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January, 2018

Huskie Pride!

What’s Inside?

The HUSKIE REPORT By Dr. Scott J. Hunt, Superintendent Say “THANKS!” to our school board members. Ohio School Boards Association declares January as School Board Recognition Month. Boards of education are a mature and tested institution in Ohio. School board members make policy; approve contracts with employees; choose curriculum; adopt budgets; and select a superintendent, treasurer and business manager to administer the district. They do all these tasks with the emphasis on what’s best for the children they serve. Being an effective school board member is no easy task, particularly in today’s climate of change and challenge. School board members need to be

knowledgeable about many complex education and social issues, and carry out initiatives and directives from both federal and state governments. To face these demands of governing our public schools, they give countless hours of personal time. A public board of education is a legislative body of citizens elected locally by their communities. Most Ohio school boards consist of five or seven members who serve four year terms of office. The number of board members for career center boards of education varies. Members usually are appointed for one-year terms representing their “home” districts. As co-partners with the General Assembly, which created boards of education, school board members are designated to carry out the constitutional mandate to

administer the school system of each district. Through dedicated, responsible endeavors, school board members serve the public interest in public education — and serve the needs of our kids. They ensure that decisions about public schools are made as close to the needs of our communities as possible. Their public service is an excellent example for young and old alike of the tradition of volunteerism that is a hallmark of American society. This January, local communities are invited to honor the contributions and dedication of their local school board members — those locally elected citizens who make decisions that affect, influence and direct the education of our youth. Our school board is just one of the more than

700 boards across Ohio. Let’s say “thank you” to those who participate in what is perhaps the purest form of grassroots democratic principles upon which our republic was founded. Our school board members do make a difference in our community, for every child, every day. Please take a moment to thank: Mr. Ken Klima, board president Mrs. Wendy Anderson, board vice president Mrs. Katie Thomas, board member Mrs. Linda Smallwood, board member Mrs. Barb Rayburn, board member

The The Cardinal Cardinal Board Board of of Education Education

Mr. Ken Klima, board president

Mrs. Wendy Anderson, board vice president

Mrs. Katie Thomas, board member

Mrs. Linda Smallwood, board member

Mrs. Barb Rayburn, board member

Thank YouBoard Members! 2 January 2018 - A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District ~ HUSKIE REPORT


Veterans stand to be recognized at the CHS Veterans Day assembly on Nov. 14, 2017. Each branch of service was recognized during a musical salute to Armed Forces played by the CHS band.

Veterans Day Assembly Thanks to the CHS Key Club, local Veterans were honored this fall. Beginning with a pizza luncheon donated by Zeppe’s, the group enjoyed meeting with each other and talking with students. The honorees and students enjoyed a slide-show of pictures and a whole school assembly to recognize and thank them. CHS heard from two guest speakers including Angel King (parent of a CHS student) and their own teacher, Mr. Dave Bronson. The assembly also included the Cardinaire performance of the National Anthem and the band entertainment of the Armed Forces medley.

#PBIS CHS is rolling out the PRIDE (productive, respectful, involved, determined, empathetic) characteristics thanks to a robust team of teachers, students, staff, parents and outside support personnel. The district wide focus is a result of the state mandated PBIS requirement. Both JES and CMS received recent recognition by the state and CHS is working to be next in line. November highlighted productive behaviors and students earned hashtags representing productive behavior (and aptly named #GetRDone) in order to enter into a drawing. December focused on Respectful behaviors, #Giveit2Getit, and students continued to enter into drawings and have been awarded candy, free entrance to a home event and a sweatshirt for their appropriate behavior. January will focus on Involved with #Teamwork=Dreamwork, February will focus on Determined with #Ican&Iwill and March will focus on Empathetic, #EverybodyMatters. Drawings will continue each week as the rest of PRIDE is rolled out and students will have an all school opportunity at the end of the year if they have earned hashtags.

CHS students visit with a therapy dog during lunch periods as a way to relax during finals week.

Therapy Dogs Like many students, CHS students face the pressures of their academics, athletics, and a plethora of other stressors including high stakes testing, jobs and friendships. During the end of the course state exams and the final exams for semester one courses, students were able to de-stress thanks to Sweet Pea and Cassie; visiting therapy dogs. Therapy Dogs International (TDI) connects trained and certified dogs and handlers with groups at no cost. Students and staff smiled and relaxed as the visits took place over lunch periods before winter break.

