhance the current levels of protection. Of course, the type of safety hardware deemed necessary (cameras, locks, monitoring devices, etc) had not been a part of almost any school’s regular budget, but became painfully necessary in light of some local and national tragedies on school campuses. Developing a plan for Cardinal became paramount. Cardinal Schools went to work to seek primary funding, and the Safety Committee went to work to establish a good plan. The Middlefield Chamber of Commerce

was asked to help bring awareness to the business community, and in turn, raise additional funds necessary to purchase these enhanced systems. We had a goal of about $8,000. I am happy to report that with everyone’s cooperation, the safety plan is moving forward. Locking devices have been completed, and the final decision is being made for enhanced security hardware. Systems are on schedule. And, through the Chamber’s Annual Golf Outing and a consumer raffle devised by Tom and Mary Wiant, the Chamber was able to present a check to the school for $7,249.99. We are holding out hope that our local businesses that have not yet participated in this fund drive will be generous and send checks directly to the school to support this effort. Our local Chamber of Commerce is so honored to serve a business community that lives by strong principles. We have a business community that understands commitment, honesty, generosity and promises, and they live by these traits every day. How fortunate we are!

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Dec. 18, 2013


{ berkshire schools }


(l-r) Craig Ronyak ( representing the Ronyak family ), Jack Arnold, Dave Mullet, Kristin Chittle, Vander Maas, Ky Bowman (accepting for Dale Duns), Bob Potter and Jim Kellogg.

Athletic Hall of Fame Class of ‘13 Inducted On Saturday evening at the half time of the boys varsity basketball game vs. Cardinal, the Athletic Hall of Fame class of 2013 was formally inducted. The class includes community members, former athletes, and coaches. The inductees demonstrated outstanding athletic ability, a commitment to the Berkshire School District, and leadership. Congratulations to the Hall of Fame Class of 2013: Jack Arnold, Dale Duns, Dave Mullet, Jim Kellogg, Kristin Chittle VanderMaas, Bob Potter and the Ronyak Family.

Dazzle her this Christmas with Our Large seLectiOn Of diamOnds and pearLs

Berkshire junior high school student council members and their advisor, Mrs. Arnold paid a visit to Burton Health Care. The students spent time decorating cookies, building a gingerbread house with the seniors and discussed several topics of interest. Everyone participated in decorating the Christmas tree for the residents. A special thank you to the junior high student council for spending time at Burton Health Care during this holiday season.

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Dec. 18 2013

Student Council Visits Burton Health Care

On December 20 and 21 the Berkshire Jr./Sr. High School Thespians will be performing Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” . T ickets are $5 for students and $6 for adults. Performance times for both nights is 7 p.m.

{ cardinal local schools }


Amish Home Craft & Bakery



The Holiday Season is Upon Us

is A l w a y s O oor pen D r ... u O

site and invited families to participate by providing us with feedback in several areas of operation. I believe it is important that our schools begin to take an approach that embraces the thoughts and opinions of our families so that we can reach excellence. Although the survey was brief, I asked about safety, leadership, and teaching. Those items are always critical pieces in the function and health of a school system. Once the results have been compiled and analyzed I will post them on our Web site so the community can get a feel for how we are doing. My New Year’s resolution will be to bring interested family/community members around the table as I build a Superintendent’s Advisory Group. This group will serve as a core team advising and assisting with the transformation process in the school system. The break from school this holiday season should prove to be fruitful. Santa will bring gifts and the New Year will turn the calendar from 2013 to 2014. The real reward will be in getting the time to take stock, reflect and to be thankful for what we have. Although we have some very good things going on at Cardinal schools, I look forward to transforming our current reality and enhancing the good things that are already happening here. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or in the office at 440-632-0261.

Holiday Bakery Orders taken until Dec 23.

Walking Canes • Quilts • Wooden Puzzles • Wood Items • Rugs • Soaps Candles • Jams • Jellies • Crafts • Gifts & much more! Enter Our Christmas Bakery Drawing Bakery Available Daily – Will Do Special Orders! – Closed Dec 25 thru Jan 4. 440-632-1888 (Let Ring) 16860 Kinsman Rd.(Rt. 87) Open Daily 9am - 4:30pm


The holiday season is upon us. Students and staff a re   l o o k i n g forward to the Christmas break. This is the time of year where we begin to take stock in what we have. It is a time to reach out to others and to give selflessly to those that need a helping hand. New Year’s resolutions are made (and some are actually kept). Then we are launched into a brand new year with a brand new set of challenges. School districts are always faced with challenges. Budgets, programming, school culture are all topics that can impact a school either positively or negatively. At the beginning of the month, I posted a Satisfaction Survey on the district Web

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{ community interest } Uptowne’s Barber Shoppe

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Dec. 18 2013


fascinating Meet Manuel Lopez By Nancy Huth

Manuel (Manny) Lopez has worn many hats in his 76 years. His varied life experiences are what the American Dream is made of. A resident of Middlefield since retiring from a 50-year career in hospitality and security industries, he served as East Geauga Kiwanis president in 2010 and from 2006 to 2012 as honorary consul for Spain in Ohio. Born and raised in Barcelona, Manny was hired as a trainee in the hospitality industry at age 14, starting as a bellboy and working up to concierge. In 1953, at age 16 he was chosen to partake in the first international workers exchange program between Spain and Germany. He trained at the Frankfuter Hof in Frankfurt, Germany. Back in Spain at the luxurious Avenida Palace Hotel in Barcelona, Manuel was promoted to general manger at age 18. While there he encountered many stars in the fields of entertainment and art. He can afford to quote names like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren, William Holden, Marion Anderson and Salvador Dali. As a result of several encounters with Errol Flynn in the hotel, Manny snagged a bit role in the 1955 film, “King’s Rhapsody.” He left Spain during the Franco regime in 1956, when he had an opportunity to study at John Carroll University and later at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, pursuing a business degree. After coming to the United States he worked as food and beverage manager and budget and control supervisor at the Charter Hotels of the Hotel Corporation of America in Euclid; San Juan, Puerto Rico; NY Plaza; Boston and the Mayflower in Washington, DC. Thereafter, he was engaged by Associated Motor Inns as vicepresident-director of their Holiday Inns, Stouffer Hotels and Howard Johnson Hotels. He traveled around the country extensively, overseeing their operations. Manny’s professional resume’ calls him “a results-oriented self-starter with a proven successful record in business development, franchising, food trade, hospitality and restaurant fields.” He was vice chairman of Marie Schreiber’s Enterprises in Cleveland and president of the Northeast Ohio Restaurant Association. Among Manny’s favorite photos is one of Vice President

Hubert Humphrey bestowing US citizenship on him in 1965. Manny’s smile and charm are contagious. He’s a real people-person with the enviable ability to remember people’s names, a talent that has served him well in the hospitality industry. Later in his career, he purchased the Colony Restaurant in downtown Cleveland. He and his wife Eileen owned the Colony for many years. They’ve been married over 50 years and have five children and nine grandchildren. As each of their children finished grade school they were sent to study at the American School of Barcelona and live with their grandparents in Spain for one year. They all speak Spanish today. Manuel’s mother Francisca is now 97 and is the life of her nursing home in Mataro, Spain. Fluent in six languages, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, German and English, Manuel once stopped over while I was on the phone with a TV technician (who was located somewhere else in the world) and whose English was incomprehensible to me. Manny grabbed the phone and asked “Habla Espanol?” To the negative reply he asked the young man where he was and discovering that his phone partner was in the Caribbean, shifted into French and helped me conduct my business. How enriching it is to have residents such as Manny Lopez living in our community.

