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January 22, 2014

Neighborly News From Around the Corner

By Patrick Robinson

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n Ohio, as the crimson reds, vibrant yellows and fiery oranges of fall turn to the drab grays and browns of winter, many fishermen hang up their rods and settle in for the cold season ahead. Now I agree, there is nothing like a day on a Lake Erie tributary in late October or early November when the colors are like the most beautiful tapestry you have ever seen! Those days are hard to beat and many consider it the pinnacle, if not the closing of their season. But, don’t be so quick to think that the onset of cold weather is the close of anything, especially fishing for Lake Erie Steelhead. Snow, flow ice, and shale cliffs adorned with magnificent ice formations…that is what “White Hot Steel” is made of. For some, those kinds of things are the call for a fire blazing and crackling in the confines of a natural stone fireplace with a nice elk or moose mount hanging overhead. I am no different except that a winter Steelhead excursion is always a precursor to the fire! A number of years ago when I started to fly fish, I quickly found that fishing in the winter was a great thing, and you didn’t even need an ice shanty to do it. I also figured that many an outdoorsman would settle for a soft chair, a cup of joe, and a nice fire over standing in a river waving a stick, which meant the river would be all mine! There are many things that I like about fishing the winter season. One is the ease at which wildlife stands out when contrasted against a fresh snow. If you think Cardinals are beautiful birds, you should see them when they are all fluffed out in their winter wear contrasted by a white blanket! It’s simply spectacular! How about the beautiful silence that is found on a still winter morning? Everything you hear echoes through the woods, from a lone Canadian goose in the distance to the irate calls of crows scolding a Great Horned Owl as they give chase, every sound resonates the greatness of God’s creation. And what makes all of that so cool and

John Oros, operations director at Geauga Park District. Post Photo/Patrick Robinson brings it all together is the sweet sound of running water. The bubbling, gurgling sound that comes from a nice riffle as it races past your boots or a nearby rock. Mix that with the whistling sound of a fly rod in motion, and you now know the song that is sung in my ear on a day in pursuit of “White Hot Steel.” Not convinced that this opportunity is worth your while? Oh, I understand your hesitation! But, one experience with Steelhead in this winter setting and it will be forever burned into your heart and mind as a great way to get out and with the bonus of getting fish. I had one such day a couple of years ago. A friend of mine, John Oros had expressed interest in experiencing the fun that could be had when you combine Steelhead with a fly rod and that was like saying sick ‘em to a dog. I mean, what kind of fanatical fly fisherman could pass that up? With little

hesitation I put plans in motion for us to hit the river. After some discussion, John and I decided that the nearest tributary would be the target and that we would try to hit it at first light before work for a couple hours. He had never fly fished for Steelhead before, so I took some time to teach him a few important yet basic skills. We only had a few hours due to the fact we would need to head for work sometime in the morning hours, so we moved as quickly as we could. I wasted no time and selected a nice run that I knew typically held fish and went headlong into putting my friend on something he would remember for a lifetime. It would be the perfect spot. No challenging presentations, no tricky casting techniques, it was as easy a presentation as you could get. Did I put him on fish? Absolutely! Did I give him something he would remember for life? You Continued on page 2

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White Hot Steel


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bet! But that took some time. As with many first time flyrodders, especially those in pursuit of Steelhead, fighting the fish can prove challenging. Many are converting from conventional reels (baitcasting, spinning, etc) that will fight a fish on the drag the instant a hookup is encountered. This is not so in the world of fly-fishing. A fly reel is a new monster to many fishermen because you have to learn how to “put the fish on the reel.” In conversational terms this means getting all the line to deliver your presentation (that is laying on the ground or on the surface of the water) on the reel so that the drag system can then begin working to your advantage. Sum it all up, it means that you and your fingers have to be the temporary drag until you can turn it over to the hardware you hold in your hand. The first mistake of many rookies is to hold the line too tight and with light lines and tippets, this can spell disaster. In fact, very few get it right the first time and in turn are disappointed by the flash of silver they see at the end of their lines as it breaks or the fly pulls out. John was no exception. Shortly after showing him the ropes, I left him alone to make quality drifts of his own. He was really starting to get the hang of it when I heard him give the shout, “I got one!” I immediately looked up and started wading his direction when my attention snapped to the end of his rod. It was moving quite violently

up and down as the fish began to roll and run. It all happened in mere seconds. As I began processing the movement his rod tip was translating, I could tell that he had the famous rookie death grip on the line. I tried to holler out “let the line slip through your fingers” before it was too late, but it was! Just then, SNAP… more fish! In the disappointed tone only a fisherman on the water can have, John said “had one.” I was as disappointed as he was! I knew his pain all to well in that moment, but did my best to reassure him that there was another fish in there with his name on it. While I was close by, I took the opportunity to capture the teachable moment and helped him to understand the importance of line tension immediately after hook-up. I told him that too tight was bad and too loose was bad, so find the middle ground. He understood all to well what I was telling him, so again, I distanced myself and let him do his thing. As I moved up river, I took note of how beautiful and crisp a morning it was. The snow on the ground had come over night and brought a freshness to the morning that was exhilarating. The songbirds sang harmonies that added depth to the chorus already in progress and the roar of water was as a tympani rumbling in an orchestra. As I was getting lost in the moment of reflection, I heard my friend fire off again. He hollered out, “I’ve got another one,” with great excitement. I immediately fired Continued on page 17


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White Hot Steel

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village By Mayor Ben Garlich