Geauga Growth Partnership Career Days On Oct. 27, Cardinal and Newbury seniors joined together to spend the day at Kent State Geauga determining their DiSC profile (dominance, influence, conscientiousness and steadiness) thanks to the GGP’s focus on college and career readiness. The groups gained knowledge about their own personal style and how they can contribute to increase work productivity, teamwork, and communication in their present and current experiences.

HUSKIE REPORT ~ A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District - January 2018



The cast and crew of the CHS fall play “American Idle”.

Fall Play “American Idle” impressed this fall and the spring musical “Seussical” is already in the works. Mark your calendars for March 16-18!

Auburn Career Center Visitation Sophomores visited Auburn Career Center (ACC) on Wednesday, Nov. 29. Students chose three programs of their interest to visit. The application process for the 2018-2019 school year has begun; have you applied?

Holiday Performances by Concert Choir, Cardinaires, and Concert Band The CHS community was entertained before the holiday by our performance groups. Opening the program was the concert choir and Cardinaires who asked for Huskie Alumni to join the group in traditional songs. The concert band played impressively for the second half of the program and honored senior students before closing for the evening.

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Seniors Andrew L. and Jacob R. compete in the Newtonian Olympics in physics class. The duo won the competition with the strongest bridge and car that traveled the farthest!

Newtonian Olympics Several teams competed, but in the end, there would be only one gold medal team in the Cardinal High School Newtonian Olympics! For several weeks students in Mr. Bronson’s Physics class have been working in teams to build a balsa bridge and mousetrap car to compete in the competition for a chance to win the grand prize of a gift card. The first part of the competition involved researching and building the balsa bridge. Students began with a standard truss design, added their own modifications, and then used an app on the iPad to see how their design would hold up as stress and strain were added. Once students felt confident with their design, they did a 1:1 scale drawing to use as a template for actually constructing their bridge. Bridge strength was tested by adding weight and each team was graded solely on the weight they held divided by the weight of their bridge. Students recorded and submitted calculations, reflections, and results in a final lab report. Mr. Bronson estimates the winning bridge held close to 900 pounds. Part two of the Newtonian Olympics involved making a mousetrap car. The basic idea is to use the force supplied by the closing trap to power a drive axle, making a car move from rest and go the longest distance. Students choose from three types of cars: a long car with a long arm, a small car with a short arm, or a twowheeled car made from vinyl records and no arm. The winning car traveled more than 35 meters. Once points were calculated from both parts of the competition, seniors Andrew L. and Jacob R. were determined to be the winners of the Newtonian Olympics! Great work everyone!

4 January 2018 - A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District ~ HUSKIE REPORT

The HUSKIE REPORT YLP Mentoring Youth Led Prevention (YLP) is proving to be a success at both CHS and CMS. CHS students to partner with CMS students on early release Wednesdays and spend time completing homework and participating in team building activities with the selected students while serving in a mentoring role. Both CHS and CMS continue to add students to the program.

Congratulations to the newly inducted members of the National Honor Society! From left: Jordan W., Jonathan H., Morgan S., Todd W., James A., Jonathan H., Adriana N., Ashley G., Benjamin L., Hanna T., Emily S., Jacob R., Kailyn F., Ashleigh D., Camille C., Jordyn G., Faith P., Kathryn F., and Grace B. (not pictured is Ella R.)

NHS Tapping and Inductions After completing a comprehensive application, CHS staff reviewed those applying for NHS with the oversight of advisor, Mr. Esenwine. Students accepted into NHS received special brunch invitation and yellow rose to acknowledge their acceptance. A whole school assembly recognized those being inducted while hearing current NHS members

provide a description of the NHS characteristics of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Families escorted inductees into the gym and were applauded as they received their NHS pins. To close the ceremony, CHS teacher, Mr. Fenner, touted the academic statistics of the students. New members include Jacob R.,

Jordyn G., Todd W., Hanna T., Ella R., Benjamin L., Ashley G., Adriana N., Emily S., Jordan W., Camille C., James A., Faith P., Morgan S., Kailyn F., Jonathan H., Jonathan H. Ashleigh D., Kathryn F., and Grace B. They join current members Megan M., Alex K., Maddy D., Emily K., Virginia T., Anna A., Hayden C., Joey B., Brendan W., and Nick S.