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Dine In • Carry Out Menu Mon - Thurs: 11:30 am - 9:00 pm • Fri - Sat: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm • Sun: 12:00 - 9:00 pm

{ community interest } By Joe Novak

Challenging Ourselves

For those of you who have not read some of my recent articles, I am building a new house and I am the general contractor/laborer; my wife’s definition: “the jackass of all trades,” an endearing term, I am sure. She did not want me to take on this challenge and at 66.5 years old, it is a bit of a challenge and a test of endurance. I have shoveled more dirt and sand these 3 months then I have the entire 8 years living on our farm. I have hauled gravel, lumber, block and gas for the generator and I would do it again in a heart beat. Why? Because I love the challenge. It is a challenge getting up early and going to the job site knowing I will be up to my backside in mud, or taking down trees, hauling brush and stacking wood - and these are just a few of the physical duties. Self-motivation is difficult if you dwell on the task ahead, especially if it is difficult or unpleasant. I don’t ever think about the task other than the planning stage and gathering the tools and equipment that I will need. I simply tackle the job without any consternation or negative thoughts. This is how I get up in the morning; when the alarm rings I don’t think about how cozy and comfortable I am in bed, I simply jettison myself out of bed and once my feet hit the floor I am off, taking on the day. Garner Ted Armstrong, an evangelist, motivational speaker and author once said, “Man is happiest when working toward a worthwhile goal”. (Man meaning mankind.) I am happy, especially when I complete a difficult task or accomplish some goal, so he must have been correct. There is something therapeutic about completing a task or taking on a challenge. Marathon runners are said to experience a euphoric type of high from running and most athletes get an up kick in self esteem after a vigorous workout or competition. What we accomplish in life is what defines us as human beings. Those who accomplish little, lack self-esteem, a sense of purpose and often have no direction in life. No one ever gets recognition for having accomplished nothing. A new year is less than a month away and although many people have stopped making “New Year resolutions”, they are not, as yet, against the law. Resolve to yourself that 2014 will be your best year ever and start planning it now. Go to your local library and peruse the self-help book section. Google self-help books in your field of interest and put one on your Christmas list. Promise yourself that you will accomplish that illusive goal in 2014; you’ll be a happier person for at least having tried. To find out what Joe would do, e-mail questions to Joe’s articles are his opinion and are only intended as a guide. Please consult an expert when in doubt.

Local Earns Maple Syrup Award By Terese Volkman The best maple syrup in the world is made in Geauga County. No argument about that, when the 2013 first place award for medium amber maple syrup was awarded to the Gingerich Brothers and Aggie Sojka-Sperry at the International Maple Syrup Institute annual meeting Oct. 25 in Delta Beausejour, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The IMSI and North American Maple Syrup Council presents awards to recognize outstanding achievements in the maple syrup industry. There are 17 maple producer associations that belong to the NAMSC, four in Canada and 13 in the United States. Competition is fierce and the quality of syrup presented for judging the highest in the world. To receive this award is an outstanding achievement. Growing up in Geauga County with sugar bushes all around her, Sojka, a Hambden resident, has a life-long love of the syrup making adventure. She was inducted into the Geauga County Maple Hall of Fame in 2011. Her late husband, Mark Sperry, was inducted in 1995. Since the 1970s, the Gingerich Brothers, starting with Jonas J, John J, and Rudy Kemp, have operated a sugarhouse in Parkman, first with Mark Sperry, now with Aggie Sojka-Sperry. Today their children have joined the operation, making it a family project. It also insures that making maple syrup will continue for generations to come. The 2013 maple crop was a record setter for the sugar bush. “We made 1,103 gallons of syrup,” said Sojka. “It was a very good year.” This was the 54th year for the NAMSC and the 39th for IMSI meeting. The mission of the IMSI is to promote the use of pure maple syrup and protect the integrity of the product while encouraging cooperation among all persons or groups involved in any aspect of the maple industry. Pure maple syrup is a unique and natural product produced exclusively by the concentration of sap from the maple tree. Geauga County maple syrup will continue to be among the best in the world.

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Middlefield Police officers, Village officials, Walmart associates and family members shopped with youth representing 14 area families at Walmart in Middlefield during the annual Shop With A Cop event, spending more than $5,000, all donated. Special thanks to the MPD officers, Carrie Ehrhart for organizing, to Walmart staff, those that organized the Shop With A Cop Car Show, the Chinese Auction at Mary Yoder’s, those who raffled a handmade quilt and donated the proceeds, the many individuals and businesses who gave cash donations, those who selected the families and the volunteers who wrapped the gifts.

Home for the Holidays - Winner! This contest sponsored by the Middlefield Recreation Department. (Richard Geraci, 15134 South State)

(left) Bristol Cub Scout Troop 275 toured the Middlefield Police Station on Dec. 2. (back) Officers, Brandon Gray and Julie Aveni. (l-r) Brandon Anderson, Talon Holk, Zane Hochsteler, AAron Dale and Nathan Robinson.

ks to our n a h t y n Ma rs ” sponso t u o b A ’ g “Out ‘n s Recyclin le a c S t s Hone art and Walm

Home for the Holidays - Winner! This contest sponsored by the Middlefield Recreation Department. (Robert Elko,14838 Lantern Court)

(right) On Dec. 7, area  families enjoyed snacks, crafts and photos with Santa. Organized by the Middlefield Activities Committee. (below, back, l-r) Dick Stone, Kathy Dietrich, Laura Klein, April Obrian, Wendy Kosh, Vanessa Tucholski, Nick Cimminello, Billie Warren (front, l-r) Beth Drebus, Sue Bruncak, Mayor Ben Garlich and Karen Garlich.

Leadership Geauga Youth decorated a tree in Chardon Square for the Christmas Tree lighting, Dec. 5, Leadership Youth Heritage Day. This tree was sponsored by Beans Coffee Shop. (alphabetically) Sam Barnhart - Newbury High School; Kaitlin Bean - Cardinal High School; Kayla Bolden - Chardon High School; Kelli Briggs - Berkshire High School; Berkeley Chadwick - Home School; David Cheung Berkshire High School; Emma Dicker Kenston High School; Jason Driscoll - Chagrin Falls High School; Lexy Fenselon - Cardinal High School; Matt Folkman - NDCL; Zach Gaspar - Chardon High School; Nathan Gorton - Home School; Jess Koches - Cardinal High School; Sadie Lane - Home School; Kyle LeScoezec - Chardon High School; Amanda O’Reilly - NDCL; Colin Pahr - Chardon High School; Sierra Payne - Home School; Enzo Perfetto - NDCL; Katie Reisinger Kenston High School; Aaron Retych - Home School; Meghan Suszynski - Chardon High School and Ben Wozniak - NDCL. Post Photo/Dr. Bob Faehnle

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(above) US Bank staff officially opened their new location on Springdale Avenue with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Dec. 10 (l-r) US Bank employees: David Buchanan, Steve SaLoutos, Kathleen Walsh, Briana McCrudden, Michelle Compton, Tom Zirbs, Bola Majekodunmi and Marlene Vieland, branch manager. Council member, Carl Hornung; Mayor Ben Garlich; Dave Harrington, property owner; Lisa Cook, US Bank; Charlie Ehrhart, director of Streets and Utilities and Middlefield Chamber president, Kathy McClure.