The busy holidays are behind us and I am back to a more normal r o u t i n e.   S c h e d u l e d meetings have resumed and all committees are back to business. At our last council meeting, Kirby Date (CSU) presented a completed market analysis for the Village of Middlefield. The delivery time was perfect, as the Economic Development Committee is beginning the interviewing process for a Middlefield Village Director of Economic Development. This analysis will be a very useful tool as this individual will proactively pursue business development and job creation that will complement our Village. To date, we’ve been fortunate; we have identified people with the passion necessary to promote Middlefield. These individuals Margie Wilber (owner of Write to the Point) and Kirby Date (CSU) provided exceptional value. Their efforts exceeded our expectations and the money was well invested. This April, we will be transitioning to a new Chief of Police. Chief Arnold Stanko was hired in April of 2012 with the understanding he would actively hold the position as chief for two years and then be retained as a consultant for a third year. He

was hired to take the department to the next level, get people trained, and bring needed policy and organization to the department. Chief Stanko has accomplished and exceeded these goals, setting high standards for our next chief. It was also the understanding, if things progressed as planned at the end of the two-year period Lieutenant Joe Tucholski would assume the position of chief. The lieutenant has completed extensive training in PELK and FBI school and is well prepared to assume his new role in April. We have added two new members to our village planning and zoning board. Edna Davis who has served in many governmental positions but most recently on our Board of Zoning Appeals and Nick Giardina, a longtime resident, who owns a business in our Village. I look forward to working with them this year. I want to thank Dan MacRaild for his past service and wish him the best. The other open position was created by the passing of Dennis Parton. Dennis was a tremendous asset to this Village not only with his service on the Zoning Board but the many other events he volunteered hours of time that benefitted others. I considered Dennis a colleague and a friend and will miss him. Remember to shop local and visit


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New Officer at MPD

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At the January Middlefield Village Council meeting, Mayor Ben Garlich swore in Officer Jessica Newsome to the Middlefield Police Department. Jessica is a 2012 graduate of Lakeland Police Academy and works as a park ranger for the Geauga County Park District. Jessica says she is looking forward to serving on the Middlefield Police Department as she sees it as an opportunity to build additional experience within law enforcement. (l-r) Council Member Bill Blue, Officer Stephen Nadaud, Council President Scott Klein, Mayor Ben Garlich, Chief Arnold Stanko, Officer Jessica Newsome, Council Member Rick Seyer and Officer Steven Fedorko.

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Kirby Date, CSU Community Planning, presented the Middlefield Market Analysis and won the Cleveland State Market Analysis competition. (l-r) Rob Namy, senior vice president, Weston Inc.; Kirby Date; Robert Simons, PhD, Levin College of Urban Affairs, CSU; Amy Whitacre; vice president, First American Financial Corporation, NAIOP, Commercial Real Estate Development Association; David O’Neill, executive managing director, partner, Ostendorf-Morris Company, Mark Panzica; executive vice president, Panzica Construction, NAIOP; Arne Goldman, director Business Development, Marous Brothers Construction; Andrew Brickman, managing member, Abode Modern Lifestyle Developers; Mike Dostal, senior vice president, manager, Commercial Real Estate, First Merit Bank. By Kim Breyley

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A Win For Middlefield

For more than two years, the Middlefield Economic Development Committee (EDC) has been aggressively promoting the Village of Middlefield on a state and national level with the goal of attracting business and industry to the Village. As a part of this initiative, the Committee contracted Cleveland State University’s Community Planning Program Manager Kirby Date to develop a retail market analysis for the Village. With more than 30 years experience in community planning, Kirby joined a class of 20-some CSU students and completed this project to satisfy a real estate and economic development requirement for her master’s degree. On Dec. 4, 2013, each student presented their final analysis, was judged, and the top five were chosen to present/ compete before leaders of seven area real estate development companies at CSU. Kirby Date presented the retail assessment for Middlefield, won the competition and was awarded $1,500 of the total donated $3,500. At the January Middlefield Council meeting, Kirby presented the prize-winning market analysis. During the introduction, Mayor Garlich stated, “Kirby Date took on this project at a personal level; we hired CSU for a $1,000 and Kirby gave us a $10,000 value.” He added, “After reviewing the final analysis and hearing Kirby’s presentation, it has changed my mind-set about the direction this Village will take, allowing us to move forward with a refined focus. We now have a better understanding of the demographics and will pursue many of the proposed solutions. It has been our goal to set this Village apart as a place to live and to locate a business. This is another step in that direction.” “The goals for this study,” Date stated, “were to lay groundwork for the Village of Middlefield’s comprehensive plan, to identify opportunities for retail, to fill retail vacancies and to strengthen the businesses already here.” Middlefield Village draws from a Primary Market Area (PMA) of 515 square miles, with boundaries stretching several miles beyond Middlefield in all directions, encompassing a population of 61,000. Thirty percent are under the age of 18; 60 percent are ages 18 to 64; 13 percent are 65 and over, representing 25,000 households and averaging almost three people per household (national average - 2.64). Median household income is $54,000, and the Amish population, at approximately 14,000,

represents 22 percent of the PMA. Serving this Primary Market Area is Middlefield Village, Middlefield Township and the small retail area west of Middlefield in Burton Township. Middlefield has a population of approximately 2,700 people and employs more than 7,000. Of the total 1.09 million square feet of retail space in the Middlefield Market Area, approximately 0.116 million square feet is Amish owned. The local retail vacancy rate is 13 percent (national average - 5 to 10 percent). The former Ames store represents half and the next largest vacancy is the former Middlefield Hardware. Kirby used the Geauga auditor’s website and other resources to log a detailed inventory (size and type) of the 400 area businesses within the Primary Market Area. With help from the EDC, 100 visitors and 27 local merchants were surveyed. Interviews were held with 13 selected Amish and non-Amish retail merchants. Findings showed that area residents shop elsewhere (Bainbridge, Mentor, Chardon, Ashtabula, Garrettsville and Niles) for additional selection and services. Three markets, local non-Amish; local Amish and regional/tourists, were considered for the niche analysis. Area retail needs are: clothing, health/personal care, shoes and jewelry. Other needs to consider (with caution) are: electronics/TV, office supplies, auto parts, and building and garden supplies. The analysis showed this area is adequately supplied with restaurants, hardware, home furnishings and specialty foods. The primary recommended strategy is to attract outside shoppers by: creating a “Great Place” in downtown Middlefield; rebuilding the Main Street charm; accommodating overnight visitors; offering family attractions; growing the farmer’s market; connecting open spaces; promoting Amish businesses; encouraging and supporting local entrepreneurs, addressing local needs for clothing, selection/price and entertainment; through seeking creative, one-of-a-kind solutions. And proactively identify and seek businesses that will complement the area. This project has been a wonderful experience for me,” Kirby shared. “After working with small communities for years, this was an opportunity for me to understand more about how a community really works.” To view the Middlefield Retail Market Analysis visit

