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MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING Please read and sign this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and then return a signed copy to MSF UK so we can recognise you as an official Friends of MSF Society. Between: Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) UK, 67-74 Saffron Hill, London EC1N 8QX (Reg Charity No. 1026588) And The local Friends of MSF Society President: _______________________________[please fill your name] On behalf of ______________________________________________________[insert your Group’s name] MSF UK agrees to: •

Provide information on MSF’s work to be used in event promotional materials if needed

Allow the use of Friends of MSF logo

Provide template web pages and other support where possible to assist internal communication

If possible, MSF will provide photographs, with appropriate credits

Provide fundraising materials (buckets, tins, posters etc) as appropriate and provided enough notice is given to post them to the FoMSF group

Endeavour to assist with other elements of fundraising such as street permits

Proofread and check press releases but MSF cannot commit to proactively seek media coverage of the event/s

Allow you to enter an event to the MSF Events page on the website

Take into account comments made on the post-event feedback form and, if photographs are provided, possibly publish event successes on the MSF UK website

Respond to you within seven working days

Send a representative to the National Friends of MSF Societies Annual General Meeting

Respect your skills, dignity and individual wishes and to do our best to meet them

The National Friends of MSF Committee agrees to: •

Be the first point of contact and support for FoMSF societies

Provide the link on most matters between FoMSF societies and MSF UK and, when relevant, bring ideas and/or concerns to MSF UK

Respond to emails within seven working days

Coordinate the development of national joint events between the FoMSF groups

Organise volunteers from the FoMSF societies for MSF UK when possible

Organise the Annual National FoMSF AGM

Present an annual update to MSF UK

Send a representative to the MSF UK AGM

Work to best represent the interests of MSF UK in all activities

The Friends of MSF Group agrees to: • Register with the National Friends of MSF Committee and participate in any direct dialogue with them. •

Send at least one representative to the National Friends of MSF Annual General Meeting if reasonably possible.

Abide by decisions made by the National Friends of MSF Committee.

Exercise caution before approaching any commercial sponsors for association with the group or event/s. MSF UK reserves the right to withdraw the permission to use the FoMSF name and logo and decline any association with the event(s) if sponsors are not in line with our ethical fundraising policy. Details of this policy are available on the MSF UK website under the heading ‘Corporate gift policy’.

Ensure that the FoMSF logo is used appropriately in event materials. For fundraising events the MSF logo should also be used, and the registered charity number 1026588 (Reg Charity No. 1026588) should be quoted.

Not to do or say anything that may bring MSF’s name into disrepute, including involving MSF’s name with political or religious activities.

Ensure that any materials promoting a society event to members of the public provide relevant FoMSF group contact details in case guests/potential guests have any questions.

Ensure it is clear to guests and members of the public that the event is in aid of MSF and that MSF is in no way responsible for its organisation.

Ensure that the organising committee has all necessary permissions from venues and relevant authorities to carry out an event/s and that appropriate health and safety measures

are in place. MSF accepts no responsibility for any consequences to guests, the FoMSF group and/or property resulting from the event/s, travel and stay at location. •

Use relevant disclaimers on any websites or social networking sites


Credit all MSF photos with credits as provided

If you are happy with the contents of this Memorandum of Understanding then please sign, date and return a copy, by way of acceptance, together with a cover letter including the contact details of the four people establishing the group to: Friends of MSF Groups Co-ordinator MSF UK 67 74 Saffron Hill London EC1N 8QX

Contact Details Person 1 Name: Contact Email:

Person 2 Name: Contact Email:

Person 3 Name: Contact Email:

Person 4 Name: Contact Email:

Friends of MSF - Memorandum of Understanding  

An MoU outlining the relationship and mutual obligations between Médecins Sans Frontières-UK, the Friends of MSF (FoMSF) National Committee...

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