Chem Tech Successes Jim Schill, chairman and CEO of Chem Technologies announced pay raises; larger bonuses; continued health care coverage (completely paid for by Chem Tech) and a ninth paid holiday (birthday) for his 76 employees at the company’s annual Christmas luncheon on Dec. 14. When addressing his employees, Schill said, “Despite what everyone says about the ecomomy, Chem Tech is thriving.” And added, “We will continue to do what we’ve always done; we do things right and it works.” Randy Vancura, chief operating officer, discussed future expansion plans and the company’s unique organic growth. Special guest, Paul Dolan, president of the Cleveland Indians, also addressed the group. When questioned by Schill about the Indian’s upcoming season, he replyed that he is, “absolutely, positively sure; he does not know how they will do.” (top photo, l-r) Randy Vancura, COO; Paul Dolan, president of the Cleveland Indians, Jack Menosky, board of directors; (back) Dan Breit, board of directors and Jim Schill, CEO/chairman. (above, lower photo, clockwise from front) Curt Tibbs, Rick Dyer, Curt Reese, T.S. Henderson, Linna Decker, Anthony Stoops, Danielle Vancura, Brandon Fisher and John Menosky. (above) Geauga Connections held its annual Christmas party on Dec. 11 at the Mangia Mangia Restaurant located in Newbury. As part of this year’s program, the members of Geauga Connections sponsored families in Geauga County with the assistance for Geauga County Job and Family Services. The group supplied gifts and other items for the families to brighten their Christmas season. As well as gifts, a food drive was held and donated items were given to the families. Geauga Connections is a networking group of local businesses located in and around Geauga County. For information on Geauga Connections contact Dan Johnson 440-632-5068, Mark Dolezal 440-632-5055 or Nick Hall 440-834-4612. (left) Fifth-graders wrapped gifts for six Cardinal families. This effort was organized by Sandy and Barb at the Middlefield CVS. Gifts were donated by CVS, Denise Sinito, Agape Word and Worship Church in Solon and Cardinal HS Student Council and staff. (l-r) Aly M. Student Council vice president; Dr. Scott Hunt, Cardinal superintendent; Tori V., Student Council treasurer; Max R., assistant school store manager, Gail Duchscherer, fifth-grade teacher and student council advisor at Cardinal Intermediate and Brandon C., school store manager.

Dec. 18, 2013

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The Value of Christmas Ornaments By Christina Grand Porter They’re pretty homely and probably would be overlooked at even a really crappy rummage sale and wind up in the trash pile. But to me they are beautiful and they bring so many wonderful holiday memories flooding into my mind whenever I look at them. They’re my favorite Christmas ornaments salvaged from my childhood, and it’s nothing short of a miracle that they’ve survived all these decades. They’re worth absolutely nothing if you care to place a monetary value on them. Styrofoam and pipe cleaners simply haven’t gone up in value like gold and silver. These four little men have Styrofoam balls, adorned with sprigs of tin paper holly, for heads. Glass ornaments are stuck in them to act as eyes and noses. Their mouths and bodies are pipe cleaners. What is especially magical about them is that they can be placed on the Christmas tree, but can also be twisted to sit on a lamp or dangle from a dresser mirror, or even a kitchen cabinet knob. They were a lot like the Elf on the

By Ellie Behman

Do Over

There are but a few times in life when an opportunity arises to come to the aid of someone who is being mistreated. We can only hope we can help in some way. When such a situation arose recently, I missed the opportunity completely. I wish I had a “do over” as the kids call it, another chance to make a difference in an uncomfortable situation. My daughter and I were having lunch in a fast food restaurant and engaged in conversation with the waiter. He was a bright, pleasant young man, full of life and laughter. We were immediately drawn to him and our lunch began on a lighthearted note. Within minutes two ladies walked in and were ready to be seated by our waiter. They were perfectly coiffed and elegantly dressed but their demeanor was shabby, to say the least. They immediately began berating the young man about the condition of the restaurant. He maintained his composure, smiled and fulfilled their repeated requests. We listened in shock as the one woman continued to complain about everything around her in a rude manner. My daughter whirled around in her seat, ready to say something but I cautioned her not to get involved. I didn’t want to create a scene. I was wrong. I want a do over. I would like to go up to the woman and ask her why she was treating this jovial young waiter so rudely. I want to ask her what he could have possibly done to her to receive such rebuke, especially when he was nothing but respectful to

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Shelf to me, watching carefully to report back to Santa about my behavior. I still hold my breath every year as I take the top off the tin in which they are stored. Then I have to grin, and, yes, have even been known to giggle aloud, as I pull back the tissue paper to find those familiar faces smiling up at me. I now hang them on one of my big plants where they can cavort among the Christmas cards received that year. You just can’t put a price on some things. I have no idea if anyone is going to want them once I pass on from this earth, but these silly little ornaments have made my Christmas year after year. Just looking at them reminds me of how special this season is and I feel transported back to those wonderful, simple times in which I was so fortunate to grow up. I recently e-mailed a picture of the ornaments to my brother and he couldn’t believe I still had them. Sometimes I can’t either. The presence of these goofy guys is just a little more proof of the pure magic of Christmas.

Three phrases that sum up Christmas are: Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men, and Batteries not Included. ~Author Unknown

her. I don’t think she could have an answer to support her actions. She acted as if she was superior to him and obviously felt she had the right to continually talk down to him. I missed an opportunity to defend another and it is a lesson well learned. The Bible says in Galatians 6:10, “Therefore as we have opportunity let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” We continued to joke with our waiter, pretending not to notice the women in the next booth. I could almost feel their eyes burning holes into us as we enjoyed our lunch. We hoped that our compassion came through loud and clear and helped to remove the sting of their pompous behavior. My only wish now is that he reads this, knows that someone cares and that he continues to shrug off the inappropriate comments that are made to him. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. In that case I believe I have now had my “do over.”

Merry Christmas and thank you to our valued customers.

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Having a Wonderful Christmas Time By Rachel Blakely

The simple joys of Christmas revolve carried in my heart all year long complete around the feel in the air and the warm my Christmas memories year after year. fires you kneel beside while looking out Every year on Christmas Eve, I go with the frost covered window at the snow my family to Mass at St. Lucy/St. Edward covered grass. Setting and then return up the Christmas home to watch “It’s tree with family or a Wonderful Life.” friends, decorating My sister and I open it with memorable one present each, ornaments and lights, then open the rest and finishing with Christmas morning. an angel or a star And every Christmas at the very top is a morning my dad beloved tradition. My plays “A Christmas mom goes around Tree: A Collection the house and puts of Enchanting Music candles in all the Box Melodies” CD windows, giving the while we open h o u s e   re s o n a t i n g The Blakely family visiting with Sarah in presents. Around warmth despite the Bordeaux, France. (top, l-r) Mom, Laura noon we go to my freezing temperatures Blakely and dad, Jon Blakely (bottom, l-r) grandpa and uncle’s and capturing the Rachel Blakely and Sarah Blakely. house on my dad’s Christmas spirit in all side followed by my its glory. We finish our decorating with a aunt’s house on my mom’s side. Last year Manger scene at the bottom of the tree. in early December, my dad’s father passed Christmas music is always on, in my away, but I know that he will be joining us bedroom, in the living room, in the car, for Christmas in spirit, along with my sister and in my mind as the days count down to who is in Paris studying for her Master’s. the “big day.” My mom’s Thumbprint and And that’s the beauty of the holidays— French cookies that we make together even if we aren’t physically with our loved with her homemade jam from our grapes ones, we are always connected to them. continues to be one of my favorite Each year, I experience less excitement Christmas memories. My dad and my sister then when I was little. Christmas sneaks up always make peanut soup that I would faster and faster until it has come and gone never even consider eating; but now I wish with barely a trace. In high school there they would make it again so I could taste it. was so much studying to do that Christmas I remember the excitement I always festivities were pushed to the wayside. And felt in the past for Christmas, my inability in my first year of college, I planned to sleep to sleep on Christmas Eve without putting during my entire break. cookies, milk, carrots, and cheese out Yet, everyone on my floor still found for Santa. I remember staring out my time to make the season bright before we bedroom window with my mom, looking went our separate ways for break; one room for signs of Saint Nicholas in the stars that of students set up a beautiful tree, and lit the darkness. Every Christmas morning, we had a Christmas gift exchange where I would wake my parents eagerly, then my we put all our names in a hat and later sister (who was the most difficult to get out put the presents under the tree. We even of bed), sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and went ice skating twice, something I wasn’t then begin opening presents. The sadness very excited about but would do it again I felt every Christmas night after all the in a heartbeat. Walsh University also has a festivities were over, and my mom telling holiday dinner catered for all the students me not to forget that Christmas should be each year, a huge gathering with every delicious food imaginable. With all these traditional Christmas activities, it was hard not to get into the holiday spirit at college; now I can easily incorporate these as my favorite Christmas memories. The Christmas season varies for everyone even if the activities are similar. We may not be doing the same traditions every year, or life might get in the way of celebrating the season, but that doesn’t mean that the new things we engage in won’t blend in with our old traditions or that Christmas won’t be in our hearts even if life gets hectic. The real spirit of Christmas is much more than one day for presents. I know now that my mom was always right when she said, “Christmas is just a day, and it should be in your heart all year round.” And so I wish you all a very merry and blessed Christmas now and all through the year!