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By Jon Slaybaugh Business Tip #7 “Imagination is more important than knowledge” ... Albert Einstein Albert Einstein had a unique understanding of the power of imagination. Here is how Webster defines it: Imagination … the power of forming mental images of what is not actually present. Vision happens by allowing your imagination to run free! Imagination leads to ... Inspiration or VISION Inspiration leads to ... Creative Solutions Creative Solutions lead to ... Business Success You will not likely find your way to inspired solutions simply by what you know – it takes imagination, or dreaming of what might be! Vision is the framework which guides the choices you make, that determine the nature and direction of your company or organization. It is where you are going; what you want to be. You will either control your own destiny or you will be letting outside forces control it for you. Vision allows you to be in control. An organization needs a vision of the future just like the farmer plowing his field must focus on the end point to plow a straight furrow. Looking at his feet or the present, without an end point in focus, a

very crooked furrow develops. Or in the case of a business, a very crooked path towards an end objective. Lets talk about your ... Vision in terms of a sailing journey. Vision is the “view of a distant shore”, or where you want to ultimately arrive as a destination. It is what you want to be. It is the Passion that drives you. It is the essences of why you are in business. This is providing business … LEADERSHIP As much as being a profitable business should be an objective, it can not be your Vision. It is unlikely that you can build a profitable business without a vision for how you will create value for your customers. Strategy is like plotting your course; you know where you want to get but you need a map. It is writing a business plan or forecasting sales and profit for the next year, or defining the problems you will be solving. This is the ... MANAGEMENT part of business. Tactics are the day-to-day actions needed to stay on course. This is the machine that breaks down and what do you do? Or the customer that calls mid day with a crisis. This is WORK. Do not confuse doing the WORK with your need to provide ... MANAGEMENT and LEADERSHIP. Tactics are changing continuously, they are dictated by the day-to-day opportunities and issues. Strategy is updated periodically as course changes are needed; ... you are reacting to changes in your market, in technology and so forth. Vision the final destination; ... it remains unchanged over time, until you reach the final destination … and wish to start a new journey. The simple believes everything, but the prudent gives thought to his steps. ~ Proverbs 14:15 Next time we will focus on the Vision and Mission for your product or service.


legal By Amy R. Turos, Esq. Q: Can I get a DUI while riding my bike? A: Yes. DUI, DWI, OMVI and OVI are acronyms have been used interchangeably, they all mean the same thing: operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A change in Ohio law that removed the requirement that a vehicle must be “motorized”, the current acronym “OVI”: Operating a Vehicle Impaired. It is now a crime in Ohio to operate almost any vehicle while impaired. This includes but is not limited to bicycles, horse-drawn carriages and several other types of “vehicles”. If you are over the age of 21 and your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

and breath alcohol content (BrAC) is .08 or greater, you are being considered driving while impaired. BAC is the measure of the concentration of alcohol in your breath or your blood. If a police officer pulls you over or stops you, you have the right to remain silent about any incriminating matters. You have the right to talk to an attorney before making any statements or taking any test. Most people who are charged with an OVI are unfamiliar with their Constitutional Rights or Court procedures. I can help protect your rights and assist you with the Court procedures. Contact my office at 8132 Main St. in Garrettsville (44231) or call 330-221-3104 for a free consultation. Visit You can submit legal questions for Amy to answer at editor@

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Dr. Lester A. Lefton, president, Kent State University

Denise Milhollan, Committee chair




Dave Day, director, Institutional Advancement

Kent State Geauga celebrates 50 Years On Friday, Jan. 10, Kent State Geauga kicked off a one-year celebration; announcing 50 years of serving Geauga County as a premier academic establishment.

Dr. David Mohan, dean of KSU Geauga

Richard Frenchie, Dean’s Advisory Board member

(l-r) Senator John Eklund, Dean David Mohan, President Lester Lefton

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By Nick Fagan

What will you do in 2014?

What will 2014 have in store for you? Have you made any resolutions? The Middlefield Library has excellent resources to help make this a successful new year. Seeking a healthier lifestyle in 2014? The library stocks the latest diet cookbooks such as “Super Shred” by Ian K. Smith as well as healthy cookbooks including “Paleo Lunches and Breakfasts on the Go” by Diana Rodgers. Those seeking to eliminate cigarettes from their lives may want to check out “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking” or “Quit Smoking for Life” by Suzanne Schlosberg. The new year is a perfect time to learn something new. Our nonfiction section is filled with craft ideas, cooking instructions, and other tips. With maple season around the corner, “Maple on Tap: Making Your Own Maple Syrup” by Rich Finzer and “How to Make Maple Syrup” by Steve and Alison Anderson will be popular picks. Tackle some unique and adventurous crafts such as “Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers” by Jinks McGrath or “Fabrigami: The Origami Art of Folding Cloth to Create Decorative and Useful Objects” by Jill Stovall. Need help finding a particular topic? Ask at the information desk for expert assistance. How about learning to use computer in 2014? The library holds classes introducing computer and Internet basics. Call to register for a class. If you recently received an iPad, Tablet, Kindle, or other ereader schedule an appointment to learn how to download ebooks and other digital content from the library. Finally, those looking to save money this year should simply use the library more! Why purchase books, music, and movies when you can borrow them? Plus returning items helps reduce clutter in your house. We hope to see you more in 2014! Visit the Middlefield Library at 16167 E. High St., 440-632-1961.

