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Setting up your Friends of MSF pages: best practice Many thanks for getting involved with Friends of MSF! Every new Friends group gets a page on the main MSF UK website where you can promote events, share contact details and link to places like Facebook or Twitter. We want to make managing this page as easy as possible – and we want the pages to help you attract members and get some attention! Once you have registered your group on the website ( the MSF team will set up a page for you. This will have some background on MSF, a quick video about what we do and details on how Friends of MSF works, all branded with your University name. We will include the contact email you register with (unless you have another you’d prefer – just let us know). We hope this will let you get started straight away, without having to worry about building a new website! But if you want to alter the content or create additional pages you can log in and make the changes. You could add pages for upcoming event, committee members or photos, for example. Before you add new pages or content, please read this guide. It will help you set out the content and make the most of the MSF website. The key points are laid out below. The example is from an MSF press release – it’s the style we use across the site:

1: Add a headline. This will automatically be formatted so that it appears in large bold text. You can only use one line of text on the MSF UK site. Use some key words (like the name of your university) as this will help people find the page in Google. 2: Put the first paragraph in bold text. 3: Pictures should be 300 pixels wide (the height will vary depending on the proportions of the picture) and aligned to the right. Use the picture of the tree in the toolbar to add photos. Ask if you need a hand with this. 4: Add subheadings. Use the H2 option from the menu at the top of the page to format the subheadings. Use words that are relevant to the page and that people might use to search for this content on Google – search engines look at H2 headers to see what the page is about. Once you are happy with the page layout press the save button and then publish. Your page will them go to the MSF digital team for approval.

Adding content to FoMSF webpages  

A 2 page overview describing how to set up and add content to your FoMSF webpage