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{ ‘tis the season } Advent & Christmas Services Abundant Life Church of God, 14662 Old State Road in Middlefield 440-632-1051. Dec. 24 at 5 and 7 p.m. Sunday Services at 9 and 10:45 a.m. Christ Covenant Church, 16406 Kinsman Road in Middlefield will host a Christmas Eve Service from 7 to 8 p.m. All are welcome to gather to sing carols and listen to a short message from Pastor Mike Southern in celebration of the gift of our Savior Jesus. Christ Covenant Church,16406 Kinsman Road, 440-632-0602, Cornerstone Bible Church, 15065 Kinsman Road, 440-834-1925. Worship Sunday services always at 10:15 a.m. at Cardinal Middle School. Christmas Eve, Ministry Center, 7 p.m. 15029 Enterprise Way in Middlefield 44062. The First Congregational Church of Claridon, 13942 Claridon Troy Road (Corner of Mayfield and Claridon-Troy). Dec. 22 at 10 a.m. Christmas Pageant “Undercover Angles” followed by a birthday party for Jesus and pot luck lunch. Dec. 24 7:30 p.m. Community Carol Sing. We take requests! 8 p.m. Candlelight Christmas Eve Service. Join us in celebration of our Savior’s birth. First United Methodist Church, 14999 S. State Ave. (Route 608 one block south of Route 87 in Middlefield, 440-632-0480, www.middlefieldumc. com. Christmas Eve candlelight worship, Tuesday, Dec. 24 at 7 and 9 p.m. Handicap accessible. Horizons Christian Assembly, 14920 White Road in Middlefield, 440834-4776. Family Christmas Celebration, Sunday Dec. 22 at 10:30 a.m. SS. Edward and Lucy, St. Edward, 16150 Center St., Parkman, 440548-3812. St. Lucy, 16280 Kinsman Road, Middlefield, 440-632-5824. Generations of Faith, St. Edward, Friday, Dec. 13, 6 to 9 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 15, noon to 3 p.m. Sacrament of Penance, St. Edward Friday, Dec.13 at 7 p.m. Advent Penance Service, Saturday, Dec.14, St Edward 4 p.m., St. Lucy 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 20, St. Lucy, 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 23, St. Edward, 7 p.m., St. Lucy, 7:30 p.m. Children’s Mass, St. Lucy, Dec. 24., 4 p.m.,Vigil Mass 6 p.m. Midnight Mass, St. Edward. Dec. 25 8:30 a.m. at St. Edward, 10:30 a.m. at St. Lucy.

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours



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Jan. 1: Punderson Manor New Year’s Day Brunch 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Breakfast items, lunch items, salad station, dessert bar. Adults $31.95, seniors $28.95, children 4 to 11 $9.95. Ages 3 and under free. Reservations 440-564-9144 ext. 405. Punderson Manor Resort and Conference Center 440-564-9144, 800-282-7275 www. Jan. 2: Shutterbugs Camera Club 7 to 9 p.m. First Thursday each month. Learn tips, tricks and new techniques and exercise your creativity with monthly photo assignments. All skill levels welcome. For monthly location assignments see ‘Things to Do’ at, 800536-4006.

Jan. 2 and 16: Punderson Haunted and History Tours 8 to 9 p.m. Learn about the history of the Western Reserve. How the lake was formed by glaciers, to Iroquois Indians, Battle of Fallen Timbers, and the early 1900s when the Manor was built. Stumble upon strange happenings and learn unexplained tales by the bonfire. Punderson Manor Lodge, 440-564-9144 www.pundersonmanorstateparklodge. com. Jan 12: Pancake and Sausage Breakfast 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. $8, ages 12 and under $5. American Legion Post, 14052 Goodwin St. in Burton. Call Bo 440-834-8765. Jan. 14, 21, 28: Spaghetti Dinner 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Spaghetti, two meatballs, garlic bread. Extras, salad, meatballs, meatball subs. Public invited. Fraternal Order of Eagles Chardon Area Woman’s Auxiliary 440-286-9921. SiteDefault.aspx?SiteContentId=283. Jan. 17, 24: Friday Night Fish Fry 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Proceeds benefit the Ladies Auxiliary Charities and Scholarship funds. Choices: orange roughy, perch, shrimp, chicken tenders, French fries, home fries, coleslaw or salad, bread coffee, tea. Range $6 to $10. To go orders available 440-2869921. Fraternal Order of Eagles Chardon Area Woman’s Auxiliary 440-286-9921. aspx?SiteContentId=283.

Jan. 17, 26, 31 and Feb. 2: The Sound of Music Friday and Saturday 8 p.m.; Sunday 2 p.m. When a postulant proves too high-spirited for the religious life, she is dispatched to serve as governess for the seven children of a widowed naval Captain. Geauga Lyric Theater Guild, 440-286-2255 www. Jan. 18: Geauga County Council Spaghetti and Meatballs Dinner 4 to 7 p.m. $10, seniors $8, ages 5 and under $5. American Legion Post, 14052 Goodwin St. in Burton. Call Bo 440-834-8765. Jan. 18: Chardon Tomorrow WinterFest 2014 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Celebrate Chardon’s status as the Snow Capital of Ohio! 8 to11a.m. pancake breakfast at Pilgrim Christian Church. Pancakes (all you can eat), sausage, pure maple syrup, coffee, and juice $9 for adults; $5 for children under 10. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free activities on the Square. Sleigh rides, ice sculptures, sled dog demo/meet, snowmobiles, games and more. On historic Chardon Square 440-285-3519 www. Jan. 23: Maple Town Tune Traders Jam Session 7 to 9 p.m. Singers and musicians; come share melodies and songs of all genres. Acoustic, gently amplified instruments and vocals welcome. Hot beverages available. Snacks to share welcome. Geauga Park District - The West Woods Nature Center Jan. 24: Spaghetti Dinner and Chinese Auction 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Advance tickets $9 adults, $5 kids ages 5 to 12. At door $9 adults kids 5 to 12 $6. Kids under 5 are free. Carryout available. For tickets contact Monique at 216-337-2104 or parkmanpack76@ Chinese auction. Sponsored by Parkman Pizza and Parkman Cub Scout Pack 76. At the Parkman Community House 16295 Main Market Road (44080). Jan 26: Pancakes and Sausage Breakfast 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. $8 adults, ages 12 and under $5. American Legion Post, 14052 Goodwin St. in Burton. Call Bo 440-834-8765.