– estate cleanups –

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25 Yrs. Experience Quality Guaranteed

Daniel J. Schmucker - (330)569-7032 or call (330)569-4825 (Voice Mail) 14409 Grove Rd. • Garrettsville, OH 44231 12

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(l-r) Claire Zurbuch, Rick Seyer and Nick Frank

Middlefield Chamber Meeting By Lynnette Bramley The Middlefield Chamber meeting on Jan. 15 went very well. Nick Frank led the meeting and showed a movie about the East Geauga Kiwanis Club, what they do and their goals and projects. People trickled in for the social hour, and many were new attendees such as Sue West from Ace Hardware. Giant Eagle contributed some refreshments. Dr. Scott Hunt and new administrators from Creative Learning Workshop were there, making for a really nice mix. Rick Seyer did the speaker program and showed slides of the street cars that once went through Middlefield, Garrettsville, Chardon, Chesterland. He also had some good pictures to tie it all together, and the best part of that was that the streetcar garage was right next to the Olde Town Grille where Dollar General is

right now. Nick Hall gave out certificates of appreciation for efforts in furthering the Middlefield Chamber of Commerce to Kim Breyley, Judy Breedlove, Colleen Lockhart, Alan Unangst, Darrin Cook, Michele Lee and Lori Gorrell.

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” ~Dale Carnegie

16396 Main Market • Parkman 440-477-0782 T,W,Th. 7pm-9pm; Sat. 10-4; Sun. 12-4

Grandma’s Garden

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DF 012214

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cardinal By Dr. Scott J.Hunt

Looking Ahead

School is back in session and the feeling of the New Year brings hope for a brighter future at Cardinal S c h o o l s.   I am looking back proudly at all of the work that our staff and students accomplished in the first semester and I am looking ahead to attaining the goals we set at the beginning of the year. The New Year always brings new changes and that includes our Board of Education. I would like to welcome Nancy Ferguson who took the board member oath at the organizational meeting on Jan.13. She joins Ken Klima, Board president, Wendy Anderson, vice president, Katie Thomas, and Andy Sefcik. Our board has engaged in some courageous work over the winter. They spent time working closely with me and Merry Lou Knuckles, treasurer to comb through our budget as we prepare for the future. We know that our five-year forecast is favorable ending this year. We are projected (and it is truly only a projection) to end in the black with $500,000 on the books. However, in 2015 we face a deficit of over $100,000. Our board took some courageous action at the January board meeting and transferred $150,000 to a special budget stabilization cost center. This will allow us to cover the projected deficit, and dependent upon the accuracy of our projections, will allow us to push out the need to ask this community to support a levy for another year. This type of action aligns directly with my vision for our district, that is to transform our current reality and reach greatness. Greatness comes with change. We are also looking at making additional changes in the schools to achieve that greatness. For example, Cardinal High School is investigating all aspects of what we offer students. The staff is currently engaged in looking at modifying the master schedule as well as the “beefing up” the rigor of our

course offerings making sure that what we provide our students guarantees that they are prepared to leave us for college or career. Also, Cardinal Middle School will engage in a similar discussion and align with what students need as the leave for the high school. The concept of greatness doesn’t apply just to our schools but to the community as a whole. We will be instituting a Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame and Athletic Hall of Fame program to recognize our alumni who have contributed to the school and wider community. In addition, through the efforts of the athletic department, we are looking to enhance our track and football field complex by investigating the feasibility of an all-weather track and turf field. Our plan is to raise money for this project. I am currently investigating how we can build our fine arts programming back into our system for next year so that our students have the opportunity to showcase their talents. Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg. As you can see we are working on many things to provide our students with the best opportunities available. One thing, that I recognize clearly, is that all of this work can’t be done in isolation. We do need the community to support us now and in the future. As I shared in December, we conducted a satisfaction survey and asked for input and feedback in some specific areas. I have collected the data and had it analyzed. I plan to share that information at the next board work session and then with our community. The most important action step from the survey process will be the forming of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee. This committee will serve as a sounding board, input provider and communication mechanism for the schools as we continue on the path of transformation. I plan to institute this group sometime this spring. It is my hope that our community will be able to engage with our schools to bring about the necessary changes we need to make and to support us for doing the right things for our students. Please feel free to contact me via email or in the office at 440-632-0261.

New inductees take the pledge. (front row, l-r) Kaitlyn B., Elizabeth T., Carli C., Michaela M., Ashley F., Joseph T., Sarah C. (back row, l-r) Lucas F., Maria K., Greg T., Isabelle M., Anna F., Jessica K., Logan C.

National Honor Society

On Thursday December 19, 2013, students of Cardinal High School gathered in the gymnasium for the annual National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony. NHS is a prestigious organization that is made up of chapters in schools around the nation and recognizes exceptional students. Acceptance into NHS is based on four criteria: scholarship, character, leadership, and service.

