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Horizontal Scroll Game—Contralpaca

Picture 1-1 1.Main Interface Picture 1-1 shows the main interface of this game, and there are three options. 1. “Enter the Game”. Players will enter the game by clicking this option. 2. “Help”. Players will enter the “help interface” by clicking this option and can browse basic operations of this game. 3. “Exit the Game”. Players will exit the game by clicking this option.

2. Interface for “Help” Clicking “Help”, players will enter into the above interface, where they can learn about basic operation of this game. Meanwhile, by clicking the Space key, players will return to the main interface.

3. Introduction to Levels

After clicking “Enter the Game”, players will firstly enter the interface that introduces the game levels and relevant data, which includes the following contents. By clicking any key, players can enter into the level. 1. Show the name of the Level 1-1. 2. Show the total number of lives of the leading character. 3. Show the remaining number of the leading character’s weapons. 4. Show the present score of the game. 4. Level 1-1

This is the starting interface of Level 1-1. The leading character is the alpaca with a sword on its back in the middle of the screen. Its goal is to find a totem that will help it pass this level. On the upper left some figures are shown, which respectively represents the alpaca’s number of lives as

well as number of weapons; while on the upper right the present score is displayed. 5. Full View of Level 1-1

6. Detained Introduction to Level 1-1 1. Leading character

Introduction: the leading character is an alpaca with a sword on its back which is manipulated by the players. Its movements are controlled by the keys WASD. By pressing the Space key, the alpaca can jump up. There are two figures about the leading character—one is about its life, and the other is about its sword. When the number of the sword is not zero (initially set as 3), the players can launch melee attacks by pressing the left Ctrl key. Meantime, the swords will be reduced each time a melee attack is launched. The attacks are used to destroy enemies, and players gain a certain score at the same time. When the attacks are launched, an attacking animation will be generated in the direction that the leading character faces. The leading character itself is created with four frames of animation, which realizes the functions of moving and jumping.

The moment when the alpaca attacks

The moment when the alpaca jumps After colliding with enemies, the alpaca will slowly sink to the ground. If there is enough remaining number of lives, the game will give such a hint: “You are dead. Press the jump button to be reborn�. At this moment, the players can go back to initial location of the game by pressing the Space key.

The moment the alpaca dies If there is no more life number, the game is over.

2Enemies 1. Fireball Emitter

Fireball emitter is a queer plant living in this world. It seems to dislike alpaca and always viciously emits fireballs at it. The fireball emitter emits fireballs every three seconds. The leading character will die immediately once it is hit by those fireballs. Meanwhile, fireball emitter is also a poisonous plant, so the leading character will die too once it touches the plant. When the fireball emitter is dying, there is a dying animation in which it emits sparkles continuously (the leading character will not die if it touches the fireball emitter at this moment), explodes and eventually dies.

2. Red-skin Alpaca

Red-skin Alpaca is not as aggressive as it seems. As a matter of fact, it is quite docile, wandering back and forth on the grasslands. However, the leading character will die once it touches the red-skin alpaca whose skin is scorching. It will sink to the ground if the leading character attacks it with the sword.

3Miscellaneous Items on the Map 1. Floating Badge

There are many floating badges on the map. The leading character can gain more scores after getting those badges. 2. Floating Sword

There are also many floating swords on the map. The leading character will own them simply by touching them, and they can be used to launch melee attacks. 3Deep Pit

In Level 1-1, there are some steep cliffs. Below them are bottomless pits. The leading character will die immediately if it falls into the pit. 1. Totem

Finally the leading character finds the totem! The totem is the only tool that can help the players pass this level. So the players must spare no effort to find it. When the cursor is placed on the totem, a hint will appear that “go to the next level by pressing the jumping key�. Players can enter Level 1-2 by pressing the jumping key.

7. Introduction to Level 1-2

如同关卡 1-1 intro,当你在图腾出按下跳跃时会弹出 1-2 的 intro,此界面显示即将到来的关 卡名称,剩余生命数以及剩余武器数,以及第一关积累的分数。 Like Level 1-1, when players press the jumping key, introduction to Level 1-2 will appear. At this interface the name of the coming level is shown, together with the number of lives, number of remaining weapons and the score accumulated in Level 1-1.

Players will enter Level 1-2 by pressing the Space key. The screen shows a picture about sea view, which is quite beautiful. 8Full View of Level 1-2

9. Detailed Introduction to Level 1-2 Compared to Level 1-1, Level 1-2 has a whole new enemy. Blue Lightning Alpaca

This new enemy moves at a very high speed, hides itself from the screen and launches lightning attacks to the leading character! Blue lightning alpaca is capable of detecting the distance between itself and the leading character. When the leading character approaches to its hunting scope, it will rush directly to it, and the leading character probably doesn’t even have the time to draw its sword!

A blue lightning alpaca that is launching attacks to the leading character

The leading character that is unfortunately killed by the blue lightning alpaca 10. Game Over When the number of lives is used up, the leading character will die! And the game is over!

At the “game over� interface, the players can see their final score by pressing the Space key.

The “Score” interface shows how many scores the players have got and their highest score at present. Let’s strive for a higher score!

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