A Christmas Celebration Dec. 21 at Newbury Auditorium • 7:00-8:30 p.m. Pastor Bob and Bethany Majetich and the congregation at Grace Evangelical Bible Church invite you to an evening celebrating Christ at Christmas. The evening will feature: • An string ensemble playing the songs of Christmas • A duet sung by Pastor Bob and Bethany Majetich • A choir singing a medley of traditional songs of Christmas • The presentation of a children’s musical “A Room in the Inn” • A small gift for all children under 12 and a free drawing for STEP 2 toys

There will be a punch and pastries reception following the program. There is no admission fee, and all are welcome. 15809 Madison Rd., Middlefield 440.632.0818


Dec. 18 2013

Event sponsored by Grace Evangelical Bible Church Visit us on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. • 14591 Auburn Road, Newbury, Ohio 440-564-9044 •

{ ‘tis the season } Our Lady of Guadalupe - in Ohio In 1987, Ed and Pat Heinz purchased a 120-year old farmhouse on 50 acres in Windsor. As parents of nine children, they considered using the farm as a Catholic youth camp, but it was in terrible shape. They started to fix it up, but in 1990, several private investments soured, the bank foreclosed on the mortgage and Ed and Pat were forced to file bankruptcy. The family was disappointed, but their faith was not shaken. With Ed’s background in Nuclear Engineering they started a new consulting and construction business in England and prospered. But everyone, especially the children, longed to return to the farm in Windsor. Setting hope against all odds, Pat returned briefly to the farm and built a statue of St. Joseph and a medal of St Benedict on the property. Back in England, the family took every opportunity to pray. The farm sat vacant for two years and purchase offers fell through. Finally, at the end of January, 1992, the bank was going to auction the farm in a public Sheriff’s sale. A third party intervened and Ed and Pat were able to purchase the farm. God had answered the Heinz’s prayers in a dramatic fashion. Pat and the kids moved back to the farm on Feb. 2, 1992 while Ed remained in England for the next year and a half. The profits from the company retired the farm debt in less than one year. Pat found herself with a dilapidated old house that needed new bathrooms and a kitchen, but insisted the first order of business was to build a chapel right in the middle of the house; since God had restored their home He deserved the first room. In 1992, the Center hosted its first program in a tent. One of the speakers was Tony Zuniga, a Mexican/American with a great devotion of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Our Lady of Guadalupe is also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe, a title of the Virgin Mary associated with a celebrated pictorial image housed in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in México City. Ed and Pat asked him to walk the property and designate

may your

a spot for a shrine to her. After three days of prayer, Tony suggested the shrine to be built on the island in a small lake at the back of the house. He said the statue should be 33 feet high in honor of Jesus’ life on earth. A talented sculptor named Richard Hyslin designed the statue and when he adjusted the model to replicate the Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, the total image rose to 50 feet. The next year a 100’ by 46’ pavilion was enclosed, insulated and heated. It now serves as the chapel and stage for speakers, musicians, and programs. Over the summer of 1994, Richard Hyslin and his crew raised and finished the concrete substrate of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In 1995 Our Lady was completed with 450 thousand colored 1” tiles and stainless steel rays. When the family prayed to God for the return the farm, they promised they would use it for the greater glory of God, so have invested to improve the farm and develop the Servants of Mary Center for Peace. Ed related, “The Servants of Mary Center for Peace is more “grassroots” Catholic to provide a holy and peaceful environment where God’s people can learn more about their faith and share in the fellowship of the Body of Christ. They want to share the joy they found with you and invite you to visit. Dec. 12 there will be a mass in celebration of the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe at 6:30 p.m. in the Chapel followed by a candle light procession out to the Statue (weather permitting). After, there will be Mexican food and hot drinks. Call 440-2725380 or 440-313-8327 if you plan to attend. Servants of Mary Center for Peace is located at 6601 Ireland Road in Windsor (44099). They have a store and chapel located on the premises open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Featured products are apparel, jewelry, pictures of the shrine, crosses, rosaries and pure maple syrup made right on Mary’s Farm.

Holiday SeaSon


pathways to By Thad Bergmeier

A Festivus Miracle

You probably already know, but Christmas is right around the corner. I know it feels like it should have already been here since trees and decorations have been up in stores for a few months now. Well, it is finally here. But did you know it is time for another holiday as well? Did you know that it is just about time to celebrate Festivus? Yes, Festivus! Never heard of it? Well, let me explain. In 1997, pop culture was introduced to this new holiday through the sitcom “Seinfeld.” In the show, Frank Costanza explains how he created this alternate holiday in response to the commercialization of Christmas. As he was fighting over the last doll in a store with another man, he thought there had to be a better way. And Festivus was born. The holiday features a pole instead of a tree and a special dinner with the airing of grievances and the feats of strength. It’s crazy, yet iconic. In many ways, I feel what Frank Costanza felt. Christmas is anything but what it was intended to be. It has become the pursuit of things. It has become the lust for more stuff. It has become about gifts. Every year, it feels as if Christmas gets more commercialized than the last year. It saddens me because that is not what Christmas is intended to be. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. Hence the name: Christ-mas. This holiday is meant to be a celebration for

the eternal Son of God leaving heaven on the greatest rescue mission of all time. It is about His pursuit of humanity. It is about His giving of His life. It is about the great gift of salvation, which comes through His perfect life and sacrificial death. And we have made it about a new Xbox One. How foolish. It makes me think there must be a better way. I have no interest in starting a new holiday. I want the old one back. I want the holiday where families gathered to give love to each other instead of fighting over who received what gifts. I desire the holiday where friends sacrificed time, energy, and resources for the betterment of each other. I wish for the holiday where Christians gather to remember the little child who was born that uneventful day in Bethlehem. I want Christmas to be about Christ! I desire a Festivus miracle. Not the reunion of people who don’t like each other as in the “Seinfeld” episode. But one in which Christmas become more about others than self; one in which its about giving instead of receiving; one in which its about producing instead of consuming; one that is about Jesus, not us. Thad Bergmeier is senior pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church, a growing community of believers in Middlefield. Visit or call 440834-1925. Follow Thad’s blog at www.