Cardinal Hall Of Fame The Cardinal Board of Education has approved a proposal to create a Cardinal High School Hall of Fame. This Hall of Fame will consist of two parts, one recognizing Cardinal athletes and the other recognizing distinguished alumni. Cardinal High School Athletic Hall Of Fame The Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the Cardinal Athletic Program as athletes, coaches, administrators or community members. Selection Criteria: Graduated from Cardinal High School at least 10 years ago (coaches, teachers, administrators must be retired). For athletes -Superior accomplishment as a student-athlete (as indicated by awards, etc) -Clearly exemplified characteristics of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity. -Continued athletic excellence after graduation from high school, academic and postgraduation accomplishments. For coaches, administrators, supporters -Significant contributions made to the overall athletic program, including longevity, overall record and championships. -Significant contributions to the community or to professional organizations at state and/or national levels that promote the ideals of extracurricular athletics. -Any individual who made outstanding contributions to the athletic program other than playing or coaching. Cardinal High School Distinguished Alumni Hall Of Fame The Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame recognizes alumni for their achievement and contribution and is designed to offer role models to our students. Selection Criteria: -Graduated from Cardinal High School at least 10 years ago. -Has been recognized for a high level of achievement in his or her field and has made significant contributions to that field at the local, state, national, and/or international level. -Has demonstrated character, leadership and service in a variety of venues, from his or her field of expertise to the local, state, or national community.

Donkey Basketball Show ! Featuring the World Famous Buckeye Donkey Basketball Donkeys Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, 6:30 p.m. Cardinal High School - Middlefield Advance Tickets: $6 Available at : BT Oil and Great Lakes Outdoor Supply Tickets at Door: $8 Come Out For A Night Of Fun! The Cardinal High School Athletic Department is pleased to announce that we are transferring old football game films to DVD. We would like to thank Terry Zion for making this possible. We currently have the following seasons available on DVD (more will follow) 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1980 and 1981. Copies of each season are available for sale for $25 each, plus shipping and handling. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please contact Athletic Director Andy Cardinal at andy.cardinal@

r Ou

r D oo

is A l w a y s O pen ... Great Day Child Care Learning Center

14810 Madison Road • Middlefield, Ohio

Phone for tour (440) 632 1832

Great Day Child Care brought Santa to visit students at A. J. Jordak Elementary this past December.

Jan. 22, 2014

For more information visit us online: 13

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The winners of our holiday gift baskets are Doris Wright and Irene Pearis


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fascinating By Nancy Huth

Meet Claire Zurbuch

Often, an interest we developed as a child becomes the guiding force in our lives. Born in 1942, Claire Zurbuch grew up “playing” in his father’s hardware store in Loyal Oak, Ohio, near Barberton. There he developed a knack for building things and went on to study science at Kent State University. After graduating in 1964, he taught at Medina Schools, then returned to Kent for a Masters Degree in biology and in 1974 received an Education Specialist Degree. In 1973, Claire and his wife Kay, whom he had met at Kent State, moved to Huntsburg. At that time, he began working for the Lake County Board of Education as the director of the media center for their schools. During this time he produced four 16 mm films that were shown in local classrooms. The films dealt with science, American history and patriotism. In 1991, the Lake County administrators started the Porter Science Center where all third, fourth and fifth graders in Lake and Geauga public schools came to do science experiments. It was housed at the Auburn Career Center and Claire became its first director. Claire’s curiosity and love of children were a perfect match. Claire’s interest in helping others, especially children, found an outlet 25 years ago in the Kiwanis Club. He was president of the East Geauga Kiwanis in 1991 and has been chairman of the youth services committee since 1992. Besides chairing the club’s scholarship committee, you will find Claire each year at the Geauga County Fairgrounds where he co-chairs the Kiwanis booth and hands out those tasty pulled-pork sandwiches. Today Claire

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” ~ Albert Einstein

spends a good portion of his time assisting Cardinal Elementary School teachers with educational science experiments. We’ve all benefited from Claire’s hobbies of photography and traveling. Claire said, “I usually enter a few photographs at Fair time and have won first prize several times. About 20 years ago, my photograph of a garter snake capturing a toad won best of the show.” He has presented programs on amateur photography at the Middlefield Library and even donated the photograph above the entrance to the meeting room. It is of all four seasons at Camp Whitewood. Last year, Claire’s wife Kay retired after 25 years of teaching biology at Notre Dame Cathedral Latin (NDCL). For their 40th anniversary they toured Italy, and then shared experiences and photos with us during a program at the Middlefield Library. Claire has always retained his childlike wonder for our universe and shares that sense of awe through his art. He’s an active member in the Samaritan’s Society at St. Lucy’s Church and a caring and sharing resident of our community.

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{ community interest } By Jeral Hurd