Meet the Candidates Night Thanks to Mr. George and the CHS Social Studies department, candidates for Cardinal School Board, Huntsburg Township Trustee, Middlefield Township Trustee, and Middlefield Village Council participated in a Meet the Candidates Night at CHS on Nov. 1. Candidates had the opportunity to speak as well as take questions from the audience which included CHS students.

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HUSKIE REPORT ~ A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District - January 2018


The HUSKIE REPORT CHS Honors Students

CHS Honors Geometry students Hunter S., Sebastian G., and Gene H. unveil their space-themed mini golf course they designed for their final class project.

CHS Honors Geometry students Haylee H., Rylee F., Mary A., and Abbey W. show off their Harry Potter-themed mini golf course they designed for their final class project.

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CHS Honors Geometry students Macy T., Grace G., and Sadie M. used Scooby-Doo as their inspiration for their mini golf course final project.

CHS ninth-grader Samuel L. holds up his candy-themed mini golf course design he created for honors Geometry class.

Geometry Putt Putt CHS Honors Geometry students are breathing a huge sigh of relief after completing their amazing mini golf course projects! Students in Miss Gillespie’s class had to develop a mini golf course with a theme, company name, and a course name. They had to design a course with 9 holes using all different types of shapes they’ve learned about in Honors Geometry and include a bonus 10th hole that featured a regular polygon with fiveplus sides! Students had to find the area and perimeter of each required figure and then make an accounting table with the cost of turf, borders, obstacles, and bumpers to determine a

total cost of constructing their course. Course rules, costs to play and a score card also needed to be created. Miss Gillespie says a lot of students went above and beyond with their models and presentations! Course themes included: Christmas, Scooby Doo, space, candy, the beach, Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, a video game, and an oasis.

Sophomore Erica K. displays her Christmas-themed mini golf course she designed for her final project in Honors Geometry class.

HUSKIE REPORT ~ A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District - January 2018



CMS Principal Mr. Andy Cardinal reads part of the book “Wonder” to the student body. All students and staff at CMS read the book in the second quarter for the One School, One Book program.

Nearly 300 fifth through eighth graders and 30 CMS staff members made a special field trip to the Chagrin Cinemas to watch the movie “Wonder” after spending the second quarter reading the book.


Students and staff spent the majority of the second quarter reading the #1 New York Times bestseller “Wonder” written by R.J. Palacio as part of the One School, One Book reading initiative. Throughout the course of the quarter, students pulled from lessons learned in the book and worked to apply them into their everyday lives, inside and outside the classroom. Several teachers also incorporated the lessons from “Wonder” into their classroom plans as a way to help students “choose kind” as illustrated in the book. Prior to winter break, nearly 300 fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, and 30 staff members took a field trip to the Chagrin Cinemas to watch the movie.

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CMS students paint Wonder-themed rocks to support the lessons they’ve learned while reading the novel.

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The HUSKIE REPORT CMS Receives $890 Grant From First Energy Money Will Be Used to Create Underwater Robotics Program An underwater robotics program is ready for launch at Cardinal Middle School thanks to an $890 STEM grant from First Energy. The money will be used to purchase equipment to construct four underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). In addition to the First Energy grant money, the East Geauga Kiwanis donated funds for underwater wireless cameras for each ROV. “I am so excited to have this opportunity and bring this experience to Cardinal Middle School students,” says grant recipient Christine Schroeter. “The ROVs that we will be constructing are actually part of the SeaPerch program which will provide students with the opportunity to learn about those STEM components of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but not only that, this will also encourage them to explore naval architecture and marine and ocean engineering principles and careers.” Schroeter, who is a Cardinal Middle School paraprofessional, is also a Lieutenant (jg) with the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps of the Akron Battalion. She is a nationally certified SeaPerch ROV trainer and has provided training to members of the military across the globe. In addition to her expertise, she will be joined by an electrical engineer, a science teacher, a math teacher, and two community members to assist students with their construction. In order to be considered for the underwater robotics program, students had to

submit an application, teacher references, and an essay on why they had an interest in the project. The group will meet for two hours once a week to learn about and assemble the ROVs with a goal to have the underwater crafts completed by spring 2018. “We have a lot of intense work to do, but I think we have a great group of students and volunteers assembled, and I’m confident that these ROVs will come together as expected,” Schroeter says. Upon completion of the build, students will partner with the Geauga Park District to deploy the ROVs to provide underwater surveillance and water quality sampling in the District’s lakes and rivers. “FirstEnergy has always supported educational activities in communities served by The Illuminating Company, particularly those that encourage students to pursue careers in the critical fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” said Dave Dillon, external affairs manager, The Illuminating Company. “We are pleased to assist with STEM projects which support our students, schools and educators as they work to build our region’s f u t u r e workforce.”

