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Estimados todos. Me complace anunciarles que nuestra empresa FONAX con su producto IP PBX FONAX PRO ha obtenido el galardón como PRODUCTO MAS INNOVADOR DEL AÑO en el más prestigioso evento de Canales de la Industria de Tecnología de Latino América, CHANNEL AWARDS que organiza la Revista Compuchannel también con cobertura de las revistas Digital Market, Infochannel y Prensario TI. El evento tuvo lugar el 22 de Octubre en la ciudad de Miami y contó con la presencia de importantes ejecutivos y personalidades de esta Industria. Nos hacemos partícipes de este premio, el cual nos llena de orgullo pues es un reconocimiento a nuestro Team FONAX por su dedicado trabajo en el desarrollo de este producto con Tecnología de Punta. La competencia fué muy ajustada pues teníamos rivales directos de trabajo de las diferentes empresas del grupo, reciban nuestras mas efusivas felicitaciones.

Channel Awards 2009 : Fonax IP PBX PRO Best Innovative corporate product of the year

Eighty six IT and communication products are the winners in the Channel Awards 2009 that took place in a well known hotel in Miami Florida on October 22nd, with more than 400 executives and IT industry representatives attending to the gala, divided in manufacturers and channel/distribuitors.                 In the three previuos days to that night over 1000 products were tested and evaluated, products from more than 80 companies from the IT market with very strong presence in Latin America. There where four feature products: Most Innovative Porduct of the Year (corporate): IP PBX Fonax Pro Most Innovative Product of the Year (Consumer): CNET CWR635R Product with the best design: Flip Mino HD Market’s most friendly product: Sansung Slim DVD

Headquarter located in Miami, FL. Partners : IBM, CISCO, Tripp Lite, TERREMARK among others. Communication capacity: over 70 million minutes per month with very fast growing cap. All Products in three main languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, any other language can be adapted as needed. Currently 250,000 registered users worldwide. Authorized license from FCC (Federal Communications Commission). My Florida Public Service Commission TK185.

Fonax PRO IP-PBX Solution is the ultimate Integrated Communication Platform for organizations up to 400 USERS.

Fonax’s High Level Architecture Design provides the power of combining Analog Circuits and VoIP; with the most advanced telephone systems features at the most competitive prices.

Multi Company Management Capabilities:

one fonax pbx 100 concurrent calls 400 users anywhere

Project Goal a. Communication Savings/ Cost Reduction: i. When calling from your cellphone . ii. Roaming Cost Reduction. iii. $0.00 Cost between offices . iv. International Calls as “local”. v. Inter-country Cellphones Calls as “Local Corporate Plans”.

b. Total Integration between Offices: i. Call offices as extensions. ii. No need or minimal infrastructure change. iii. Conferencing and Video Conference Tools. iv. No more : “per minute charges”. v. Your Extension ”Anywhere you go”.

a. Communication Savings When calling from your cellphone AUTOMATED LEAST COST CALL ROUTING: FONAX smart PBX System selects automaltically based on YOUR COMPANY’s input the cheapest or “most convenient” route to send the call to a particular destiny (Regardless the place the call is being generated) FONAX: 0.029 cents/min

AT&T: 0.045 cents/min

Your FONAX smart PBX system could have “plugged -in” lines from different carriers.

a. Communication Savings Roaming Cost Reduction , through Fonax Savings Strategy WHEN TRAVELING…..YOUR CLIENTS AND FRIENDS WILL STILL CALL YOUR CELLPHONE NUMBER , BUT THE CALL WILL BE ROUTED TO YOUR : a) local destination country Cellphone. (No roaming cost only Int’l cost to b) Extension: WI-FI Phone or Soft-phone in your laptop.

the country cellphone)

($0 COST )

c) Voice Mails can go to your e- mail as well.

To make calls from that country , just dial the local access number or local office number And call anywhere in the world * For Calls going to diferent destinations in US, the FONAX system will use your local US lines Calls to other offices…. at no cost Calls to a different company or clients in other countries will be charged at the cheapest Int’l rate…as if calling from your office in US * Required separate service

a. Communication Savings Roaming Cost Reduction , through Fonax Savings Strategy $0.00 Cost between offices Simply call other offices from your organization as extensions from your office phone or cell phone

International Calls as “local” FONAX technology is capable of providing you with local tone from other overseas Branches offices when calling that country , so NOT EVEN AN INTERNATIONAL COST …..More savings!!!

Inter-country Cellphones Calls as “Local Corporate Plans” Generally, Calls between the same wireless providers are cheaper than calls between different ones or generated calls from a land line to cellphones and viceversa… FONAX Technology can integrate local cellphone’s SIM Banks into the project; therefore when calling from different wireless operators the SYSTEM Automatically will select the appropiate provider to make that call as generated as that provider

a. Total Integration between Offices Roaming Cost Reduction , through Fonax Savings Strategy Call offices as extensions .