Music and Memories

when her youngest brother decided to sit My parents threw a Christmas party for on a little chair built in the 1400s for a royal my grandparents last month. The afternoon child at court. (I haven’t been banned from was wonderful! Father John Burkeley from the museum yet. When the guards came SS. Edward Lucy Parish was very generous rushing over I pretended not to notice in letting us use the hall at St. Lucy’s anything out of the ordinary.) Church. It was the Sunday before Christmas; I do like to play with language. I find my one of my voice students and I began smattering of French and Italian especially the celebration by performing a varied useful as a collection of singer in the Christmas Cleveland songs, and O r c h e s t r a ’s then Bob family of Kravos and choruses; his band from one summer C h a r d o n season, a played a set v i s i t i n g of polkas, conductor w a l t z e s , from Vienna r h u m b a s spoke to us and more for much of the everyone. time in Italian The young during our lady who Jeral Hurd and Victoria Webinger rehearsals. I sang with me think the orchestra’s summer season is the that day is Victoria Webinger, a soprano most fun. Blossom Music Center is such from Hambden. I met her with her family a neat venue. On a summer concert day, a few years ago at St. Mary’s Church in many of us choristers arrive early and have Chardon where I am a cantor. Recently, a picnic on the lawn before it’s time to warm I notice myself falling very much into an up our voices. At Blossom, I get to witness old Eastern Catholic tradition of where a the best conductors from Hollywood and cantor (one who sings for the worship of the finest soloists from the Metropolitan the Church) is also a teacher. I love working Opera and hear about the time a bat fell for homeschooling families such as the out of the rafters from above and onto the Webingers. Except when Victoria’s youngest music stand of one of the cellists. brother decides to use me as a jungle gym. This past month was my eighth season We’ve come to an agreement—lessons first, singing at Severance Hall in the Cleveland jungle gym time afterwards. Orchestra’s Christmas concert, and there Being a homeschool teacher, there’s have been many wonderful surprises each always something new. For another family, season. I am always delighted to look out I tutor the eldest daughter in art, social into the audience and catch a glimpse of a studies, science, economics and Italian. We few friends from right here in Middlefield. also include a monthly visit to the Cleveland I was very happy my voice held up for Museum of Art. This field trip is always a the Christmas party; the day before I had highlight for us, whether it’s seeing the just finished singing my sixth concert in two ancient Egyptian galleries, sketching the weeks! art of the Greek and Roman Christians, or Together at the Christmas party, Victoria and I sang all sorts of carols from places such as France, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Wales, and Ireland, as well as popular Christmas favorites from right here at home. The best Christmas magic started “A Modern Old-Fashioned Barber Shop” to happen when the band played; I got to 440-632-5865 see my 90-year-old grandfather and his wife Rick Seyer’s hours: of 66 years dance together. I danced with Monday and Tuesday 9-5:30 my mother, with my best friend Leesa, and Becky Griffen: Wed-Friday 9-5:30; Sat. 9-1 with my aunt whom I hadn’t seen for a few Spidalieri’s Plaza 14895 North State Ave. • Middlefield years. Those were this year’s Christmas gifts (Across from the Fire Station) that will last forever.

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{ berkshire schools } Check out our New Website


dPO lef iel



Students of the Month for December Congratulations to the December, Berkshire High School Students of the Month! (l-r) Kelli Briggs, Jared Hinkle, Tony Aldridge, Amber Bowman and Miles Chapman

Berkshire and GGP Host Career Day On Wednesday, Jan. 8, the Geauga Growth Partnership, Great Lakes Cheese and the Berkshire Schools hosted a Career Day for the 11th grade students at the Kent State Geauga campus. The event was designed to equip students with the tools to source and apply for open positions. Donald Wayne McLeod delivered a dynamic keynote address which focused on how each of us are preceived. The students created their own LinkedIn accounts in the computer labs and learned about the pitfalls of social media from attorney Eric Johnson. Over 30 Geauga County employers attended and spent the afternoon interviewing the juniors. This day would not have been possible without the following people: Tracy Jemison, John Eppercht, Tamara Hagerty, Stacey Barbe, John Wilhelm, Georgia Klemencic, Shelby Spear, Kelly Timmons, Meghan Hull, Lynn Hunter, and Maria Koler.


Jan. 22, 2014

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revelation. After all, it hadn’t been all that long since I too had that fly rod revelation. He continued minute by minute in the fight as the fish would run and then charge back at him. Then the fish would hold low in the run, not wanting to show itself. Eventually the fish tired and in the matter of a few intense moments, a beautifully fresh hen was brought to hand. Smiles were the order of the day from that point on. A full video was shot and many memorable photos taken just prior to the release of this healthy fish. There is no doubt that the day was memorable, but to tag the best part of it would be hard. Yes, it was a first fish on a fly rod. Yes, it was with a friend. Yes, the conditions couldn’t have been better. But what made it truly memorable for me was that it was a day of steelheading on a river that on this particular day was all ours. No pressure, no sign of others and definitely no sign of life’s troubles. The day could have been summed up in friends, fish and a fly rod As fishermen in the great state of Ohio, we are truly blessed! Whether we are fishing for Steelhead in the spectacular splash of fall color, in a spring thaw sprinkled with wildflowers, or standing in bone chilling water with snow and ice adorning God’s creation, we are blessed to have the angling opportunity that we call Great Lakes Steelhead. Sure the tactics are a little different and the location of fish may change, but one thing remains constant - the fish are there, and they will bite when given the opportunity. For me, the opportunity to catch Steelhead in mid-winter is something special…something to behold and to cherish. If you haven’t ever braved the elements to experience “White Hot Steel,” then I encourage you to throw on that extra layer of fleece and lace up those boots, because the fish are biting!

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• Well Cleaning • Well Sealing

MAX HERR Well Drilling & Pump Service

• Water Treatment • Rotary & Cable Well Drilling • Plastic or Steel Casing Terry Herr & Kyle Herr 4 Generations of Service Drilled over 3,000 wells in Geauga County alone.

14915 Madison Road Middlefield, OH 44062 440.632.0496 440.632.5872


Dine In or Carry Ou t

Come Celebrate

Chinese New Year January 31

BF 011714

back with, “let him have line if he wants it!” After all, I didn’t want to see John be disappointed twice in a row, so I erred on the side of caution. What an awesome morning this was turning out to be! Only on the water for a little while and already two hook-ups for my rookie friend. Again, I waded his direction in hopes of coaching him to his first fly rod Steelhead. I hadn’t taken more than a couple of steps when this fish did something that worked great in his favor… the fish made a blistering run for the lake. Oh yeah, it was good for getting the fish on the reel, but no sooner was the fish on the reel then it decided it didn’t like that direction. Yeah, you guessed it! He turned on a dime and charged up stream. In an instant, we went from lesson number one to lesson number two - reel, and reel fast! As the fish began to power its way up stream I urged John to reel as fast as possible and do anything and everything including changing his position in order to maintain a tight line. Now you must understand, not all guys I have spent time with on the water are the best at listening to my suggestions. Fortunately for me, a bright individual accompanied me on this day. One who listened and listened well. After the fish’s powerful charge back up stream he said, “Wow, fighting these fish on a fly rod sure is different than using a spinning rod!” All I could do was smile, grin, chuckle and agree with his newfound

