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! 3 1 20 Delegate Mailer 2 National Leadership Development Conference !

Pioneers Today, Groundbreakers Tomorrow

Content Hey AIESEC!! The conference is less than 1 week away and we are all very excited waiting for it to happen!!!! Are you excited?!!!! In this mailer, there will be a lot of important information for you to take note and prepare the best for the conference.! Follow the instruction…! Add on your creativity when preparing…! And that’s you are ready for NLDC 2013!!!!

NLDC 2013 13th – 17th December

Conference Agenda! Packing List! Things to do! Youth to Business Personality Test! Roll Call Performance! Indemnity Form! Map to Venue! !Mochtar Riady Building! !Goldkist Beach Resort! Conference Merchandise! Contacts!

Pioneers Today, Groundbreakers Tomorrow

Conference Agenda

Pioneers Today, Groundbreakers Tomorrow

TIME! 8:00! 8:30! 8:30! 9:00! 9:00! 9:30! 9:30! 10:00!

Day 1 (Fri)! 13-Dec! Registration!

Day 3 (Sun)! 15-Dec!

Day 4 (Mon)! 16-Dec!

Day 5 (Tue)! 17-Dec!




Check out & Transport!

Morning Plenary!

Morning Plenary!


Partnership Launch 10:00!10:30! & Keynote Speech!

10:30!11:00! 11:00!11:30! 11:30!12:00! 12:00!12:30!

Day 2 (Sat)! 14-Dec!

Break! Workshop 1!

Opening Plenary!

Opening Plenary! Ambitions of the Future!

Leading Ahead!

LEAD! LEAD! The oGCDP! oGIP! iGCDP! iGIP! The Pioneer's Lab! Leadership 12:30!13:00! Networking Lunch! Evolution! Evolution! Evolution! Evolution! Package! 13:00!13:30! Lunch! 13:30!14:00! Workshop 2! Lunch! Lunch! 14:00!14:30! The Leadership LEAD! Mastery! 14:30!15:00! Youth Perspectives! Pioneering your 15:00!15:30! Leadership Journey! Functional Breakthroughs! 15:30!16:00! Break! oGCDP! oGIP! iGIP! iGCDP! Adaptation!Adaptation!Adaptation!Adaptation! 16:00!16:30! Synergy Lab! Panel Discussion! Forming your 16:30!17:00! Frontier! Evening Plenary! 17:00!17:30! 17:30!18:00! Closing! Evening Plenary! Consolidation Space! 18:00!18:30! Dress Up & Transportation! 18:30!19:00! Travel! Evening Plenary! 19:00!19:30! 19:30!20:00! Dinner! 20:00!20:30! Global Village! 20:30!21:00! Gala Dinner! 21:00!21:30! Pioneer’s Connection! 21:30!22:00! Adjourn! Travel! 22:00!22:30! Travel! 22:30!23:00! Check In! Travel! 23:00!23:30! 23:30! 0:00! Social Time! Social Time! 0:00! 0:30! Social Time! 0:30! 1:00!

Consolidation Space! Lunch! From Pioneer to Groundbreaker! Together, ! More than Ever!

Closing Plenary!


Packing List Miscellaneous! Item!

Clothing! Item! Formal Business Attire ! Global Village Attire (attire representing your country/ ethnicity)! Gala Dinner Attire: Black tie! Black suit for Gentlemen! Dress for Ladies (Blue, Silver and White)! Casual/comfortable Attire! Sleeping attire! Jacket/Sweater/Cardigan! Undergarment! Slippers! Shoes (formal)! Shoes (casual)!

Quantity! 1 Set! 1 Set!

Quantity! Toiletries! 1 set! Towel! 1! Water Bottle! 1! Umbrella! 1! Writing materials: Notebook + pen! 1 set! Personal Medication! Optional! Business Cards! Optional! Camera! Optional! Laptop! Optional! International Power Plug/Adaptor! If required! AIESEC merchandise for exchange! Optional! Global Village Preparation!

1 Set! 4 Sets! 3 sets! 1! 6 sets! 1! 1! 1!

Important Documents! Item! Indemnity Form!

Quantity! Compulsory!


Things to do Personality Profiling Test!

Roll Call Performance!

Indemnity Form!

Pioneer’s Connection!

To prepare for Youth to Business Forum, please visit to complete the simple 10-MCQ question personality test. The results will be analyzed by Glints’ team to craft a customized personality profiling report for each delegate to help them understand better you leadership and entrepreneurial styles.! Each country and local committee are to prepare a roll call and your country performance. Please submit your Country roll call music to us at! Please fill in the indemnity form and bring it to the registration site. Link to indemnity form can be found here! This is a Special Event happening on Day 3 evening. It is a space for FACI, OC and YOU to share your story and inspire other delegates . If you would like to share your story, please fill this form here. Limited slots!!

Pioneers Today, Groundbreakers Tomorrow

) m p 8 m a 8 ( e u n e V Day 1 Conference NUS Business School, Mochtar Riady Building! Address: 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, 119260 ! Time: 8.00am!

By Taxi:! Direct the taxi to National University of Singapore! NUS Business School, Mochtar Riady Building! 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, 119260!

By Train/Bus:! Get off at Clementi MRT Station! When you get out of the train gantry, turn right! Walk down the stairs and look for the bus stop. Take bus 183, bus stop 17179! Alight at the 9th stop, at Heng Mui Keng Terr, bus stop 16069! Walk toward the Mochtar Riady Building (refer to map on next slide)! You will see a zebra crossing. Cross it and walk up a flight of stairs to the glass building entrance For searching directions in Singapore, you can visit or !

Pioneers Today, Groundbreakers Tomorrow

) m p 8 m a 8 ( e u n e V Day 1 Conference

Contact point: Melvin Chua (Before 8pm of 13th Dec)! HP: +65 9155 3679!

Map to Gold kist Beach R esort

Address: 1110 E Coast Pkwy, Singapore 449880!

By(Taxi( From Changi Airport! Take the East Coast Parkway Highway (ECP)! Exit at 7A! Turn RIGHT towards McDonald’s! Drive to Car Park D3! From the City! Take the East Coast Parkway Highway (ECP)! Exit at 10A! Turn LEFT towards McDonald’s! Drive to Car Park D3!

Meeting point: Goldkist Lobby! Contact point: Melvin Chua! (Only after 8pm of 13th Dec)! HP: +65 9155 3679!


On Weekdays! Take bus 16, 31, 196 or 197! Get off at Bedok MRT! Walk to the bus stop at Panasonic, Bedok South Road! Take bus 16, 31, 196 or 197, bus stop 84139! Alight at Neptune Ct, 8 stops later, bus stop 93019! Take the Underpass (Next to Neptune Court)! Walk to Goldkist Beach Resort! On Weekends! Get off at Bedok MRT! Take bus 401! The bus will drop you right in front of Goldkist!!

Conference M erchandise Click(HERE(to(order(now( WHILE(STOCK(LAST!(

Pioneers Today, Groundbreakers Tomorrow

Conference M erchandise


LIMITED(STOCK!( Pioneers Today, Groundbreakers Tomorrow

Conference M erchandise

Click(HERE(to( order(now!(

WHILE(STOCK(LAST!( Pioneers Today, Groundbreakers Tomorrow

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NLDC 2013 Delegate Mailer 2 (Local)  
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