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Leadership Geauga Class Donates Gift to Geauga Hunger Task Force

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Dec. 18 2013

Dr. David Fakadej

As part of the annual Leadership in our communities. Geauga Human Services Day initiative, The Leadership Geauga class of 37 the Leadership Geauga Class of 2014 leaders from across the county visited announced on Friday, Dec. 13 a significant the First United Methodist Food Pantry in financial gift of $2,230 to the Geauga Hunger Middlefield as well as other groups offering Task Force. Pastor Ed Peterson of the First community services, including: Pleasant United Methodist Church of Middlefield and Hill Home, Geauga County Jobs and Family chairman of the Geauga Hunger Task Force Services (JFS), the Geauga Department on was on hand to receive the check at the Aging, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Leadership a n d G e a u g a WomenSafe. h o l i d a y Ad d i t i o n a l celebration speakers with board f r o m members and United Way alumni at St. Services Mary’s Church of Geauga in  Chardon. C o u n t y “On behalf of a n d   Co u r t The Geauga Ap p o i nte d Hunger Task Special F o r c e ,   I ’d Advocates Leadership Geauga Class 2013 donated to Middlefield United like to thank for Kids Methodist Food Pantry. (l-r) Karen Hummel, Reverend Ed Leadership ( C A S A ) G e a u g a Peterson, Michelle Palmer, Carol Kovach and Patty Phillips. j o i n e d f o r   t h e i r Post Photo/Dr. Bob Faehnle the group generous donation of both non-perishable during the day. “It is gratifying and more food and clothing as well as for this major than a little humbling to meet so many financial contribution. The need is great people in our county who are dedicated and this donation will allow us to feed many to helping others – I found it to be very hungry families here in Geauga County inspirational and it made me want to do during the holiday season,” Pastor Peterson more,” said class member and organizer commented. Michele Palmer. The group participated in Requests for emergency food activities during the day including: playing assistance in Geauga County increased wheelchair volleyball with seniors at the by 20 percent during the first half of 2013, Geauga Senior Center; joining residents for according to Joann Randall of United Way breakfast at the Pleasant Hill Home; helping Services of Geauga County. Most of this to organize and bag groceries at JFS as change was accounted for by increased part of their “Support a Family” program; need from residents over the age of 60. and helping to decorate the shelter at At the same time, massive cuts to the WomenSafe for the holidays. federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Leadership Geauga Human Services Program, or SNAP, have resulted in Day team were: Mark Verdova, of Payne and significant reductions in food available to Payne Builders; Karen Hummel, attorney supply this need. “We are very pleased that with Petersen & Ibold; Patti Phillips with our current class of leaders has chosen to Auburn Business Service; Michele M. Palmer, raise resources for this worthy effort – it is controller with the Ullman Oil Company; the essence of what leadership is about!” Joyce Padavick with Bank of America and said Leadership Geauga Chairman Connie Carol Kovac, retiree from IBM. Mark Verdova Babcock, who was present at the event. summed up the experience, saying, “It’s The theme of this year’s Human been a real treat to be a part of Leadership Services Day was “People Helping People”, Geauga and work on this Human Services the purpose of which was to educate the Day. To know we were making an impact class about the human services needs in was incredibly rewarding, and I’m grateful I Geauga county and highlight opportunities had the privilege to be a part of this team for individuals to make a positive difference effort.”

Getting Fit in the New Year Do you begin every year with a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get fit? If you do, you are not alone. Everyone has good intentions but they fail to make a game plan. They start off restricting their diet so excessively that they are unable to resist any temptation that crosses their path because they are literally starving themselves. Then they start to work out, but focus only on those problem areas ignoring the rest of their body. Approximately 2 weeks into the new fitness routine they quit because they are sore, tired and hungry. Sound familiar. Try something new this year, don’t start on Jan.1; it is too much pressure. Give it a week or two so that you can get back into a regular routine. Get all of the snacks and unhealthy foods out of your house. It is much easier to lose weight when the tempting foods are not at your fingertips. Next find a workout buddy. It has been proven you are more likely to stick with a new fitness regime if you have someone who will work out with you. You keep each other accountable and you can give each other the encouragement that is needed when you feel like you might want to quit. Losing weight and getting fit is never easy but it CAN be fun. If you join a weight loss challenge or a weight loss program, you will receive tips and support to help you reach your goals. Try a workout program that interests you, if you learn to do your workouts correctly you will see results and this will motivate you to continue. You may also make new friends who will encourage and push you so that you reach your goals. If you would like more information on Totally Fits weight loss challenge and fitness classes, call Donna Longrich at 440-724-5921.

{ health } Looking Back on Low Back Pain

El Hombre Barber Shop

By Dr. David Fakadej I am installing a bathroom and kitchen in the basement. During that time I developed a mild low backache, right side. Nothing major, just a little tender. But like the man that I am, pain did not stop me from working over my head for hours at a time, standing on five-gallon buckets of drywall mix. After 2 months, the pain became more severe. I elected to continue working through the pain with Boswellia (herbal anti-inflammatory) and Cramplex (herbal muscle relaxer) and an OTC pain pill. A few days more and the pain grew bad enough to disrupt my sleep. At 2:30 a.m., unable to sleep, I took my own ‘medicine.’ I got out of bed clutching with shots of pain and cautiously made my way up the stairs to my treatment room. With each step, my knee felt like it was going to buckle out under me. I thought, “Wow, my patients say things like that all the time!” I walked through the hallway to the treatment room. My right low back literally felt like it was about to break. I thought, “Wow, my patients say things like that!” I set up the electric stimulation machine so that I could operate it while face down. In the process of setting the machine, laying down, getting the electrodes in place on my low back (not an easy process), I was gasping from sharp twinges with each move. I thought, “Wow, patients gasp like that.” Finally, I turned up the electric stimulation to an intensity necessary to distract the pain. Just before moving the stim back and forth across the low back and injury, I let out a loud sigh. “OHHHHHHHH” and remarked to myself, “I can breathe without pain again; how good that feels!” I realized my patients do the same thing when I apply the stimulation to them. Being the good American I am, I figured that if 15 minutes is good for my patients, 30 is better for me. After phasing through three frequency settings on the stimulation,5 minutes each phase, moving the stim left and right through the pain and feeling utter joy, I realized it was enough. I wanted to go back to bed. Hmmmm, 15 minutes was all that was necessary. I removed the electrodes, applied FlexPower (a warming

balm), positioned myself for stretching maneuvers, which were uncomfortable but doable, got up off the table, still sore and walking normal returned to bed warm and tingling. Three hours later I woke up with a little residual soreness. Back to work. I learned a few things in this episode. First, I state with complete humility, I am good at what I do. My patients often tell me I am good. I used to take that with a grain of salt. To experience what I do first hand for myself, thank goodness I do the right things. Find it, fix it, NOW. Second, and perhaps more important, I did not freak out with the fear factor. I knew I was okay because I heard before everything I felt. I heard it so many times over the years that I perceived comfort from the ghosts of patients past telling me I was okay – these were ‘normal’ pain sensations. Fear makes an unknown pain worse. I kept the ghost of fear-in-the-present very calm in this, my first time experience of severe low back pain. Oddly, it was about 3 or 4 months earlier I wondered if I would ever understand my patient’s experiences of low back pain. My hope in writing this, is to offer a glimpse of the future for anyone that experiences low back pain. Don’t wait until you need drugs. I tell my patients, “If the pain does not go away (like we all hope it will) within 3 days, it won’t go away. It is time to make an appointment!” Buckling knees, fragility with a perception that the back might break, gasping from tension, clutching with spasms, sensations going down the butt into the thigh, these are ‘normal’ injury sensations for low back pain. Abnormal is loss of control of bowel or bladder function, dial 911. I hope this reflection may help someone who struggles with low back pain similar to my experience. Please, don’t wait more than 3 days, and go before you need herbals or drugs. It makes my job easier and recovery faster. Happy Christmas to all. Dr. David Fakadej, DC, LMT, is the proprietor at Journey Health Care & Chiropractic, 17652 Munn Road, Auburn Township. Call him at 440543-2771, or e-mail

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Dec. 18 2013

11/11/13 3:36 PM

The Geauga Credit Union has collected more than 370 rolls of toilet paper for those in need. You can still donate, just drop them off to the Geauga Credit Union, 14499 N. Cheshire St., Burton.