Lic#17196 & 24395

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(330) 562-8850 (440) 632-0641

Hunan • Mandarin Szechwan • Cantonese

Rated as one of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the U.S.! 15412 W. High St. (Next to Giant Eagle), Middlefield • 440-632-0654 Mon - Thurs 11:30 am - 9:00 pm • Fri - Sat 11:30 am - 10:00 pm • Sun 12:00 - 9:00 pm

Patrick “Flybum” Robinson hails from Middlefield, Ohio in the heart of “Steelhead Alley.” His fly-fishing experience has taken him coast-to-coast and from the Caribbean to the Bering Sea in pursuit of various warm water, cold water, and saltwater species. He is an accomplished writer, photographer, flytier, and public speaker. He currently serves as Head Guide for Steelhead Alley Outfitters.

Newbury Plaza (Rt. 44 & 87) 440-834-0728

The Home of Award-winning, High Quality, Natural Swiss Cheese Ursario SWISS CHEESE Robust Flavor Natural Cheese


Great specials each week! “Swiss Cheese Annie”

Meat & Cheese Trays Tuesdays are Golden Buckeye Days

• Gluten Free • Lactose Free • Excellent source of Calcium • Zero Trans Fat • Low in sodium

• Gift Boxes • Worldwide Shipping

Stop in and Visit our Museum, Video Viewing and Cheese Outlet.

15815 Nauvoo Rd., Middlefield (Corner of Rt. 608 & Nauvoo Rd) 440.632.5228 Ext. 6000 • 800-327-9477 Ext. 6000 • Open Mon-Sat 8:00-5:30

Amish Church Orders

Mon-Sat 8-5:30

Jan. 22, 2014


{ classifieds } { HELP WANTED }



$1,000 SigNiNg bONuS Minimum 3 yrs. experience Top Wages–No Layoffs Excellent Benefit Package

AuburN HeATiNg


Affordable Carports, Building & Pavilions by CARpORtS complete on your site for as low as


Great Storage for • Cars • Boats • RVs • Equipment • Agricultural Items! See our huge display at:


13065 Mayfield Rd. Chardon • 440-285-2509 • 800-538-2276

Check out our new website


If you are a highly motivated person that likes working with people and wants a flexible schedule, think about being a Real Estate Licensed Professional at our office. We have been in business for nearly 48 years and have the 2nd and 3rd generations of Sirackis serving Geauga and the surrounding counties. This is a great opportunity to work around other schedules in your life and have the abilty to have an income based on your motivation. You not only could earn sales commissions but could get a residual monthly income as well. We list and sell homes, land and commercial properties and we also have rental management service for homes, apartments and commercial units. Call 440-632-1904 today to ask Owner/ Broker: Duane Siracki or Manager: Carol (Siracki) Coggins for your private interview.



Call Kelly Services $9.00/hour + shift diff & attendance bonus 440-632-3399

Line Cooks / Bartender Wanted Looking for experienced line cooks with sauté, grill and fryer stations knowledge. FT and PT positions available. Competitive compensation. Also, weekend bartender needed with experience and good people skills. Come join our fun and friendly team at the Main Street Grille & Brewing Company! For a confidential interview, call Sheldon, 330-527-3663.

TOWMOTOR Operators with working knowledge of HAND SCANNERS NEEDED immediately $9.00 to $9.75/hour +attendance bonus Apply with Kelly Services Call for hiring details 440-632-3399

47 Years in Real Estate

Pho: 440-632-1904 Fax: 440-632-1003 16394 Kinsman Road Email: Middlefield, OH 44062 Web: Give us a call if you need something sold or leased


f ield

le Midd


CheCk out these listings! BERKSHIRE SCHOOLS

4 bedroom Cape Cod on over 10 country acres, conveniently located on secondary road. Your favorite part may be the huge front porch, the newly remodeled kitchen with soft close cabinets and a walk-in pantry, the large side entry foyer, the spectacular 2 bathrooms, or the first floor laundry room. Large full walkout basement, and insulated 24x36 detached garage. Beautiful wooded parcel… ~ REDUCED $250,000


home offering 3 Br’s, 2 full baths, wood floors, newer windows, roof and more. Lower level offers 4th bedroom or rec. room, full bath and plenty of room for additional finished area if needed. NEW PRICE! $150,00


Allied steel building with 6” concrete heated floors and over 12,500 sq.ft. of useable space. Office ~ 2,000; Retail ~ 3,000; Manufacturing / warehouse ~ 7,500 bathroom, lunchroom. UNZONED property on 3.23 acres in Middlefield Twp., 200 Amp service…$380,000



15618 W. High St. Middlefield, OH

Ltd. 440.632.5055

“Your Local Realtor”


Jan. 22, 2014

We are here for ALL of your Real Estate Needs!

Let Our 47 Years of Experience Work For You!