Along with their parents, CMS eighth graders (l-r) Jeremy R., Maclain R., Conner C., Trace F., and Xander R. received recognition from Judge Timothy Grendell (center) for being outstanding students in the Circles leadership program.

Circles Program

Five students received recognition from Judge Timothy Grendell for their work with the Circles program, a Restorative Justice program currently offered to eighth grade boys. The group meets after school for two hours on early release Wednesdays. The students begin by learning each other’s names, the value of belonging to a common core group, acknowledge that they have peers within the school, gain insight into how different students are able to function successfully and achieve high levels of success in and out of the classroom, and identify bullying and develop effective tools to deal with bullies. They also learn to be a leader for good within the community by setting an example.

Students who received awards were recognized for the ability to develop pathways to success, a tremendous growth in respect for themselves and others, and far more discipline within the school acknowledging his own desire for respect by the adults in the school.

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HUSKIE REPORT ~ A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District - January 2018



First-grade students at Jordak Elementary School perform during their winter concert held Dec. 4.

Members of the Burton-Middlefield American Legion Post 459 fold the American flag during a special Veterans Day assembly at Jordak Elementary School on Nov. 10.

Veterans Day Assembly at JES Students at Jordak honored our Veterans on Friday, Nov. 10 during a special ceremony. Students heard several songs from the JES Choir, including the National Anthem, My Country Tis of Thee, and Americans We. The BurtonMiddlefield American Legion Post 459 & Auxiliary performed a special flag ceremony giving the final folded symbol to Principal Kelly Bearer for display at the school. SSgt. Rolf Hamrick (grandfather to Emma, Abby, and Natalie S.) also spoke to students about his time in the service, including a tale about a parachute jump that almost didn’t end so well. The ceremony ended with a slideshow featuring Veterans of our students and staff. It was a beautiful tribute to those who have served - everyone left feeling extremely proud!

Thank you Veterans!

Second-grade students at Jordak Elementary School prepare for their winter concert performance on Dec. 4.

First and Second Grade Winter Music Concert The first and second grade Winter Music Concert was held the evening of Dec. 4 in the Cardinal Middle School cafetorium. Families packed the room and enjoyed a wonderful evening of holiday music by our first and second grade pups.

Annual Ugly Sweater Contest After a school-wide vote, the winners for Jordak Elementary’s Staff Annual Ugly Sweater Contest this year are: 1st Place: Mrs. Sarah Peters, Speech Language Pathologist 2nd Place:  Mr. Joel Kithcart, K-4 Music/Choir 3rd Place:  Mrs. Amanda Hamrle, Cafeteria Monitor

10 January 2018 - A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District ~ HUSKIE REPORT


The CHS Cardinaires perform their classic “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song with Jordak Elementary students prior to winter break.

Cardinaires Perform with JES Choir HS teacher Kara Gillespie, MS Guidance Counselor Emily Figliano, Superintendent Dr. Scott J. Hunt, PBIS Coach Sherry Peters, and HS Principal Dr. Jennifer Sabol receive three awards on behalf of the Cardinal School District for positive behavior implementations.

The CHS Cardinaires performed for the JES pups on Dec. 18 and invited the third and fourth grade choir members up to sing several songs. We see some future Cardinaires in there!

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JES won a Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports silver award for last school year. Silver Level Schools must meet all the characteristics of Bronze level schools (JES received this award for 2016) and implement with a higher level of fidelity. These schools also implement Tier II and/or Tier III supports as needed. Tier I, II and/or III supports are provided through a data-based problem solving process within existing team structures. These schools must produce evidence of advanced tiers of PBIS implementation as a result of data-based decision making.  Members of the district administrative staff traveled to Mansfield, Ohio on Nov. 30 to give a presentation on how Cardinal has implemented PBIS in our buildings and to receive our recognitions.

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