UH Geauga Earns Reaccreditation The Breast Center at University Hospitals (UH) Geauga Medical Center recently received reaccreditation of its mass and calcification core-needle biopsy capabilities from the American College of Radiology (ACR). The state-of-the-art breast biopsy imaging technique was surveyed by the ACR’s Committee on Stereotactic Biopsy Accreditation of the Commission on Quality and Safety and awarded its official recognition for another 3.5 years, through April 2017. Accreditation review typically takes 4 to 6 months. “The ACR granted our reaccreditation in just one month,” says Maria Schmidt, BA, CNMT, manager, Diagnostic Imaging, UH Geauga Medical Center. “Their quick turnaround is a very positive statement about the quality of our Breast Center’s imaging services.” The hospital has been offering minimally invasive breast biopsies with ultrasound guidance to determine if masses are cancerous since the Breast Center opened in 2010. “The stereotactic technique enables us to perform biopsies on lesions that are only detectable in a digital mammogram,” says Lee Zeiszler, MD, Medical Director, Diagnostic Imaging and Assistant Director of the Breast Center, UH Geauga Medical Center. “It lets us see very small, subtle lesions, including microcalcifications that are only two millimeters in size.” Without the advanced core-needle capability, breast biopsies would require an invasive procedure. “Since most of these biopsies end up not being cancer, the stereotactic approach is a very desirable first choice,” says Dr. Zeiszler. “It saves our patients a lot of unnecessary surgery and the associated cost and stress.” The American College of Radiology’s decision to reaccredit was the result of an extensive review of the Breast Center’s stereotactic imaging samples, staff expertise and safety reports. “We furnished the ACR with a series of very specific images based on their criteria,” says Schmidt. The breast biopsy imaging capabilities are part of a complete range of accessible services offered by the fully accredited Breast Center, which include digital mammography, diagnostic breast ultrasound, preoperative image-guided needle localization, preventive planning and genetic counseling. To learn more call UH Geauga Medical Center at 440-2857757 or visit and click “Services.”

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Free Christmas Tree Recycling Collection “Tis the Season to Tree Cycle”

Drop-off your Christmas tree to one of the following locations in Geauga County:

Relay For Life volunteers and Cardinal students (l-r) Faith Brown and Anna Futty.

Cardinal High’s Fundraising Efforts

By Anna Futty

event was pure profit for the organization Cardinal High School’s Relay for Life and teams, team, along who donated with the other wreaths.All volunteering together the teams,kicked teams were fundraising able to set off with a chili out around dinner and 25 wreaths to wreath raffle. raffle. Many This was held at more events Cardinal High and fundraising school on Dec. opportunities 3 before the will be coming boy’s basketball 2013-14 Relay For Life Team Heros (l-r) Debby Yoder, up in the near game. The raffle Ada Druhot and Richard Druhot. Speaking of teams: future. The kids a n d   d i n n e r the Druhot’s are 50 years married, congratulations! at Cardinal are was a success ready to make a difference,  and do what and a great way to begin fundraising. The we can to fight this battle that everyone has been effected by,whether personally or through a loved one. The Cardinal team has been working hard to organize more events, all leading up to our Relay for Life event in May. Please get involved and help fight for a cure. We love and appreciate the community’s involvement and support. For more information visit http://relay. acseve elay For L ife/ RFLCY14EC?fr_id=57172&pg=entry.

From our homes to yours –

Auburn Township

bAinbridge Township

Auburn Township Garage 17666 Auburn Road Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 December 26, 2013 – January 31, 2014 Trees accepted anytime Someone will be available to assist with unloading if trees dropped off during regular business hours Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Bainbridge Road Dept 17800 Haskins Road Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 December 30, 2013 – January 11, 2014 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Weekdays; 7:00 am to12 Noon Saturdays Help unloading trees is available

ClAridon Township

Hambden Township Park Across from Township Hall 13887 GAR Highway (Rte 6) Chardon, OH 44024 December 27, 2013 – January 19, 2014 Trees accepted any time dawn to dusk

Claridon Maintaintenance Garage 14000 Mayfield Road E. Claridon, OH 44033 January 1 – 15, 2014 Trees accepted any time dawn to dusk Someone will be available to assist with unloading if trees dropped off during regular business hours Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

hAmbden Township

ChesTer Township

Chester Township 8565 Herrick Drive Chesterland, OH 44026 December 26, 2013 – January 10, 2014 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

VillAge of middlefield

Tare Creek Parkway Compost Site 14680 Tare Creek Pky Middlefield, OH 44062 January 1 – 31, 2014 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Weekdays 9:00 am to 12 Noon Saturdays

Please remove all ornaments hooks, tinsel and stand.

Sponsored by Geauga-Trumbull Solid Waste District and the Geauga County Board of Commissioners For more information contact: (330) 675-2673 or 1-800-707-2673

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Workers Needed in the Middlefield Area 15 Years of Professional Pet Grooming

All Breed Dogs and Cats Your pets come first. Darci Dodge 216-308-3783 16656 Peters Rd. Middlefield, OH 44062





TOW MOTOR Operators with working knowledge of HAND SCANNERS

Hiring WEEKDAY & WEEKEND shifts

Needed Immediately

Call Kelly Services $9.00/hour + shift diff & attendance bonus

$9.00 to $9.75/ hr. + attendance bonus



Apply with KELLY SERVICES Call for hiring details

New Customers Only Offer expires 12/31/13 MP

Help wanted – Part-time Community Manger WALLICK COMMUNITIES is looking for a Part-time Community Manger to manage all daily operations of an Affordable Housing apartment community for our senior property, Casa Lucia located in Middlefield, Ohio. Req: HS diploma/GED. Previous Property Management experience. Valid Driver’s License. Candidates must successfully pass a preemployment drug screen and background check. Please apply in person at Casa Lucia 16280 East High Street, Middlefield, OH, 44062 or submit your resume to or fax to 614-322-8855. EOE/M/F/V/D

{ Real Estate }

Dog Training Classes (Obedience/Agility)

Through our doors… Pass the nicest people in the world. Our Customers! Our Friends! At this holiday Season there is no more Appropriate time for us to say…

w w w. t a l l p i n e s k 9 . c o m

Thank You

And to express to you and yours every Happiness for this beautiful season and Throughout the coming year.

Classes in all levels Of ObedienCe and aGility

Mark & Patti Dolezal Joan Carpenter, Sherry Rath, and Jill Scott

all classes will be held at tall Pines dog training. limited class size, pre-registration is required.

Gail Jaite, Owner 440-632-1099

MD Realty LTD “Your Local Realtor”

15618 W. High St. Middlefield, OH

{ business opportunity }

13769 Old state Rd.(Rt.608) Middlefield 44062


LOOK! Established business opportunity ready for you to take

CryptoQuiz Each of the following cryptograms is a clue to the identity of a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Using the hints G=A and S=R, decipher the clues to name the winner.

to the next level or just do with your family.

All customer/supplier, patent and manufacturing info along with inventory. Call for more info!

330.359.0270 {For Sale}

Snowmobile Yamaha 1996


BX 600 TW, 4,000 miles. Very clean.


I was the fourth American president to win the Nobel Peace Prize:

Answers: 1) Attorney, 2) Civil Rights, 3) Senator, 4) Democrat, 5) Diplomacy, Barack Obama



Wood Lover’s Dream!

CARpORtS complete on your site for as low as


Dec. 18 2013


Great Storage for • Cars • Boats • RVs • Equipment • Agricultural Items!

