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docville+ sessions The festival is proud to introduce a new concept. In DOCVILLE+ sessions, we focus on a number of current issues addressed in certain films at the festival. DOCVILLE presents three debates, each preceded by a film screening, with a panel of specialists. Access to the debates is free. You do need a ticket for the screening.

SESSION 1 DEVELOPMENT & LOCAL TRADE: TRADE NOT AID Does development aid really work or are we fooling ourselves? Is development as we know it today the best way to help Third World Countries? The film Congo Business Case asks critical questions about the current discourse of development today. These questions can surely inspire a discussion with the directors and experts. In collaboration with MO* Magazine. Debate: Hans Bauma (NL, director), Daniel Button (GB, main character), John Vandaele (MO* Magazine), Nadia Nsayi (Policy Officer Central Africa for Brother Delen and Pax Christi). WHEN? Monday may 5th 2014 17:15 > Film (Congo Business Case) 19:30 > Debate WHERE? STUK Arts Centre

SESSION 2 GLOBAL CITIZEN PROTESTS For the second DOCVILLE+ session we investigate the wave of global citizen protests: the Indignados in Spain and worldwide Occupy movements, the popular revolutions in the Arab world, all manifestations of civil protest against the prevailing status quo. The film Everyday Rebellion focuses on this remarkable trend. What ‘s going on? And do these various civilian protest movements have anything in common? In collaboration with De Morgen. Debate: directors Arman T. Riahi and Arash T. Riahi and De Morgen editor-in-chief Yves Desmet. WHEN? Tuesday may 6th 2014 19:00 > Film (Everyday Rebellion) 21:30 > Debate WHERE? Wagehuys/30CC

SESSION 3 IS OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM OBSOLETE? In his latest film Alphabet Austrian director Erwin Wagenhofer takes a critical look at modern Western education which – according to him – does not focus enough on creativity and independent thinking. These and other issues are the starting point for a debate on how children mature, about teaching methods and about creativity in the school context. This debate is organized in collaboration with Klasse and in the presence of director Erwin Wagenhofer. WHEN: Wednesday may 7th 2014 14:00 > Film (Alphabet) 16:00 > Debate WHERE? Cinema ZED, STUK Arts Centre