A HIDDEN TREASURE IN MUNSON! Tucked in the woods on 11.5 acres is this prestigious log home with a full guest suite added on. Enjoy the beauty of the woods from either one of the covered porches or cozy up to a fire in the living room. Fabulous floor plan for entertaining with a wide open first floor. Upstairs you have a master wing with a wall of closets, vanity area & master bath. Also upstairs are 3 more bedrooms and a 2nd full bath. Off the drive side porch is a large entry room with a 1st fl laundry, plus a half bath and a charming office. Don’t forget the extra bonus of a large one bedroom suite with a separate entrance and a full kitchen with dinnette, laundry, large living room, full bath with walk thru double closets and huge master with Florida room off of it. Plenty of room for your cars and toys in the 3 bay garage with storage or future bonus room above. The house has a full basement with a 14x26 vault room for treasures to be locked up. Other bonus features include generator, appliances, 2 paved drives, 2 streams and much more! Great location in Munson We have Homes for sale, Land for sale, Commercial and Industrial buildings for sale and Income Producers for sale! We also manage over 100 Residential and Commercial Rentals. CALL TODAY! Pho: 440-632-1904 Fax: 440-632-1003 16394 Kinsman Road Email: Middlefield, OH 44062 Web:

SIRACKI REALTY, LTD. 47 Years in Real Estate

Give us a call if you need something sold or leased


Ken’s Auto Body, Inc. 14430 Main Market Rd.(Rt. 422) • Burton Phone (440) 834-1293 Toll-Free (888) 601-8380 Fax# (440) 834-1112


complete automotive care atv, atv, motorcycle, motorcycle, car car & small truck repair OIL OIL Change • Brakes• exhaust• shOCks • tIres

ken zwolinski

T. brooks repair Terry Terry Brooks, Brooks, Proprietor Proprietor Since 1992


call call today to schedule appointment


{ Building Materials }

Mast Metal Sales

Open: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm Saturdays by appointment


Building Materials

• Metal and Vinyl Siding • Steel Truss Buildings • Cannon Ball Track • Metal Roofing • Shingles • Door Frames & Accessories

Specializing in Countertops

Solid Surface Countertops • Laminate Tops and will also do with Undermount Sinks 18960 Nelson Road, Garrettsville 44231

Melvin J. Mast 13828 Bundysburg Rd., Middlefield • 440-632-0093 (let ring)

440-548-5872 (let ring)

{ Engines }


Sales & Service

Everything for your working and pleasure animals plus more.

• Handmade, professionally fitted – tack, harnesses and saddles • Feeds, medicines, barn and stable supplies • Dog supplies, pet ID tags and dog licenses Over 30 years of catering to animals and their people!

14698 Bundysburg Rd., Middlefield, OH 44062 440-632-1505 • Levi & Fannie Yoder

Eli J. Miller • 440-632-0891 7842 Bundysburg Rd., Middlefield, OH 44062


M-F 8-5; Sat 8–noon; Sun. closed

M-T-W-F: 8–5; Sat: 8–2; Closed Thurs. & Sun

{ Music lessons }

{ Marketing } providing advertising, printing and publishing ser vices marketing solutions since 1992 • graphic design • printing brochures | flyers | business cards | stationary | forms

• copywriting • web design • web maintenance • ad planning & placement • media buying PUBLISHERS OF: Country Savings Magazine and Middlefield Post Fairmount Center for the Arts Class Brochure Chagrin Falls, West Geauga, Hudson and South Euclid Lyndhurst Community Education Brochures

Guitar Lessons Geauga Learning how to play guitar/bass does not have to be hard... Let me show you how!


for a

ENROLL NOW! 440-477-8405

FREEsson! e

L Trial

Addit Instr ional Dru uctors: Band ms • Vio lin Instr ume nts

13199 longwood ave • burton, OH 44021 • 440-834-8900


{ Recycling }


IELD METAL RECYCLING F E L D D I M Buyers of SCRAP METALS Aluminum • Copper • Brass • Stainless Steel Radiators • Appliances • Steel •Lead • Cars • Other


Certified 60’ Truck Scale

Roll-Off Services 20-30-40 yard dumpsters.

Construction Demolition


VINYLCRAFT WINDOWS & SIDING, LLC (Home Improvements) n Bay

& Bow Windows n Glass Block Windows n Garages n Decks

Free estimates

John miller n 440-321-2474

❑ Liner Rate: First 20 words $15; 50¢ each word thereafter ❑ Boxed Display Rate: $10 per column in. (1.5”w x 1”h), min. 2 col ins ❑ Business Card Rate: 4 issues $120, or $40 per issue prepaid please √ ad classification box above

{ HArness }

Miller’s Engine


Name:________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ ______________________________________________ Phone:_______________________________________ copy will appear exactly as submitted. please print clearly

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

Please send info and payment to: Middlefield Post Classifieds P.O. Box 626 Middlefield, OH 44062 or fax to: 440.834.8933 Our next issue is Feb. 5, 2014 Classified deadline is Jan. 24, 2014

ADVERTISE your company here! Call Today to Reserve Your Space at 440.632.0782 Deadline for the Feb. 5, 2014 issue is Friday, Jan. 24, 2014.

Jan. 22, 2014


The Quest for Health is a Lifelong Journey ... we’re here to help you every step of the way


Early Childhood

School Age

Young Adulthood



Mature Adulthood

Now Carrying NEbULIzERS and TENS UNITS along with our regular stock items: ➤ Vitamins / Supplements ➤ Teas / Bulk Herbs ➤ Self Assist Products

➤ Compression & Support Stockings ➤ Specialty Gauze & Bandages ➤ Ostomy / Colostomy / Catheters

➤ Incontinence Products ➤ Wheelchairs (Buy or Rent) ➤ 50% OFF Greeting Cards!


Medication and Disease Consulting Available By Appointment, Call 440-636-2316 Ron & Diana Witlicki, Owners ~ Neighbors you know. Neighbors you can trust.

2 Convenient Locations 16074 EAST HIGH ST. MIDDLEFIELD Mon & Thurs 8am-6pm • Tues & Wed 8am-5pm Fri 8am-8pm • Sat 8am-2pm • Closed Sun

(440) 632-1231

HARRINGTON SQUARE (Next to Save-a-Lot)



Mon-Wed 9am-5pm • Thurs 9am-7pm Fri 8am-8pm • Sat 8am-2pm • Closed Sun

(440) 632-9793

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