This 4 bedroom/ 2 bath home has had some updates throughout the years including: roof, some windows, plumbing and electrical, updated interior but the outside needs work. Also included on the 2.88 acre property is a .25acre stocked pond and a 2700sqft commercial building that has a poured concrete shell but needs brought back to its former glory....located on Rt 322 in Huntsburg Nearly 2500sqf includes 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, large kitchen with dining area, family room with fireplace + formal living room, full basement, att gar, 1st and 2nd fl screened porches across the entire back of the house + a 3rd screened porch off of the front door. All this on 2.76 acres for only $1600/mo in Hiram

Affordable Carports, Building & Pavilions by


Home & Commercial Building!

Spacious Home For Lease



We are here for ALL of your Real Estate Needs!

Let Our 47 Years of Experience Work For You!

Awesome log home that is set back on 11.5 acres that includes 2 streams and a forestry credit. Enjoy sitting on 1 of the 2 covered porches, or relaxing in the one of a kind master suite. Have a home office in the 1st floor study off of the large entry room & always be ready for guests with a full guest(living) suite with separate entrance. Tinker in the workshop with a vault door in the basement, put your cars and toys in the 3 car att gar(with floored storage above) & you also have 2 paved drives off of each of the secondary Roads...Munson

Land Available

Take your pick of 4 lots in a country subdivision in West Farmington... Lots range from 2.04 acres to 4.09acres... Attention Builders Save $24,230 if you buy all four!

We have Homes for sale, Land for sale, Commercial and Industrial buildings for sale and Income Producers for sale! We also manage over 100 Residential and Commercial Rentals.


Pho: 440-632-1904 Fax: 440-632-1003 16394 Kinsman Road Email: Middlefield, OH 44062 Web: Give us a call if you need something sold or leased


See our huge display at:


13065 Mayfield Rd. Chardon • 440-285-2509 • 800-538-2276

47 Years in Real Estate


Ken’s Auto Body, Inc. 14430 Main Market Rd.(Rt. 422) • Burton Phone (440) 834-1293 Toll-Free (888) 601-8380 Fax# (440) 834-1112


complete automotive care atv, atv, motorcycle, motorcycle, car car & small truck repair OIL OIL Change • Brakes• exhaust• shOCks • tIres

ken zwolinski

T. brooks repair Terry Terry Brooks, Brooks, Proprietor Proprietor Since 1992


call call today to schedule appointment


{ Building Materials }



330-718-6873 440-537-3929 Bonded & Insured 4 WindoWs $0 down 4 Vinyl siding 12 Months 4 METAl RooFing same As Cash* 4 TEAR-oFF RooFing Over 25 Years 4 PosT FRAME BUildings Quality Amish Workmanship

*Loans provided by EnerBank USA (1245 E. Brickyard Rd., Suite 640, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit for a limited time. Repayment terms vary from 24 to 132 months. Interest waived if repaid in 365 days. 16.85% fixed APR, effective as of 08/08/12, subject to change.

Mast Metal Sales

Open: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm Saturdays by appointment

Building Materials

• Metal and Vinyl Siding • Steel Truss Buildings • Cannon Ball Track • Metal Roofing • Shingles • Door Frames & Accessories

Melvin J. Mast 13828 Bundysburg Rd., Middlefield • 440-632-0093 (let ring)

{ Engines }

{ Music lessons }

Miller’s Engine Sales & Service

Guitar Lessons Geauga Learning how to play guitar/bass does not have to be hard... Let me show you how!


for a

ENROLL NOW! 440-477-8405


Eli J. Miller • 440-632-0891 7842 Bundysburg Rd., Middlefield, OH 44062


L Trial

Addit Instr ional Drum uctors: Band s • Vio lin Instr ume nts

M-T-W-F: 8–5; Sat: 8–2; Closed Thurs. & Sun


{ Marketing }

{ Recycling }


providing advertising, printing and publishing ser vices marketing solutions since 1992 • graphic design • printing

IELD METAL RECYCLING MIDDLEF Buyers of SCRAP METALS Aluminum • Copper • Brass • Stainless Steel Radiators • Appliances • Steel •Lead • Cars • Other

brochures | flyers | business cards | stationary | forms


• copywriting • web design • web maintenance

Certified 60’ Truck Scale

• ad planning & placement • media buying PUBLISHERS OF: Country Savings Magazine and Middlefield Post

Roll-Off Services 20-30-40 yard dumpsters.

Fairmount Center for the Arts Class Brochure Chagrin Falls, West Geauga, Hudson and South Euclid Lyndhurst Community Education Brochures

Construction Demolition

13199 longwood ave • burton, OH 44021 • 440-834-8900


{ HArness }


YODER’S HARNESS SHOP Everything for your working and pleasure animals plus more.

• Handmade, professionally fitted – tack, harnesses and saddles • Feeds, medicines, barn and stable supplies • Dog supplies, pet ID tags and dog licenses Over 30 years of catering to animals and their people!

14698 Bundysburg Rd., Middlefield, OH 44062 440-632-1505 • Levi & Fannie Yoder M-F 8-5; Sat 8–noon; Sun. closed

VINYLCRAFT WINDOWS & SIDING, LLC (Home Improvements) n Bay


& Bow Windows n Glass Block Windows n Garages n Decks

Free estimates

John miller n 440-321-2474

Specializing in Countertops

Solid Surface Countertops • Laminate Tops and will also do with Undermount Sinks 18960 Nelson Road, Garrettsville 44231

440-548-5872 (let ring)

MIDDLEFIELD POST cLASSIFIED AD rates ❑ Liner Rate: First 20 words $15; 50¢ each word thereafter ❑ Boxed Display Rate: $10 per column in. (1.5”w x 1”h), min. 2 col ins ❑ Business Card Rate: 4 issues $120, or $40 per issue prepaid please √ ad classification box above

Name:________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ ______________________________________________ Phone:_______________________________________ copy will appear exactly as submitted. please print clearly

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

Please send info and payment to: Middlefield Post Classifieds P.O. Box 626 Middlefield, OH 44062 or fax to: 440.834.8933 Our next issue is Jan. 22, 2014 Classified deadline is Jan. 10, 2014

ADVERTISE your company here! Call Today to Reserve Your Space at 440.632.0782 Deadline for theJan. 22, 2014 issue is Friday, Jan. 10, 2014.

Dec. 18, 2013 27

! ! ! y t r a p y a d i l o h u o dditions! a Just in timevofriotersyplu s u io c li e d w e n y n s ma

t fa ... all of your curren

We’ll cater your party!

Zepperoni Rolls

Buffalo Chicken Melt Pizza



Zeppe’s of Middlefield • (440) 834-0024 Zeppe’s Delivers Lunch & Dinner • order online at WWW.ZEPPES.COm • Zeppe’s Caters



Not valid with any other offer or discount. Sorry, not available with online orders. This coupon available for pick-up and delivery only. Expires 1/31/14. CODE: MP101




Not valid with any other offer or discount. Sorry, not available with online orders. This coupon available for pick-up and delivery only. Expires 1/31/14. CODE: MP104



Not valid with any other offer or discount. Sorry, not available with online orders. This coupon available for pick-up and delivery only. Expires 1/31/14. CODE: MP102


$2999 Not valid with any other offer or discount. Sorry, not available with online orders. This coupon available for pick-up and delivery only. Expires 1/31/14. CODE: MP105



$5999 Not valid with any other offer or discount. Sorry, not available with online orders. This coupon available for pick-up and delivery only. Expires 1/31/14. CODE: MP103



Not valid with any other offer or discount. Sorry, not available with online orders. This coupon available for pick-up and delivery only. Expires 1/31/14. CODE: MP106


Middlefield Post December 18th, 2013

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