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Business Smarts.

Photography: Richard Chappelow Model: Aamir Khan

Foreword. The media headlines scream about the recession and creditcrunch lifestyles – what better time to focus on the insanity of business, the extremes that people will go to for wealth. This collection of images was originally intended to show the retro business styling’s of the 80’s and pay homage to the much famed ‘greed is good’ era. The idea though quickly developed into more than just a display of bulky electronic devices and the fashion that was all the rage. Instead a narrative was formed that began to reflect our modern day crisis and I decided to look at mythical, religious and fantastical elements, taking scenarios to extreme levels to see what people would do to save their public profile. As with all deals, each party needs something to barter with. Financial wealth and good business savvy could be exchanged for something far more valuable. For this particular shoot, the Leeds financial district at Park Square was perfect. Surrounded by a host of plush offices, housing some of the cities top law firms and businesses.

Words: Richard Chappelow

Special Thanks. To Aamir Khan for his patience.

Business Smarts  

A collection of images taken in Leeds business distict.

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