No need or minimal infrastructure change FONAX Smart PBX system can “talk” with mostly all the other PBX brands: Panasonic, SAMSUNG, AVAYA, CISCO etc … that makes you:

a) SAVE a lot of money when implementing FONAX VoIP Integrated Solution and at the same time. b) it makes “the change” easier for the users as hey will continue using the same phone than always…..

a. Total Integration between Offices Conferencing and Video Conference Tools No more : “per minute charges”

Your Extension ”Anywhere you go”

The Fonax Technology 1. Hybrid System Fonax Combines digital/analog technology with VoIP within the same system providing you with: The advantage of multiplying the amount of lines at no extra cost (up to 100 simultaneous calls depending on bandwidth) – on standard PBX. Savings through VoIP allowing the inter-office communications and excellent local and international rates. Inmediate Redundancy: If the internet goes dow,n locally Fonax still working as the analog and digital lines continue working.

The Fonax Technology 2. Redundancy / Disaster Recovery capabilities* FONAX is an X-LEC US & Global Carrier Our main platform is located and protected at the NAP of the Americas (Category 5 building facility against natural disasters) at the Terremark Building in Downtown Miami. Every FONAX PBX is “linked” at every moment with FONAX Main Platform. Therefore if a downtime term occurs due to a natural disaster or electricity or due to a problem with the PBX…. Fonax Platform could send all YOUR COMPANY’s calls to any other place based on a pre-design strategic plan. * Require a Optional Trunk Service

Why Fonax? SAVINGS Unlimited FREE inter-branch calling and Up to 60% costs reduction on long distance calls (US and international) using voip trunks. INTEGRATION between Local and Remote Offices. Improve your Productivity and Response time. MOBILITY. Take your office with you. Mobile wi-fi phones, Softphones, Dual cell/wi-fi phones. HIGHEST RETURN of your investment, Excellent Price-Performance Rate and Low Support-Cost. SOFTPHONES. Access your extension trough SOFTPHONES and start making and receiving phone calls as is you were in your Office. DIRECT COMMUNICATION with customers and providers at the lowest costs. TOTAL SUPPORT of Fonax’s Engineering Team for assessment, configurations and installations FULL SCALABILITY of your company’s communicational network with the introduction of extensions and additional FONAX lines. STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT pre-programmed and configured according to your company’s needs and specifications. EASY Installation of equipments in remote offices.

Features: CaracterĂ­sticas:

Time Intervals

400 extensios 100 Concurrent Calls .

BLF (Busy Lamp Field).

Easy to Set Up and Easy to Manage.

Call Pick UP.

Ready for traditional lines. Ready to Voip Trunks

Call Monitoring

Control Panles


Grupos de Mensajes de Voz.

QUE Music on Hold

Inteligen Voice Response (IVR). Call Park Voice to Email Sip Phones Aloud Roles and Access Levels Multi IVR



Easy Uploads of Sound Files for MOH Admin and User Manuals

Grafic User Web Interface GUI.

Multi Conference Rooms up to 22

Call Forwarding

Call Recording* Optional.

Call History.

Reports .

Page Zones.

Ready for Remote Branches Follow Me .

Directory Home Work Ready. Hunting Group Multiples Dials PLans Time Interval by day, week, hour, festive days, etc.

Unlimited Extensions, Auto Attendant, Multiple IVR, Call Forward, Follow Me, Conference Bridges, Voice Mail, Music on Hold, Fax Support, Call Detail, Call History,Call Parking, Paging, Intercom, PPoE, Hunt Groups, Hybrid ( Analog + VoIP),Multi Company, And much more‌

Phone Technologies

Unlimited Call Plans*

FONAX include USA, US Virgin Islands and Canada (including mobiles) * US Customers Only, Required contract

Domestic & International Access Numbers* US: Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Pasadena, San Bernardino, San Diego, Providence, Boston.

International: Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia Peru and Europe . Continuously updating/adding access numbers around the world. *Fonax PLans

Technology Servers, SIP proxies, Switches. Endpoints/Soft Clients. Gateways (interconnection). NAT/Firewall traversal Servers. CODEC converter Servers (Audio compressors and transcoders). Databasing (SQL). Online modules and services,program software, customer service modules Mission Critical : Quality of Service, integrated with NAP of the Americas: Terremark Data Centers Inc. With “Multi-homed� connections service that ensures the best data/voice links available.

Current Destination Calls Worldwide presence. 85% of our current users calling Latin-America.

85% 5% 5% 3% 2% 0,3%

Online Modules

Admin Module Call Detail Record Real-Time online call monitoring

Call Record

Specialized search filters. Download report to excel. Customized screen options.

Call details. Resources Storage Availability.

Admin Module

Questions, Comments ?


FONAX is a Voice Technology Innovation company. We combine the best of Traditional Phone service with the latest advances in VOIP, and creat...

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